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 Chapter 466: A Discussion on the Proper Way to Eat a Phoenix Egg

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The Bone Metamorphosing Dragon Grass resembled a divine dragon that wanted to soar into the sky. It wriggled incessantly and had a mystical aura. It was shrouded in a hazy golden halo and emitted a light fragrance.

With a cracking sound accompanied by a faint dragon roar, Bu Fang cut off the glistering and verdant Bone Metamorphosing Dragon Grass.

He curled up the corners of his mouth as he sized up the spirit herb in his hand. It was worthy of being a tenth grade spirit herb. It was overflowing with rich spiritual essence and energy. One whiff of it would refresh one's mind and reinvigorate them.

Bu Fang placed the Bone Metamorphosing Dragon Grass into his system dimensional storage and let out a long breath. He had finally completed the system's temporary mission. He had initially assumed that this mission would be quite easy; he did not expect it to be this difficult.

"Congratulation to the host for completing the temporary mission: enter the Cloud Sea Secret Realm and pluck the Heaven Grade Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup's ingredient, the 'Bone Metamorphosing Dragon Grass'. The mission reward will be granted."

The system's solemn voice echoed in Bu Fang's mind after he collected the grass.

Bu Fang was really looking forward to this mission reward. A twenty percent increase in his energy conversion ratio would allow his cultivation to advance faster.

However, such a reward was not surprising; with the difficulty of this mission, it was only right that its reward was this generous and ample.

The eyes of the bloody man became even more bloodshot when he saw Bu Fang leisurely cutting the Bone Metamorphosing Dragon Grass. This ant-like human really sought to anger him to death. The bloody man began to regret not slapping the human to death early on, for he was truly fed up of the human continuously jumping around before him.

The Netherworld woman was speechless as she looked at Bu Fang. This extremely weak human was really calm and collected.

That bloody man, someone who had broken through five Supreme Being shackles, was still alive, yet the human had already started collecting the spoils. Can you not show an ounce of respect to that expert at the peak of the Divine Physique Echelon?

The bloody man was so enraged that his blood began to boil.

Lord dog tilted its head and groaned as it looked at the bloody man. It completely understood Bu Fang's disposition. Anyone else who saw Bu Fang's calm and indifferent expression would itch to beat him up.

However, Lord Dog was already accustomed to it. As long as Bu Fang didn't eat Sweet 'n' Sour Meat Ribs before him, then Lord Dog wouldn't care about him.


Bu Fang seemed to sense the bloody man's gaze filled with killing intent but proceeded to look at the bloody man with a calm gaze, almost causing the latter to spit blood. However, Bu Fang did not care about him; he just ignored the bloody man and made a move to cut off another Bone Metamorphosing Dragon Grass.

That bloody man seethed with anger at that sight; he felt that he was intolerably bullied by Bu Fang. Bu Fang's infuriating indifference and how much he seemed to crave a beating made the bloody man feel another wave of rage overwhelm him.

The sea of blood behind him, which was formed by the blood he had swept and converged, became turbulent. The sight of such a tremendous quantity of blood was truly appalling.

Lord Dog, who was floating in mid-air, seemed really tiny and negligible in front of the dreadful sea of blood.

A yell rang out, and the sea of blood converged to form a huge mouth, which soared toward Lord Dog, intending to bite him and swallow him whole.

Although the incoming, boundless sea of blood seemed like it would sweep everything away, Lord Dog only calmly watched it.

As the sea of blood rushed toward the calm Lord Dog, its reeking scent permeated the entire surrounding.

That bloody man roared angrily, stirring all of his power. Even his true energy seemed like it had begun to boil.

Just when the blood sea was about to swallow Blacky, who had not yet made a move... it suddenly opened its mouth. Its mouth instantly became enormous, and it barked at the incoming blood sea. Its bark was deafening.

Explosions rocked the blood sea immediately after the bark resounded.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Countless giant waves rose to reveal innumerable pillars of blood within, which exploded into blood droplets, causing the blood sea to, astonishingly, move backward.

