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 Chapter 449: Who Do You Think You Are?

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"Are they the experts from Ancient Shura City?"

Xiao Changyun, who was sitting among the Lin Family members, looked at the two experts clad in blood-red robes. They were slowly walking up onto the stage and Xiao Changyun's voice was filled with doubt.

Almost everyone knew about the distinctive features of the experts from the Ancient Shura City. They all wore blood-red robes and emitted a shocking baleful aura.

A Puppet Sect's expert, a treacherous-looking man clad in a black robe whose complexion couldn't be seen clearly, had a pair of scarlet eyes which emitted an eerie glow. He stared at those two experts from Ancient Shura City who were in the middle of the arena.

Misha curled up the corners of his mouth into a slightly exaggerated curve. His hair fluttered in the wind which blew at their robes and caused them to flutter unceasingly.

"Who wants to fight us?" Misha challenged.

His voice, which was slightly hoarse, reverberated through the entire Heavenly Mist Plaza.

"Damn! Did the Nangong Family invite experts from the Ancient Shura City? They are being unreasonable!"

The complexion of the members of the Lin and Zhang Families became ashen. They would never have expected that experts from the Ancient Shura City would appear in the middle of the competition. The Lin and Zhang families were confident that they would win the event at first. However, they were no longer certain that they would win when the experts from the Ancient Shura City appeared.

It seemed like their Lin and Zhang Families wouldn't get the remaining five quotas...

Even though they would not be able to obtain the remaining five quotas, it was still acceptable for them. They had already obtained countless quotas and not getting the last five was still tolerable. They only felt as though it was a pity that after dividing up their quotas with the experts from the Wind and Thunder Pavillion and also the Puppet Sect, there wouldn't be many quotas left for them.

The Nangong Family still had two quotas which belonged to them so they would have seven quotas altogether.


Even this time, it seemed as though they allowed the Nangong Family to obtain the upper hand.

The Lin and Zhang Families' experts were unwilling to accept such an outcome. They couldn't help but pound their fist against the table in anger.

The Ancient Shura City's experts went down the stage and returned to the Nangong Family's position. The following battles were fought and the ownership of the remaining quotas was quickly decided.

After all the quotas were allocated, the Heavenly Mist City's City Lord went to the center of the arena and started to announce the final ownership of the quotas.

The Cloud Sea Secret Realm was the Heavenly Mist City's most treasured object. This was the reason the quotas were extremely important and significant.

Everyone in the plaza went into an uproar when the Heavenly Mist City's Lord announced the ownership of the quotas.


A heavy and stifling sound resounded as two distinct sound of footsteps gradually echoed through the Heavenly Mist Plaza.

The sound of the footsteps was not loud. However, when everyone heard the footsteps, the noisy plaza instantly became silent. The entire plaza became peaceful and quiet.

The gazes of the people in the plaza turned to the two figures who were walking toward them.

"Nangong Wuque?"

"Hiss... Didn't they say that he was already dead?"

"Isn't he the successor of the Nangong Family? Why would he appear here?"

Everyone in the plaza took a moment to calm themselves down. In the next second, all of them started clamoring among themselves. Discussions broke out the moment they saw Nangong Wuque's figure.

The Nangong Family had already announced to the outside world that Nangong Wuque died due to serious injuries. As the successor of the Nangong family died, the ownership of the two fixed quotas which belonged to the Nangong Family was left to Nangong Xuanhe. Nangong Xuanhe was allowed to decide what to do with the two quotas.

With the appearance of the true successor, Nangong Wuque, the ownership of the two quotas would be decided by him rather than Nangong Xuanhe. Nangong Xuanhe wasn't the true successor of the Nangong Family in the first place.

The noisy surrounding didn't cause Bu Fang and Nangong Wuque to cower down.

Bu Fang was calm and unperturbed and Nangong Wuque had the complete opposite expression from Bu Fang. He was staring at Nangong Xuanhe and killing intent overflowed from his body.

"Old dog! You didn't expect me to appear here, did you? I came here to make you pay back your debts." Nangong Wuque said in an ice-cold voice.

His voice wasn't engulfed by the noisy surroundings and it was clearly transmitted into Nangong Xuanhe's ears.

Everyone in the plaza wore an extremely odd look when they looked at him.

