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 Chapter 450: The Vigorous Beef Meatball

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Bu Fang and Nangong Wuque returned to the store. Nangong Wuque had already been expelled from the Nangong Family and he was currently homeless. Even his place in the Pill Tower was canceled by that old dog, Nangong Xuanhe.

Since he couldn't go to the Pill Tower, then he could only follow behind Bu Fang.

"Let's try to prepare ourselves to enter the Secret Realm. The teleportation array will be activated tonight when our two moons intersect. When the teleportation array is activated, we will enter the Cloud Sea Secret Realm." After returning to the store, Nangong Wuque directly sat on a chair and crossed one leg over the other as he spoke.

Bu Fang simply fixed his gaze at Nangong Wuque with an indifferent look in response. Nangong Wuque felt somewhat uneasy when Bu Fang looked at him and he quickly lowered his leg.

"Old Bu, are you really going to enter the Secret Realm?" Nangong Wuque solemnly asked.

"Of course I am." Bu Fang pulled a chair and curled up on it. His reply to Nangong Wuque was simple.

This was a system's mission related to the Heaven Grade Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup, so he was obliged to go. However, even if it was just for the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup, Bu Fang would still be willing to go in.

The Mortal Grade Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup which cost ten thousand crystals was already extremely expensive.

Bu Fang still seemed to be slightly unsatisfied with it. After doing business for several days in Heavenly Mist City, he realized that the Heavenly Mist City's citizens consumption was higher by a whole grade compared to the citizens from the Light Wind Imperial Capital.

There were always people who wanted to buy the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall. However, Bu Fang only made two portions each day.

The main reason why they were willing to buy it was obviously because the dish was too mesmerizing.

However, the fact that Heavenly Mist City's citizens consumption was quite high couldn't be denied.

If he wanted to quickly advance in his cultivation, he must invent some new and expensive dishes. The Mortal Grade Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup was not enough to satisfy his needs.

As such, Bu Fang directed his gaze over to the Heaven Grade Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup. He believed that the Heaven Grade Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup would definitely not disappoint him.

"Oh.... But, you will be putting yourself in grave danger by entering the Cloud Sea Secret Realm." Nangong Wuque sighed as he spoke.

"You will be in more danger than me." Bu Fang earnestly looked at Nangong Wuque and advised him.

Nangong Wuque was taken aback. What Bu Fang said wasn't wrong at all as there were countless people in Heavenly Mist City who wanted him dead.

Without even mentioning that old dog Nangong Xuanhe, just the Lin and Zhang Families... No one should be deceived by the fact that they helped him once in the plaza. The moment Nangong Wuque entered the Secret Realm, they would definitely assault and dispose of him.

Nangong Wuque's talent was, after all, more fearful than Nangong Xuanhe's. The moment he grew up, he would be a nightmare to the Lin and Zhang Families.

The best time to get rid of Nangong Wuque would be after they entered the Cloud Sea Secret Realm. If they missed this opportunity, they would need to properly consider it the next time they wanted to get rid of him.

"Fine..." Nangong Wuque felt that he would only be wasting his breath if he tried to persuade Bu Fang.

The Old Bu was more farsighted and had more acute senses than him.

All of a sudden, Nangong Wuque seemed to have thought of something and his eyes lit up. He looked at Bu Fang and said, "Old Bu, do you still have some of that ramen which you made last time? That ramen can actually increase one's battle prowess. It's truly marvelous... Its effects are even better than the One-Mark Spirit Pills refined by me. Not to mention the fact that your ramen doesn't contain any detrimental side effects after being consumed."

Although that ramen was extremely spicy, the fact that his power rose drastically after eating that bowl of ramen couldn't be denied or disregarded.

The most important point was the fact that there were no detrimental side effects after eating the bowl of ramen. If the swelling of his lips could be considered as a detrimental side effect, Nangong Wuque was willing to walk around with his lips swollen every day.

"There is some good stuff for you this time. Wait outside while I go and make a new dish for our trip to the Secret Realm." Bu Fang shot a look at Nangong Wuque before turning around. He walked towards the kitchen and quickly disappeared from Nangong Wuque's sight.

A new dish?

Nangong Wuque's eyes immediately lit up in excitement.

"The Vigorous Beef Meatball, Utility Dish. It can be used to increase one's fleshly body strength and explosive strength by three folds... It can be used to set up a Gourmet Array and it can also be consumed along with the Rampage Ramen. There are no side effects if the meatballs are consumed alone. However, if consumed along with the Rampage Ramen, the consumer will be in a weakened state for six hours."

Bu Fang calmly stood before the kitchen stove. He was checking in his mind the information of the new Utility Dish, the Vigorous Beef Meatball. Bu Fang wanted nothing more than to ridicule and criticize the system's trashy naming sense. Vigorous Beef Meatball... Anyone would lose their appetite after hearing the name of the dish.

Could vigor create miracles and marvels... This was truly a ridiculous name.

The way to cook the Vigorous Beef Meatball wasn't different from that of ordinary beef meatball. The only difference lay in the ingredients used to cook them. This time, the ingredients were provided by the system. This spared Bu Fang from a lot of troubles.

