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 Chapter 453: The Netherworld Ship Which Came From The Netherworld

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There were just several words written on the spirit boat. They were introducing the Cloud Sea Secret Realm.

There were some pieces of information contained within them which attracted Bu Fang's interest. In the first place, his trip to this Secret Realm was to seek out the ingredients used to make the Heaven Grade Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup. His other objective was to find the Bone Metamorphosing Dragon Grass to complete the system's temporary mission.

It was needless to talk about how precious a tenth grade spirit herb was. Not to mention the fact that the Bone Metamorphosing Dragon Grass was one of the most precious tenth grade spirit herbs.

Bu Fang didn't know anything about this Secret Realm. He wouldn't expect that he would be separated from Nangong Wuque the moment they entered it.

However, his problem was solved after he obtained the information contained in the words on the spirit boat.

The information stated that if Bu Fang rode this spirit boat and traveled forward, he would gradually be led into the Cloud Sea Secret Realm's deepest regions. He would end up passing through countless islands in order to get there.

There were countless islands in the Cloud Sea Secret Realm. Some of there were dead lands and others were filled with precious spirit herbs and ingredients.

This was where the Cloud Sea Secret Realm's attraction was. It was also the reason why there was an unending stream of people entering the Secret Realm.

There was one island recorded upon this spirit boat and it wouldn't be an exaggeration to call that island a medicine garden instead, as it was filled with countless spirit herbs.

As the spirit boat drifted along on the boundless sea, airwaves constantly surged from the rear of the ship.

It was unknown who made this spirit boat and left it on that island. There was an array carved on the spirit boat and all Bu Fang needed to do was to stir his true energy. The moment he stirred his true energy, the array would release airwaves from the rear of the ship. Those airwaves were propelling the spirit boat further into the Secret Realm.

Bu Fang sat cross-legged on his spirit boat which couldn't be considered big. He widened his eyes as he looked ahead of him. He was looking for that medicine garden which was described by the words on the spirit boat.

According to Bu Fang's understanding, there was an extremely great possibility that a precious spirit herb like the Bone Metamorphosing Dragon Grass would be found on that medicine garden. He felt that the moment he found that medicine garden, he would be able to find the spirit herb.

The spirit boat was swiftly speeding along and he was gradually leaving the first island further and further behind. It disappeared from his sight before long.


Nangong Wuque felt an intense pain all over his body and it felt as though his body was about to be torn apart.

With strenuous effort, he opened his eyes and discovered that he was lying on a deck.

A deck? I'm on a ship?

Nangong Wuque recalled that he jumped onto a black metallic ship before he lost consciousness. He was probably lying on the black metallic ship right now.

Taking a deep breath, he stood up as he bore the intense pain assaulting his body. He started looking around at his surroundings.

He was truly within a metallic ship. The ship was completely black and there wasn't any stripes or pattern on the body of this ship. There was only one color and it was black. No one had any idea which material the ship was made from...

The black metallic ship was ice-cold and it emitted an eerie aura.

There was a sail on this ship as well. However, it was a sail which was completely black in color.

Every single part of the ship seemed quite weird and mysterious. One would feel unsettled just by looking at the ship.

Nangong Wuque slowly walked around on the deck and squinted his eyes. He needed to know the use of the ship and he also wanted to find out where the ship was headed.

Bang! Bang!

The deafening sound of waves ramming into the ship resounded in Nangong Wuque's ears. However, the ship was extremely stable. Nangong Wuque, who was walking on the deck, felt as though he was walking on flat land and there wasn't even the slightest tremor.

After searching for some time, Nangong Wuque found the entrance to the ship's cabin. It was a pitch-black entrance and there was a cold breeze coming out of it.

The pitch-black entrance seemed strange and frightening... It caused Nangong Wuque's heart to palpitate with fear as he stood in front of it.

Bracing himself, Nangong Wuque walked into the pitch-black entrance. He didn't know the reason, but he had an inexplicable interest in the ship all of a sudden.

After entering the cabin, he discovered that his surroundings were pitch-black... He couldn't see anything at all.

This ship Nangong Wuque was on was humungous. It was countless times bigger than ordinary spirit boats. It was like a stifling mountain which was bobbing up and down as it traveled through the Cloud Sea Secret Realm.

Nangong Wuque raised his hand and slightly stirred his alchemic fire to illuminate his surroundings. The moment he lit up the surroundings, his heart shuddered. He realized that both sides of the cabin were filled with countless skeletons.

The skeletons should be quite old as their clothes had already turned into dust.

However, why were there so many skeletons in this cabin?

Nangong Wuque suddenly felt as though all the hair on his body stood on end. Cautiously sizing up his surroundings, he felt a sense of panic fill his heart. He was becoming more and more afraid after looking at the skeletons in the cabin.

"Oh my God. Why is it this eerie and gloomy? Don't come out and cause a scene! I have my Beef Meatballs..."

Nangong Wuque felt as though his heart was turning numb as he started to mumble to himself. He took out a beef meatball cooked by Owner Bu and it was still steaming hot. It seemed as though it was emitting a soft glow as Nangong Wuque held it in his hand.

All of a sudden, Nangong Wuque caught sight of a stone tablet in the distance. The stone tablet was erected at the center of the cabin.

Walking toward the stone tablet, Nangong Wuque widened his eyes when he read the words written on the tablet:

"Netherworld Ship...."