The bloody man was alarmed at the sight; he had not expected the plump dog to be this terrifying. Its one bark was enough to make his blood sea recoil.

A buzzing sound resounded, and Lord Dog began to stride forward with mesmerizing cat-like steps. It instantly crossed the blood sea and appeared in front of the bloody man.

Lord Dog did not have any good impression of this bloody man because they had only just met when this guy said something about wanting to eat dog meat... Wasn't he just seeking death by mentioning eating dog meat in front of this Lord Dog?

Blacky raised its paw, and the paw instantly began to expand, becoming bigger and bigger. The paw then began to descend, bringing with it intense pressure and waves of strong gales.

That bloody man cried out loudly. His hair fluttered wildly, and he exerted all the strength in his body, trying to block the strike.


It seemed like even space burst open.

The bloody man felt a boundless wave of power rush into his arms. It was as though he was being oppressed by a towering and majestic mountain.

He was incapable of blocking the paw strike, and he was sent flying once again, crashing into the bottom of the tower as if he saw some sort of rubber ball.

Blacky waved its tail and continued striding forward with mesmerizing cat-like steps. It was as if there were invisible stairs in front of it.

After Bu Fang cut off the last Bone Metamorphosing Dragon Grass and put it into his system dimensional storage, he turned around and gazed at the bloody man with a dazzling glint in his eyes.

The bloody man was lying at the bottom of the tower in what seemed like a puddle of stagnant water.

Bu Fang then directed his gaze to the glittering phoenix egg, which was brimming with spiritual essence.

As he approached it, he could feel the boundless vitality and spiritual energy emitted from it.

He inwardly exclaimed in surprise and delight. This was the most amazing egg he had seen in his entire life; it was also the most amazing ingredient he had encountered.

If he cooked this egg, he would surely be able to make a peerless dish.

He could also use it as an ingredient for making the Heaven Grade Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup.

However, Bu Fang still felt like it would be a waste to use the egg for the soup.

This was because none of the ingredients for the soup were capable of matching this egg. Thus, it would be quite a waste to use the egg as an ingredient; it would overwhelm the other ingredients.

"That phoenix egg is... mine."

While Bu Fang was pondering what dish he should make with the phoenix egg, an ice-cold voice suddenly rang out from behind him.

It was the Netherworld woman's voice. Bu Fang had heard it before, so he still had a vivid impression of it.

Even though the woman was watching him calmly, Bu Fang still felt as though there was a faint killing intent hovering over him, warning from taking another step forward.

Bu Fang furrowed his brows. Did the woman want that phoenix egg?

"What do you want this egg for?" Bu Fang asked earnestly.

"This phoenix egg's spiritual essence can expel the death energy and curse in my body..." the Netherworld woman watched him for a while before explaining, only out of respect for Lord Dog.

Expel death energy?

Bu Fang was taken aback. He began to size up the woman carefully, and he realized that there really was a trace of black energy flowing in her body. That energy should be the death energy.

"So... if you get this egg, how will you handle it? Will you boil it?" Bu Fang asked.

The Netherworld woman was taken aback by his words. Handle it? She only needed the spiritual essence, so why would she boil it? Wouldn't it be more convenient and easy to just lick it directly?

She had been utilizing this method till now. She licked objects to absorb their spiritual essence and suppress her death energy. It was such a simple matter; there was no need to make it complex.

When Bu Fang noticed her confused expression, he became spirited and interested in guiding her.

"It seems like you are not accustomed to cooking. If you just spend all your time fighting and killing, it will be difficult for you to get to experience and enjoy delicacies. Such an excellent ingredient should be processed using excellent means; only by utilizing this would we not end up wasting it. Do you know how many ways it could be handled?"

The Netherworld woman ice-cold face was now brimming with confusion.

"There are many ways to cook an egg, and the simplest one of them is... boiling it. Not only will this preserve its taste and essence, but its satiny egg white will also surely mesmerize you."

