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 Chapter 442: Show off! Continue Showing off!

Translator: CatatoPatch Editor: Vermillion

Ice and cold rain descended from the sky onto the ground, shattering the former upon contact.

Nangong Xuanying clasped his hands behind his back as he slowly walked in the Heavenly Mist City's main streets.

The rain, which was falling in his immediate vicinity, was incapable of even slightly approaching his body.

With every step he took, he crossed a long distance.

Suddenly, he stopped and took out a talisman. As soon as he listened to the information it transmitted, the corners of his mouth couldn't help but curl up.

"They finally found... Nangong Wuque. I will see where you can run to this time."

He was embarrassed and annoyed that his negligence led to Nangong Wuque's escape. Nangong Xuanying had assumed that he had everything under control, however, that kid still managed to escape from his grasp.

This caused him to be disgraced before his big brother. Thus, he badly wished to find Nangong Wuque quickly and take him back to the prison; and this time, he would ensure that he was deprived of any opportunities to escape.

He stepped on the ground lightly with the tip of his toe. As the surrounding rain was dispersed by a squall caused by him, Nangong Xuanying's body shot out as if he was truly an eagle. He rushed towards the Cloud Mist Restaurant.


Nangong Cheng was an extremely talented member of the Nangong Family's younger generation. Not only was his cultivation extremely strong, but his talent in alchemy was also only second only to Nangong Wuque's.

Nangong Cheng had always envied Nangong Wuque because the latter was always the Heavenly Mist City's Heir of Heaven. Furthermore, whenever people mentioned the Nangong Family, they would only talk about Nangong Wuque - not Nangong Cheng.

Nangong Cheng did not get any opportunities to display his talent because Nangong Wuque was always above him.

Now, the time had finally arrived.

When Nangong Wuque fell, his name would quickly become known to all. Moreover, if he was able to kill Nangong Wuque, then he could use the reputation to become famous immediately. Thus, he was quite tempted.

Contrary to Nangong Wuque's bone-chilling killing intent, Nangong Cheng just laughed. The current Nangong Wuque was not his match. Nangong Wuque currently did not have the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame, neither did he have even an alchemic fire, so how was the current Nangong Wuque supposed to confront him?

Like a dragon, an ice-cold chain coiled around Nangong Cheng, emitting a tremendous pressure. This was the world pressure that Divine Physique Echelon experts possessed. This ability was capable of crushing Supreme-Beings.


A clap of thunder suddenly reverberated through the sky.

The radiance of lightning was resplendent, and it seemed like it would tear the sky apart.

After the clap of thunder resounded, Nangong Cheng's warm expression turned twisted and malevolent.

"Nangong Wuque... drop dead!"

A long and loud cry echoed all around.

He seemed to control the innumerable drops of rain and turned them into countless sharp needles which he sent after Nangong Wuque.

Nangong Wuque stood straight, and a pressure was gradually being emitted from his body.

The needle-like drops of rains came to a halt in mid-air.

Nangong Wuque casually waved his hand, and the needle-like drops of rain burst, and at that moment, they were akin to a blossoming Night-blooming cereus which would only display its beauty for a moment before withering.


Nangong Wuque's body instantly became blurry, and sonic booms erupted. The speed of a Divine Physique Echelon expert who had broken through one shackle could rival the speed of sound, easily causing sonic booms.

The speed at which they thrust their fists was also extremely fast, and because their bodies were stronger, their fighting prowess was even better.

Nangong Wuque trod in the air and suddenly appeared before Nangong Cheng.

"Do you want to step on me and rise higher? It isn't easy to step on me."

Nangong Wuque laughed in an imposing manner and thrust his fist at Nangong Cheng. His speed was extremely astonishing.

Nangong Cheng raised his hand and blocked the attack.

"The current you is weak..." Nangong Cheng said with a faint smile, and spiritual energy erupted from his immediate surrounding as a scarlet flame appeared. That was an alchemic fire. Although it was many times weaker than a Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame, it was still an extremely excellent fire. With the help of his alchemic fire, Nangong Cheng battle prowess grew even further.

A loud rumble erupted as Nangong Wuque was pounded into the ground by Nangong Cheng.

His alchemic fire surged, and it evaporated all the raindrops dropping from the sky. Its might was extremely formidable.


The speedy evaporation caused steam to rise, and the surroundings ended up getting enveloped in a layer of fog.

The red flame soared into the sky and turned into a giant palm which swatted downward. Its power even caused the air to emit cracking sounds as it crumbled in its wake.


That palm's might was so terrifying that it looked like it would directly slap Nangong Wuque to death.

Bu Fang, who wasn't far from them, squinted his eyes as he watched Nangong Wuque dodge continuously.

Although eating the prawn meat had enabled Nangong Wuque to recover a large margin of his vitality and strength, it wasn't capable of letting him recover to his peak state.

Nangong Wuque's heavy injuries were caused by the forceful extraction of his Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame, so being able to recover to the degree that he had was already quite excellent.

However, if he ate the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup, then he might recover even further.


Nangong Cheng, who remained floating in mid-air, laughed heartily. His laugh resounded through the air, and his hair fluttered continuously in the wind.

He waved his palm, controlling the palm of alchemic fire, and constantly tried to swat Wuque with the huge flaming palm. The attempts shattered the ground immensely.

Nangong Cheng was extremely excited as he watched Nangong Wuque dodge time and time again, and this made his blood begin to flow even faster.

"Die! Die!"

He felt an indescribable comfort and pleasure by watching Nangong Wuque, who had always been aloof and respected, dodge his attacks in distress.

His flame turned into a fire dragon which closed in Nangong Wuque and forced the latter into a dead end.

