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 Chapter 448: The Supreme-Being Owner Bu

Translator: CatatoPatch Editor: Vermillion

Host: Bu Fang

True Energy Cultivation Level: Ninth Grade

Cooking Talent: Four Star

Skills: Level Two Meteor Knife Technique (100/100), Level Two Big Dipper Carving Technique (100/100), Gourmet Arrays (1/6)

Tools: Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife (God of Cooking set), Black Turtle Constellation Wok (God of Cooking set)

God of Cooking Overall Rating: Intermediate Chef (Your culinary arts have advanced to a higher tier and your cooking techniques are becoming more refined. A more expansive world of culinary arts has opened up to you. You can start cooking utility dishes.

System Level: Nine Stars (Conversion ratio is at a hundred percent.)

System Reward: The Overlord Thirteen Blades, Utility dish, Vigorous Beef Meatball.

After he heard the system promotion notification, Bu Fang subconsciously opened the system panel. Then, he observed and checked his information. He could faintly feel a burst of energy surging into his body. After the energy entered his body, it instantly transformed into dense true energy and it went into his energy core.

This time, the quantity of the energy transformed was extremely huge. Bu Fang couldn't help but slightly raise his brows as he sensed the formidable might of the energy entering his energy core

The influx of that true energy into his energy core caused the vortex inside the core to rotate faster and faster. It seemed as though specks of light were emitted by his energy core.

A ninth grade Supreme-Being...

Bu Fang inwardly sighed. When Nangong Wuque bought his last Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup, his business turnover reached the threshold set by the system. He was finally able to advance in his cultivation level.

The system was also promoted to nine stars when his true energy cultivation reached the ninth grade Supreme-Being realm.

In the past, Supreme-Beings were aloof and remote existences in his eyes. Now, he had turned into one of them. Even Bu Fang, who had a calm and steady mind, couldn't help but become slightly excited.

Moreover, it seemed as though he had obtained some new techniques after the promotion.

The Overlord Thirteen Blades... Just from its name, it seemed like it was an extremely domineering technique.

Bu Fang was slightly looking forward to it as this had to be a knife technique. His knife skill which has been stagnant for a long time could finally make some progress.

Bu Fang had already practiced the Meteor Knife Technique to the pinnacle. It was extremely difficult for him to make any improvements to the technique, even slightly.

Bu Fang felt a sense of novelty when he saw the appearance of that Overlord Thirteen Blades.

"The Overlord Thirteen Blades, a high-grade knife technique which can be used in fights. The technique has thirteen moves altogether and the moves can overlap with each other. The might of the moves enhances each other and if those thirteen moves are used together, its power will be earth-shattering. If you want to practice this move, you must first practice your imposing manner."

The system's solemn and earnest voice resounded in Bu Fang's ears.

Bu Fang squinted his eyes and started to think about something. This Overlord Thirteen Blades technique wasn't merely just a knife technique. Along with the promotion of Bu Fang's cultivation, he would have to fight stronger beasts. In order to obtain ingredients, Bu Fang might have to fight against extremely powerful beasts. Some overlord degree spirit beasts wouldn't be thoroughly suppressed by the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife's aura.

If Bu Fang were to meet those extremely powerful spirit beasts, the use of the Overlord Thirteen Blades technique would become quite prominent. If he used the technique with Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, he would be able to obtain the ingredients with less difficulty.

He slightly squinted his eyes as he started reflecting on the images related to the Overlord Thirteen Blades technique which the system had just sent into his mind.

Nangong Wuque, whose clothes were too huge, had his upper body revealed. The fair skin on his chest could be seen and he chewed on a chicken bone in his mouth and looked at Bu Fang. He suddenly discovered that the aura which Bu Fang emitted drastically changed. The change happened in an instant. Nangong Wuque realized that he didn't have a proper understanding of Bu Fang.

From the imposing aura coming from Bu Fang, Nangong Wuque knew that Bu Fang's cultivation wasn't at the eighth grade War-God realm which he was formally at.

A ninth grade Supreme-Being?

Was it possible for someone to become a Supreme-Being instantly?

Was it that easy for people to break through to the Supreme-Being realm these days?

Are you here to make fun of me?

Nangong Wuque felt as though his mind became sluggish. he had just told Bu Fang that his cultivation was lacking and he instantly broke through to the Supreme-Being realm.

