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 Chapter 446: The Death Of Nangong Xuanying

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When the golden rays of light disappeared, a thick mist of blood rose up and pervaded the surrounding.

Shrimpy's body swayed in mid-air as it slowly floated back onto Whitey's head. Lying on Whitey's head, Shrimpy didn't move any longer.

Nangong Xuanying opened his eyes wide. His sluggish eyes were wide open and they were filled with disbelief. He slowly shifted his gaze downwards and looked at his body which was filled with countless holes. After looking at his body, Nangong Xuanying became extremely depressed and he spouted a mouthful of blood.

His aura instantly weakened and every single trace of vitality left him.

'Why... Why did this happen to me?'

He was actually killed by a shrimp...

His body was penetrated before the elixir managed to show its effects. Blood oozed out from all the holes on his body and even his heart had been penetrated by Shrimpy. It was impossible for him to survive.

There was no way he could keep his life after his heart was pierced.


He coughed out several mouthfuls of blood and his whole body started to shiver intensely.

As blood oozed from the holes in his body, he dropped down on his knees. Before long, Nangong Xuanying fell to the ground. He lay there without moving. His aura was quickly fading from his body.

The rain which had been falling for the entire night finally stopped and the dark clouds in the sky disappeared all of a sudden. It was as though those dark clouds didn't exist in the first place.

Whitey raised its hand and scratched its round head. When it was scratching its head, it accidentally touched Shrimpy who was lying on its head. Grabbing Shrimpy, Whitey placed it on its shoulder before turning around. Whitey walked back into the restaurant and its eyes slowly turned purple.

When it felt as though Whitey shifted its position, Shrimpy crawled back up and made its way back onto Whitey's head. It looked for a cozy location before lying down on Whitey's head again. It fell back asleep in a few moments.

It seemed as though this matter ended like this...

Almost everyone who was sent by the Nangong Family was killed. They were killed before they were able to capture their target, Nangong Wuque.

This was an outcome which nobody expected.

Since Nangong Wuque was already heavily injured, the members of the Nangong Family thought that his capture would be certain after sending so many experts after him. There would be no way for accidents to occur...

With a Divine Physique Echelon expert who broke through two of the Supreme-Being's shackles like Nangong Xuanying, it would be a piece of cake for him to catch Nangong Wuque.

However, an accident occurred and the results shocked everyone.

A restaurant which wasn't taken seriously by the Nangong Family killed everyone sent by them.

It could be imagined how great the disturbance was when the news of the accident was heard by the Nangong Family.

Bu Fang looked at the corpse of Nangong Xuanying. The latter's aura had completely disappeared, and he was already dead.

After Bu Fang waked out of the store, he headed toward a pile of rubble. Kicking away a piece of stone, Bu Fang revealed a person who was lying underneath the rubble.

It was Nangong Wuque, whose upper body was bare. His entire body was filled with countless scars and the aura emitted from his body was quite feeble. He was lying there with his lips swollen and he was sleeping soundly. He was too tired and exhausted. No matter what happened, he didn't want to move at all.

The corner of Bu Fang's mouth couldn't help but twitch as he looked at Nangong Wuque who was snoring loudly. He assumed that this guy had already been killed by Nangong Xuanying's kick. However, he discovered that he was just sleeping. He wasn't just sleeping, he was in fact in deep sleep. This fellow was truly tenacious and he was just like a cockroach who couldn't be killed.

Lifting him up, Bu Fang carried him back into his store.

After a light "Bang" sound was heard, Bu Fang closed the bronze gate in front of the store.


The surroundings of the store became calm and peaceful. The dark clouds which engulfed the sky started dispersing the moment the rain stopped. An ice-cold wind picked up and it started blowing through the area.

Nangong Xuanying's body laid on the road and it didn't have the slightest trace of life left inside it. It was quite a miserable sight.

Pieces of stone filled the ground in the surroundings of the store. There wasn't a single piece of stone which wasn't broken or shattered. However, as Heavenly Mist City's arrays started to slowly recover, the ground gradually repaired itself.

Nangong Xuanying's corpse was left lying on the ground and there wasn't anyone who came to bring him away.


The sound of someone stepping on the rubble resounded as a person walked out from the darkness. He was clad in a black robe and his face couldn't be seen clearly. The only thing which could be seen was the giant bronze chest which the figure carried on his back.

A scarlet and fearful glow was emitted from under his black robe.

"That puppet is quite amazing... It's not made by my Puppet Sect... However, it's quite strong. I'm pretty curious about it." A husky voice came from the man who was clad in black. His voice resounded in the surroundings.

A light chuckle escaped his lips and his voice filled the area. The sound which came out of his mouth seemed less like a chuckle and more like something being scrubbed. It was horrifying and appalling.