He would burn Nangong Wuque, killing him shortly.

Nangong Cheng's eyes widened with excitement, and his complexion grew hideous as he laughed heartily.

"Your laughter is... truly sickening."

After Nangong Wuque was forced into a dead end, he stood straight and let out a long breath. A jade bottle suddenly appeared in his hand. Nangong Wuque crushed the bottle, and a resplendent, cyan-colored pill flew out of it.

There were some mark and stripes faintly visible on the pill. It was a one mark pill that Nangong Wuque had refined using a secret recipe.


Nangong Wuque chewed the pill immediately and swallowed it down. A cyan radiance formed in Nangong Wuque's immediate vicinity, and his aura gradually rose. His skin suddenly became translucent, making it resemble a beautiful white jade. His gaze became more profound. He raised his hand, and the scarlet fire dragon halted in mid-air immediately.

Nangong Cheng's expression stiffened, and even his smile stiffened.

What had happened?

How had such a powerful and imposing manner suddenly erupted out of Nangong Wuque?

In the next moment, Nangong Cheng watched his fire dragon get torn apart by some tyrannical power.

A handsome and elegant Nangong Wuque, who was emitting a resplendent light, suddenly appeared before him.

His alchemic fire had crumbled already.

Nangong Wuque raised his white hand and slapped Nangong Cheng's face ruthlessly.

An explosion reverberated as Nangong Cheng fell from mid-air.

After Nangong Wuque consumed the pill, he became more cold and indifferent. His speed became faster, and his fighting prowess and aura became stronger.

Nangong Cheng felt like he was confronting Nangong Wuque in his peak state.

This Nangong Wuque wasn't someone he could rival, so he immediately felt frightened. Nangong Cheng couldn't even use his full strength, so he just ended up as Nangong Wuque's punching bag. Countless punches descended on him, and he was beaten until he wished for death.

He coughed blood continuously, and he was in a very sorry state.


Nangong Wuque's last punch maliciously stuck the position of his energy core. The strike caused an airwave to sweep through the surrounding.

Nangong Cheng had a blank look on his face as he fell down on the ground weakly. His aura was faint, and foams of blood dripped down his mouth.

When the effect of the pill wore off, Nangong Wuque felt an intense pain. It was as though all his muscles were getting punctured by needles, and countless drops of blood seeped out of his sparkling skin. His body became soaked in blood once again.

However, when the rain fell on him and washed away his blood, he now looked to be in an even more sorry state.

He raised Nangong Cheng up by the collar.

Nangong Wuque looked up at Nangong Cheng, who had blood dripping down his mouth, and began to laugh crazily.

"Weren't you just showing off? Why don't you continue showing off?"

Nangong Wuque struck Nangong Cheng's head repeatedly, and the latter was incapable of putting up any resistance.

"Didn't you want to step on me and rise higher? Come and try."


Nangong Cheng was extremely annoyed, and he couldn't help but spout a mouthful of blood.

Nangong Wuque thrust his fist and pounded Nangong Cheng's face, and this caused the latter to fall to the ground weakly.

Nangong Wuque covered his palm with true energy and placed it above the position of Nangong Cheng's energy core. A scarlet flame immediately rushed out of the energy core and entered Nangong Wuque's body.

Although he had been stripped of his Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames, Nangong Wuque still had a trace of its aura in his body; thus, suppressing an alchemic fire was quite easy for him, so he didn't experience any difficulty while trying to swallow the alchemic fire.

"Ahh! you mustn't do it... You mustn't." Nangong Cheng began to struggle wildly.

However, he could only watch helplessly as he was stripped of his alchemic fire. He became crestfallen, feeling as if it was his heart which had just been fished out of his body.

"Nangong Wuque... You dare!"

A resounding roar erupted from somewhere in the distance, and it quickly reached him. The roar even seemed to disperse the raindrops in its way.

Nangong Xuanying had finally arrived. There were two pitch-black chains fluttering around him, which emitted an extremely stifling and terrifying aura.

Nangong Wuque gazed at Nangong Xuanying coldly. He raised Nangong Cheng, who looked as lifeless as a dead dog, off the ground.

"Stop!!" Nangong Xuanying was extremely annoyed. Nangong Cheng was his descendant, so how could he let him die like this?

"Stop? Do you think I will stop just because you said so? Who do you think you are?"

Nangong Wuque coughed out a mouthful of blood, and his complexion became paler as that pill side effect tormented him. He exerted his strength and crushed Nangong Cheng's head directly.

Bu Fang, who remained in the distance, only watched with indifference.

Nangong Xuanying was so angry.

An angry roar accompanied by a terrifying pressure ripped through the surrounding, and he intended to turn Nangong Wuque into a meat paste directly with his strike.

This strike contained Nangong Xuanying's boundless anger.

Nangong Wuque's body was currently weak and feeble, so he dropped to a knee. The ice-cold rain fell upon his face and dripped down it.


A violet ray flickered as Whitey's body suddenly appeared before Nangong Wuque. It unfurled the metallic wings on its back, emitting a sonorous jingling sound.


The stripes on its armor flickered as Whitey raised its fan-like fist and pounded it against Nangong Xuanying's.

"A puppet? Get lost!" Nangong Xuanying roared.

Green smoke curled around Bu Fang's hand as he summoned the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

He poured the dissolved water of the Extreme Glacial Domain, and ramen noodles, which fluttered in the wind wildly, followed the water into the wok.

Bu Fang opened his mouth and spouted a golden flame, and the might of the golden flame, his Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame, erupted immediately.

Nangong Wuque sensed it. He turned his head and looked at Bu Fang in disbelief.

A Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame? Owner Bu had a Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame?