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 Chapter 454: The Crystal Source Purple Essence

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This island, unexpectedly, had such a tremendous crystal mine.

The three glowing crystal sources were like three stars glowing in a pitch-black night sky; they attracted the gazes of everyone present, causing greed to flicker in their eyes.

Just the fact that the three crystal sources were protected by three Divine Realm crystal beasts showed how precious the objects hidden within the crystal sources were.

Everyone was excited.

Thunderous roars echoed off the walls as all the experts, who entered the crystal mine through the passages, shot out and went after the crystal sources.

Greed was the source of all evil; their greed attracted the attention of the guarding crystal beasts. Countless scarlet rays engulfed the cave, and in the next moment, a storm of energy surged up. All the crystal beasts awakened emitted deafening roars.

Bang! Bang!

The crystal beasts took a leaf from the experts' book and charged out as well, and both sides collided, resulting in a battle.

Although the crystal beasts were extremely swift, there wasn't any weakling among the experts present; they had all reached the Divine Realm.

Thus, both sides were evenly matched at that moment.

Bu Fang sized up the experts and discovered that he didn't recognize any of their faces. He didn't choose to join them and fight; instead, he just watched them from far away.

Shrimpy, who was on his shoulder, suddenly moved. Like a cat that had just perceived a fishy scent, Shrimpy stood upright, rolled its compound eyes around and waved its sickles.

It seemed quite excited.

What happened to it? Bu Fang was slightly surprised and confused. He turned around and realized that Shrimpy had rushed out. It turned into a golden light thread, streaking toward the three crystal sources.

Bu Fang's brows rose up, and he immediately tried to stop Shrimpy, but it was already too late; he could only look on helplessly as the fellow disappeared into the crowd.


A crystal beast that had charged at Bu Fang was shattered by a slap from Whitey, turning into countless smaller pieces of crystal which fell to the ground.

The violet glow in Whitey's eyes flickered as the puppet, who wore an armor and had a bulging belly, stood behind Bu Fang.


Shrimpy's body flickered in the air like a thread; its speed was quite astonishing, making it impossible for one to catch a glimpse of it with their naked eyes.

With a "swoosh" sound, Shrimpy appeared before one of the crystal sources. The fellow rolled its compound eyes, and as if its most primitive instincts had been stimulated, Shrimpy moved its sickles with explosive speed. It charged and disappeared into the crystal source.

The experts and crystal beasts were engrossed in their battle, so no one noticed what had just happened. No one had discovered that a little creature entered one of the crystal sources. They were still fighting as crazily as before.

The crystal beasts were quite powerful; and after only a short while, the cave began to reek with the thick scent of blood. The cave was also littered with crystals from shattered crystal beasts.

Although the battle was tragic and bitter, there was still someone who managed to reach the crystal sources and take one of them.

The crystal source glowed with extremely eye-catching colors.

When the person grabbed the crystal source, he swiftly rushed toward the exit without even looking back, trying to flee from the scene.

The crystal beasts naturally would not let him take away even one of the crystal sources, so some crystal beasts left their opponents and chased after him.

That scene provided an opportunity to the remaining experts; they cooperated and killed a Divine Realm crystal beast, then one of them grabbed a crystal source and swiftly fled the cave.

The battle moved out of this cave and spread to the entire island.

The last crystal source that was taken had a dim radiance. There were extremely feeble spiritual energy fluctuations emanating from it, and with just one look, one could deduce that the crystal source didn't contain any precious object.

Those experts weren't fools; they would not risk their lives for a crystal source that didn't contain anything precious.

Bu Fang was astonished, and he couldn't help but squint his eyes as he looked around the cave that was now completely empty. An odd expression appeared on his face when he looked at the last crystal source.

This was because Shrimpy's aura was emanating from it.

He clearly recalled how he had found Shrimpy in a crystal source which he had opened.

Back then, out of the three crystal sources in that crystal mine, one of them contained Shrimpy. As for the other, it seemed like they had been ruined by that lazy Blacky.

So, Bu Fang never knew what they contained.

He only knew that after Blacky ate what it contained, the dog slept off as if it had a stomachache.

And this time, Shrimpy was also like that... What did that crystal source contain?

Bu Fang was quite curious.

He began to walk toward the crystal source, causing the remaining crystal beasts to widen their scarlet eyes and glare at him. They roared, causing strong winds to sweep through the surrounding.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok appeared on Bu Fang's hand. He waved it casually, and it quickly grew big and soared toward the roaring crystal beasts, crushing them.

Those crystal beasts weren't Divine Beasts, so they were directly crushed by Bu Fang. A loud rumble resounded, and crystal sprinkled down on the ground.

Bu Fang held the Black Turtle Constellation Wok in one hand and leisurely walked toward the crystal source.

He began sizing up the ordinary-looking crystal source curiously.

Suddenly, the crystal source shook slightly, and a small crack appeared on its surface. A small head drilled out of the crack; it was Shrimpy's.

The crack was quite small, and after it appeared, extremely resplendent lights began to blare out of it, soaring up high.

A dense spiritual energy and extremely strong fragrance permeated out of the crystal source.

It was a scorching hot fragrance.

A fragrance?

Bu Fang's pupils dilated. Did this crystal source really contain a fragrance? Did it contain some delicious dish? Bu Fang pondered in extreme curiosity, while Shrimpy, who looked intoxicated, crawled out from the crystal source.