Nangong Wuque's heart shuddered the moment he read the words written on the tablet. It was formless and invisible and it was constantly traveling in the sea.

Every single appearance of the ship represented the arrival of a disaster. The ship was a symbol of death and slaughter.

It was an inauspicious symbol.

It was a cursed ship.

It was a pitch black ship whose darkness could cause one's heart to palpitate with fear.

Nangong Wuque really wanted to cry at this moment. It seemed as though he was truly unlucky. Just when he thought that he had escaped from Nangong Xuanhe and survived, he ran into the Netherworld Ship. It was difficult for anyone to meet the Netherworld Ship even once in a hundred years and Nangong Wuque actually ran into it after entering the Secret Realm.


When Nangong Wuque was regretting his actions, the gate of the cabin slammed shut. Along with a deafening rumbling sound, the gate was sealed and closed.

Nangong Wuque was startled and quickly tried to leave the cabin. However, he quickly discovered that there was no way for him to leave it. Moreover, it seemed like there was a faint sound of people singing echoing through the cabin. It was extremely scary and frightening.


A fog slowly rose up from the sea.

Bu Fang, who sat cross-legged on the ship, raised his palm. He suddenly realized that the fog had shrouded the spirit boat. Everything seemed to turn indistinct and misty as the fog set in.

That fog was dense and it was like a multi-layered curtain which covered everything. It prevented people from having a clear look at their surroundings.

Moreover, it seemed like there was a ship slowly approaching him from the left side. That ship was extremely immense and majestic as it emitted an extremely stifling aura. That was a pitch-black metallic ship.

The ship was faintly visible in the fog and it slowly drifted along like a sea ghost.

Bu Fang squinted his eyes and fixed his gaze on the huge black ship as it slowly drifted by before him. Eventually, the black ship floated away from Bu Fang's spirit boat and its figure disappeared into the thick fog.

Bu Fang took a deep breath. Was that ship the Netherworld Ship described in his spirit boat?

A ship which came from the Netherworld... An ominous ship which represented death. He found the name "Netherworld" slightly familiar. Slightly furrowing his brows, Bu Fang thought about it. However, he wasn't able to recall anything.

Bu Fang felt as though something was amiss when he looked at that metallic ship which gradually disappeared into the fog.

He continued to travel forwards, deeper into the Cloud Sea Secret Realm. The indistinct form of an island became faintly visible to him through the fog. It seemed as though a colossal island had appeared and it was countless times bigger than the first island which Bu Fang found.

The spirit boat slowly drifted toward the gigantic island and stopped on a shore of the island.

Bu Fang tried to take that spirit boat into his system dimensional bag. However, he found out that it was impossible to store the spirit boat. He could only push it ashore and leave it on the beach as he walked toward the center of the island.

This island was extremely huge and Bu Fang couldn't see the other end with his naked eyes. It gave him a slightly stifling feeling.

Bu Fang didn't know whether this island was that medicine garden island or not, so he needed to enter the island in order to check. If it was the medicine garden island, it would be the best case scenario.

However, seeing as how the island was filled with countless stones, it was probably not the medicine garden island.

No spirit herbs grew in stone. If the spirit herbs were not able to absorb nourishment, how could they grow and possess medical effects?

When Bu Fang left the ship, Whitey, whose violet eyes were flickering, followed behind him. Shrimpy simply lay on Bu Fang's shoulders and everything seemed quite auspicious and peaceful.

Bu Fang gazed at a sinuous path and stepped onto the path which would lead him deeper into the island. What he didn't know at this moment was that there were countless spirit boats stopping around this island.

They were countless peoples who went through the paths which led to the center of the island and it seemed as though they would run into each other soon.

After walking for a long time on that path, Bu Fang entered into a dark region where an ice-cold and eerie wind blew at him. He wasn't trapped there for a long time as he quickly found a bright entrance.

The moment Bu Fang stepped into the entrance, a bright light lit up everything in front of him.

When he witnessed the scenery before him, his pupils contracted as he sucked in a breath of cold air. That was because the creatures in front of him were none other than some spirit beasts he was familiar with.

It was those beasts he met in the Illusory Spirit Swamp's crystal mine, the crystal beasts.

However, the crystal beasts before him were bigger and more fearsome than those he met in the Illusory Spirit Swamp's crystal mine. They emitted a powerful pressure which could cause one's heart to shudder.

One, two, three...

There were actually three giant crystal beasts which emitted an extremely powerful aura. There were also countless other crystal beasts which emitted weaker auras surrounding them.

This was a sunken region and after Bu Fang saw those crystal beasts, he understood everything.

As it turned out, there was a giant crystal mine located on that huge island.

It was precisely those three mountain-like crystal beasts on the center of the island who were protecting the three glowing and vibrant crystal sources behind them. Those three crystals source were too eye-catching and alluring.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

"What a big crystal source! There is definitely a precious treasure hidden in that crystal source."

"That crystal source is mine! All of you better leave it for me or I'll send you all to hell."

"It has such a rich essence... A peerless treasure is definitely hidden inside that crystal source."


Countless excited and deafening roars could be heard in the surroundings.

Bu Fang was startled as there were many people who came out of the nearby entrances.

Every single one of them emitted a terrifying and powerful aura. Countless amounts of world's pressure filled the area.

Bu Fang truly didn't expect that there would be so many Divine Realm experts who were nearby.

As world's pressure filled the area, all of the dormant crystal beasts opened their eyes. The scarlet radiance in their eyes swept across the surroundings.