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 Chapter 459: Delicacy Island!

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The phantom image of an enormous blood-red tower suddenly rose high into the sky, and everyone witnessed its emergence.

The fluctuations being emitted by the phantom blood-red tower were so intense that everyone felt their blood and true energy turn turbulent. They could all sense the tyrannical aura emanating from the tower.

Countless powerful auras burst forth, and the sound of countless chains grinding against each other reverberated through the whole Secret Realm. No Divine Realm expert could ignore it.

On an island filled with yellow rocks, a devilish man, who had two chains swaying behind him, licked his bright red lips.

On a verdant and lush island, there were two people who donned black robes and carried a brass chest each on their backs. They both raised their heads and gazed at that blood-red giant tower with profound gazes.

A large rumble boomed, and the two of them, who also had several chains behind them, charged and sped in the direction of the blood-red tower.

The Grand Barren Sect's Ye Cheng, the Wind and Thunder Pavilion's Xiao Changyun, and all the others also set out.

The emergence of the blood-red giant tower was like the flickering of a lighthouse in darkness, catching the attention of every expert, and they all rushed toward it. The experts, who had either broken through one Supreme-Being shackle or several Supreme-Being shackles, all rushed out of countless islands.

Waves rose up in the sea, and water sprayed all around.

However, the phantom image of the enormous blood-red tower suddenly disappeared just as quickly as it had emerged. In just a short while, the experts couldn't catch a glimpse of it.

Nevertheless, although the tower had already disappeared, it had already left a trail for the experts to follow, and every expert charged in the direction it had appeared.

Bu Fang naturally would not miss it as well. He brought Whitey with him and stepped onto his spirit Ship, then charged in the same direction.

It seemed as though every expert in the Cloud Sea Secret Realm was rushing toward the same location at that same time.

The blood-red giant tower's aura was too powerful, and it evoked everyone's curiosity. There were even some who were charging there in the hopes of gaining a fortuitous encounter.

Hadn't they come to this Secret Realm just so they gain some lucky chances and fortuitous encounters? Since there was now one before them, they would surely not let it off.

Bu Fang stomped the floor of the Spirit Ship, and it tore open a path for him on the sea, speeding toward the island.

Countless experts, who were all riding spirit ships, appeared in Bu Fang's surrounding. They only gave Bu Fang a look, but didn't care about him.

Bu Fang looked at Nangong Xuanhe in surprise, and it seemed like Nangong Xuanhe was also surprised and astonished since he had just discovered that Bu Fang was actually still alive.

How was this possible?

How could he have survived, without any injuries or suffering, after encountering the Netherworld Ship?

Was the Netherworld Ship's curse useless against him?

The current Nangong Xuanhe's aura was quite feeble, and his complexion was quite unsightly. When he discovered that Bu Fang was still alive, his expression became even more unsightly.

However, he didn't go looking for trouble; instead, he controlled his Spirit Ship and entered into a giant island that had just appeared before them.

This was probably the biggest island they had seen so far. Its surface was extremely vast, and it had a high and tall shoreline, which caused them to feel reverent at heart.

Bang! Bang!

An expert's true energy surged through the air as he dragged his spirit boat onto the giant island.

Everyone there was a Divine Realm expert who had powerful cultivation, so they were not deterred by its height. Thus, they all set forth.

The sound of people speeding through the air resounded continuously.

As soon as he reached the shore of the Island, Bu Fang brought Whitey with him and clambered aboard the spirit ship. As soon as Bu Fang stepped on the shore of the island, he perceived a rich fragrance.

This island was filled with bizarre fruits. All of these fruits had extremely odd and strange appearances. Each of those fruits emitted steam as if they were well-baked pieces of bread. There were some fragrant fruits which seemed as if they were made out of a sponge, and their pulps seemed extremely similar to bread.

Bu Fang was dazzled by the fruits and felt like he had entered into a delicacy island. Were all these delicacies growing out of trees?

He proceeded to grab a bread-like fruit. He found it was slightly hot in his grip and twirled it in his hand like he would do with a roasted potato before he tore it apart like if it was a piece of bread. A hot and fragrant sweet liquid immediately flowed out of it.

As soon as Bu Fang perceived this fragrance and looked at this attractive and alluring fruit, he couldn't help taking a bite of it.

Its taste was actually quite good.

It was natural and pure!

It was quite mystical and marvelous.

Bu Fang continued examining it. There were many species of plants on this island, and there were countless spirit beasts. The arrival of the experts into this island caused these spirit beasts to spread their wings and fly away.

Although this island had a beautiful scenery, none of the experts stopped to admire its beauty. They were all in a rush, trying to find that blood-red tower quickly. Their goal was a fortuitous encounter.

On the other hand, Bu Fang's goal was finding cooking ingredients, and it seemed like this big island was created just for him.

Bu Fang began to tour the island excitedly.

The island was filled with all kind of trees, and some of them were species that Bu Fang had never seen before. There was a tree that resembled the coconut tree from Bu Fang's previous world. However, this tree did not bear coconuts; it bore steaming hot and fragrant, white flatbread.

