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 Chapter 464: A Dark And Exquisite Dog Paw

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As dreadful waves surged in through that crevice, the entire place started trembling intensely.

A sizzling sound could be heard as the seawater flowed down into the magma. Steam rose into the sky and filled the surroundings.

An ancient ship braved the wind and billows as it boldly broke through the crevice. It rushed toward everyone.

There was a graceful, long and black-haired woman on the front of this ship. Her ice-cold face, which had a morbid-like pale color, was expressionless.

Did the man covered in blood recognize the Netherworld Ship?

He obviously recognized it and when he saw that ice-cold Netherworld woman, all the hair on his body stood on its end.

"Netherworld woman? All of us minded our own business all along. Why did you barge into my domain?"

The man covered in blood restrained his aura and he spoke warily to the Netherworld woman. He was truly someone who broke through five of the Supreme-Being's shackles and stood at the peak of the Divine Physique Echelon.

However, when he faced the Netherworld woman, he didn't dare to be careless. That woman was extremely terrifying. When he had just entered the secret realm, she was already an existence who could strike terror into anyone's heart. She didn't even have to appear. Everyone would be terror-stricken just by hearing her name.

Bu Fang stored his Black Turtle Constellation Wok and looked in astonishment at the Netherworld woman who was standing on the Netherworld Ship.

He met it once again... He met the pitch-black and mysterious ancient ship in the secret realm. That mysterious woman as well... She was someone who was acquainted with Lord Dog.

Why was this woman there? Did she come for the blood-red Shura Tower?

That Netherworld woman proudly stood atop that pitch-black ancient ship while a hot breeze blew against her. Her hair unceasingly fluttered around behind her.

It seemed as though that woman's attention wasn't on the man who was covered in blood or Bu Fang.

Her gaze was fixed on that giant blood-red tower.

That giant tower which was covered in a mist of blood was faintly glowing.

All of a sudden, the Netherworld woman emitted a sharp whistle from her mouth and a formless soundwave came from her mouth. It shook and dispersed the blood mist which surrounded the tower.


A scarlet radiance immediately surged out from the Shura Tower.

It seemed as though there was something sealed under the Shura Tower.

Bu Fang's pupils constricted as his gaze passed through that giant blood-red tower. He saw an object under that tower... It was an egg. There was a peculiar energy fluctuation coming from the egg.

An egg?

An egg was unexpectedly sealed under that tower?

In the next moment, Bu Fang's gaze became grave and his breathing became rough. He noticed three green herbs which were growing around that egg.

Those herbs were faintly glowing and their appearance was quite weird. They seemed as though they were winding dragons who were baring their fangs and brandishing their claws as they roared at the heavens.

Those were Bone Metamorphosing Dragon Grass.

He searched high and low for it. In the end, he actually found the Bone Metamorphosing Dragon Grass with such a peculiar method. That Bone Metamorphosing Dragon Grass was Bu Fang's mission objective.

"That phoenix egg is... mine..." The Netherworld woman took a look at that phoenix egg which was sealed below the giant blood-red tower. She turned her head toward the man covered in blood and spoke. Her objective was that phoenix egg.

That phoenix egg could allow her cultivation to advance. It might even be able to help her take that last step.

The man's pupils constricted and they became ice-cold. If that Netherworld woman's objective was the phoenix egg, things would really get troublesome.

If he wanted to completely awaken the Shura Tower, he needed more than blood. He also required his cultivation to reach a realm which could withstand the power of the tower. He also needed the tower to absorb enough of the phoenix egg's essence.

The reason why this island became a delicacy island was because it had been nourished by the phoenix egg's essence.

It was because of the essence of the phoenix egg that countless peculiar and strange spirit trees and herbs grew on the island.

It was also because of it that this island became the place who had the densest concentration of spiritual energy in the entire Cloud Sea Secret Realm.

The reason why the Netherworld woman wasn't attracted to this place before was that he used all of his power to cover and hide the area. It was coupled with the fact that the Shura Tower unceasingly absorbed the essence of the phoenix egg which prevented the aura of the egg from spreading and leaking out.

However, the intrusion of these ants into the island caused the aura of the phoenix egg to leak out. It actually attracted the Netherworld Ship and the Netherworld woman.

Things became really troublesome...

That man who was covered in blood took a deep breath and looked at the Netherworld woman with an ice-cold gaze. There was no way he was going to give her the phoenix egg, as it was one of the key objects for him to awaken the Shura Tower. It would be impossible for him to awaken the Ancient Shura City's divine tool without the phoenix egg's essence. His cultivation alone was still lacking for him to forcefully control the Shura Tower.

