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 Chapter 439: Old Bu... I'm Truly Happy That I Was Able To Live Till Seeing You Once Again

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"Change? What do you mean by 'change'?"

Yang Meiji was taken aback and looked in confusion at the image that appeared from the jade talisman.

This was the image of the Pill Tower's Three Clouds Alchemist, Master Xuan Bei.

Master Xuan Bei seemed quite agitated and flustered at this moment. He didn't continue bickering with her, but just said coldly, "Stop asking questions and come back quickly. The Cloud Sea Secret Realm will open shortly, and you must prepare for it as this time I will be bringing you with me into it."

After Master Xuan Bei had said those words, his image began to flicker before disappearing altogether.

Yang Meiji found herself without a choice on the matter. She could look at Bu Fang in apology.

"I intended to come to the store to help in... but, it seems that I can't. That person was my respected teacher." Yang Meiji smiled as she introduced him.

Bu Fang nodded. That old man was quite powerful, and although he had only seen his image which had been condensed by the spirit talisman, Bu Fang could still feel the terrifying aura emanating from the old man's body.

It could be said that the old man was the most terrifying person Bu Fang had met so far.

"My teacher is an expert who has broken through three Supreme-Being shackles, and he is a Three Clouds Alchemist. He also has a lofty status in the Heavenly Mist City," Yang Meiji said cheerfully, then gave Bu Fang an apologetic gaze for the last time.

"I will now go back to the Pill Tower... Oh! Right. Since my teacher said that the Heavenly Mist City is going to change, then some major matter will surely occur, so you should be careful."

Bu Fang nodded before yawning lazily and going back into the kitchen to continue practicing culinary arts.

Yang Meiji chuckled lightly before she turned around and left the Cloud Mist Restaurant, walking toward the Pill Tower. She was feeling quite anxious because she could clearly remember what Nangong Wuque had said to her. "Let's compare our alchemy techniques after you broke through into the Two Clouds Alchemist level."

Oh!... How embarrassing!

As Yang Meiji thought of this matter, she couldn't help but bashfully clench her hands into fists and cover her face as she ran forward.

There were many people on the road who had seen her, and they all felt their hairs stand on end as they watched her. Is this guy a... retard?


Within the Heavenly Mist City's teleportation array, rays of light flickered, and their radiance grew more intense as time passed.

Countless strangers walked out of the teleportation array. Every one of these people emitted extremely powerful auras, which seemed capable of shattering space apart. The gazes of these people were ice-cold, and there seemed to be a bit of lightning flickering within their pupils.

"Is this the Pill Palace's Heavenly Mist City? This city is truly lucky; there is a teleportation node of the secret realm situated on it," said a person who took their lead, which emitted an extremely terrifying aura.

This person wore an extremely magnificent robe, sporting both white and blue colors. This man had white bangs on his forehead, which was a sharp contrast to his pitch-black hair.

"Since my Wind and Thunder Pavilion arrived here, then one of the quotas of this period's secret realm will surely be obtained by me, Xiao Changyun."

The man curled up the corners of his mouth and grinned.

The Wind and Thunder Pavilion was one of the Hidden Dragon Continent's first-rate factions. It was a faction no weaker than the Pill Palace and the Grand Barren Sect.

After this group of people left the teleportation array, they walked toward the city in an imposing manner.

After a short while, the teleportation array flickered again, and an extremely eerie aura, which caused everyone to loathe it, burst out of the array. Then, a group of people stepped out of it.

These people wore pitch-black robes that made them seem as though they had been wrapped and engulfed by darkness. Their expressions were fuzzy and couldn't be clearly seen. These people each carried a giant chest on their back. These chests were filled with countless abstruse and profound array patterns which emitted peculiar fluctuations.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

They did not utter a single word, but there were scarlet rays of light emanating from their faces; these were the glints in their eyes.

An eerie and gloomy aura capable of making anyone feel stifled clouded the area around the teleportation array.

The Puppet Sect's experts... had arrived.

This group of people, who were clad in black robes, strode forward, each emitting a pitch-black aura which darkened the surrounding. The scarlet eyes of the Puppet Sect's experts looked around, and as soon as their gazes fell on a towering building in the Heavenly Mist City, they chuckled hoarsely.

Their chuckles sounded like something being scrubbed thoroughly, and it was enough to cause one's hair to stand on end from fright.

A short while after the Puppet Sect's experts left, the teleportation array flickered again, and another group of people appeared in it. This group of people had extremely muscular and sturdy bodies, and they all emitted powerful auras.

The Grand Barren Sect's experts had also arrived.

The one who led the Grand Barren Sect's experts was a man carrying a giant stone sword on his back. The stone sword did not have an edge, but one could still feel powerful sword intent emanating from it, which seemed like it was capable of sweeping through everything.


The experts from the Lin Family and Zhang Family had already been standing at the entrance to the Heavenly Mist City for a while. The expressions on the faces of these experts slightly changed when they saw the new groups of people who were rushing over to the entrance.

These were all experts of first-rate factions. Although the experts in these groups were not the top-notch experts of their respective factions, these experts were still people who possessed prominent statuses.

The Lin Family warmly and respectfully welcomed the Wind and Thunder Pavilion's experts because this faction's prestige was well-known all over the continent.

Moreover, one of these experts was a genius from the Wind and Thunder Pavilion. This young genius, Xiao Changyun, had already broken through two Supreme-Being shackles.