Nangong Xuanhe's complexion gravely changed. Standing up from his seat, he coldly rebuked Nangong Wuque and restrained his aura, "The allocation of the Nangong Family's quotas are already done. The remaining matters are our family's private affairs. Let's discuss everything after returning home, don't disgrace us in front of everybody."

The allocation was already done?

Everyone laughed at Nangong Xuanhe inwardly. They truly admired Nangong Xuanhe's shamelessness... His skin was really too thick.

Bu Fang's calm and indifferent gaze swept through the whole plaza.

Nangong Wuque raised his finger and pointed it at Nangong Xuanhe. The corners of his mouth curled upwards and he said in disdain, "Who do you think you are? What qualifications do you have to allocate those two fixed quotas?"

What qualifications did Nangong Xuanhe have? What qualifications did an old dog like you who betrayed the Nangong Family have?

Family matters? Who the hell would discuss family matters with you?

"Bastard..." Nangong Xuanhe was so angered that his beard started to flutter around unceasingly. He widened his eyes and glared at Nangong Wuque in anger.

He extended one of his fingers which was trembling as he pointed at Nangong Wuque.

"Don't point your finger at me. I didn't come here today to reason with you. I didn't come here to talk about family matters with you either. I'm here today to take those two quotas," Nangong Wuque said.

He was the successor of the Nangong Family. The person who was supposed to allocate the two quotas was obviously Nangong Wuque.

No one was allowed to question such right to allocate the two quotas. Especially the old dog, Nangong Xuanhe.

"I already allocated those two quotas for you..." Nangong Xuanhe said.

"Who do you think you are? Get lost! I will allocate them myself... The quotas of my Nangong Family aren't something which can be left to some nobody to allocate." Nangong Wuque raised his chin and said in a cold voice. He had a proud expression on his face when he addressed Nangong Xuanhe.

"You..." Nangong Xuanhe was extremely enraged.

However, before he could utter anything, the members of the Lin and Zhang Families stood and laughed at him. They were truly amused by the scene in front of them. They were also quite happy when they saw Nangong Wuque shouting at Nangong Xuanhe.

They didn't expect that the old fogie, Nangong Xuanhe, still hadn't killed Nangong Wuque... Wasn't this the same as digging a pit and jumping into it himself? Moreover, he conveniently filled the hole after burying himself.

With such an illegitimately conferred status, he still dreamed about becoming the master of the Nangong Family.

He was actually retarded...

None of them would let off such a good opportunity to step on him.

"Nangong Xuanhe, since the young master Wuque is still alive, then the Nangong Family's quotas cannot be decided by you," said the Lin Family's patriarch.

The Zhang Family's patriarch also went along with him and agreed that Nangong Xuanhe should not be allowed to decide on the allocation of the quotas.

Nangong Xuanhe was so angered that his whole body started trembling, however, he was truly speechless at this moment. He was assuming that since his second brother was already dead, this Nangong Wuque who went through a bitter battle to injure his second brother should be heavily injured. It should be impossible for Nangong Wuque to show up there.

To be honest, his wishful thinking wasn't wrong. Nangong Wuque was indeed heavily injured after the battle against Nangong Xuanying. However, Nangong Xuanhe overlooked one thing and it was Nangong Wuque's recuperation speed.

"Elder Xuanhe? What's the meaning of all of this? Aren't you the one to assume the position of the patriarch of the Nangong Family?" Misha squinted his eyes and looked at Nangong Xuanhe. His voice was cold when he spoke to Nangong Xuanhe.


"Just shut up. In any case, we have to get the two quotas. We have already reached a deal and we completed our end of it. If you don't give us the two quotas, your Nangong Family will have to bear the anger of the Ancient Shura City." Misha looked at Nangong Xuanhe and slightly chuckled.

"Who cares about your identity? These two quotas are mine. I will give them to whoever I want. What are you bickering about?" Nangong Wuque said to Misha.

After he finished talking, he pulled over Bu Fang, who was standing beside him.

"I will announce now that out of the Nangong Family's two quotas, one of them belongs to me. The other one will be given to this guy."

Bu Fang expressionlessly looked at everyone in the plaza in front of him and slightly nodded.

"That's right, it's mine."

Everyone was dumbfounded. They almost coughed blood when they heard what Bu Fang said.

