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 Chapter 463: Breaking Through Five Shackles, The Divine Physique Echelon Peak

Translator: CatatoPatch Editor: Vermillion

He would first kill that brat who ruined his plan. That ant-like brat.

This was the first thought which flashed through the man's head. The blood which filled the sky converged and condensed into a roaring blood dragon as the nauseating stench of blood filled the air.

With a loud roar, the blood dragon spun around and directly pounced at Bu Fang.

When everyone saw such a scene happen in front of them, all of them started trembling with fear.

That blood dragon's imposing manner was too terrifying. It seemed as though it was unstoppable as it charged over to devour Bu Fang.

Master Xuan Bei's eyes flickered for a while before he shouted. The aura which was emitted by his body rose as he threw a pill into his mouth. True energy in his body started surging out of it. Raising his palm, Master Xuan Bei's true energy filled the surroundings and condensed into a winding bolt which coiled around that blood dragon. He looked like he wanted to prevent the blood dragon from devouring Bu Fang.

A trace of disdain and mockery appeared in the eyes of that man who was covered in blood as he stood on top of the giant blood-red tower. He simply didn't care about Master Xuan Bei, who tried to stop his attack.

He raised his palm and pointed it toward that blood dragon. In the next instant, it seemed as though a strong will swept across it and the blood dragon experienced some changes. Sharp spikes of blood burst out from its body and the bolt shot out by Master Xuan Bei was broken apart.

At such a sight, Master Xuan Bei's eyes widened and his whole body shuddered.

How could that blood dragon be so terrifying?

Bu Fang furrowed his brows as he looked at the blood dragon now charging at Master Xuan Bei. He felt slightly uncomfortable as the killing intent of the man who was covered in blood was locked into him. He looked at Master Xuan Bei, who was trying his best to resist the assault of the blood dragon. Then, he let out a breath and flipped his hand over. A bowl of steaming hot ramen appeared on his palm.

The Rampage Ramen emitted a pleasant fragrance. However, wasn't taking out a bowl of ramen now somewhat weird?

"Great Master, take those noodles."

Bu Fang threw out that bowl of ramen in his hand and the Rampage Ramen swiftly flew toward Master Xuan Bei.

Take those noodles?

Take which noodles?

The Master Xuan Bei was somewhat bewildered by Bu Fang's words and didn't understand what he meant. When he saw that Bu Fang threw something at him, he subconsciously reached out and grabbed it.

The moment he grabbed the object, a rich fragrance assaulted his nostrils. It was the aroma coming from the noodles.

Were they truly noodles?

Master Xuan Bei's beard and face shook.

"What in the world are you thinking? You want me to eat noodles in the middle of a fight? Did you think that I wasn't dying fast enough?"

Master Xuan Bei was dumbfounded as he stared at Bu Fang. With a wave of his hand, he threw the bowl of noodles back at Bu Fang.


Raising his palm, his true energy surged out like a spring and caused a huge explosion. Master Xuan Bei's face became flushed and he became quite worried as he faced the blood dragon. He was slightly frightened and appalled by the fact that just a simple blood dragon summoned by the man covered in blood was so difficult to deal with.

If that man were to personally attack, wouldn't all of them be dead?


The bowl of Rampage Ramen flew back into Bu Fang's hand.

Bu Fang's complexion slightly darkened... Did Master Xuan Bei reject his bowl of ramen? A bowl of Rampage Ramen which could increase one's battle prowess was actually rejected. This was really embarrassing.

Although his bowl of ramen was rejected, Bu Fang didn't care too much about it. Instead, he took out a Vigorous Beef Meatball from his system dimensional storage and threw it at Master Xuan Bei.

Master Xuan Bei was smoldering with rage when he received the Vigorous Beef Meatball. What was this brat up to? He was in the middle of a fight right now. Why was Bu Fang throwing random food items at him?

After holding on to that Vigorous Beef Meatball, Master Xuan Bei felt as though it was warm in his hand. The heat which came from the meatball made the indignant Master Xuan Bei calm down.

"Is this a meatball?" Master Xuan Bei looked at Bu Fang with a flickering gaze.

Bu Fang's expressionlessly nodded at Master Xuan Bei. He was extremely earnest when nodding and it seemed as though he wasn't messing around with Master Xuan Bei.

Eating a bowl of ramen would waste some time, however, eating a meatball was quite convenient. It was easy and could be eaten in a few bites.

