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Where was that shrimp?

Nangong Xuanying's eyes, which were brimming with killing intent, discovered that the golden ray thoroughly disappeared.

It was like that golden ray never appeared in the first place.

All of a sudden, Nangong Xuanying's whole body shuddered as he felt an extremely giant shadow covering him, that shadow had an extremely tyrannical aura.

What happened?

Nangong Xuanying became solemn, and he raised his head and saw in the sky an extremely tremendous golden beast who covered the whole sky.

Water splashed all around as the rain fell upon that giant golden beast.


A deafening roar resounded.

That tiny shrimp unexpectedly and suddenly became extremely tremendous, and its stifling aura caused even Nangong Xuanying's eyes to tremble along with his body.

Bu Fang dumbfoundedly looked at the mantis shrimp who suddenly became quite tremendous. He never once imagined that Shrimpy, who always peacefully lay on his shoulder, could unexpectedly... transform.

This fellow was also slightly marvelous. Its sharp sickles were quite massive, and as it waved them, it seemed like they would cut the ground apart.

Nangong Xuanying felt an ice-cold breeze swept his body, and his body suddenly flickered as he shot into a distant place.

Bang! Bang!

Whitey was also slightly dumbfounded, and the glows which unceasingly fluctuated on its eyes disappeared, returning them to a stable gray color. Whitey swatted the ground with its palm and shot out into the sky.

Shrimpy's body, which seemed like a giant golden dragon, moved as the parts of its whole body shell collided against each other and emitted resounding clanking sounds. Shrimpy turned around and let Whitey, who floated in mid-air, land on its back.

Then, Shrimpy revolved its compound eyes and waved its sickles before it roared out.


A hazy golden light was emitted from Shrimpy's body, covering Whitey's body and letting it be enveloped by a noble golden light.

Whitey's gray eyes started flickering as the arrays on its body started glowing.

"What's this? A sideshow?"

After Nangong Xuanying steadily stood on his place and saw that giant golden shrimp being ridden by that puppet, an odd look appeared on his face. He was utterly baffled and dumbfounded by such sight.

As for Bu Fang, his eyes slightly lit up as he looked at Whitey and Shrimpy.

Unexpectedly, those two fellows still could combine, and he once more had no knowledge about it. He all along assumed that Shrimpy didn't have any use apart from improving the flavor and texture of a dish by taking a swim in the wok.

It turned out that he was mistaken.

Shrimpy was unexpectedly still capable of transforming.

"It's useless... All of you are too weak."

Nangong Xuanying didn't care about them. He loudly cried out as the true energy on his body surged out and took the form of a goshawk who spread its wings and soared in the sky. That goshawk's body was bound by two ice-cold chains.


Surging airwaves burst out from Nangong Xuanying's body and swept the surrounding.

"Is this your last card? I will tear it to shreds and let you feel what is... despair."

As his voice resounded out, Nangong Xuanying shot out in an extremely swift speed, his speed surpassed the sound's and it caused countless sonic booms to resound.

Nangong Xuanying instantly appeared before the giant Shrimpy.

Shrimpy, who carried Whitey, widened its eyes and glared at him. It swayed its innumerable small legs in mid-air as its body shot out in an inconceivable speed.

Its speed wasn't any slower to Nangong Xuanying's.

Nangong Xuanying's eyes contracted, and he thrust out an imposing fist which seemed like it turned into the phantom image of a roaring beast which shot at Shrimpy. It emitted a terrifying fluctuation and seemed capable of tearing Shrimpy apart.

An intense fluctuation burst out as a golden light shot out from Shrimpy's back which seemed like it would tear the air apart.


That was an energy blast sent by the array cannon.

Whitey, who stood on Shrimpy's back was covered by hazy golden light membranes, and the arrays on its body were also emitting a golden light, and even the energy blast sent by it was also covered in a golden light membrane.

Nangong Xuanying's punch power was directly torn and scattered by that shot before it continued on as it emitted a deafening sound, and swiftly approached Nangong Xuanying.

"It's extremely fast, why did this array cannon's blast become quicker than before?"

The hair of Nangong Xuanying's whole body stood on end. If before, he only found Whitey's array cannon quite thorny, then now, he found its might quite frightening. He wasn't even able of dodging it and could only create a barrier with his energy to try to block it head-on.


All of the people in Heavenly Mist City couldn't help but raise their heads and look at the place from which that intense explosion transmitted. A golden light soared into the sky in there, along with terrifying waves which swept the surroundings.

Even Bu Fang was somewhat shocked as he looked at that dazzling light before him, and he couldn't help but inwardly suck in a breath of cold air.

After the smoke and dust dispersed, a surging mist engulfed the surroundings as the wrecked terrain of the place was revealed. The whole ground deeply caved in and countless broken rocks flew all around as they burst open.

This destructive power was truly frightening.

Why had the array cannon's might suddenly become this powerful?

Bu Fang's suddenly thought of something, and his eyes couldn't help but widen.

Did Shrimpy have an ability to increase one's prowess in addition to its ability to improve a dish's texture and taste?

That golden light membrane was probably capable of increasing one's battle prowess.

As he thought of it, the gaze in which Bu Fang looked at Shrimpy became somewhat full of amazement. What was the origin of this creature? what kind of freak came out of that crystal source which he cut open?

