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 Chapter 452: The hapless Nangong Wuque

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As the sound of water rolling around resounded, a giant and imposing shadow appeared. It emitted a deafening groan with its huge mouth.

That was a giant Tiger-Headed Fish. It had a head which resembled the head of a berserk spirit tiger and it brimmed with a tyrannical air. Its scarlet eyes were opened wide and they stared at Bu Fang closely. It opened its hideous-looking mouth and revealed its sharp fangs. A stinky liquid which had a strong fishy smell could be seen dripping from the mouth of the beast.

Bu Fang, who was standing on top of the water, raised his head and looked at that giant Tiger-Headed Fish. The fishy smell assaulted his nostrils.

"Um? Is this a Supreme Beast?"

Bu Fang was slightly surprised. He wouldn't have expected that he would be attacked by a Supreme Beast the moment he entered the Secret Realm.

Furthermore, this Supreme Beast seemed extremely powerful.


That Tiger-Headed Fish unexpectedly emitted a roar. It was a roar which could cause the surroundings to tremble. The moment the roar escaped its lips, the Tiger-Headed Fish tried to bite Bu Fang and it intended to tear him apart with its fangs.

A green smoke twirled around as the Black Turtle Constellation Wok appeared in Bu Fang's hands. Holding onto the wok with one hand, Bu Fang slightly furrowed his brows and he waved it toward the Tiger-Headed Fish.

A sonorous thumping sound resounded as the Black Turtle Constellation Wok heavily pounded against the head of the Tiger-Headed Fish. The water which surrounded both of them fluctuated intensely and waves rose into the air.

The Tiger-Headed Fish was sent flying by Bu Fang and its blood splattered all around.

That Tiger-Headed Fish didn't seem sharp. Diving back into the water, it roared out once again as it charged at Bu Fang. Of course, it suffered the same fate and was pounded and sent flying by the wok once again.

After it was sent flying several times, the Tiger-Headed Fish rolled around and revealed its belly as it floated on the surface of the water weakly.

Bu Fang covered the sole of his feet with true energy and slowly walked forward. Grabbing the tail of the Tiger-Headed Fish, Bu Fang dragged it toward the shore.

He was able to reach the shore in just a few short moments.

A loud noise echoed as waves rammed against the shore.

The Tiger-Headed Fish's giant body was thrown onto the shore and Bu Fang started walking around it. He sized up the body as he thought about what he could do with this huge fish.

This fish was extremely huge and it had quite a plentiful mass of flesh. Bu Fang looked for a part which seemed good and he sliced off a big piece of meat with the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife.

In the past, Supreme Beasts were still able to threaten him. However, the moment he stepped into the Supreme-Being realm, the might of the Black Turtle Constellation Wok became extremely fearsome. Bu Fang became strong enough to deal with Supreme Beasts easily.

He took out the Black Turtle Constellation Wok once again and spouted a mouthful of Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame. Sitting cross-legged in front of the wok, Bu Fang started to cook that piece of Tiger-Headed Fish meat.

Hot soup rolled around in the wok as steam rose into the sky. In just a short while, Bu Fang's fish soup was complete and the fragrance permeated the air.

The meat from the Tiger-Headed Fish couldn't truly be considered fish meat as it was slightly different from real fish meat. However, there were still similarities between the meat of the Tiger-Headed Fish and real fish. It had the distinctive fishy smell which belonged to all fish meat.

Although it had some similarities with fish meat, the taste was slightly queer.

After cooking the Tiger-Headed Fish meat, Bu Fang started to wolf it down.

When he was eating, Whitey suddenly appeared behind Bu Fang with its violet eyes flickering.


Nangong Wuque felt as though he had exhausted all the luck in his life in Old Bu's store.

He was separated from Bu Fang the moment they were teleported into the Secret Realm. He was unexpectedly teleported into another region where he met several of his acquaintances.

