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 Chapter 458: You Are Truly Swindling This Dog!

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Magma constantly splattered all around.

After falling for a while, Misha felt that his body touched a solid surface.

This time, he didn't feel the scalding sensation which he had experienced when he passed through lava. Instead, he felt a slight chill. The air was filled with the reeking scent of blood, and it assaulted his nostrils. He felt every pore in his body widen as an explicable sense of excitement overwhelmed him.

His blood-red robe looked even more ruddy in this bewitching environment; it seemed like blood was dripping down from it.

With every step he took, blood seemed to drip down from him.

The two of them walked quietly in this place. Misha squinted his eyes and proceeded in the direction which the intense fluctuations in his mind pointed him to.

Although the boundless area in front of Misha was blood-red, as he proceeded forward, his excitement grew.

"We will reach it... We will shortly reach it."

Misha muttered, causing the expert following behind him to squint his eyes.

With every step forward that they took, they felt everything in front of them experience great changes.

Suddenly, a dilapidated blood-red tower appeared before them. The tower was covered in stripes and patterns. These blood-red patterns emitted a mysterious and peculiar fluctuation.

"Is that the Shura Tower?" Misha muttered.

Misha knew that the Shura Tower was broken; however, looking at its appearance on the outside he felt like it was intact. The terrifying fluctuation emanating from the tower suppressed the true energy within his body and thoroughly prevented him from stirring it.

This was the suppression effect which the Shura Tower had against every expert of the Shura Ancient City.

Misha's pupils suddenly dilated when he noticed that there was actually a person inside the blood-red Shura Tower, standing in front of one of its windows.

The man had a muscular body, and his blood-red hair hung loosely over his shoulder, fluttering in the wind. The man's ice-cold and heartless eyes were staring at them.


"Bu Fang, kiddo, your Lord Dog had only slept for a short while, but in that time, you went to provoke someone from the Netherworld. You are still playing around as usual, aren't you?"

A manly and temperate voice resounded in Bu Fang's mind.

As soon Bu Fang heard it, he stiffened, and his eyes lit up. It was the voice of that lazy dog, Blacky... Had the plump dog finally awakened?

Back in the Illusory Spirit Swamp, Blacky ate something unknown and began to sleep when Bu Fang returned to the Imperial Capital. It had been sleeping since then, which had been a long time.

However, now, it had finally woken up! Moreover, it looked like the lazy dog was quite familiar with the Netherworld.

The Netherworld Ship who floated in mid-air emitted a stifling aura.

Whitey's entire body glowed, and the arrays on its armor flickered constantly; it wanted to break free of the woman's pressure.

As for Shrimpy, it seemed like it would awaken shortly because it was waving its sickles, albeit only slightly.

"This Netherworld Ship came from the netherworld, and that woman is also from the netherworld. It seems dealing with her won't be easy," Blacky said.

Bu Fang felt like all the true energy in his body begin to revolve swiftly, and countless motes of light began to gather above his head, gradually forming an indistinct shadow of a... dog.

It was Lord Dog's appearance.

The woman's black long hair fluttered in the wind, and every strand of it resembled innumerable arrows that bombarded and shattered the space in its way. There was a thin slit in her forehead, and it seemed like a vertical eye would come out of it. A terrifying fluctuation was spreading from it.

Nangong Xuanhe ran out into a faraway place and rushed into the stormy sea. He revolved his true energy and poured it into a spirit ship and continued fleeing away without even turning his head around. He must flee, or he would end up dead.

The woman looked extremely terrifying. Her aura seemed like it would tear space apart. Such a feeling... Even an expert who had broken through three Supreme-Being shackles would be erased from existence if they dared to confront her.

There were no existences in the same level as her.

The Netherworld Ship... that cursed ship... he had, unexpectedly, run into it.

Bu Fang felt desperate at that moment; he didn't know for how much longer he could survive on, but he truly didn't want to die.

That woman's ice-cold eyes stared at Bu Fang, and her killing intent surged outward. A vertical eye appeared on her forehead, and it gradually opened up. As soon as it did, a light beam shot out of it.

The light beam distorted space as it streaked toward Bu Fang.

The pitch-black flame, which seemed like a lively spirit, spread into the light beam, winding around it.

Bu Fang's Ten Thousand Bestial Flames was suppressed by it, and the flames returned into his body. It had been utterly incapable of resisting the woman.

The shadow above his head strode forward in a leisurely manner. That manner was Blacky's signature cat-strides. The phantom image of a dog gracefully strode forward like a cat. Lord Dog really was as graceful as before!


That phantom image of Lord Dog, which had been formed by rays of light, stood in front of Bu Fang, and it raised one of its small paws.


That light beam, which didn't seem like it could be stopped mid-way, forcefully slammed into Lord Dog's paw.

The entire island trembled intensely; it almost seemed like it would split apart.

Dreadful waves rose, and countless pieces of rocks shattered and dropped into the ocean because the ground had cracked open.

The black and eerie sail of the airborne Netherworld Ship fluttered in the wind.

The woman's black hair was also fluttering in the wind, but her pale face, which had no trace of blood within it, remained expressionless.