Since they were talking about food, Bu Fang could not help becoming talkative.

"Besides the simple boiled egg, there is also poached egg, tea egg, soy egg, and a variety of different dishes. There are also more advanced dishes which are prepared by mixing eggs with other ingredients; such as egg-fried rice, egg soup, and so on..."

Bu Fang mentioned countless ways of cooking eggs in one breath, thoroughly astounding the Netherworld woman.

"Tell me, how do you plan to handle it? Do you intend to make poached eggs out of it? Or maybe tea egg?"

Bu Fang gazed at the Netherworld woman with a glitter in his eyes.

"I... I will... lick it."

The Netherworld woman managed to force out several words after a stammering for a long while.

Bu Fang was taken aback by her reply, and his face quickly became expressionless. He squinted his eyes and only looked at her out of the corners of his eyes.

His gaze was filled with... disdain.

His look of disdain caused the Netherworld woman to begin questioning her whole existence.

"Lick it? Do you know how much of its energy and spiritual essence will be lost because of that? Just hand it over to me; I will let you experience the pleasure of having spiritual essence surge through your entire body," Bu Fang said.

The Netherworld woman remained expressionless as she listened to his words.

When Lord Dog, who was watching from the distance, heard the speech Bu Fang used in an attempt to con the Netherworld woman, it laughed so hard, it completely lost a pound of fat.

He never realized that even the kiddo, Bu Fang, would learn how to con people.

However, he only succeeded because the Netherworld woman was too simple and pure; therefore, conning her was quite easy.


The ground trembled, and the Shura Tower trembled along with it.

All of the blood energy which filled the sky surged toward the bloody man and seeped into his body. The bloody man slowly crawled up from the ditch at the bottom of the tower. The aura emanating from his body was extremely terrifying, and his blood seemed to be throbbing.

He had already experienced Lord Dog's might. He knew that he could not defeat the plump dog. That made him feel aggrieved. He was someone who had swept through the entire Cloud Sea Secret Realm and remained undefeated, yet he was, unexpectedly, defeated by a dog.

He was not willing to accept such an outcome.

It was fortunate that he still had a final card to use.

He wanted this dog to forfeit its life. Then, he would rip the plump dog's meat apart piece by piece, and eat it.

Shura Tower... Awaken!

A myriad amount of blood condensed atop the bloody man's palm and turned into a scarlet blood bead.

The blood bead brimmed with a tyrannical energy.

The bloody man's ice-cold eyes brimmed with killing intent, and his cold gaze locked onto Lord Dog and Bu Fang.

In the next moment, he firmly shoved the blood bead against the bottom of the tower.

Suddenly, the sound of something being torn apart resounded as blood permeated out of the blood bead. It seemed to have broken open, and a pool of blood flowed out of it.

Blood-red stripes, which were covered in blood and had an extremely mysterious and profound air about them, began to flicker at the bottom of the tower.

A short while afterward, all the blood on the ground flowed and permeated the tower.

The blood-red stripes that covered the tower's transparent walls seemed as though they had been awakened, and they all emitted an extremely stifling aura.

The Shura Tower-the Ancient Shura City's divine tool.

Since it was called a divine tool, then it surely possessed an extremely terrifying might.

The bloody man's hair hung loosely over his shoulders, and he threw his head back and cried out loudly.

The transparent blood-red tower was quickly becoming solid and opaque. Its walls were becoming solid and concrete, and the tower true appearance was gradually being unveiled.

The bloody man felt as though his entire being had been connected with the Shura Tower, and this made him feel like he had become extremely powerful. The feeling of controlling a divine tool was really indescribable. Although this divine tool was broken, he believed that it was still useful enough to slaughter the plump dog.

With the Shura Tower's power amplification, he felt like he entered into the "Spiritual God Protection" realm.

He had reached the Divine Physique Commsumate Echelon!

A mere dog was not worth mentioning to the current him.