Nangong Xuanhe dumbfoundedly looked at Nangong Wuque for a while. He quickly sobered up and came back to his senses. He never would have imagined that this bastard, Nangong Wuque, would be teleported into the same region as him. He found it exciting and funny at the same time.

"It seems like even the heavens are not helping you..." Nangong Xuanhe started laughing heartily. His laughter was gradually becoming colder as he stared at Nangong Wuque.

There were countless experts from the other families surrounding the two of them. Among them, there were experts from the Lin and Zhang Family who were looking at Nangong Wuque with a playful gaze.

They clearly knew the grudges between Nangong Wuque and Nangong Xuanhe.

However, none of them expected that Nangong Wuque would be this hapless. Nangong Wuque actually ended up running into Nangong Xuanhe the moment he entered the Secret Realm.

How unlucky did he have to be for something like that to happen?


Nangong Xuanhe instantly erupted forth with all his true energy.

"All of you, if you help me kill this bastard, I will definitely reward you heavily," Nangong Xuanhe said and his voice reverberated through the surroundings like the sound of a drum.

Many experts of the Lin and Zhang Families in the surrounding were tempted by his offer.

The Nangong Family was, after all, one of the big families in Heavenly Mist City. Being heavily rewarded by the Nangong Family would definitely be something good.

In the next instant, another aura erupted from the surroundings.

Several mocking gazes brimmed with killing intent as they locked onto Nangong Wuque.

At this moment, Nangong Wuque felt like there were thousands of shrimps flying before him. He was at a loss for words and felt as though he was really unlucky.

"Old dog, you are too shameless. If you have the skill, come and fight against me one on one. Don't look for other people to help you," Nangong Wuque coldly said.

His gaze flickered like lightning and his whole being seemed like an extremely sharp sword which came out of its sheath.

In response to his words, Nangong Xuanhe laughed in disdain.

"Do you think that I'm scared of you?" Nangong Xuanhe sneered at Nangong Wuque. He was an expert who broke through two of the Supreme-Being's shackles. How could he be afraid of an expert who just broke through one of the Supreme-Being's shackles?

A one against one fight... Was Nangong Wuque retarded?

Although most people around them were slightly disappointed at the sudden turn of event, there were still some of them who were quite excited. They were eager to witness a fight to the death the moment they entered the Secret Realm. They were interested in the fight.


The two chains behind Nangong Xuanhe unceasingly swayed as they collided against each other. They emitted a loud clanging sound when they smashed against each other.

Nangong Wuque exhaled a long breath as his gaze became sharp and serious.

In the next moment, his body's true energy surged out as he trod on the ground with the tip of his feet.

They were currently on a small island. To be exact, they were on an extremely small island. The moment Nangong Wuque stamped on the ground with his foot, the entire island seemed to shake.

In the next moment, the eyes of all the spectators widened. Their eyes were filled with disbelief when they looked at Nangong Wuque.

Nangong Wuque's body which should be shooting toward Nangong Xuanhe had actually turned around. He left the island as he sped toward a distant place.

They felt as though their minds were rumbling when they looked at Nangong Wuque.

Was he... fleeing?

Nangong Wuque... Where is your sense of shame? You still had the nerve to call Nangong Xuanhe shameless...

Everyone became dumbfounded. How could such a shameless person exist in this world?

Just a moment ago, he had a righteous and staunch expression on his face. It was as though he was prepared to fight to the death against Nangong Xuanhe. However, he turned around and fled the next moment.

When Nangong Xuanhe looked at the fleeing Nangong Wuque who was already about to disappear from his line of sight, he roared angrily.

"Bastard! Where are you going?"

"Did you think that I wouldn't run away? Did you take me for a fool?" Nangong Wuque inwardly retorted. He was experiencing an intense headache at this moment. Why the hell would he meet his enemy, Nangong Xuanhe, the moment he entered the Secret Realm?

