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 Chapter 456: The Fight And The Palpitation

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"Misha, is this the place we sensed?"

A person clad in a blood-red robe calmly spoke to another person beside him. They were standing on the peak of a mountain situated on an island. The center of the mountain was hollow, and there was magma boiling inside it.

Steam rose up from the boiling magma into the sky, along with a dense and thick black smoke.

The eyes of Misha, who was also clad in a blood-red robe, seemed quite profound; it seemed like his gaze could see through the thick smoke, directly looking at what was underneath that magma.

"That's right... It's here. I already sensed the Shura Tower's aura," Misha said in a tone of excitement, and his body trembled slightly.

When he heard Misha, the person beside him also became excited. The Shura Tower was their Ancient Shura City's symbol.

If their Shura Tower hadn't been broken, and its parts scattered across all regions of the continent, its power would be extremely outstanding, and they might even be able to rival the colossus and terrifying faction-the Hidden Dragon Royal Court.

After losing its Shura Tower, the Ancient Shura City could only be considered a first-rate faction; it couldn't be considered an apex faction, and this matter left countless experts of the Ancient Shura City regretful.

This was especially the case after the affair that occurred several years ago and caused the Ancient Shura City to suffer severe losses. A part of the Shura Tower was stolen by one of their disciples.

That was a great and unforgivable humiliation for the Ancient Shura City.

This time, they set forth to look for the Shura Tower and bring it back. Thus, now that they had an idea of its location, how could they not be excited?

"There is magma flowing underneath... Will we be fine if we jumped directly into it?"

"It's just magma; it isn't worth dreading. I can sense that there is someone underneath the magma, who is trying to control the Shura Tower. We should hurry up; otherwise, if the Shura Tower was controlled by someone who isn't a member of our Ancient Shura City, then it would surely be a nightmare and a disaster to our city," said Misha.

After he finished his words, he jumped down towards the magma, with his blood-red robe fluttering throughout his descent.


Misha's true energy surged out and covered his skin as his body fell into the magma and was swallowed by it.

That other person sighed before he followed suit and jumped down.



Blood splattered.

Another Divine Realm expert was killed by Nangong Xuanhe. His chest had a deep laceration on it. He coughed up blood as was sent flying in the air, crashing heavily into the ground.

Blood flowed from him and formed a pool on the ground.

Nangong Xuanhe's ruthless gaze swept across the experts. These experts who had broken through just one of Supreme-Being's shackles actually dared to covet his Demonic Claw Qi Tree? They really were tired of living.

Did they assume that he, Nangong Xuanhe, was just a sick cat?

Thus, Nangong Xuanhe, whose killing intent was still surging, had carried a frenzied slaughter, and with that, he managed to scare the remaining experts.

The few Divine Realm experts who remained glanced at each other and saw the same wary expression reflected in the other eyes. They weren't just wary of Nangong Xuanhe; they were also wary of each other.

So, they all stopped fighting while their expressions remained the same.

The spiritual energy that clouded the air gradually became denser, and it soon seemed like it would take form.

The fruit on the Demonic Claw Qi Tree seemed like it would mature shortly and fall down.

The gazes of many experts became filled with greed, while Nangong Xuanhe's eyes widened to the point that they almost came out of their sockets. It was very difficult for alchemists like them to refine excellent elixirs. It was even more difficult for them to find those excellent elixirs' ingredients. Therefore, it was extremely difficult for them to find or come upon an ingredient that could refine a Four-Mark Spirit Pill. This fruit could be sold for a shocking sky-high price in the Heavenly Pill City.

It was extremely difficult to find this fruit, even in the Heavenly Pill City and Heavenly Shine City.

Heavenly materials and earthly treasures were extremely rare and sparse, after all.

Bu Fang, who stood in a location in the distance, had been watching them all along, without making a move.

He was slightly interested in the Demonic Claw Qi Tree; no, he was extremely interested in it. He needed to cook the Heaven Grade Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup, so he must not let any Divine Realm ingredient escape his grasp.

However, he wasn't interested in joining that chaotic fight.

When Nangong Xuanhe was confident that he had awed and intimidated the surrounding experts, he directed his gaze to Bu Fang.

He had wished to kill Bu Fang for a long time, so he definitely would not let go of such a rare opportunity. The fruit wouldn't mature for some time, so why wouldn't he use this time to go kill that store's owner.

When Nangong Xuanhe reached that conclusion, a powerful and imposing aura erupted from his body, and his killing intent locked onto Bu Fang.


The sand and rocks on the ground scattered, and the entire island seemed like it had begun to tremble.