After the mist scattered, a person was revealed.

Nangong Xuanying's current state was extremely miserable. He would never have expected that the might of that array cannon would become this powerful. The clothes on his body were all torn apart by that explosion, and his skin was utterly scorched, looking quite horrifying.

His true energy barrier directly broke apart when it came in contact with that blast, and it was incapable of withstanding it for even a moment.

It was truly terrifying.

Nangong Xuanying raised his head as blood slowly oozed out of his nostrils.

Whitey proudly stood atop Shrimpy's back. The armor which covered its whole body was flickering in a resplendent golden light, and the metallic wings on its back were unfolded.

A sonorous sound resounded as another blast started being condensed on the array cannon before its belly.


An extremely swift energy blast shot out.

Its speed utterly frightened Nangong Xuanying,

Dodge it? No, he wouldn't manage to dodge it on time.

He once again created a true energy barrier and intended to withstand it head-on once again.

An explosion sound resounded out. Its light was dazzling bright, and its fluctuations and waves were intense and acute.

Nangong Xuanying's body was directly sent flying by it.


At this moment, Whitey had already turned into a humanoid cannon, and the array cannon in front of its belly sent a blast after another. Each of those blasts seemed like they would tear the air apart.

At this moment, Nangong Xuanying already started despairing.

How shameless!

He was incapable of withstanding that array cannon's shots. Each of those blasts was equivalent to an attack from a Divine Physique Echelon expert who broke through two of Supreme-Being's shackles.

How could he block them?

He wanted to block them, and he tried to, however, he failed.

A dense smoke started being emitted from the array cannon before Whitey's belly after it consecutively shot dozens of blasts. It seemed like this array reached its limit, and it directly scattered.

The golden lights emitted from Shrimpy's body started dimming before they also disappeared. Shrimpy's giant body which resembled a giant golden dragon started shrinking down until it turned back into its previous tiny from, and it lay atop Whitey's round head.

An entire layer was razed from the ground, and all of the surrounding stores were utterly wrecked.


Nangong Xuanying slowly crawled up from the ground and spouted a mouthful of blood as his aura became quite weak and feeble.

Unexpectedly, he still hadn't died... As expected of an expert who broke through two of Supreme-Being's shackles. Nangong Xuanying, whose whole body was soaked in blood, raised his head while coughing blood, but his aura was extremely weak and feeble.

"Hahahaha... you don't have any more move or card! Why don't you continue shotting me? Come on, continue."

Nangong Xuanying slightly staggered before he stood properly. He widened his eyes and started heartily laughing.

Bu Fang leaned upon the store's gate and indifferently looked at him.

The golden light emitted from the body of Whitey, who was in the sky, already became quite dim, however, it was still enveloped by that membrane.

It was obvious that after Shrimpy shrank down, its amplification ability effect weakened.

However, it was still enough.

Whitey shock the metallic wings on its back and caused a sonic boom as it shot out and appeared before Nangong Xuanying.

The human's pupils contracted as he raised his hand and started defending against Whitey.

The two of them started wrestling and grappling.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

While facing Whitey's explosive attacks, Nangong Xuanying was unceasingly forced back down. He was injured, heavily injured, so he found it quite difficult to defend against it. However, even if he was incapable of blocking it, he still must try as he didn't want to die.

He angrily roared and thrust another fist which collided against Whitey's own, and their collision caused surging waves to sweep through the surroundings.

Whitey's eyes slightly flickered, and after it deflected that punch, it swiftly moved its hand and held Nangong Xuanyin's neck, then directly and heavily pounded him against the ground.

Broken rocks flew all around as a punch after another rained down on him, and they caused the whole ground to start shaking.


A loud rumbling sound resounded as the ground caved in because of Whitey's attacks. The Heavenly Mist City's arrays didn't have enough time to be able to repair it.

Nangong Xuanying weakly lay down on the ground like a dead dog, and he wasn't able to even slightly budge.

Whitey stood up and folded its wings, its imposing manner was truly shocking.

"You can't kill me... You can't kill me! Cough, Cough!"

Nangong Xuanying quickly crawled up from the ground once gain while coughing blood, and he once again consumed an elixir. It was a cyan colored elixir. His body's aura unexpectedly started recovering once again.

He started excitedly laughing as he looked at Whitey, Shrimpy, and Bu Fang in madness.

"Hahaha, with this Two-Mark Elixr in my hand... you are incapable of killing me."

He was slightly pained by the fact that he had to consume such precious elixir.

As waves swept the surrounding, Nangong Xuanying's imposing manner started quickly rising up, and it was gradually becoming even more fearful.

Whitey's eyes flickered as it condensed its whole body aura.

Shrimpy, who was lying on Whitey's head, stood up and revolved its eyes as it stared at Nangong Xuanying.

In the next moment, a squeaking sound resounded as a golden light flickered and penetrated Nangong Xuanying's body, causing his laughter to suddenly stop.

Shrimpy, who was in mid-air, waved its sicles and moved its innumerable legs, and it seemed like it turned into countless light rays as it swiftly flew back and forth through Nangong Xuanying's body.

Nangong Xuanying was penetrated countless times until he became like a sieve.