Bu Fang, who had stored his Black Turtle Constellation Wok, was gasping for breath.

His gaze locked onto the Shura Tower and its blood red walls were transparent. It allowed him to see through them and his gaze rested on the faintly glowing egg.

That egg was as big as a human and it was covered with countless stripes and patterns. They were scarlet in color and emitted a fiery aura.

The Bone Metamorphosing Dragon Grass which was fluttering in the wind lay beside the egg.

Bu Fang licked his lips as his eyes lit up. A phoenix egg... was an extremely rare and precious ingredient. The higher the grade of an ingredient, the more delicious the flavor would be. The grade of a phoenix egg was extremely high. The flavor of the egg would definitely be extremely delicious.

If he could taste such a delicacy... Just by imagining it, anyone would be excited.

"Bring that old man with you and quickly leave this place..."

He took the opportunity where the Netherworld woman confronted the man to speak with Yang Meiji who had just escaped from death's door.

At this moment, Yang Meiji was weeping as she stuffed countless pills and elixirs from her spatial spirit tool into Master Xuan Bei's mouth.

Bu Fang felt as though the sight he was seeing was quite odd and queer. A person with such a majestic and muscular body like her was weeping like a little girl...

"What's about you?" Yang Meiji asked while sobbing.

"I still have some matters to complete. This place is too dangerous, you should leave quickly."

Bu Fang furrowed his brows and calmly spoke to her.

Yang Meiji found herself at a loss for words for a moment. She wanted him to leave with her, but his decisive and firm look made it difficult for her to open her mouth to try and persuade him to leave.

The life of Master Xuan Bei was already preserved. However, his injuries were still extremely grave. They should quickly be attended to. This place wasn't suitable for him to recover.

"Leave!" Bu Fang shouted once again and stopped caring about her.

If she didn't leave when the man wasn't paying attention, when else would she leave?

Bu Fang wanted to complete his mission and he still had some presumptuous fantasies about that phoenix egg. There was no way he would leave right now.

Yang Meiji's situation was different from his. She clenched her teeth and carried Master Xuan Bei as she ran toward the exit of the secret realm.

She was obliged to run with all her might as she felt like that man who was covered in blood had locked his gaze onto her body. He had already broken through five of the Supreme Being's shackles and her body shuddered when his gaze landed on it.

Raising his palm, the man who was covered in blood condensed some blood into a sharp lance which shot out toward Yang Meiji. As it flew towards Yang Meiji, it looked as though it was about to pierce through her and Master Xuan Bei at the same time.

Bu Fang furrowed his brows and took out a steaming hot bowl of ramen which he ate in two mouthfuls. He quickly threw another Vigorous Beef Meatball into his mouth after finishing the ramen.


Bu Fang's felt as though his body was about to be torn apart by the energy from those two Utility Dishes. The energy in his body drastically rose, making his body feel like it was about to explode.

He held the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in his hand and poured his true energy into it, and a resplendent golden light burst out of the blade. A dragon roar followed suit, which filled the ears of everyone around.

A golden winding Divine Dragon phantom image came out from the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife as it hovered behind Bu Fang's body.

Bu Fang held his kitchen knife with one of his hands and his true energy burst out from his body. He waved his knife and stroked it. A golden blade energy shot after that blood lance as a dragon roar resounded out.

The Overlord Thirteen Blades!

Whitey's eyes instantly turned into an eerie white color as rays of light started bursting out of its body. All of the arrays on its body were activated. Spreading out its metallic wings, it soared into the sky.

Whitey stood upon Shrimpy who instantly took on its giant form. The both of them charged toward that man covered in blood.


That blood lance burst open as Bu Fang's all-out attack managed to stop a casual strike that man sent out.

Yang Meiji's heart skipped a beat and she was finally able to let out a breath as she charged out of the crevice while carrying that old man.

That man covered in blood directed his gaze to Bu Fang. This brat had ruined his affairs many times already. Even by killing him the man wouldn't be able to vent his anger.


He raised his head and saw a giant shrimp charging at him. There was a heap of steel on its back.


That heap of steel body was glowing and countess blasts shot out from its array cannon. The cannon was covered by a hazy golden light and it had an extremely fast firing speed. The man who was covered in blood squinted his eyes as he looked at that array cannon.


The blasts exploded when they approached that man covered in blood. It seemed as though they were stopped by a formless power. As a matter of fact, the force stopping Whitey's blasts seemed to have come from the giant blood-red tower's walls.

Whitey was taken aback. After the sounds of several blasts resounded, Whitey shot out even more shots from the cannon. However, they all exploded in the air and none of them were able to reach the man.

