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 Chapter 455: The Long-haired Woman In The Netherworld Ship

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Bu Fang hadn't expected this group of people to become this crazy.

As his spirit ship streaked swiftly across the sea, it caused water to spray and steam to surge upward.

The experts glared at Bu Fang as they chased after him. The humiliation they had just suffered made these experts fly into a rage. They felt really humiliated that experts such as themselves had allowed a ninth grade Supreme-Being to pick up a treasure that they had overlooked.

Hence, they all stirred their true energy to speed up, hoping to get the crystal source in Bu Fang's possession.

Even if the experts thought with their toes, they could still deduce that the crystal source in Bu Fang's possession was extraordinary. Since two of the three crystal sources were just wastes, then it became obvious that the essence of the entire mine had coalesced into the final crystal source.

Such an object really was a treasure coveted by all Divine Realm experts.

"Stop! If you leave behind that crystal source, we will spare your life."

An angry shout reverberated through the air, closely followed by a true energy bolt, emitting a powerful aura, which went after Bu Fang.

Bu Fang's expression remained indifferent as he eyed the flow of energy out of the corners of his eyes, then he stirred his true energy slightly, causing the spirit ship to speed up.

As the waves surged up, Bu Fang calmly dodged the terrifying true energy strike.

Those experts were all enraged that a Supreme-Being like Bu Fang dared to provoke their dignity. Countless bolts of true energy streaked toward Bu fang; the bolts were enormous and innumerable, and they seemed to cover the whole sky.

Bu Fang's expression grew grave. Suddenly, his silk-like true energy surged out.

He had an extremely fine control over his true energy, and likewise, his true energy had a great control over the sprit ship; this made the spirit ship seem like it had come to life under his control.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Countless bolts streaked toward Bu Fang, but he dodged each and every one of them perfectly, using his fine control over the spirit ship. The true energy bolts ended up striking the water in his wake, resulting in countless explosions.

The sea water, which shot up into the sky due to the explosions, rained back down on them like a torrential downpour of rain.

Bu Fang's body emitted a hazy radiance which blocked off the raining seawater.

An odd scene appeared above the sea for a moment.

Countless spirit ships were chasing after another one. The spirit ship being chased was extremely nimble, like a fish, swaying left and right to dodge the countless attacks streaking its way.

Some of the chasing experts flew into a frightening rage, while others were so depressed that they almost coughed up blood. Who the hell was that Supreme-Being? Why was dealing with him that hard?

There was an island in front of Bu Fang, which was faintly visible within the fog ahead of him.

Bu Fang's eyes lit up, and he stirred the spirit ship, speeding toward the island. The speed of Bu Fang's ship was extremely swift, and when he reached the shore of the island, his ship crashed into the sand with a rumble and flew up into the air.

Bu Fang grabbed Shrimpy and spun around in mid-air before he steadily landed on the ground.

When he landed, Bu Fang turned around and took a look at the crowd of Divine Realm experts speeding towards him; his eyebrows scrunched upwards, then he turned around and charged toward the island's inner region.

The experts were enraged, so it would be better for him to quickly find and avoid them.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Countless spirits ships rushed over, and with loud rumbles, they all crashed into the shore.

Numerous true energy signatures surged into the sky as many experts rushed out of their ships and charged in the same direction that Bu Fang fled in, actively chasing after him.

They had all gone crazy for that lucky chance.


Nangong Xuanhe was looking at the giant tree swaying in front of him with greed in his eyes.

That tree was extremely tremendous and it covered the whole sky, it had countless and innumerable branches which extended out and seemed like malevolent claws. The tree had thick verdant leaves that emitted rustling sounds as they swayed. Furthermore, a radiance was constantly being emitted from the tree.

The tree was a Divine realm spirit tree.

There was an extremely beautiful flower in the tree; its petals had a light red color, and they were slightly opened, revealing a lightly swaying golden bud within.

A fragrance wafted out of the tree that made Nangong Xuanhe shudder intensely.

"This is a thousand-year-old Demonic Claw Qi Tree, an extremely precious spirit tree. It blooms every hundred years, and it bears fruit only once in a thousand years. It is an extremely precious spirit medicine that can be used to refine Four-Mark Spirit Pills." Nangong Xuanhe was extremely excited.

As he stared at the glowing flower, his heart was beating so hard, it seemed like it would burst forth from his chest.

The flower would only take an instant to bloom and wither. The flower was to wither shortly because all the essence contained within it had already dispersed. In the next moment, the flower's petals would wither, and its fruit would appear.

That fruit was of utmost importance; it was Nangong Xuanhe's objective.

As a light breeze blew over, it caused the tree's leaves to start rustling.

As the fragrance from the tree grew even fainter, the flower's petals finally withered completely and fell, swaying past Nangong Xuanhe's eyes, which held an expectant gaze.

A fruit which resembled a bear's paw appeared on the spirit tree.

That fruit was overflowing with spiritual energy, and it emitted a fragrance that was capable of intoxicating just about anyone.

It was truly too marvelous.

Nangong Xuanhe squinted his eyes and sighed.


A racket echoed from somewhere in this distance. The sudden noise jolted Nangong Xuanhe, causing him to awaken from his reverie.

He saw someone running over from the distance. The person was running very fast, and he seemed to be charging straight toward Nangong Xuanhe's location.

"Who's there?" Nangong Xuanhe was taken aback and shouted in anger. "It's you!" in the next moment, his eyes widened up until they became round, and they became filled with killing intent.