"Although I can't accept something like that, I'll leave him alone for now. After all, he left me the corpse of a Divine Physique Echelon expert. This is actually the Nangong Family's second elder... I wonder how the Nangong Family would react if they saw a puppet made from his body."

That person was standing next to Nangong Xuanying's corpse.

After shrugging his shoulders slightly, the bronze chest on his back fell to the ground. When it landed, the ground shook slightly.


A creaking sound came from the chest and it seemed as though the lid of the bronze chest was opened. An eerie aura came from within. That person extended both his hand and held onto Nangong Xuanying's legs as he pulled the corpse into the chest.

Distorted roars and aggrieved wails resounded from Nangong Xuanying's corpse as he was pulled into the chest. It seemed as though there was a twisted face which wanted to rush out from the chest.

However, the expert from the Puppet Sect chuckled in his hoarse voice and he extended one of his fingers toward the chest. He lightly tapped on Nangong Xuanying's head.


Nangong Xuanying's corpse was pulled into the chest and the lid of the chest closed.

Crunch! Crunch!

A crisp sound of bones being chewed on came from inside the chest. The sound of bones breaking was also heard.

That person, who had scarlet eyes, turned around and looked at the restaurant. As he stared at the tightly closed doors of the restaurant, he had a profound look in his eyes. After quite some time, he grabbed his bronze chest and left the place.

His body gradually disappeared into the darkness.

A light breeze blew over and swept up the broken rocks on the ground. Crashing sounds resounded as the rocks were swept up by the wind.


Heavenly Mist City, Pill Tower.

Yang Meiji's muscular body knelt on a yellow mat. She was extremely cautious and her mood was solemn. She didn't even dare to breathe loudly.

There was an old man who stood before her. His hair was all white, including his beard and eyebrows. That old man's eyes were closed and he breathed lightly. Every time he exhaled, his beard would flutter slightly.

"Teac... Teacher... How long do I need to stay in the Pill Tower?" Yang Meiji bashfully twisted her body and she asked the old man with a timid expression on her face.

In the next moment, the eyes of the old man snapped open and he looked at her.

"The Heavenly Mist City is currently facing a huge upheaval. The secret realm will be opened soon and this time will be different from the past. I will take you to the secret realm along with me. We must seize the lucky chance this time and you can only leave this place after the secret realm is opened."

The opening of the secret realm?

Yang Meiji's complexion instantly changed. A grave expression hung on her face and her thoughts started to run wild. Wasn't there still a day or two before the opening of the secret realm?

"Are you too bored? You can go and refine a One-Mark Spirit Pill. Alchemy depends on constant practice. Your cultivation isn't in the Divine Physique Echelon yet and you are only relying on the spiritual force which is stronger than that of an average person. You have to practice diligently."

Yang Meiji grunted to acknowledge what he said and she listlessly lowered her head. She felt as though the situation she was in took a turn for the worse. She didn't know what was in the secret realm. She had no idea what was the object valued by her teacher.


In the Nangong Family, Nangong Xuanhe was just chatting eagerly with the two experts from the Ancient Shura City. He didn't expect that the Ancient Shura City's experts would appear in Heavenly Mist City.

The Ancient Shura City was a first-rate faction like the Pill Palace. Moreover, it was the most mysterious faction among all the first-rate factions.

There was no one who knew the Ancient Shura City's precise location. They only knew that there was a faction called the Ancient Shura City. This faction was even more mysterious than the Hidden Dragon Royal Court.

Due to how secretive the faction was, countless other factions feared and revered the Ancient Shura City. All of the experts which it sent were extremely powerful and no one dared to casually offend the Ancient Shura City.

Those two experts from the Ancient Shura City's were both clad in a blood-red robe. They put in a solemn face as they spoke to Nangong Xuanhe about some trivial matters.

All of a sudden, a person rushed into the room with a panicked expression on his face. There was also a look of fright and alarm as he looked at Nangong Xuanhe who was sitting in the room.

"Great.... Great elder... There is bad news!"

The mind of this Divine Physique Echelon expert, who broke through one of the Supreme-Being's shackles, was in a thorough mess when he rushed into the room.

"Why are you so flustered? Calm down!"

Nangong Xuanhe put on a solemn face and scolded the person who rushed into the room.

The experts from the Ancient Shura City were sitting in front of him. As such, he wanted to maintain his dignity before them. He didn't want them to laugh at him.

However, when he heard what that guard said, his complexion drastically changed. He became serious in an instant.

"Great elder, everyone the second elder took to catch Nangong Wuque... died. As for the second elder, he's still missing. I'm afraid that he might have suffered the same fate as them."

This Divine Physique Echelon expert blurted out everything and his body trembled.


Along with a rumbling sound, the chair in which Nangong Xuanhe sat on crumbled. He widened his eyes as he stood up and his aura surged out of his body.

"What did you say? Everyone who was sent to catch Nangong Wuque died?"