Bu Fang tapped the ground with the sole of his feet and slowly leaped up into the air, then yanked out a piece of white flatbread. This flatbread was quite soft, and when he took a bite of it, he discovered that it was so warm that it seemed like it had just been cooked, but it did not have any flavor.

After taking several bites of the flatbread, Bu Fang couldn't help but furrow his brows. Although this flatbread was quite fragrant and soft, its taste was too insipid.

It was not to his liking, so he continued traveling, collecting several different odd fruits along the way.

There were some fruits which grew on the ground, and after Bu Fang tasted them, he discovered that their pulp tasted like roasted meat.

These fruits were also emitting steam. This seemed to be a common characteristic that every fruit on this island shared.

The sounds of footsteps suddenly reached Bu Fang's ears.

A plump boar which was emitting steam passed by him. This plump boar's back was scarlet, looking as if it had been roasted until it turned red. There were even some flames burning on its back. The boar's nostrils let off steam as it charged through the island. It also had hideous-looking tusks.

Bu Fang's eyes lit up, and he knocked it unconscious with his wok before he began to study it.

He carefully cut off the roasted part of the plump boar's back.

It seemed quite dried, and it didn't have any sauce or oil. However, its taste was quite good. This was roasted meat growing on the back of a living boar. It really was marvelous and queer.

Bu Fang took another bite of the roasted meat and realized that it really had the taste of boar meat; however, it had been roasted until it was quite hard and stiff.

Thus, he continued on. He collected several fruits and knocked out some plump boars, and then cut off the meat growing on their backs. After getting severed from its boar, the slabs of meat were actually still capable of jumping around and trying to flee.

At a location distant from Bu Fang, there was a herd of sheep lazily eating spirit grass. The spirit grass was overflowing with spiritual energy and had an extremely rich aroma which would make one feel refreshed and rejuvenated just by perceiving it.

The meat of the herd of sheep seemed to glow a faint golden color which was extremely eye-catching. The meat of these sheep would surely be an excellent ingredient.

Bu Fang's heart began to thump harder as soon he saw them.

He felt as though he had arrived at heaven, seeing as this island was filled with ingredients so fine that he couldn't help but exclaim after seeing them.

Many of the experts who had rushed to the island were at a complete loss; they had not been able to find the blood-red giant tower.

Wasn't it here a while ago?

Many of them nursed headaches as they swept through this island, searching for the blood-red tower.

Unlike the inpatient experts there, Bu Fang was leisurely collecting ingredients.

Although these ingredients weren't from high-grade spirit beasts, high-grade spirit herbs, and spirit medicines, Bu Fang was still extremely interested in these ingredients which were naturally nurtured.

Bu Fang found a tree on the island that bore many small brown fruits. After he had picked them, he realized that these were chocolate-like fruits.

He kneaded one of them and discovered that it was extremely soft. When he tasted the fruit he discovered that it had a chocolate-like bitter and sweet taste.


This was a delicacy island, and Bu Fang was sure that this was one of mother nature's marvels.

He continuously praised it in his heart.

The others experts who had come to seek a lucky chance were extremely depressed, and they were also utterly unaware of the kind of island they had come to. They just wanted to find the blood-red giant tower and obtain a fortuitous chance.


After Bu Fang swept through the entire island and collected numerous ingredients, he put down his black wok onto the ground, causing it to tremble slightly.

Those slightly exhausted experts who had not managed to find the blood-red tower suddenly looked at Bu Fang in confusion.

They all wore odd looks on their faces as they watched Bu Fang go about his business.

"What is this kid doing?

"Does he want to cook on this island? Is his head alright? We all came to this Secret Realm to seek lucky chances, not to cook dishes."

"It's somewhat intriguing... Is this kid a chef? He is somewhat familiar."


They were many people who had heard of Bu Fang, but there only a few people in the Heavenly Mist City who recognized him. His name was known by many people because of the Nangong Family's affair, so these people had all learned that a chef entered into the Secret Realm. However, they never thought that the chef would actually start cooking right in front of them.

It was somewhat quite funny.

However, Bu Fang didn't care about them. He was just itching to begin cooking because he was quite excited about his harvest of these odd natural ingredients.

The Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared in his hand, and he swung it down while completely ignoring the surrounding experts' playful gaze, beginning to process a slightly glowing sheep.

The sheep was quite calm, and its movements were quite sluggish.

It didn't struggle or cry during the entire process, it only bleated lazily...

Bu Fang didn't need to use the Overlord Thirteen Blades Technique while processing that sheep's meat. He just cut it apart using the Meteor Cutting Technique.

He used his black wok to prepare a fragrant broth out of the boar meat. He proceeded to place the sheep's bones which he had processed into him, then he started stewing it.

After just a short while, a dense steam surged out of the wok.

The Grand Barren Sect's Ye Cheng, the Puppet Sect's experts, Xiao Changyun and the other experts all looked at Bu Fang with playful gazes.

Nangong Xuanhe, who hid within the crowd, looked at Bu Fang with a disdainful gaze.

Bu Fang didn't care about their gazes; he just continued cooking in high spirits.

A dense fragrance wafted out when he skillfully took out the sheep meat from within the wok and placed it into a bowl. After being stewed in the broth, the meat developed a glowing layer of grease.

The fragrance aroused the appetite of all the spectating experts.