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 Chapter 461: A Sudden Slaughter

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Misha was thoroughly astonished when he saw the scenery before him.

These peoples were Divine Realm experts; however, what were they doing right now? Every one of them was sitting in a corner, holding a piece of flatbread and a bowl of soup, which they ate noisily.

Where was their dignity?

Where was their dignity as Divine Realm experts? They were even chewing their meal noisily... Couldn't they just exhibit a slight bit of dignity?

Although Misha, who was still air-borne, was dumbfounded at the sight, the bloody man's will within his body caused his killing intent to surge and the three chains behind him to flutter wildly.

These people had to die!

That killing intent affecting his mind grew so strong that it seemed to take a physical form, condensing within his pupils, making them look frightening.

Nangong Xuanhe didn't eat with the others because he didn't have the face to go eat with them. He had many conflicts with Bu Fang and even tried to kill the latter once, so how could he find it in himself to go and eat from that wok of sheep meat broth?

However, the broth emitted a rich fragrance that kept arousing his appetite.

While the others sat on the ground and ate, Nangong Xuanhe stood in place like a pole. He was quite prominent, so he found it somewhat embarrassing.

Thus, when he saw Misha, his eyes immediately lit up, and his face tightened from excitement.

"Your excellency Misha, I finally found you."

Nangong Xuanhe didn't seem to notice Misha's current constrained state as he warmly ran over to the former.

He had finally found one of his acquaintances and allies.

Misha watched with an indifferent expression the elated Nangong Xuanhe, who was speeding toward him, and couldn't help but slightly squint his eyes.

Was this guy retarded? Misha had come there to kill, not to have some nice chat with Nangong Xuanhe.


Misha ruthlessly swung his palm at the approaching Nangong Xuanhe, causing his three shackles to sway wildly, and his true energy burst outwards and turned into a blood-red giant palm, which intended to slap Nangong Xuanhe.

In the next moment, the elated expression on the face of the approaching Nangong Xuanhe disappeared.

"You actually want to kill me?"

Nangong Xuanhe's expression gravely changed when he sensed the terrifying might of the blood-red palm. He roared and stopped proceeding forward, then he tried to dodge the attack.


However, he either reacted too late, or the speed of Misha's attack was just too fast for him. Although Nangong Xuanhe tried to evade the attack, half of his body was still crushed by the blood-red giant palm.

Nangong Xuanhe kept coughing blood. A bloody mist began to surge out of his body, and when it stopped, his body soared into the air for dropping somewhere in the distance like a mass of rotten meat.

Misha's eyes were brimming with killing intent, and his gaze swept through all of the experts present there.

He really had come there to kill.


Countless beasts formed from magma crawled forward from behind Misha. Although these beasts were numerous, they each had an extremely powerful might.

It seemed like none of these beasts were any weaker than a Divine Realm expert.


The surrounding Divine Realm experts were frightened by the beasts. They quickly downed their bowls of sheep meat broth, wiped their mouths and solemnly stood up.

Bu Fang retrieved his Black Turtle Constellation Wok and looked at Misha with a solemn expression.

Misha's body was brimming with killing intent-an extremely ice-cold killing intent.

It was obvious that he was an enemy.

"Misha, from the Ancient Shura City, what are you up to? Did you really collude with these island monsters and came to attack us?" The Grand Barren Sect's Ye Cheng coldly asked and took out a sword made out of stone from his back. Although that stone sword didn't have an edge, it still emitted an extremely dangerous aura.

The Grand Barren Sect's Ye Cheng was one of the Ten Grand Heirs of Heaven, and he had a powerful cultivation.

The Puppet Sect's experts also solemnly looked at Misha and took down the chests on their backs. Afterwards, with a loud rumble, a pitch-black aura surged out of them. Two figures shot out from those chests and emitted deafening beast-like roars.

Those were the Puppet Sect's puppets. The Puppet Sect's experts used the corpses of Divine Realm experts to refine Corpse Puppets. These Corpse Puppets had an extremely hideous appearance, and their expression couldn't be discerned. Their mouths were filled with fangs, from which a black aura was leaking out of.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The irascible Corpse Puppets pierced through the air as they charged at Misha.

All Corpse Puppets were irascible, violent, and fond of slaughter.

Misha only smiled coldly at the approaching beasts. As he stood proudly in the air, he tapped the ground with the tip of his foot, and his body immediately disappeared like a phantom.

In the next moment, he appeared before one of those two Corpse Puppets.


He swung his fist at it, and the strike immediately sent a stiff Corpse Puppet flying, which then crashed into a hill.

The ferocious Misha was like a savage beast in human form; all of his moves were extremely vicious and unstoppable.

He was an expert who had broken through three Supreme-Being shackles; there was almost no one among the Divine Realm experts there who could confront him. Not even the Wind and Thunder Pavilion's Xiao Changyun and the others could defeat him.

The rock beasts charged at the experts and began to attack them.

The appearance of Misha and these monsters was too sudden; there were some experts who were still dumbfounded regarding the development. They never expected to encounter such a crisis after they had come all the way here to get a lucky chance.

