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 Chapter 462: You Won't Get Pregnant By Just Staring At Me

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The ground on the island was cracking open and broken rocks flew out from the ground. Some magma flowed out from the ground as well, burning the trees all around them.

Such a nice island was quickly being ruined and destroyed.

Bu Fang, who was carrying a big resplendent golden kitchen knife, looked at his surroundings with a solemn gaze. He swept his gaze through the island in order to look for the tenth grade Bone Metamorphosing Dragon Grass. This spirit herb was the main reason he came here and he wanted to obtain it before the island collapsed.

Out of all the islands, this was the one which had the densest and richest spiritual energy.

This was the reason Bu Fang believed that the Bone Metamorphosing Dragon Grass would be located on this island. As for its precise location, he hadn't been able to discover it.

Misha was suppressed and beaten by master Xuan Bei. After consuming that elixir, the latter's fighting prowess became extremely terrifying. It was as though he had been injected with chicken blood.

The power which burst out of this old man astounded everyone around. After all, he was a Divine Physique Echelon expert who had broken through three of the Supreme-Being's shackles. Even if he was old, the vitality he possessed wouldn't be weak at all, not to mention his powerful fleshy body.

Even though he was already old, he was still extremely powerful.

Misha was badly battered by him. Countless parts of his body exploded and his blood splattered everywhere. Blood flowed from the corners of his mouth and his eyes were bloodshot.

Master Xuan Bei squinted his eyes as he looked at Misha. Taking light steps in the ground, his body's imposing manner actually rose even more. He became even more powerful compared to before.

His dragon-like blood and energy surged in his body.


A giant beast made out of stone seemed as though it received some instructions. It started attacking the remaining people and crushed them. Slapping them with its palm, it intended to directly crush them, turning them into minced meat.

However, everyone who was left was obviously not weak by any means. They would definitely not be easily slapped to death by the stone beast.

Bu Fang's body started to emit an extremely overbearing aura as he held on to the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife.


Whitey finally moved. As its purple eyes flickered, its armor started glowing. It unfolded the metallic wings on its back as an intense radiance was emitted from its array cannon. A deafening rumbling sound resounded in the sky and airwaves swept through the area. A blast was sent out of that array cannon and directly bombarded against the body of the giant rock beast.

With a single blast, one of the stone beast's arms was destroyed.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Whitey, who turned into a humanoid cannon, steadily stood in place and shot out energy blasts at the giant stone beast continuously. Using brute force, Whitey obliterated the giant stone beast.

This scene caused the surrounding people to involuntarily suck in a breath of cold air.

It was especially the case for the Puppet Sect's members. They started sizing up the puppet seriously for the first time. They never expected that it would be so powerful. Whitey seemed even more powerful than their Corpse Puppets. Especially that array cannon which was extremely fearsome.

"How can an array cannon be installed on a puppet? Where does it get the energy to operate the cannon? This defies all logic..." A Puppet Sect's expert exclaimed in disbelief.

As a gale whistled, countless giant beasts were destroyed. They quickly turned into broken rocks which scattered all over the ground.

After everyone recovered from their initial shock, they all displayed their power. Going all-out, they started to summon forth their maximum power.

Those people were all elites from first-rate factions. Even though they were not the most powerful experts from their faction or the most talented disciples, they were not weak.

As rumbling sounds filled the skies, the island became bombarded till it sank.

Magma constantly flowed out of it.

Misha fell into the sea and countless waves were formed as he faced master Xuan Bei's relentless attack. It seemed as though the fight would end just like this.


A light beam suddenly shot out from the deepest part of this island.

That light beam which soared into the sky seemed like a pillar of blood and a phantom image of a blood-red giant tower appeared.

Everyone's gaze fell upon the giant blood-red tower. All of them buzzed with excitement as that was the lucky chance they were seeking when they entered the Cloud Sea Secret Realm.

That blood-red giant tower was brimming with allurance and everyone became unable to control themselves as they charged toward it.

In a short while, everyone disappeared.

Bu Fang stored his Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife and sighed. The entire island was engulfed with fire and smoke. It became impossible for him to look for the Bone Metamorphosing Dragon Grass.

Was the Bone Metamorphosing Dragon Grass within that so-called lucky chance?

Bu Fang furrowed his brows and looked toward that blood-red giant tower. He didn't know why, but he felt disgusted when he looked at it. He didn't want to approach that giant tower.

Taking a deep breath, the fumes emitted by the smoldering volcanoes filled his mouth.

Although he didn't want to go over to the tower, the current island had already turned into ruins. If he wanted to find the Bone Metamorphosing Dragon Grass, his only chance was to head over to the tower.

Walking forward, Bu Fang followed everyone.

Whitey's eyes flickered for a moment before it followed behind Bu Fang.

In a distant place, there was a giant crevice. It was extremely odd as the surging magma seemed to be avoiding it. The stream of magma was separated into two as it revealed a path.

Everyone who was heading to the blood-red tower entered that path.

It seemed as though there was a greedy gaze staring at everyone from inside the crevice.


A pitch-black and ice-cold ancient ship was slowly traveling among giant waves.

The surroundings of that ancient ship were engulfed with a thick fog. It shrouded the ancient ship and caused it to become faintly visible. There was no way for anyone to clearly see the ship.

"Big sister... Let me off. I already have a wife! If something isn't meant to be, it would be useless to use force. If you force me, none of us will be truly happy..."

Nangong Wuque's miserable wails filled the Netherworld Ship.

He was pressed down on the ground by an immense pressure which prevented him from budging. The only part of his body he could move was his mouth.

There was a pair of long and beautiful legs before him. However, Nangong Wuque wasn't in the mood to admire and enjoy them.

