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 Chapter 467: The Sweet 'n' Sour Meat Ribs' Taste Is Still Way Better

Translator: CatatoPatch Editor: Vermillion

The Shura Tower had recovered.

After drinking the sea of blood, the broken Shura Tower had finally managed to recover some of its power. Although it was still broken, the pressure emanating of it was still extremely powerful.

The blood covering the bloody man gradually dissipated, and his face was revealed. His facial features kept changing as though his entire being was formed by a countless amount of souls.

A person soaked in blood slowly emerged from the crevice. It was the heavily injured Misha. His eyes widened when he saw the bloody man.

It was his first time seeing the bloody man's face; or better yet, it was his first time seeing the bloody man's constantly changing face.

The bloody man's facial features were not strange to Misha; the former still had a vivid memory of it. This was because this face was none other than the face of Duan Ling, who had stolen a fragment of the Shura Tower.

Didn't they say that he already died at the Grand Barren Sect's training grounds? Even the Ancient Shura City had already verified the news.

So, why was the bloody man's face that of Duan Ling's?


That bloody man roared. Although his facial features kept changing, his eyes expression remained the same.

The fat on Lord Dog's face twitched slightly because it was somewhat bewildered by the sight.

It clearly remembered that Duan Ling was crushed by a wave of its paw. He couldn't be any more dead if he tried, so why had he appeared in front of Blacky once again?

Moreover, it seemed like Duan Ling did not remember this Lord Dog.

Nangong Wuque, who was still on the Netherworld Ship, finally managed to crawl out of the cabin and onto the deck. A great wave of pressure oppressed his body; it made crawling even a small distance extremely strenuous for him. From the deck, Nangong Wuque instantly noticed the bloody man. It seemed like he had become the center of entire surroundings. Boundless waves of energy were converging at his position.

When Nangong Wuque noticed the bloody man's rapidly changing facial features, he was shocked and his pupils dilated.

The reason why he was so shocked was that he had recognized one of the faces; it was one he was extremely familiar with.

"Father?" Nangong Wuque exclaimed in shock.

That was Nangong Wangtian's face. The face of Nangong Wangtian, who was already dead.

"Why is my father still alive?" Nangong Wuque pondered this inconceivable fact.

However, he quickly calmed down when he discovered that there was no trace of his father's aura on the bloody man's body.

The bloody man was only a stranger to Nangong Wuque. He did not find the latter familiar, at all.

"How can this be..."

Bu Fang heard Nangong Wuque's yells and stopped giving a lengthy speech to the Netherworld woman. He turned his head around and looked toward the Netherworld Ship, instantly seeing the wretched Nangong Wuque lying on the deck.

"Well? Nangong Wuque?" Bu Fang exclaimed in surprise.

The Netherworld woman's pitch-black pupils shifted slightly, and her gaze fell on Nangong Wuque. When it did, her aura became ice-cold once more.

"Go back..."

She waved her hand, and an energy wave immediately spread from her and went after Nangong Wuque who had just managed to crawl out. He was once again pulled into the cabin by that power.

"Don't! Just let me take a breath of fresh air."

Nangong Wuque returned to his senses and began to despair. With an expression brimming with despair, he stretched his hands and tried to hold onto the rails, but the force was too strong; it pulled him back into the cabin.

Bu Fang raised his brows in shock, and he looked at the Netherworld woman with an odd gaze.

What was this woman up to? Was she imprisoning that clown, Nangong Wuque? Is she doing it because she took a fancy to him and wanted to take him as her husband?

No, that should not be the case. It was probably because that clown, Nangong Wuque, had displeased her, seeing as he was always itching to receive a beating.

"Even I sometimes wish to engrave the sole of my shoes on his face."

"Treat him well; he's still a good man," Bu Fang earnestly said after thinking for a while.

The Netherworld woman remained expressionless.

However, Bu Fang still managed to notice a trace of astonishment in her gaze.

"Shut up," the Netherworld woman coldly replied.

Bu Fang saw her pale face instantly darken.

"Ok. We should continue discussing how we should cook that phoenix egg. Cooking it with steamed meat is also a good choice; not only will it be capable of nursing one back to full health, but it will also taste extremely delicious..."

Bu Fang curled up the corners of his mouth and began to speak.


Lord Dog yawned and looked at the bloody man, who had just gotten up after absorbing all that energy.

However, strictly speaking, he should not be called a bloody man because wasn't even a human.

Blacky had a vast knowledge and experience, and he already noticed this bloody man's peculiarity. This person should be a form which the Shura Tower's spirit took after absorbing two soul essences.

After Blacky slapped and crushed Duan Ling, his remnant soul essence was taken by a small black tower. That small black tower should have been the Shura Tower.


As its cracks were being repaired, countless rays of light were emitted from the Shura Tower, which condensed to form a resplendent blood-red armor around the bloody man's body.

This armor made the bloody man's body look even taller and more straight.

"Bastard dog! Die!"

That bloody man glared at Blacky as his imposing aura surged. His soul emitted a fluctuation, and the blood-red chains behind him fluttered wildly, making continuous clanking sounds as they collided.


A blood-red ray flashed, and the armored bloody man instantly appeared in front of Blacky.

He swung a fist toward it. The fist contained his boundless power, and even the space in its trajectory was shattered.

"Oh? You became faster?"