Would he start breaking through one of the Supreme-Being's shackles next? Would he become a Divine Realm expert in the next moment?

Fortunately, such a thing didn't happen. Nothing else happened to Bu Fang after he broke through to the Supreme-Being realm.

However, that breakthrough was still enough to cause Nangong Wuque's heart to beat wildly.

"Now... is my strength enough to enter the secret realm?"

Bu Fang slowly opened his eyes and stared at Nangong Wuque. He had a faint smile on his face as he calmly asked Nangong Wuque his question.

Nangong Wuque would never have expected that Bu Fang would instantly break through to a ninth grade Supreme-Being in front of him. He spat out the bone in his mouth and he stared at Bu Fang as if he was some freak. He clicked his tongue continuously as he was amazed by what Bu Fang just did.

Nangong Wuque was already starting to suspect if Bu Fang had been suppressing his cultivation all along in order to make fun of him.

After thinking about it, Nangong Wuque felt as though Bu Fang wouldn't be bored to the point where he had to do such things in order to entertain himself.

"A ninth grade Supreme-Being? How can a ninth grade Supreme-Being be enough? If you want to enter the secret realm, your cultivation has to reach the point where you are about to break through one of the Supreme-Being's shackles. It's not enough for someone who has just broken through Supreme-Being to enter the secret realm. If you meet a Divine Realm expert inside the secret realm, you'll surely die." Nangong Wuque earnestly advised Bu Fang.

"You really like to talk nonsense... You just have to bring me in. As for whether I live or die, it's all decided by the heavens," Bu Fang furrowed his brows and said.

"It's out of question... Old Bu, I really don't want to harm you. So I..."

Nangong Wuque still intended to patiently persuade Bu Fang from going to the secret realm. However, he suddenly felt a chill spread through his entire body.

Nangong Wuque saw Bu Fang pat the golden shrimp on his shoulder. All of a sudden, the golden shrimp shot out and pointed its pair of sickles toward Nangong Wuque. An ice-cold aura came from the pair of sickles and assaulted Nangong Wuque.

Shrimpy rolled its compound eyes as it waved its sickles at Nangong Wuque. It seemed as though it was threatening Nangong Wuque.

"Don't make a scene..."

Nangong Wuque waved his hand at Bu Fang in dismissal. He was smiling as he thought that Bu Fang was joking around with him.

Bu Fang didn't smile back at him. Shrimpy wasn't able to smile and it just looked at Nangong Wuque.

"Don't you want to know how Nangong Xuanying died? He was killed by this little fellow here." Bu Fang's voice was indifferent when he revealed Nangong Xuanying's cause of death to Nangong Wuque.


"This small creature killed Nangong Xuanying? Even Old Bu learned how to crack jokes... Such a tiny creature... I could kill ten of them with a single palm."

Nangong Wuque curled up the corners of his mouth and stared at Shrimpy as a weird chuckle escaped his lips.

It seemed as though Shrimpy could feel that Nangong Wuque was mocking it. All the hair on Shrimpy's body stood on end and it waved its sickles at Nangong Wuque. A tearing sound could be heard as countless sonic booms resounded in everyone's ears.

Shrimpy's sickle streaked across Nangong Wuque's nose and it cut off a thread of hair.

Nangong Wuque's pupils immediately contracted and a chill ran down his spine.

The speed of this tiny creature was extremely fast. He was almost unable to catch a glimpse of Shrimpy when it attacked him.

"I'm serious. I will help you recover from your injuries and you will bring me into the secret realm." Bu Fang was serious when he told Nangong Wuque to bring him into the secret realm.

Now, Nangong Wuque felt as though Bu Fang was serious. He deeply furrowed his brows and he revealed a bitter smile on his face.

"Frankly speaking, it's not that I don't want to bring you into the secret realm with me. You should have heard about it... My current status in the clan is very different from what it was. I don't have any assurance of bringing you along with me." Nangong Wuque revealed everything to Bu Fang.

He truly didn't have any assurance that he was able to bring Bu Fang in the secret realm, but he would still try. It was because that was something which belonged to him. He had to take it back.

"I believe that you can achieve it. Try harder." Bu Fang expressionlessly raised his hand and clenched it before lowering them.

Nangong Wuque was dumbfounded when he heard what Bu Fang said.