When Nangong Xuanhe's aura erupted out, the two chains behind him swayed wildly and collided with each other repeatedly, emitting clanking sounds.

Bu Fang furrowed his brows, and a cold glow flickered in his eyes as he watched Nangong Xuanhe. This fellow was truly seeking death.

Whitey's eyes flickered with a brilliant purple glow.


A dazzling radiance burst forth from Whitey's body as its aura gradually surged. The armored Whitey took a step forward and shot out toward Nangong Xuanhe.

After Bu Fang broke through to the Supreme-Being Realm, Whitey's battle prowess became strong enough to face experts who had broken through two Supreme-Being's shackles.


Nangong Xuanhe's gaze became ice-cold, and he raised his palm. As soon as true energy erupted out from the raised palm, he began exchanging moves with Whitey.

The surrounding experts revealed mocking smiles as they watched the two of them battle. They hated Nangong Xuanhe and didn't have a good impression of Bu Fang, who had led them here. If it wasn't for Bu Fang, they wouldn't have met Nangong Xuanhe and gone through such a bitter fight. Moreover, Bu Fang still had that crystal source in his possession. That was a crystal source which surely had a treasure in it.

Intense explosion sounds erupted, and gales swept the surroundings.

Nangong Xuanhe's pupils dilated, and he sucked in a breath of cold air as his body was pushed and sent flying. He crashed into the ground and rolled a couple of times before coming to a stop.

What the hell was that puppet?

It was actually a puppet that could fight an expert who had broken through two Supreme-Being's shackles.

What kind of uncanny object was it?

Was that punk one of the high-level members of the Puppet Sect?

However, that was impossible. The crowd from the Puppet Sect were all gloomy and eerie, and they had completely different airs around them than this kid did. Moreover, this heap of steel was completely different from the Puppet Sect's puppets.

The arrays on Whitey's body began to flicker, and the wings behind it unfurled, making clanking sounds.

The stifling aura being emitted by Whitey caused the complexion of many experts to gravely change.

This was especially the case for Nangong Xuanhe. If the battle prowess of this puppet was this powerful, then it might truly be able to fight with him over the fruit of the Demonic Claw Qi Tree.


That punk had almost succeeded in his plot against him.

Nangong Xuanhe was extremely angered, yet fear lingered in him. It was fortunate that he had discovered the punk's plot early on.

Suddenly, the heaven and earth's spiritual energy began to flare up; it seemed like it had experienced grave changes.

As a loud rumble resounded, the Demonic Claw Qi Fruit began to sway intensely. It trembled intensely for a while and began to emit dazzling lights, then fell down.

The auras of the surrounding experts surged. It seemed like there was a fire burning in their hearts as they stared at that fruit.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

They all rushed out swiftly, charging toward the Demonic Claw Qi Fruit. There was only one fruit, so they would all fight over it.

Whitey also joined in the fight.

The scene of many Divine Realm experts emitting true energy and charging toward a dazzling fruit was truly too shocking.

However, unlike the others, Bu Fang's heart couldn't help but palpitate in fear at that moment. From his location in the distance, he shifted his gaze to the distant ocean. It seemed like there were angry roars ringing out from over there, disturbing the sea, causing huge waves to rise up and swept through the surrounding like water dragons.

What was going on?

Why was the surrounding seawater this agitated?

It was now completely different from its previous calm state. It was as if a terrifying existence was emerging from within the boundless ocean.

The Divine experts were engrossed in fighting over the Demonic Claw Qi Fruit, so they didn't notice the strange occurrences in the ocean.

Bu Fang felt a slight unease and worry. He didn't know why he was having such a feeling.


Bu Fang's pupils dilated and he squinted his eyes as his gaze locked on a location in the distance.

A giant black ancient ship was slowly emerging from within the waves. Although it was enveloped by the surging waves, the pitch-black ship was still quite stable and steady. It broke through the waves and slowly proceeded forward. That pitch-black ancient ship emitted an extremely eerie aura, and everywhere it passed through turned pitch-black.

The ship's sail fluttered in the wind and emitted a rustling sound.


Bu Fang suddenly felt a stabbing pain underneath his skin. It felt as though all the blood in his body had started boiling, and it seemed like it would all gush out from his skin.

Countless threads of blood began to rise from the ground and fly toward the black ancient ship. When the blood threads reached the ship, they coalesced right in front of it, before seeping into it; this caused the ship to look even more devilish and uncanny.


When that black ancient ship landed, the fight over the Demonic Claw Qi Fruit erupted out.

True energy surged up into the sky like a whirlwind; it seemed like it would sweep the whole sky.