Lord Dog rolled its eyes and exclaimed in surprise. Whistling wind caused by that bloody man's incoming strike blew at Blacky, causing the fat on its face to jiggle.

The bloody man's gaze remained ice-cold; he only snorted in reply, and his killing intent surged.


His fist struck Lord Dog former position and caused the space there to exploded. The condensed energy in the fist had wreaked havoc, causing space to break apart.

Did he miss the dog?

The bloody man felt that something was amiss. His facial features never stopped changing. Sometimes, it would turn into Duan Ling's hideous-looking face, and at other times, it would take Nangong Wangtian's heroic and handsome face.

Lord Dog, who was striding with graceful cat-like steps, appeared in a place not far off and calmly looked at the bloody man.

That bloody man's speed was extremely fast; it was almost three times the speed of sound, and the speed of his punch was even faster.

However, Lord Dog still managed to dodge it.

The bloody man had become quite strong after the Shura Power strengthened him. He did not believe that he would be incapable of dealing with a mere dog today. He roared, and countless sonic booms exploded in the air. Blood-red rays of light streaked about, piercing through the air.

The airflow inside the Shura Tower immediately became very chaotic.

Strong winds whistled and blew at Lord Dog's body, causing his fatty meat to shiver.

The bloody man was attacking maniacally, but Lord Dog was only striding about with graceful cat-like steps. Nevertheless, it still dodged all of the bloody man's attacks.

The scene was extremely odd and queer.

The bloody man's speed was otherworldly fast, and yet Lord Dog's speed was even faster. Its speed was unbefitting of its fat and plump body.


Suddenly, the blood-red light ray changed its direction and slammed against the bottom of the tower, causing the entire tower to tremble.

Blacky had an exquisite paw raised and was rolling its eyes at him.

"Did you assume that I was playing hide-and-seek with you? You still kept on attacking me... Don't you get tired?"

As soon as Blacky's voice echoed, it raised its paw once more and slapped the bloody man.


A huge tremor rocked the ground, and the shura tower trembled as though it was incapable of bearing the might of the strike and would soon crumble.

That bloody man crawled up from the ground once more. His blood-red armor was riddled with so many cracks that it seemed ready to break apart anytime soon.

Just two slaps from Lord Dog almost caused him to start questioning his existence.


The blood covering the bloody man quickly dissipated.


A resounding buzzing sound rang out, and Bu Fang noticed the enormous tower shrinking very quickly. In the next moment, it had become a miniature blood-red tower, which fell atop the bloody man's palm.

The dog was too terrifying, almost causing the bloody man to despair. He could only place all of his hopes into the miniature Shura Tower and hope that the divine tool "Shura Tower" could suppress the dog.

Using all of his power, the bloody man hurled the miniature Shura Tower at Lord Dog's head.

A terrifying rumble emanated from the Shura Tower as it streaked toward Lord Dog. As the Shura Tower soared through the air, blood gushed out of it, and it exuded a boundless pressure which seemed like it would rip space apart.

This might of this attack had already exceeded the boundary of the Divine Physique Echelon.

It was extremely terrifying.

A divine tool really was extremely powerful, and Lord Dog could not help but squint its eyes. However, as all the fur of its body fluttered, the corners of its mouth curled upwards.

"A divine tool? Even if it was a true divine tool, this Lord Dog would not fear it-let alone this broken toy. Did you all assume that this Lord Dog only accumulated a useless mass of fat after sleeping for such a long time? I will now let you all experience one of this Lord Dog's abilities which I recovered," Blacky said with a resounding, temperate and manly voice as its expression suddenly changed.

Bu Fang and the Netherworld woman seemed to sense something, and both of them looked at Blacky.

The current Lord Dog seemed to have become a black hole which was absorbing all the light in its surrounding.

A sonorous bark that seemed like it had come all the way from the ancient past into the present boomed.

A white crack appeared in the pitch-blackness. That crack appeared on Lord Dog's forehead; it seemed to be sprouting another eye.

When taken to an extreme, even white would start turning into darkness.

A black light beam shot out of the newly emerged vertical eye. The black light beam made a loud ripping sound, accompanied by a booming clap of thunder and unending loud rumbles. That beam moved so fast it was almost impossible for one to catch a glimpse of it.

It instantly reached the miniature Shura Tower in mid-air, which was hurled by the bloody man.

Faced with Blacky's attack, the divine tool Shura Tower trembled, and a powerful wave of energy emanated from it.

However, the wave of energy did nothing to help the divine tool. The energy wave was pierced through by the black light beam, causing it to shatter into motes of light and disappear. The black light beam, however, continued on its trajectory and struck the Shura Tower, bombarding the latter upon impact.

A cracking sound resounded, which thoroughly dumbfounded the bloody man.

The Shura Tower exploded into three fragments.

Damn! This Shura Tower was, in fact, formed by just two fragments; but now, it has been broken again and turned into three fragments.

The bloody man was thoroughly dumbfounded. With terror, he watched the absurdly powerful fluctuations caused by the black light beam sweep through his body and shatter his blood-red armor. In the next moment, his body turned into a puddle of blood that rained down from the sky.

Two wretched wails rang out as two remnant soul essences soared into the sky.

However, a giant dog paw appeared above them.

It grasped both soul essences and threw them into its mouth.


Blacky smacked its lips and burped, while its face was full of aversion.

"The taste of that kiddo's Sweet 'n' Sour Meat Ribs is way better..."