There were two people who Nangong Xuanhe wished to kill the most in the Secret Realm. Nangong Wuque was able to flee from him, albeit in a half-dead state, but Nangong Xuanhe hadn't expected that the other person, Bu Fang, would present himself to him.

This situation truly was similar to the adage: "there was a road to heaven, yet you didn't walk on it. However, there was no road to hell, yet you forcefully barged into it".

However, Bu Fang's reaction was so calm that Nangong Xuanhe couldn't help but be astonished.

It seemed like Bu Fang was not at all affected or awed by Nangong Xuanhe's imposing aura. Bu Fang continued charging forward swiftly. He swiftly rushed past Nangong Xuanhe like an arrow.


When Bu Fang saw that bear paw-like fruit, a trace of astonishment appeared on his face.

Nangong Xuanhe didn't care about Bu Fang's astonishment; he swiftly raised his palm, and a ball of white flame burst forth from it toward Bu Fang. That was a Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame-one with an extremely powerful might.

Bu Fang shifted his gaze from the fruit, twirled his Black Turtle Constellation Wok and placed it in front of him. The flame struck the wok and dispersed.

Bu Fang shot a glance at Nangong Xuanhe, then looked behind him before he continued to proceed forward.

Upon seeing that reaction, Nangong Xuanhe furrowed his brows. In the next moment, his heart lurched and his pupils dilated as he hurriedly looked behind himself.

"What the hell! That damned guy."

Nangong Xuanhe was so angry that he felt like his lungs would burst open. When he saw countless Divine Realm experts charging forward, Nangong Xuanhe's heart sank.

His hatred of Bu Fang was like a torrential river-unending and continuous.

That guy had actually brought this many Divine Realm experts over.

The Divine Realm experts weren't fools; they were all attracted to the bear paw-like fruit after perceiving its fragrance.

That was a spirit medicine which could refine Four-Mark Spirit Pills; the attraction it held wasn't any less than that of the crystal source in Bu Fang's hands.

Countless cries of alarm and surprise immediately pierced through the air.

"This fruit was discovered by me, Nangong Xuanhe; taking a single step toward it is tantamount to offending my Nangong Family." Nangong Xuanhe's body aura surged out, and the two black chains swaying behind completely exhibited his aura as an expert who had broken through two of the Supreme-Being's shackles.

However, before such an opportunity, the Divine Realm experts couldn't care less about his family. They all roared and rushed toward the fruit.

At that moment, deafening battle cries reverberated all around.

Nangong Xuanhe's eyes became bloodshot, and he boldly attacked. His surging true energy completely burst outwards, and he pounded a Divine Realm expert, destroying half of his body, causing the expert's blood to pool on the ground.

The reeking smell of blood immediately permeated throughout the small island. The blood spilled from the crazed experts' battle pooled on the ground and was quietly absorbed.

However, neither the Divine Realm experts nor Nangong Xuanhe took note of the development.


Nangong Wuque felt as though his entire body had been compressed by a giant mountain and found even breathing quite strenuous.

The pitch-black ship's cabin was crowded with shattered skeletons and bones. The sound of melodious singing resonated from within, and when the singing reached Nangong Wuque's ear, it caused all the blood in his body to run cold.


The sound of something being crushed rang out.

Nangong Wuque felt like his heart had risen up to his throat. It seemed like the Netherworld Ship had come to a stop as it was now quite steady and stable. Nangong Wuque was taken aback for a moment, and the cabin's door was suddenly opened.

An ice-cold, eerie wind blew over him, causing his whole body to shudder slightly.

Rustle! Rustle!

A pale and sparkling sole of a foot gradually emerged from the darkness along with a light sound caused by it steeping upon the ground. Did this cabin unexpectedly have another person?

Nangong Wuque didn't dare to breathe loudly. His eyes widened when he saw the alluring and enchanting person who had appeared from within the darkness. It was obvious that the figure was a woman; a graceful woman who had long hair, reaching her waist, and it fluttered slightly.

Her skin was pale like a sheet of paper. Nangong Wuque couldn't feel any traces of life from her body.

Was she dead?

As her sparkling feet stepped on the ground, taking a step forward, the graceful woman suddenly stopped and stiffly turned her head around. Her ice-cold, indifferent gaze fell on Nangong Wuque.

It was too scary!

Nangong Wuque felt as though all the blood in his body had begun to boil and would soon gush out of his skin. However, he only constrained his aura and clenched his teeth hard, not daring to make any sudden movements for fear of attracting the woman's attention.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

After taking a look at Nangong Wuque, the woman turned her head around and went toward the cabin's door.

The Netherworld Ship had stopped in front of the island which had a crystal mine.

That woman's graceful figure stood on the deck as her long hair fluttered in the wind.

Countless threads of blood flew out of the island, like countless silk threads. That was the blood of the Divine Realm experts who had died on the island. Their blood was extracted out of their corpses and flew toward the woman. When it reached her, it began to seep into her skin.

A great amount of blood had clearly been absorbed in just a short while.


The woman whistled; it seemed like she was calling something. The crystal mine began to shake, but there was nothing coming out of it. That woman whistle gradually became louder, and she seemed angry.


The surrounding seawater exploded and waves rose up.

The figure of the angry woman flickered, charging back into the cabin, and along with a loud bang, the cabin door was tightly shut.

Nangong Wuque was pressured down to the ground once again. He was extremely indignant yet aggrieved at that moment. What the hell?


When the Netherworld Ship left that island, the latter seemed to get shattered by a formless power, turning into countless pieces floating on the ocean.

The pitch-black sail of the Netherworld Ship fluttered in the wind as it traveled.

This time, its direction was the island that housed the Demonic Claw Qi Tree.