"Even I cannot go through the Shura Tower's walls. A heap of steel wants to attack me through them?"

The man who was covered with blood laughed in a hoarse voice.

Blood immediately leaked out and formed two giant blood-red palms.


The man casually slapped toward Whitey as if he was swatting mosquitos.

Whitey and Shrimpy became pressed against the ground and they couldn't even budge.

That Netherworld woman was calmly standing in place and it seemed as though she wasn't interested in joining in the fight. Her gaze was still locked onto that phoenix egg.

Bu Fang licked his lips and looked at Whitey and Shrimpy who were constrained. Although they couldn't move, their lives were not in danger. He carried his knife as he charged toward the position of the phoenix egg. His speed was extremely swift and he was like a raging wave charging on the surface of the sea.

Bu Fang never knew that he was able to run at this speed.

When the man covered in blood saw that Bu Fang was charging toward the phoenix egg, he became thoroughly angered. It seemed as though all the blood in the world started boiling as countless blood lances formed in the air and shot toward Bu Fang.

The Netherworld woman emitted a sharp whistle and her long black hair started fluttering in the wind. Her sparkling feet tapped against the deck of the ship and she started floating in the air. She looked just like a fairy as she flew out of the Netherworld Ship.

Her speed was extremely fast and she went after Bu Fang.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Countless blood lances fell down and rammed against the ground as all of them broke apart.

Bu Fang was swiftly dodging the rain of blood lances. His mental force was completely used and it seemed as though he was burning it. He felt an intense stab of pain coming from his head. His body dodged left and right like a ghost, and if he made even the slightest mistake, he would be mercilessly impaled by a blood lance.

"Stop!" That man covered in blood became even angrier. His body, which had been still all along, soared into the sky. A rumbling sound filled the area. Slamming against the formless walls of the tower, he tried to fly toward Bu Fang. However, the walls restricted him and prevented him from leaving.

Bu Fang was disinclined to pay attention to that man covered in blood. He quickly arrived in front of the phoenix egg.

An ice-cold aura filled the area as the Netherworld woman appeared beside him. Her pitch-black eyes were fixed on his body.

The man covered in blood released an angry roar and the entire place started to tremble. He quickly left the top of the tower as he went toward its bottom.

The Netherworld woman looked at Bu Fang and raised one of her fingers, then tapped it against the wall of the tower as several specks of light appeared from her finger.

The Shura Tower was sealing that phoenix egg.

Bu Fang suddenly realized that the Shura Tower was obstructing him... He was racking his brains for a way to enter the tower. He looked at the finger which the Netherworld woman extended and found out that her palm was slowly entering the tower. Her body slowly entered the tower as well.


Was it this easy?

As Bu Fang expressionlessly observed her, he tried imitating her. When he touched the wall of the Shura Tower, he felt as though he came into contact with a warm membrane. It felt as though he was touching a screen of flowing water.

That flowing water covered his whole body as he entered the Shura Tower.

Slowly opening his eyes, Bu Fang felt the spiritual energy around him. It felt so rich and dense that he felt as though his pores would burst open. It was too rich... The spiritual energy inside the tower was too rich and dense.

Bu Fang turned around and patted the wall of the Shura Tower. He felt as though the wall became solid and it was nothing like before. It seemed as though he would be unable to leave the tower after he entered.


A dense and reeking scent of blood pervaded his surrounding.

A person jumped down from the top of the tower and his dreadful killing intent swept through the area. The world pressure coming from him caused the surroundings to tremble and shake.

The man covered in blood had finally arrived.

"There was a road to heaven yet you didn't take it. There was no road to hell but you barged in... Since you are looking for death, you can go to hell now."

The man covered in blood already had enough of Bu Fang. He was extremely enraged that this annoying brat was spoiling his plans. He wanted to kill Bu Fang immediately.


Blood converged and condensed a giant and indomitable palm which went after Bu Fang. It seemed as though the palm wanted to crush Bu Fang into a meat paste.

The Netherworld woman took a look at Bu Fang and turned around without the slightest bit of hesitation. She didn't intend to save Bu Fang. His life didn't matter to her.

The aura of death instantly engulfed Bu Fang's mind.

He couldn't block it... There was no way for him to block that palm.

Bu Fang was thoroughly shaken.

He was really too weak... Was he going to die there?

The blood-red palm approached him and covered the sky. It filled his whole sight. It seemed as though there were some white specks of light inside the blood-red color. He had the impression that everything in his sight was red in color.

All of a sudden, a dark and exquisite dog paw appeared from nowhere. It intended to slap that blood-red palm.