Its body swayed in mid-air and arrived at Bu Fang's shoulder. Then, it found a cozy spot, lay down and fell asleep.

Bu Fang lifted the remaining crystal source and found it slightly heavy. He shook it a little and heard the sound of some liquid sloshing within it. It was obvious that Shrimpy hadn't consumed much of the liquid, seeing as it was quite lacking compared to Blacky.

That dog's appetite was extremely terrifying.

Bu Fang squinted his eyes, and the corners of his mouth curled upwards. He took out a porcelain bowl from his system's dimensional storage. He began to pour all of the liquid in the crystal source into the bowl. As he tipped the crystal source, a dark purple liquid slowly flowed out of it. The liquid was overflowing with light and energy.


Coincidentally, the remaining liquid in the crystal source was just enough to fill the porcelain bowl to its brim. A strong and alluring fragrance emanated from the liquid, and Bu Fang couldn't help leaning in close and sniffing it.

"The Crystal Source Purple Essence: a tenth grade spirit medicine. It is an extremely precious ingredient which can help one recover from his injuries; it could also help to strengthen cultivation and improve the strength of fleshly body... It can only materialize in the crystal sources in big crystal mines. It could also repair the injuries of one's soul; it could also let spirit beasts continue to evolve."

As Bu Fang was looking at the liquid, the system's solemn voice resounded in his mind as it began to introduce the liquid to him.

"This is a tenth grade spirit medicine?" Bu Fang was quite dumbfounded, and he found it somewhat quite unbelievable. He never would have expected that he would be capable of obtaining a Crystal Source Purple Essence just like that. Didn't they say that tenth grade spirit medicines were extremely rare?

As Bu Fang gazed at the purple liquid in the porcelain bowl, which was emanating a fragrance, his desire to have it began to increase. He licked his lips, and his eyes lit up. He couldn't bear leaning in closer to the bowl because he desired to take a sip of it.


Bu Fang took a sip, and the Crystal Source Purple Essence flowed down his mouth.

Bu Fang first felt every pore on his body open up, and steam gushed out of them. Then, Bu Fang's eyes turned bloodshot.

It was extremely spicy.

This was what Bu Fang felt. Rather than calling the Crystal Source Purple Essence a spirit medicine, it was more appropriate to call it wine, or maybe the mixture of wine and plum soup. This Crystal Source Purple Essence's taste was like that of a strong wine, and it also had the flavor of a sour and sweet plum soup.

Although the essence was incapable of strengthening Bu Fang's cultivation, its spiritual energy still entered his body and improved his constitution and flesh.

It was no longer surprising that Blacky fell asleep after drinking it. This was because Crystal Source Purple Essence possessed the effect of healing one's soul injuries and helping spirit beasts evolve.

Bu Fang smacked his lips and controlled his impulse and desire to drink another mouthful of it. He placed the Purple Essence into his system's dimensional storage. This was definitely a good object, so Bu Fang didn't want to waste it.

If he could process it, it would surely become an extremely precious and fine wine.

There were many shattered crystal beasts on the island outside.

An expert whose whole body was soaked in blood cried out loudly, then he took out a crystal source. The expert proceeded to stir his energy and carefully opened it.

Many experts curiously watched the expert open the crystal source.

They were all curious about the kind of amazing treasure within these crystal sources that was worth the protection of Divine crystal beasts.

However, after the expert opened the crystal source, he was so depressed that he almost coughed blood; the crystal source was empty. He didn't see any treasure inside it as this was a solid crystal source.

The expert who had taken the other crystal source was wild with joy. If the person that took the first crystal source didn't find anything within it, then it meant that the crystal source in his hand would surely contain something impressive.

Thus, he opened the crystal source in a hurry. This expert was still fine as long as the object inside was somewhat valuable. However, its value wasn't worth the price that they paid for it. Everyone there was dumbstruck for a moment, then they began to clamor.

Since the two crystal sources didn't have any good stuff in them, then it would surely be in the crystal source that they had forgotten.

The eyes of the surrounding experts turned red; they all looked at each other briefly before charging back toward the cave.

At that moment, a thin and tall youth was slowly walking out of the cave.

Some of the experts looked at Bu Fang in surprise, but they didn't pay much attention to him and contained rushing toward the last crystal source.

No one of them expected the development. They had all been mistaken because the last crystal source really was the most important of the three crystal sources.

Bu Fang doubtfully looked at the experts who hurriedly passed him; he was somewhat confused by their actions.

Why did they go back into the mine again?

Bu Fang was taken aback, but it was only for a moment; he was already disinclined to care anymore about them. He continued to walk toward the island outside. He pushed his spirit ship, and as it entered into the sea, waves rose up. Bu Fang sat above it and stirred his true energy, prompting it to swiftly charge forward.

When Bu Fang was driving his spirit ship and was just about to leave, the experts who had rushed back into the mine all came out.

When they saw Bu Fang and his small ship, they began to shout:

"It's that kid! We definitely should not let him run away. The kid has taken the third crystal source."


The sound of countless spirit ships being pushed into water resounded, and Bu Fang couldn't help but turn his head in astonishment. When he turned his head, his pupils immediately dilated.

They were many experts, who had extended their necks and widened their eyes, who entered their spirit ships and chased after him.

Bu Fang was scared; he turned his head and stirred his true energy, speeding up his ship.

"Are those people retarded? Why are they trying to scare me?"