That's right my ass, who the hell are you?

The scene which played out in front of everyone after Nangong Wuque arrived was too sudden and confused everyone.

Which corner did this youth come out from? How could he take away one of the quotas?

"Are you cracking a joke?" Misha, who was clad in a blood-red robe, coldly looked at Nangong Wuque.

Nangong Wuque wasn't intimidated by him and widened his eyes as he glared back at Misha.

"Why would I crack a joke? Those two quotas can only be allocated by me. Do you have any objections? On what basis do you object to my decision?" Nangong Wuque rampantly spoke like a hoodlum.

Everyone became dumbfounded again when they witnessed Nangong Wuque speaking to Misha.

The eyes of Yang Meiji, who was sitting beside the great master Xuan Bei all along, lit up with resplendent lights. She clenched her fist and her eyes became filled with countless stars.

"He's too handsome and graceful! Young master Wuque is truly... truly too cool!"

It seemed as though there was someone who recognized Bu Fang in the crowd and he loudly cried out.

"I recognize him! That youth was the one who sold excrement in the Nangong Family district where the Multi-Taste Fasting Pills were sold. I couldn't even approach the area because of the stench coming from the excrement."

"That owner? The owner of that restaurant?"

"That restaurant's owner had some shady deals with the Nangong Family... Could he really be Nangong Wan's husband? Oh my god!"


Countless cries of alarm and surprise resounded in the plaza as they all felt that the quota contest this time was too exciting.

The Heavenly Mist City's Lord, who stood above the arena, announced the ownership of the Nangong Family's personal quotas. They were naturally owned by Nangong Wuque as he was the rightful successor of the Nangong Family.

Nangong Xuanhe was extremely unwilling to accept such an outcome. A roar almost escaped his lips as he wanted to object to the allocation of the quotas.

One of the Ancient Shura City's expert coldly swept his gaze across Nangong Xuanhe's body and he said, "Our Ancient Shura City want two of the remaining quotas... If you don't comply, we will directly kill you."

After he spoke, they directly turned around and left. Neither of them cared about Nangong Xuanhe's feelings.

Nangong Xuanhe was truly pained by such a loss and it caused his hatred of Nangong Wuque to grow even deeper.

He also hated Bu Fang as he was the one who healed Nangong Wuque's injuries. Nangong Xuanhe hated Bu Fang even more compared to Nangong Wuque as his second brother was likely killed by someone from that restaurant.

Nangong Wuque's quick recovery was definitely related to that restaurant.

Damn! What the hell was all of that?

Everyone left the plaza as the teleportation to the Secret Realm would be carried out in the evening. Those people who managed to obtain one of the quotas went back home in order to prepare themselves before they entered the secret realm.

Everyone wanted to enter the secret realm and stumble upon some treasures. If they could stumble across some treasures while they were exploring it, their strength would be able to grow even further. In the secret realm, opportunity and danger coexisted together.

"Ohh, Nangong Wuque, you were truly too imposing. I heard that your Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame was forcefully extracted from you. Can you still refine elixirs? Ah... It's fine even if you can't as you are my future brother-in-law. If you need any elixirs, you can just come and look for me. I won't be stingy. If I were to drink some soup, I'd definitely leave some leftovers for you."

A man who was wearing a white coat had a face which was filled with cosmetic powder. He slowly walked over toward Nangong Wuque and chuckled.

"Mu Chenfeng, you are still as nauseating as before. With your alchemy level... the elixirs refined by you will be no different from excrement. If I eat the elixirs you make, I may turn into a retard. Who dares to eat elixirs refined by you?" Nangong Wuque looked at that man whose face was filled with cosmetic powder and replied in disgust.

"Moreover... An effeminate person like you dreams about marrying my sister? Don't you know that my true brother-in-law is just standing beside me?" Nangong Wuque raised his head and pulled over the dumbfounded Bu Fang who was standing beside him.

Mu Chenfeng squinted his eyes as he looked at Bu Fang. He covered his mouth with his palm as he chuckled to himself.

After laughing for quite some time, Mu Chenfeng turned around and left.

Nangong Wuque couldn't help but look at Bu Fang who was blinking his eyes.

"Old Bu... Was he looking down on you?"

Bu Fang stared back at Nangong Wuque with an expressionless face.

"Oh... You can take it however you want."