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 Chapter 465: The Man Who Was So Angered That He Spouted Blood

Translator: CatatoPatch Editor: Vermillion

A thunderous rumbling sound resounded as the giant blood-red palm flew toward Bu Fang in order to crush him. Even space was oppressed by that palm and it emitted a sharp whistling sound as it flew toward Bu Fang.

The Netherworld woman swiftly dodged it and stood in a distant place as she coldly looked at Bu Fang who seemed like a small skiff before that blood-red palm.

It was impossible for Bu Fang to block that palm with his current cultivation. There was no doubt about it... He was definitely going to die.

However, just when she just assumed that he would surely die, countless specks of white light appeared above his head. They seemed like a group of fireflies who whirled in the air as they scattered in all directions.

Those specks of light formed a silk-yarn-like thread and a tear in space appeared. The sound of something being torn apart echoed as that crevice was torn open by something.

A furry dog's paw quietly came out from the crevice.

The terrifying pressure emitted from that blood-red palm caused Bu Fang's hair to flutter unceasingly behind him. The stench of blood seemed like it would drown him.

That man covered in blood was quite confident about his strike as he knew that if nothing unexpected occurred, that brat would surely be killed by that palm.

The Netherworld woman was quite clear about the fact that the man covered in blood had already broken through five of the Supreme Being's shackles and reached the peak of the Divine Physique Echelon. Although he wasn't in the Divine Physique Consummate Echelon realm, the "spiritual god protection" realm, it was extremely easy for him to kill Bu Fang who hadn't even broken through one of the Supreme Being's shackles.

There was no way for Bu Fang to survive an attack from the man covered in blood.

She was waiting for Bu Fang to die so that she could retrieve her Crystal Source Purple Essence. That was something extremely important to her.

The only reason she gave up in the past was because of the dog. Now that the dog wasn't there, there was no way she would allow the Crystal Source Purple Essence to escape from her grasp again.

The moment a small dog paw extended out of that crevice, the Netherworld woman was shocked.

The paw was furry and extremely exquisite. Even though it looked like a normal dog paw, the Netherworld woman's body was covered in goosebumps when she saw it.

Bu Fang widened his eyes as he looked at the dog paw coming out from the crevice. There was a delighted expression on his face which he wasn't able to hide.

It was Blacky!

That black paw obviously belonged to that lazy dog, Blacky.

He actually showed up there!

The exquisite dog paw emitted an extremely terrifying imposing manner as it came out of the crevice.

The blood-red palm which was about to crush Bu Fang seemed as though it was obstructed by a formless power. It couldn't advance any further.

The eyes of the man covered in blood instantly widened when he saw the scene in front of him. He felt a wave of world pressure oppressing him. The pressure coming from the paw actually swept his own world pressure away.


A formless fluctuation spread out and the blood-red palm was sent flying away. After flying a short distance, it was slapped by a dog paw and it scattered, turning into a rain of blood.

The blood which was surrounding the man started boiling as he retreated several steps. His expression was hideous as he had a look of disbelief when he looked at the scene occurring below him.

Was that brat this strong?

No, there was no way it was that brat.

Who could it be? Was there a Divine Physique Consummate Echelon expert inside this secret realm? Could it be that it was an existence beyond the Divine Physique Echelon?

As that blood mist gradually scattered, the scenery below was revealed to him. The man covered in blood fixed his gaze on the paw and the Netherworld woman was in shock.

A dog paw was still slightly raised and it was in the same position as it was when it came out of the crevice. That was the paw which unexpectedly deflected the powerful blood palm.

Was that a dog's paw?

Such a small dog paw could stop an attack from someone like him? He was an expert at the peak of the Divine Physique Echelon...

At this moment, that man covered in blood had a peculiar expression on his face. The corners of his mouth were twitching.

"Looks like I made it in time..."

A slightly indolent voice came out from the crevice as it became bigger and bigger. A creature slowly walked out from the crevice. That creature was definitely not a human... It, in fact, strode out of the crevice like it was a cat.

Wait... Hang on... It was striding like a cat? Didn't that paw belong to a dog? Why was this creature striding out of the crevice like a cat?

The man covered in blood was somewhat muddle-headed at this moment. He squinted his eyes as he looked at that creature which was walking out of the crevice.

It was a dog.

It was a plump black dog.

While it strode like a cat, the fatty meat on its body shook with each step it took.

This was the dog which blocked the blood palm?

An extremely odd look appeared on the Netherworld woman's face when she took a clear look at Lord Dog's appearance. That was because she discovered that Lord Dog was completely different from the dog she knew in her memories.

Regardless of anything, she had seen him once in the Netherworld. He wasn't so fat when she last saw him. Lord Dog slightly shook its body and all the fats on it trembled.