Even if he still had his Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame, he might not necessarily defeat Nangong Xuanhe. Now that his flame was taken away by Nangong Xuanhe, it became even more impossible for him to defeat Nangong Xuanhe.

The experts from the Lin and Zhang families were also interested in the fight between Nangong Wuque and Nangong Xuanhe. They followed behind the two of them.

For a moment, an extremely amusing scene played out in the Secret Realm. A big group of people started chasing after a single person.

The Cloud Sea Secret Realm was formed by countless small islands. Each island had countless terrifying spirit beasts and precious treasures.

Of course, people had to go and look for them in order to obtain the precious treasures.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

After exchanging several moves with Nangong Xuanhe, Nangong Wuque found that he was unable to confront him. He felt as though his entire body was about to be torn apart and he could only flee with his whole body soaked in blood.

He directly gave up on this island and stirred his true energy as he charged toward the boundless sea. All of the islands were surrounded by boundless sea water.

Nangong Xuanhe continued on and chased after Nangong Wuque for dozens of miles before giving up. He allowed Nangong Wuque, whose entire body was covered in blood, to get away.

He snorted coldly to himself as he turned around and returned to the island.

It wasn't his first time entering this Secret Realm. As such, Nangong Xuanhe was well aware of the dangers in the boundless sea.

Each island had a spirit boat. The spirit boat was hidden somewhere on the island and if anyone wanted to travel through the Secret Realm, they had to find the spirit boat.

If anyone were to recklessly charge into the sea, they would be quickly engulfed and swallowed by it.

This was an experience passed down by their predecessors. Nangong Xuanhe was extremely clear about this point.

Although he wished to kill Nangong Wuque, he wouldn't do it at the expense of his own life.


A person whose whole body was soaked in blood flew in the air. Nangong Wuque quickly took out a jade bottle and threw all the pills inside the bottle into his mouth. He covered his chest with his hand as he stepped on the waves and traveled deeper into the Secret Realm.

His blood which was dripping into the water became engulfed by the blue sea waves.

Nangong Wuque fiercely gasped for breath as if he was a pair of bellows.

A burning smell came from his body and it caused grief to well up in his heart. The flame which was currently burning his body once belonged to him. It was the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame, Nine Hell King Flame, which he once owned.

The feeling of grief which suddenly welled up in his heart caused him to cough another mouthful of blood.

His gaze was already becoming somewhat blurry. He didn't know how long he had been dashing between those dreadful waves.

Nangong Wuque felt like his true energy was being quickly drained from his body as if the seawater was unceasingly absorbing the true energy in his body.


An intense sense of crisis welled up in Nangong Wuque's heart. He knew that if he wasn't able to find another island, he would probably die in the boundless sea. He knew that he would sink into the sea and turn into a pile of bones.

He was truly out of luck!

He had just entered the Secret Realm... He hadn't achieved anything yet and he was about to die like this?

His eyes which already became hazy suddenly spun around. He faintly saw a spirit boat slowly approaching him and that spirit boat was opening up a small path among the sea waves as it traveled forward.

Nangong Wuque, whose head was dizzy, felt as though he had caught on to his last life-saving straw. He lowered his head and rushed onto that pitch black spirit boat.

Along with a loud "thump", he fell upon its deck and fainted.


Bu Fang was holding onto a piece of the Tiger-Headed Fish meat with one hand as he pushed a brown spirit boat with the other. The spirit boat was something he had found on the island and he was currently pushing it toward the sea.

Cleaning up the precious meat from the Tiger-Headed Fish on the ground, Bu Fang collected all the meat before taking another bite of the meat in his hand. He then flew into that brown spirit boat.

After stirring his true energy, the spirit boat shot out and sped forward. There were countless words written on the interior walls of the spirit boat. It seemed as though they were introducing the Cloud Sea Secret Realm.

Bu Fang read those words while eating steaming hot fish meat. In just a short while, his eyes lit up.