Thereafter, Bu Fang felt that it was confirmed that Nangong Wuque would bring him into the secret realm with him. As such, he turned around and opened the store. He started his daily business.


In the center of Heavenly Mist City, there were countless people in the heavenly mist plaza, that bustling with noise and excitement. It seemed as though there wasn't a single empty seat left in the seats surrounding the plaza as there was someone sitting in every seat.

Their faces were filled with excitement as they looked at the giant array at the center of the plaza. The shadows of countless people were flickering on the giant array and terrifying true energy fluctuations were coming from it.

All of the factions were competing over the remaining quota of people who could enter the secret realm. The battles had already reached the climax.

The Lin, Zhang, and Nangong Families were the three strongest families in Heavenly Mist City. Even the city lord didn't dare to offend all three of them at the same time.

Those three families were, after all, deeply-rooted in Heavenly Mist City. All three of them had a stable foundation in Heavenly Mist City.

Nangong Xuanhe, whose face was gloomy, sat in a seat situated on an elevated platform. Nangong Wuque was expelled by him and the Nangong Family's former patriarch was already dead. He was the current patriarch of the Nangong Family.

His complexion was gloomy due to two reasons. One of them was the death of Nangong Xuanying. The other reason was that his Nangong Family's disciples hadn't won a single fight.

It was truly too disgraceful.

It was fortunate that his Nangong Family still had two quotas. Otherwise, if he had to depend on those disciples to obtain the quota in order to enter the secret realm, they would be doomed. They might not even get a single quota.

"Sirs from the Ancient Shura City, I will leave the remaining fights to you. There are only five more quotas and we must get them." Nangong Xuanhe let out a long breath before he turned his head around and looked at two experts clad in blood-red robes. They were sitting quite a distance away from him.

"That's easy, but you must remember to give us the two quotas owned by your family to us. As for the remaining five quotas, we'll definitely get them for you."

Misha, who was clad in a blood-red robe, had quite a devilish appearance. He smiled as he spoke to Nangong Xuanhe. His fiery and ruddy lips seemed to curl upwards like they just had their fill of blood.

Nangong Xuanhe was finally able to let out a long breath and he relaxed after obtaining Misha's affirmation.

If those two experts weren't willing to make a move, it would be impossible for his Nangong Family to get even one of the remaining five quotas.

As such, they would be left with just their own two quotas. Such a situation would really seem quite embarrassing.

However, with the assistance from the Ancient Shura City's experts, they would altogether have seven quotas. They wouldn't be suffering a loss by agreeing to their terms.

When they entered the Cloud Sea Secret Realm, they would quickly proceed according to their plan. They had obtained secret information regarding the Cloud Sea Secret Realm. If they were successful, the Nangong Family would be able to quickly rise up the ranks.

This trip to the secret realm would definitely be different from the ones in the past.

In a distant place, the Pill Tower's members could be seen approaching.

Yang Meiji, who had a majestic and muscular body, walked behind a hunched-back old man. Everybody's expression was one of respect when they looked at the hunched-back old man. This was because he was the Heavenly Mist City's Pill Tower elder. He was the Three Clouds Alchemist, great master Xuan Bei.

Such a person had an aloof and preeminent status within Heavenly Mist City.

This time, he had also chosen to enter the Cloud Sea Secret Realm. It would be his first time entering it.

There wasn't anyone who had an objection to him entering the secret realm. After all, he was a person of virtue and prestige. It was a given that he should get some special privileges.

Moreover, even if there was someone who had an objection to great master Xuan Bei entering the secret realm, they were few in number.

A gust of wind blew at them.

The fight in the arena was becoming even more intense and exciting as there were more and more experts making a move.

Two people were slowly making their way to the plaza's entrance.

Nangong Wuque looked at Bu Fang speechlessly. Bu Fang was walking behind him at the moment and Nangong Wuque felt as though he was having a headache because of Bu Fang.

This Old Bu was really following behind him.

"Old Bu, after a while, you should follow closely behind me. Don't mess around." Nangong Wuque earnestly reminded him.

"Ok." Bu Fang nodded in agreement.

After he saw Bu Fang nodding his head, Nangong Wuque took a deep breath and pushed open the bronze gate at the entrance.

As a creaking sound resounded in the surroundings, a wind swept through the place. Nangong Wuque's gaze became extremely cold.

There were some debts he had to pay back.