Bu Fang raised up the corners of his mouth. The true energy in his body disappeared and a feeling of weakness overwhelmed him.

He took out an Oyster Pancake and began eating it with big bites. After swallowing the Oyster Pancake, it turned into true energy which filled his body. He gradually felt as though his power was returning to him.

"Bu Fang, kiddo... I asked you to leave me some of the Crystal Source Purple Essence. Did you leave some of it for me? It's extremely delicious... It should have been difficult for you to steal it from that Netherworld little girl. Now, your Lord Dog is here. Pass it over to me. I'll keep it safe for you." Lord Dog stuck out its tongue and glared at Bu Fang as it said in an impatient voice.

Bu Fang stared at Blacky with an expressionless face. He was thinking about the reason why Blacky appeared all of a sudden. As it turned out, it was just because it wanted to fill its stomach...

"The Netherworld woman is standing right behind you... Are you sure it's alright for you to say such things?"

At this moment, the Netherworld woman had an ice-cold expression plastered on her face.

"You actually have another helper... How useful can a dog be?" The man covered in blood held back his shock as he asked Bu Fang.

A Divine Realm Shrimp and a Divine Realm puppet had already appeared. There was nothing strange if a Divine Realm Dog were to appear now. Since he was able to call out so many helpers, this Bu Fang definitely had an extraordinary status.

However, to the man covered in blood, it didn't matter how extraordinary Bu Fang's status was. He was in the man's domain now. Bu Fang's life and death were controlled by the man covered in blood.

The man covered in blood spoke in an ice-cold voice which was brimming with killing intent.

Lord Dog was taken aback by the man's words. It turned its head as it stared at the man covered in blood.

"Who is this person? He seems quite impressive."

His whole body was covered in blood, and he emanated an extremely powerful aura. There were five blood-red colored chains fluttering behind him which also emitted an astonishing aura.

Did he break through five shackles?

It wasn't surprising that Bu Fang kiddo was in such a sorry state then. Although that kiddo had a little bit of battle prowess now and he had the help of Whitey, he had a long way to go before he could fight someone at the peak of the Divine Physique Echelon.

"I hadn't eaten dog meat since I was trapped in the Shura Tower. It had been a long time since I had my fill of dog meat... Since there is a dog here now, I'll get to enjoy some dog meat today." The man covered in blood sneered at Bu Fang and Blacky. Blood converged above the man as he raised his hand, and then turned into a blood lance.

Eating dog meat?

Bu Fang was taken aback and the Netherworld woman was also shocked. Lord Dog's facial muscles twitched.

Were you provoked by dogs? Why do you need to eat dog meat?

True energy burst out of the man's body and the tip of the blood lance immediately started revolving as a terrifying fluctuation swept through the area. The blood lance shot out toward Blacky all of a sudden.

However, when that blood lance was about to touch Blacky, Lord Dog disappeared.

No... Blacky didn't disappear. Blacky appeared a meter away from the man covered in blood.

"What are you up to?" The man covered in blood was taken aback for a moment. In the next moment, he saw that the plump dog raised its paw again.

As the paw slowly rose to the skies, it became bigger and bigger and turned into a giant paw.


The blood lance was shattered by the giant paw, which continued flying at the man. It fiercely slapped the man covered in blood, smashing him against the bottom of the tower. The entire place started to shake.

"Why are you eating dog meat? How dare you eat meat from such a noble creature? There are many other kinds of meat like dragon meat and pig meat... Yet you want to eat dog meat? Aren't you just seeking death?"

The fat in Lord Dog's face intensely shook as he spoke.

The Netherworld woman's lips twitched as she watched the scene before her. Such a pretentious attitude... It was definitely that dog.

Even though it was the same dog she knew, it had always been graceful and beautiful in the past. How did it become this fat?

Bu Fang stroked his chin and smacked his lips as he looked at the plump Lord Dog. It seemed as though Lord Dog's meals in his store were too sumptuous. When he first met Blacky, it was a dashing and graceful dog.

Bu Fang slowly calmed down and felt at ease the moment Lord Dog arrived. He held onto an Oyster Pancake and noisily chewed on it as he walked toward the Phoenix Egg.

"All of you can fight while I take a look at the Phoenix Egg."

"Damned bastard dog!"

Blood filled the area as the man covered in blood soared into the sky. Blood started gathering into a sea of blood which pooled behind the man. His eyes were bloodshot and his killing intent was overflowing as he looked at that black dog whose fats were jiggling around.


A clear and crisp sound resounded as Bu Fang easily cut out and took out the Bone Metamorphosing Dragon Grass which grew beside the Phoenix Egg. The sound of the grass root being pulled out was extremely clear in everyone's ears.

The body of the man covered in blood stiffened as he turned his head to look at what Bu Fang was doing. He was extremely angered... He was angered to the point he spouted blood.