Bu Fang also stared at her expressionlessly.

Turbulent airwaves passed just his body, but it didn't touch him at all. The radiance emitted by the collision dissipated after a short while, and the smoke and dust were blown away.

That phantom image of Lord Dog was still calmly raising its paw. Although its figure was quite fuzzy, its body was still standing there.

"Netherworld woman who was exiled into this secret realm... If you have something against us, then let's discuss it properly. Let us stop fighting." Lord Dog's calm voice resounded from the phantom image.

A trace of liveliness flashed within the woman's ice-cold when she heard Lord Dog's words, and the glow in her pupils flickered.

"You... How did you know... my name? Who are you?"

Her ice-cold voice was slightly hoarse.

"I know you, but I cannot tell you who I am. But, don't worry; give this Lord Dog some face. When I return to the Netherworld, I will plea leniency for you."

Lord Dog replied mysteriously.

When Bu Fang heard Blacky's words, he immediately rolled his eyes, feeling that the plump dog was quite shameless.

"She doesn't even know who you are, so why would she give you some face?"

The slit on the woman's forehead gradually closed as a trace of confusion flashed through her expressionless face. She deeply looked at Lord Dog's phantom image. It seemed like she was thinking of something.

A trace of panic and shock appeared in her lifeless eyes.

"It's... you?"

Lord Dog raised its small paw and nodded.

The Netherworld woman did not speak anymore. Her feet tapped the ground lightly, and she flew back into her ice-cold Netherworld Ship.

Its cabin opened with a rumble, and the woman disappeared into it.

"They stole the Crystal Source Purple Essence that I kept... But, I will give you face this time; don't forget what you said..."

The woman's voice echoed like a passing breeze before it disappeared as well.

The turbulent ocean calmed down and became peaceful.

Bu Fang's eyes were wide open, and he had an odd look on his face as he looked at the Netherworld Ship.

If he hadn't made a mistake... wasn't there someone struggling in that cabin? The face of that person was somewhat familiar to him. Nangong Wuque? Why did that clown run into the Netherworld Ship? Was he captured by that woman and forced to become her husband?

Bu Fang was filled with uncertainty. He had no idea what had transpired, and the Netherworld Ship had already disappeared into the fog.

Fine. Who cared about him anyway...

"Crystal Source Purple Essence? Bu Fang, kiddo, did you steal her Crystal Source Purple Essence?"

Lord Dog asked loudly in his ears, with a trembling voice.

"Ah? Indeed..."

Bu Fang nodded indifferently.

"Do you know how precious it is? Only one crystal mine in dozens could have it. It seems that I have ended up owing her a heavy debt..." Lord Dog muttered, seemingly quite vexed.

"Kiddo, if you don't daily make me three Sweet 'n' Sour Dragon Meat Ribs when we return, I will bite you," Lord Dog said indignantly.

"Ok! Got it," Bu Fang replied, indifferently.

He took out a jade bottle from his system dimensional storage, from which a rich fragrance wafted out of. "That woman called this a Crystal Source Purple Essence, didn't she?" Bu Fang shook the bottle in front of Lord Dog and asked.

Every hair on Lord Dog's body stood on end when it saw the bottle.

"Bu Fang, kiddo, you really are swindling this dog. Is this big bottle completely filled with Crystal Source Purple Essence? It is no longer surprising that she tried to kill you. Even if it was me, I would have still chased you to the end of the world," Lord Dog said with a trembling but sharp voice.

The reason why Lord Dog had slept deeply for so long was because he drank Crystal Source Purple Essence; however, back then, there were only a few drops of Crystal Source Purple Essence available. That was nothing compared to how much essence there was in Bu Fang's bottle.

That light phantom image of Lord Dog spun on the spot before dissipating.

"Smelly brat, wait for me. This Lord Dog will come over to you immediately, so leave the Crystal Source Purple Essence for me."

Its voice gradually grew fainter until it disappeared altogether, and the surrounding area regained its calm.

The island was in a complete mess. The Demonic Claw Qi Fruit had fallen in an area close to Bu Fang. He felt somewhat stupefied. He took several steps forward and picked up the fruit. Did he just obtain it like that?

It seemed quite easy and effortless.

Bu Fang's indifferent face couldn't help but twitch.

He put the fruit in his system dimensional storage. Regardless of how he had gotten it, Bu Fang was still pleased that he had managed to obtain a Divine Realm ingredient.

Whitey crawled up from the ground, and its eyes regained its purple luster.

As for Shrimpy, it had already woken up, and it was rolling its compound eyes as it stared at Bu Fang.


The entire island suddenly began to shake, and Bu Fang's heart palpitated in fear. He turned around and looked somewhere in the distance.

A huge cloud of steam rose up from the ocean's waves, along with a pillar of flames. It seemed like there was something extraordinary happening there.

"Um?" Bu Fang was taken aback.

There were some fluctuations spreading out from the place where the pillar of flames had risen from. The phantom image of a gigantic blood-red tower had just appeared there. As soon as it appeared, countless tyrannical auras burst forth within the Cloud Sea Secret Realm.