He took the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife and checked how to wield the Overlord Thirteen Blades in his head. As matter of fact, if one wanted to use the Overlord Thirteen Blades, one must first practice the Meteor Knife Technique to its peak. Only after reaching the peak of the Meteor Knife Technique, one would be able to start learning and comprehending the Overlord Thirteen Blades.

It was because the Overlord Thirteen Blades wasn't just some simple knife technique. It was a type of knife technique which relied upon one's imposing manner.

What was an imposing manner?

Bu Fang wasn't able to understand it completely. That was why he had to earnestly study and try to comprehend the meaning of an imposing manner. Each expert had his own imposing manner. The imposing manner coming from each person was unique. It was completely different from pressure.

That so-called pressure was just created when someone used their true energy. It had an absolute suppression effect toward the people who had lower cultivation than the person emitting the pressure. However, the pressure would be completely useless toward those who had a higher cultivation than the user.

An imposing manner was completely different from pressure.

If a person had his own imposing manner, his true energy, essence, and soul would all be completely different.

The swordsmen were called as such because they were trying to comprehend their own imposing manner. They were people who were skilled in utilizing their imposing manner.

The sword intent was just a type of imposing manner... An imposing manner only swordsmen possessed. Once a swordsman developed his sword intent, there would be a sharp and relentless air emanating from him. Everyone around the swordsman would be able to feel his imposing aura.

What Bu Fang intended to condense now was the Overlord Thirteen Blades' imposing manner. That was an extremely difficult task.

He pulled Shrimpy down from his shoulder and placed it on the kitchen stove.

Bu Fang held the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in his hand and squinted his eyes as he looked at Shrimpy.

"Shrimpy, I will now unleash my own imposing manner. Don't be afraid. If you become too scared, you can go back on my shoulder..." said Bu Fang earnestly.

"Your tone is truly too arrogant." Shrimpy slightly groaned as it excitedly waved its sickles at Bu Fang.

The Overlord Thirteen Blades, an overlord's imposing manner, the first move. He swiftly waved the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in his hand and caused countless bright rays to flicker around him.

If ordinary people were to see how Bu Fang waved his knife, they would be utterly dazzled.


He displayed that dazzling knife technique for a while before stopping all of a sudden. He was still holding on firmly to the knife handle when he stopped.

Shrimpy lay on the table as it raised its upper body. Blinking its compound eyes, it waved its sickles at Bu Fang, demonstrating how calm it was when facing Bu Fang's "imposing manner".

"Um?" Bu Fang squinted his eyes and looked at Shrimpy.

"Was the effect too weak? Let's try it again... Shrimpy, please be scared. Don't force yourself and put up a strong front."

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!


He was strongly holding onto the handle and he felt like he seemed quite cool and awesome after waving the knife around. The knife technique was displayed close to perfection by him. Bu Fang seemed to have fused with his knife and he became a single entity with it.

He waved it around till strong wind swept through the kitchen.

However, Shrimpy was still as calm and indifferent as before. It simply waved its sickles to indicate how calm it was.

Bu Fang took back the kitchen knife and expressionlessly looked at the untactful and inconsiderate Shrimpy. Grabbing it, Bu Fang placed it back on his shoulder before he started to process the beef meat. It was time for him to start making the Vigorous Beef Meatball.

As for that overlord's imposing manner, it was better for him to try learning at his own pace.


Surging heat was emitted from the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. After the Heaven Alps Spirit Lake Water was boiled, it emitted a sweet and refreshing steam which intoxicated Bu Fang.

He threw countless pieces of fresh beef meatballs which he prepared into the wok.

A 'plop' sound could be heard every time a beef meatball was thrown into the wok and they started to roll around in the boiling water inside the wok.

Their bright red luster quickly turned brown and in a short while, they started to emit a pure fragrance which was distinctive of beef.

Bu Fang was enjoyed smelling such a fragrance.

He scooped them out and filled several bowls with beef meatballs. Those meatballs seemed as though they were alive and they were glowing with bright and vibrant, eye-catching colors. The aroma of the meatballs permeated out from them along with a wave of spiritual energy.

Bu Fang didn't add any secondary ingredients to the meatballs and simply cooked them. He slightly nodded in satisfaction when he looked at the bowls of meatballs in front of him.

No one should look down on the meatballs just because they looked sloppy and ordinary. Only Bu Fang himself knew the incredible amount of effort he put in and wasted in order to make these meatballs.

He used his true energy to control their overflowing spiritual energy and made the spiritual energy perfectly fuse with the meat. He also prevented the spiritual energy from dissipating into the surroundings.

Such a task was extremely difficult.

He took a deep breath and the aroma filled his nose. Bu Fang carried a bowl which was filled with several beef meatballs as he left the kitchen and walked into the dining room.

"You are finally back..."

Nangong Wuque waited and waited until he became quite anxious. In the end, Bu Fang finally came out of the kitchen carrying a bowl in his hand.

Nangong Wuque was slightly looking forward to tasting the new dish in Bu Fang's hand. He was extremely curious about the new dish Bu Fang cooked.

Old Bu's new dish... would not disappoint him, would it?

Just as he thought about it, Bu Fang placed the bowl in front of him. That bowl was filled with countless beef meatballs which emitted a distinct fragrance along with spiritual energy. Although those meatballs seemed quite beautiful... Weren't they just ordinary meatballs?

How could this be considered a dish?