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 Chapter 460: A Bowl of Broth in Their Left Hand, and a Piece of Flatbread in Their Right Hand.

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Misha's complexion turned extremely unsightly, and he coughed up a mouthful of blood after being forced to fall to one knee. He looked frightened as he stared at the distant shadow of a man. The shadow was standing on top of a tower; its body was surrounded by bright red blood.

"Are you refining. . . the Shura Tower? Who are you? You actually dare to touch my Ancient Shura City's Shura Tower!"

Misha had a large hole in his chest, from which a large amount of blood gushed out. The flowing blood flew straight toward the man above the tower and converged around him.

"The Ancient Shura City's? Ridiculous! This Shura Tower which I found in this Secret Realm is my own lucky chance, yet you dare to come to steal and still blame me? How preposterous!"

The man spoke with a soft but stern voice, sporting a piercing gaze. He seemed to be an expert who either held a high position or had an influential status. The way he looked at Misha was similar to how one would look at a dead person, and this caused Misha's heart to shiver in fear.

Misha was quite powerful; he had already broken through three of the Supreme Being's shackles. With this much power and status, he was surely capable of defeating anyone in the Secret Realm. Even the Three Clouds Alchemist would be unable to defeat him.

That was why he was very confident that he was capable of taking the Shura Tower from the Secret Realm.

However, he did not expect to find the Shura Tower and still be incapable of taking it back with him.

His partner had already died in this atrocious man's hands. Every drop of blood in his body had been drained and turned into energy that was seeped into that man's body.

This man was clearly a demon!

Misha thought of something after looking at this bloody man. He recalled a legend which was spread in his city about a cultivation method written on the Shura Tower. This cultivation enabled someone to obtain great power by turning their entire body into a mass of blood.

However, that cultivation method wasn't something that should be cultivated by humans.

It was a cultivation method for the abyssal devils.

If it was cultivated by a human, then the human would turn into a monster.

"I thirst for blood... a lot of it. I can already smell all of that fresh blood..." said the bloody man.

His greed-filled voice caused Misha to shiver. This man had already turned into a monster!

"I won't kill you. I will let you survive, seeing as I need to kill everyone who will come to this island shortly! I need their blood!"

An intense light glowed within the bloody man's eyes. Suddenly, countless tentacles of blood appeared and covered Misha's body, then pierced into his skin, bringing him excruciating pain.

Such a feeling was devastating!

After a long while, Misha blankly stood up, and a powerful aura surged out of his body, while three Supreme Being's shackles swayed wildly behind him.

The bloody man atop the tower cackled with a raspy voice as he watched the fading figure of Misha.

The bloody tower underneath him, which was filled with red light, began to rotate.

He looked down from atop the tower and immediately saw a giant scarlet egg at the bottom of it.

A strange energy was flowing out from the egg and flowing into the Shura Tower. "A phoenix egg... After the Shura Tower completely absorbs all of its essences, it will be able to form a Tower Spirit once again and turn into a true divine tool!

"When that happens, the Shura Tower will surely be useful in helping leave this damned place."



The surrounding experts couldn't help but take a whiff with their noses... They kept staring at Bu Fang, who held a big bowl and wolfed down its contents. Their minds were blown away by how much he was enjoying his meal.

That golden sheep meat became extremely soft and chewy after getting boiled several times. The broth had just the right flavor to go with it, and the addition of a small spoonful of the Abyssal Chili Sauce made it even more delicious.

However, what surprised everyone was that Bu Fang did not drink the broth directly. He tore a piece of flatbread, which he had picked from a tree earlier, and dipped it in the broth.

Does it taste... better this way?

The spectating experts were puzzled over that conundrum; however, only Bu Fang would know if it tasted good like that...

Although that flatbread didn't have any flavor, once it had been dipped into the broth, it became extremely delicious. The longer he soaked it in the broth, the better it tasted. After being immersed into the broth, the flatbread possessed the rich taste of the broth and its own special taste. It also had an extremely excellent texture. After being soaked in the rich meat broth, it even gained the Abyssal Chili Sauce spicy flavor, making it extremely delicious.

This was a dish that Bu Fang had suddenly thought of when he saw these ingredients. In his previous world, this dish was called "Lamb Stew with Vegetables".

Bu Fang enjoyed this meal right in front of the surrounding experts, who all watched with stupefied gazes.

Yang Meiji, who stood behind Master Xuan Bei, excitedly watched Bu Fang noisily eat his meal, and it aroused her appetite. She was clear on how good Bu Fang's cooking skill was, so she also desired to have a taste when she how much he was enjoying it.