Throwing the Vigorous Beef Meatball into his mouth, Master Xuan Bei chewed on it a few times. He discovered that the taste of the meatball was actually really delicious which made his eyes light up.

When the beef meatball entered his stomach, he felt as though his heart started throbbing faster and faster. Strength started flowing through his entire body.

That was a power which caused his blood to start racing.


All the muscles in his body bulged and Master Xuan Bei's thin and feeble body unexpectedly started bulging with dense, dragon-like muscles.

Power! This was power!

Master Xuan Bei was pleasantly surprised as he felt his whole body brimming with boundless strength.


An angry roar echoed out as the blood dragon broke free of the true energy bolt. It charged toward Master Xuan Bei.

A rumbling sound resounded when Master Xuan Bei and the blood dragon collided against each other.

Everyone who was watching the fight couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air. They were completely dumbstruck at this moment.

Master Xuan Bei, who was in the sky, had bulging and dense muscles. A tyrannical aura was emitted from his body.

With a loud shout, Master Xuan Bei unexpectedly ripped the blood dragon apart. Blood splattered everywhere and Master Xuan Bei's body was covered in it.

That boundless power which coursed through his veins made Master Xuan Bei feel as though he was invincible and peerless.


He was truly hale and vigorous despite his old age.

Everyone became speechless when they saw the scene in front of them.

That man who was covered in blood squinted his eyes and seemed somewhat surprised.

As for Master Xuan Bei, he was the most impressed person out of everyone present. The drastic increase in his fleshy body strength couldn't appear from thin air. Was it because of that meatball? However, that was just a meatball. It wasn't some sort of special elixir. How could it have such a powerful effect?

It was truly unimaginable!

Although Master Xuan Bei was somewhat disoriented at this moment, he knew that it wasn't suitable for him to think about such things now.

Clenching his fists, he felt as though an explosion would occur just from the strength and power contained in his hands. He trod in the air and his white beard fluttered in the wind. He actually charged toward that man covered in blood in a heroic attempt.

He knew that this man was the cause of everything.

After the man covered in blood recovered from his shock, the ice-cold look in his eyes returned. He sneered as he looked at Master Xuan Bei who was charging at him.

"You are just trash... Since you are seeking death, I'll help you out."

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Master Xuan Bei felt a breeze which blew past him.

Turning his head, he saw a blood dragon which was charging at him. The blood dragon had an open mouth as it tried to bite Master Xuan Bei and rip him apart.

He was instantly bombarded by that blood dragon and fell down to the ground.

One, two... There were five blood dragons flying around in the air and the bloody glow on each blood dragon filled the eyes of everyone present. Their eyes turned bloodshot as they stared at the five blood dragons floating in the air. The stench of blood assaulted their noses and a dense killing intent filled the area. All of their bodies stiffened.


The distressed Master Xuan Bei was out and sent flying by the blood dragons. He created a big pit in the ground when he slammed against it and wasn't able to crawl out of it. It was as though all the strength left his body.

"Your blood is my greatest happiness... Take your time, come after me one after another." That man who was covered in blood coldly taunted.

What kind of monster was he?

All of the gifted disciples present in the secret realm sucked in a breath of cold air.

Master Xuan Bei was an expert who broke through three of the Supreme-Being's shackles. He was still easily defeated by the man covered in blood. Not to mention the fact that the man didn't even make a move personally.

How strong was this man covered in blood?

Did he break through four of the Supreme-Being's shackles? Could it be that he actually reached the peak of the Divine Physique Echelon and broke through five of the Supreme-Being's shackles?

The terrifying killing intent which was emitted from the man's body thoroughly oppressed everyone present.

Everyone who could enter the secret realm was gifted and talented. They were definitely not willing to be constrained and suppressed like this. Countless roars resounded and several auras rose into the sky. They were struggling and trying to break free of the terrifying world pressure emitted from that man.

The Grand Barren Sect's Ye Cheng held into a dull sword made of stones and it suddenly became extremely sharp. It seemed as though it was able to cut space apart. With a wave of his hand, a blade of sword energy shot toward the man covered in blood.


The man's gaze was still ice cold and he didn't bother about the sword energy which was flying at him.

Sounds of the collision could be heard behind the mand and blood-red chains fluttered behind him.

One, two, three, four, five...

He truly had five chains.

He was at the peak of the Divine Physique Echelon.

There were four chains which came from all his four limbs. The last chain came from his head.

All five of the shackles were broken...


A rumbling sound resounded as a giant blood-red palm went after Ye Cheng.

Ye Cheng immediately broke into despair as an expert who broke through five of the Supreme-Being's shackles was not an existence he could fight against.


Ye Cheng spat a mouthful of blood even before the blood-red palm could reach him. He lost his grip on his sword and was forced into the ground by the pressure emitted from the palm.


The blood-red palm fell on him, but Ye Cheng didn't even manage to cry out before he was turned into meat paste by the palm.

One of the Grand Barren Sect's Ten Grand Heirs of Heaven... died.

It was truly terrifying and frightening.

When everyone looked at Ye Cheng's pitiful and miserable fate, they lost all intentions of resisting the man.


The Wind and Thunder Pavilion, Xiao Changyun, and the experts from the Puppet Sect, Heavenly Pill City, Heavenly Shine City, all burst forth with their quickest speed as they fled in all directions.

The unexpected appearance of an existence who broke through five of the Supreme-Being's shackles in this secret realm was like a nightmare for all of them.

The Divine Physique Echelon Peak experts were the true apex experts in all of the first-rate factions. They weren't fools. The moment they saw the five shackles behind the man, all of them knew that they had to run. Although lucky chances were tempting, they had to be alive in order to obtain them.

Trying to run away?

It seemed like that man covered in blood slightly sneered as his eyes became colder.

Countless arrows of blood whistled through the air and shot through the bodies of those geniuses.

Xiao Changyun wailed miserably. He wanted to block it, but he was incapable of stopping the arrows at all. He discovered that his belly had been penetrated by a blood arrow and his blood splattered everywhere, which frightened him.

Mu Chenfeng was swiftly running when a blood arrow fell from the sky and nailed him to the ground. His white robe was dyed red with blood and his aura quickly weakened.

How could experts like them who only broke through one or two shackles be able to fight against an expert who was at the peak of the Divine Physique Echelon?

Although they didn't know whether that man covered in blood reached the Divine Physique Consummate Echelon, the "Spiritual God Protection" realm, they knew that he was able to kill all of them even though he had only broken through five of the shackles.

Miserable wails unceasingly resounded as one expert after another had their bodies pierced by one of those blood arrows. Blood gushed out of their bodies and dyed the ground red.

The Heavenly Pill City's Mu Chenfeng died.

The Wind and Thunder Pavilion's Xiao Changyun died.

The two experts from the Puppet Sect were seriously injured...

It seemed as though doomsday had arrived as a deathly aura filled the air.

The man who was covered in blood proudly stood on top of the tower. He couldn't help but squint his eyes as he felt countless streams of blood pouring into his body.

Yang Meiji used all her strength to pull out Master Xuan Bei who was in a deep pit.

Her whole body trembled and she couldn't help but suck in a cold breath of air when she saw Master Xuan Bei's pitiful appearance.

All of the bones in his body were broken and twisted apart. The aura he emitted was extremely feeble and faint. It seemed as though he had aged by a lot and there was very little vitality left in him.

As the man's gaze fell on Yang Meiji and Master Xuan Bei, he casually waved his hand as a blood arrow shot toward her.

Yang Meiji felt like even breathing became strenuous for her as the pressure emitted from that man was too terrifying.

How could a half-step Divine Realm expert like her block the attack of someone at the peak of the Divine Physique Echelon?

Was she going to die there?

Yang Meiji lost herself in despair and she gave up.

However, something happened just before the blood arrow could pierce through her body.

A black wok appeared in front of her.

A dull sound resounded when that blood arrow rammed against that black wok. The wok was sent flying for several dozen meters before it fell onto the ground.

Bu Fang was gasping for breath as he widened his eyes.

Strong... Too strong!

That man who was covered in blood was too terrifying!


That bloody man squinted his eyes as he remembered that he hadn't done anything to that ant which spoiled his plans yet. He never expected that the ant was still there and would interfere with his plans.

You should just go to hell!

Just as that man was about to kill Bu Fang, his mind shook and he looked into the distance.

Dreadful waves came from the distance and steam rose up from the ground as water came into contact with the magma.

An ice-cold and pitch-black ancient ship was gradually approaching them.

There was a graceful woman standing at the front of the ship and her hair fluttered in the wind.