Bu Fang was dodging swiftly and solemnly observing his surroundings. This time, he didn't choose to use his Black Turtle Constellation Wok; instead, he wielded a big golden kitchen knife. The Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife was the one in his grip.

One of the rock beasts had its sight set on Bu Fang and rushed toward him. The human, however, did not let Shrimpy or Whitey help him; he just raised his kitchen knife and charged at the approaching beast.

He wanted to use this opportunity to temper his Overlord Thirteen Blades technique...

The battle was bitter and intense, and after a while, a Divine Realm expert was killed. He had been forcefully torn apart by a rock beast. His blood which had splattered all around and pooled on the ground was quietly absorbed...

Some rock beasts were shattered by Divine Realm experts, who turned them into broken rock fragments which littered the ground. However, the number of beasts were tremendous; thus, such a loss was insignificant to them.

All the experts there were in desperate straits at that moment. None of them had expected this extremely peaceful delicacy island, which did not seem to have any dangers, to instantly turn into a shura hell. They were all in a desperate situation.

Many Divine Realm experts died, and their blood was absorbed into some unknown place.

After some experts noticed this, they became utterly terrified and roared in fright. They did not want to die!

Some people tried to escape from the island. If they were forced to choose between their lives and a fortuitous encounter, they would surely and decisively choose their lives.

Fortuitous encounters were useless if they did not hang onto their lives to enjoy them.

"Trying to run away?"

Misha laughed coldly, and his true energy immediately formed a blood-red lance in his hand. Its tip was extremely sharp.

With a resounding ripping sound, Misha hurled the lance. Its speed was so fast that it even pierced through space.

With a loud "plop" sound, an escaping Divine Realm expert emitted a miserable shriek as his body was run through by the spear; his body immediately burst open and turned into a mist of blood. The blood mist did not splatter the ground; it seemed to have been seized by a formless power and flew to condense at the center of the island.

When some experts saw what happened, they went crazy. There was still a terrifying blood-sucking monster hiding under the island. None of them knew what kind of monster the blood-sucker was. The unknown was always the most frightening.

The rock beasts roared and began to shoot burning red rocks out of their mouths consecutively.

An innumerable amount of rocks were shot in the air, leaving no room for the experts to dodge, and they all smashed into the many experts.


Multiple explosions rocked the surrounding as more blood mist began to form. A thick mist of blood clouded the island for a while before it was attracted and sucked by something. The number of casualties was quite serious.

Almost all of the Divine Realm experts on the delicacy island had died in just a short while. Only the true elites among them remained. However, their current state was quite pitiful, and their appearances were quite wretched.

It was the Grand Barren Sect's Ye Cheng first time being in such a sorry state. His entire body was drenched in blood, and the hand which was holding on to his stone sword was trembling.

As for Xiao Changyun, he no longer had his previous refined and graceful look. His complexion was now deathly pale as he gasped for breath intensely.

The area surrounding the two experts from the Puppet Sect was littered with pieces of metal. These were parts of their puppets. In this fight, almost all their puppets had been broken; only one Corpse Puppet remained. Even the Corpse Puppets were in sorry states. They had been broken, and only half of their bodies remained standing...

It seemed like it was truly impossible for them to escape. This was a death trap-a trap aimed against all of them.

Xiao Changyun and the others weren't fools; they already understood that all of this was possibly just a trap set by Misha. It was no wonder that they traveled for ten thousand miles and rushed to the Heavenly Mist City, but it turned out that it was all because Misha concocted such vicious plot.

This guy truly should be damned!

Master Xuan Bei's gaze was calm, and under his protection, Yang Meiji was extremely safe; after all, the old man was a Three Clouds Alchemist, which was the equivalent of an expert who had broken through three of the Supreme-Being's shackles.

Bu Fang swung the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife and decapitated a rock beast. Its huge head fell down, and magma erupted out of it, causing a cloud of steam to rise up.

The corners of Bu Fang's lips curled upwards as a gale blew his hair, causing it to flutter.

He had finally mastered the overbearing manner of the Overlord Thirteen Blades technique, and now, he could use its first move. Although it was only a single move, its might wasn't weaker than an attack from a Divine Realm expert.

Moreover, this move had an extremely powerful suppressive effect against spirit beasts.

"This many of you actually survived... However, all of you must die," said Misha. His gaze was bloodshot, and an intense killing intent surged out of him.

Countless rock beasts surrounded the survivors and aggressively glared at them.

The bodies of the experts seemed extremely tiny in face of these hill-like rock beasts. Misha laughed coldly, and his body turned into a blood-red phantom as he charged at them.

A loud rumbling sound resounded as Master Xuan Bei's white beard fluttered.

Misha was bombarded by him and sent flying.

Master Xuan Bei clasped his hands behind his back as he trod on air. His aura was extremely powerful, and he had three chains swaying behind him.

This old man's cultivation was extremely powerful, and under the effects of spirit pills that he had consumed, his cultivation became even more powerful; he completely suppressed Misha with several moves.

Bu Fang took a look at the fight in mid-air before he started sweeping his gaze across the surroundings. The entire delicacy island had become a complete mess; it no longer had a shred of its previous peaceful ambiance. Many delicacy-spirit trees were broken and burned to ashes.

The entire island had been ruined!