Master Xuan Bei had paid close attention to Bu Fang when the latter was cooking, and with his eyesight, he noticed that Bu Fang constantly poured his true energy into the wok, in order to retain the balance of spiritual energy within the wok and to suppress the spiritual energy of the ingredients. It was extremely hard for even alchemists to attain such skill.

"This kid has an extraordinary talent in alchemy," Master Xuan Bei said, with admiration in his eyes.

He felt that he had to have a talk with Bu Fang and introduce him to the great and lofty path of alchemists.

Yang Meiji walked toward Bu Fang, happily sat down beside him, and asked for a bowl of that dish.

Bu Fang proceeded to drink the remaining broth in the bowl, down to the last drop. Then, he realized that his body now felt quite warm. The meat of golden sheep really was an excellent ingredient.

He took a look at Meiji and filled a bowl for her. Each piece of sheep meat in her bowl had been boiled at least three times, which gave them a pretty luster.

The sheep meat would sparkle even more each time it was boiled in water.

The big woman had also received a piece of flatbread from Bu Fang. She happily ran over to a corner and started eating her meal.

After Bu Fang had eaten his meal, he became somewhat confused. Why did this many strange but high-quality ingredients appear on this island? Like the boar meat from early on, and this golden sheep meat...

There were also those strange fruits such as the flatbread fruits, breadfruits, chocolate fruits, and so on...

Their existence seemed illogical.

Bu Fang could feel that these ingredients all contained the same energy. Was this energy behind their changes? If so, where did that energy come from?

He was curious about the origin of all this. Honestly, he didn't just feel curious about these ingredients, but he also wondered about the energy itself. Since the energy could make these ingredients turn exceptional, then the source of this energy should be from an ingredient at an even higher grade.

Bu Fang was a passionate person; as long as they were good ingredients, he would love all of them.

Too delicious! Yang Meiji widened her eyes and almost swallowed her tongue because of how delicious the sheep's meat was. Mixing the sheep meat broth with the flatbread and eating them together would truly make a peerless delicacy out of it. The vigorous manner in which Yang Meiji ate evoked the curiosity of the surrounding experts.

Was it this tasty?

The experts began to crave for it, but they were too proud to admit it. The Grand Barren Sect's Ye Cheng maintained a dignified front. Even the eerie experts from the Puppet Sect didn't seem to have any desire of making the slightest of moves.

Mu Chenfeng, who was playing with his hair, snorted proudly and ignored everyone.

Xiao Changyun, on the other hand, wore a smile, walked toward Bu Fang, and asked for a bowl of the Basin Sheep Meat.

Bu Fang did not reject him as there were still some of it left in his wok, and he wouldn't be able to finish it all on his own anyway.

Xiao Changyun looked at the big bowl in his hands and took a deep breath. The meaty fragrance assaulted his nostrils, causing him to involuntarily swallow his saliva. He imitated what he had seen Bu Fang do and tore that flatbread apart, then tossed it into the bowl and let it soak in the broth for a while; afterwards, he drank a mouthful of it.


Xiao Changyun widened his eyes in surprise. It really was too delicious! This taste... this taste... wasn't something the Multi-Taste Fasting Pill could rival.

The surrounding experts began to clamor at the sight. It seemed like it was quite delicious. Even the Wind and Thunder Pavilion's Xiao Changyun ate it, so why don't we go and have a taste? It might be really delicious.

Soon, the remaining sheep meat broth in the wok was divided between these people, and after that, they went to pluck flatbread from the trees.

The ambiance of the entire island had completely changed from the previous serious and austere ambiance to the current strange scenery.

Many experts held a bowl of meat broth in their left hand and a flatbread in their right hand. They all sat on the ground and started to eat their meals noisily, evidently enjoying them.

A person clad in a torn blood-red robe rushed out from a deep hole filled with magma.

There were countless giant rock monsters made out of magma following behind him.

Misha had a complex expression on his face. A piercing pain was emanating from the blood flowing in his body, which was controlling him. He was being controlled by that bloody man. Controlling one of the Ancient Shura City's experts was quite easy for someone who possessed the Shura Tower.

"Let's start a slaughter..." Misha muttered. Despite the fact that he was against it, he was still completely incapable of controlling his killing intent.

He rushed out of the volcano. Then, he turned his head, sensing something, and charged in that direction. Misha was emitting an extremely powerful aura as he stood proudly in the air, looking down at the experts below him.

His killing intent suddenly vanished for a moment, and his complexion stiffened.

What the hell were they doing?