The Netherworld woman calmly stood in front of him and gazed at him with her pitch-black eyes. Her gaze caused his hair to stand on its end.

Nangong Wuque was quite sullen and he felt as though this woman went too far. If she wanted to kill him or hack him into pieces, she should just hurry up and do it. Instead of doing anything, she was simply standing there as she stared at him. Nangong Wuque was extremely horrified.

"Did she assume that she could get pregnant by staring at me?"

That Netherworld woman wasn't speaking and the only person talking was Nangong Wuque. He was shouting to himself and making a ruckus. He had no idea why the Netherworld Woman would appear here and capture him.

He still didn't know why this woman caught him. All he knew was that this cabin was filled with skeletons. Those skeletons emitted an ice-cold aura and they were overflowing with the power of death. He was sure that they didn't meet a good end.

"Ok, you can just do whatever you want..." Nangong Wuque's voice became somewhat husky as his throat was already sore after shouting for half a day. In the end, he gave up and lay there in dejection.

The Netherworld Ship continued proceeding forward and traveled across the boundless secret realm. The ship's destination was unknown.

The woman had been standing there without budging in the slightest, however, all of a sudden, her lips slightly opened.

"The aura of... The aura of a phoenix egg."

That woman mumbled before walking into the cabin. She seemed as though she had just come back to life.

Crouching in front of Nangong Wuque, she looked at his desperate face. After she opened up her lips, her tongue stretched out and she licked his face.

"What the hell? If you continue to sexually harass me like this, I will be forced to take responsibility for it... Could it be that you don't understand that?"

Nangong Wuque's tears flowed down his face.

After she licked him, several threads of black energy entered Nangong Wuque's body. That woman slowly stood up and casually walked out of the cabin as its door opened up.


There was actually a vast and broad place under the island. A tall and giant blood-red tower was located in that place. This giant tower wasn't a phantom image. It was a real blood-red tower.

Bu Fang's gaze became grave as he looked at that giant tower. He felt as though the blood-red tower was familiar as if he had seen it somewhere before. Although he felt some sense of familiarity with it, he was unable to recall where he had seen it before.

That blood-red giant tower was emitting a profound aura. It was covered by countless stripes and patterns which glowed with a beautiful and alluring blood-red glow.

Everyone but Bu Fang couldn't help themselves as they approached that tower.

It was as though there was an invisible force which attracted them toward the tower. There was definitely something fishy about that tower.

Bu Fang's gaze was grave as he looked ahead of him. Yang Meiji, who had the weakest cultivation among everyone present, was completely incapable of resisting the lure of the tower. She started walking toward the tower and her actions were out of her control.

That giant tower seemed like a fiend which was baring its fangs at her. It seemed as though it was about to swallow her whole the moment she arrived at the tower.

He was acquainted with Yang Meiji... He shouldn't let her die like this, should he?

Bu Fang hesitated for a while before summoning the Black Turtle Constellation Wok into his hand. He was a soft-hearted person after all.

He poured his true energy into the wok and held it with one of his hand. He took a step back in order to prepare himself. Taking a deep breath, he threw the Black Turtle Constellation Wok with all of his strength.


The Black Turtle Constellation Wok whistled in the air as it flew toward the giant blood-red tower. It became bigger and bigger and eventually grew into the size of a small mountain. It collided against the giant blood-red tower.


A powerful explosion resounded when the Black Turtle Constellation Wok smashed against the giant blood-red tower. It seemed as though the entire place trembled and magma started churning around.

"Damn! The busybody who ruined my plans... Die!"

A flustered and exasperated voice boomed through the skies. A person appeared above that giant blood-red tower and his entire body was covered in blood. He emitted an extremely terrifying aura. His gaze was ice-cold and tyrannical. His eyes brimmed with killing intent as he started at Bu Fang.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok flew back into Bu Fang's hand. That strike consumed half of his body's true energy. He hastily took out an Oyster Pancake from his system dimensional storage to recover his true energy. After eating several mouthfuls, the empty feeling he had in his body slightly eased.

A deafening explosion resounded when the Black Turtle Constellation Wok crashed into the giant blood-red tower. The radiance around the Black Turtle Constellation Wok seemed to have turned somewhat dim.

Everyone who had been attracted and captivated by the formless power instantly came back to their senses.

All of their bodies were drenched in cold sweat.

It was especially the case for Yang Meiji... She almost walked straight into the magma. When she opened her eyes, she almost wet herself from fright.

A big masculine woman such as her actually started weeping. Tears flowed down from her face without any signs of stopping. It seemed as though she was truly afraid.

The Three Clouds Alchemist, master Xuan Bei, rose the level of his true energy and pulled Yang Meiji to his side. The old man's eyes were also filled with fright. Even he had been captivated by that power. If it wasn't because of that strike from Bu Fang, all of them might have died.

"Is that the Shura Tower, the Ancient Shura City's divine tool? Isn't this divine tool supposed to be destroyed? The parts of this divine tool are supposed to be scattered around the Hidden Dragon Continent." Master Xuan Bei exclaimed in surprise and shock.

It was no wonder that the Ancient Shura City's experts appeared inside Heavenly Mist City. No one would have imagined that the Ancient Shura City's divine tool was within the Cloud Sea Secret Realm.

The man who was covered in blood floated beside the Shura Tower. Streams of blood flowed around him continuously. His ice-cold eyes locked onto Bu Fang who was eating an Oyster Pancake as his killing intent spilled out from his body.

"I almost succeeded... I almost succeeded in awakening the Shura Tower..." That bloody man roared in anger. This was the reason he wanted to kill Bu Fang more than anything else. If it wasn't because of Bu Fang's interference, everyone would have gone according to his plan.

With a loud cry, the blood which covered his body started to boil. It turned into a giant blood-red python which shot toward Bu Fang.