As for the Zhang Family, it welcomed the Puppet Sect.

The Zhang Family was quite afraid of the sinister and terrifying Puppet Sect whose experts were fond of making and using puppets.

It was rumored that the Puppet Sect's experts could make extremely powerful puppets out of the corpses of other experts. The rumor went on to state that in order to make these powerful puppets, the Puppet Sect's experts dug out the graves of almost every expert on the continent. These corpses were then pulled out from the earth and refined into puppets.

They were extremely cruel and vicious.

Although the Pill Palace did not have a good relationship with the experts of the Grand Barren Sect, some of Heavenly Mist City's big families still went to warmly welcome and received them.

The newly arrived experts, who had come from one of this continent's first-rate factions, settled down in a corner of the Heavenly Mist City.

The Heavenly Mist City's ambiance had become quite austere and tense. The other two Pill Cities, Heavenly Pill City and Heavenly Shine City, had also sent some experts over; this was, after all, a major event related to a secret realm.

They were obliged to send some people over because the secret realm contained countless treasures, unparalleled spirit pills, crystal mines, heavenly materials, earthly treasures, and probably even a... Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame.

Hence, there wasn't anyone who wouldn't be tempted; after all, almost anything could exist within a secret realm.

The teleportation array flickered once again with resplendent lights.

This time, which was unlike the others, the teleportation array flickered with ice-cold and eerie lights, which were blood-red in color. Two people appeared within the teleportation array. These two were clad in blood-red robes. A heavy scent of blood reeked out of them and permeated the surroundings.

"Misha... are you sure that the Shura Tower's aura appeared inside this secret realm?" The red-robed person on the left side asked his partner.

In reply, the other person only smiled faintly and said, "My senses won't make a mistake. After that traitor, Duan Ling, stole the Shura Tower, he hid its aura. However, before long, its aura eventually leaked out one time. I wasn't able to sense any traces of it afterward."

"But, several days ago, when I was in the Ancient Shura City, I sensed an extremely intense fluctuation from the Shura Tower, indicating that the Shura Tower was in this secret realm."

Misha raised his head, and his pitch-black hair fluttered slightly.


In the Nangong Family's dark and moist dungeon, a person was bound to a metallic cross. The cross had an ice-cold chain which pierced through the person's body, causing blood to drip down.

Nangong Wuque's head hung weakly, and his ice-cold scarlet hair was sticking to his skin. He was feebly gasping for breath, and his eyes were only half-opened. Nangong Wuque could feel how weak his aura currently was, and his true energy was chaotically rampaging inside his meridians, causing him intense pain; it felt as though his entire body was being stabbed by countless needles.

His body was bound by the metallic cross, and its chain had pierced through his body and stripped him of all of his power.

As his Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames, the "Nine Hell King Flame" which was inside his energy core, had been forcefully extracted from him by Nangong Xuanhe, his cultivation was almost crippled.

The current Nangong Wuque didn't have a shred of his past glory and radiance.

Suddenly, the dungeon's gate was opened with a creak. As light poured into the dungeon and shone on Nangong Wuque, it irritated his eyes, making him groan. Many people came in through the gate.

Nangong Wan felt like she had been struck by lightning when she saw the current state of the Nangong Family. At that moment, her heart felt like it was dripping blood from pain. Was this person still her dissolute and wanton clown of a brother? How could they treat him like this?

At that moment, Nangong Wan was so angry that she almost flared out.

However, Nangong Xuanying, who was beside her, wasn't someone she could defeat.

She felt so dejected and sad, but could only look at Nangong Wuque with bloodshot eyes.

Nangong Wuque seemed to sense her gaze; he raised his head and looked at Nangong Wan's extremely beautiful face, after which he couldn't help but feel relaxed inwardly.

His blood-soaked pale face revealed a forced smile.

It seemed as though he was still trying to inform Nangong Wan that he was still her clown of a brother.

However, at this moment, none of them was sure whether this was truly the case.

"Second Elder, can you let me speak with him alone?" Nangong Wan coldly asked Nangong Xuanying coldly, as she reined in her sadness and grief.

Nangong Xuanying furrowed his brows and intended to reject her request.

"Hehe... he's already like this, so what are you afraid of?" Nangong Wan said, watching Nangong Xuanying in disdain.

"She is right. The entire Nangong Family is now controlled by us three brothers, so what do we still need to fear?"

Nangong Xuanying curled up the corners of his mouth and left without saying a word. After he walked out of the dungeon, he sighed lightly. Weariness emanated from him as he clasped his hands behind his back and stood there.

After a long while, the dungeon's gate was opened, and Nangong Wan walked out of it.

"Let's go," she said, expressionlessly.

Nangong Xuanying looked at her deeply before walking away from the dungeon. After the guards entered the dungeon and saw that Nangong Wuque was still bound by the metallic cross, they relaxed and went back to their job.

Nangong Wuque raised his head slightly, and the corners of his mouth curled upwards.

"That lassie... her alchemy skill really has advanced by much."


He bit a pill already in his mouth. After he bit it, an array within the bill burst out and became bigger, and a terrifying tearing force transmitted from it, mutilating Nangong Wuque's body even more.

Teleportation arrays that could be concealed within pills contained an extremely massive and tyrannical energy.

This action was an extremely dangerous one. However, Nangong Wan only chose to do this because she had no other choice.

No one knew whether Nangong Wuque would end up torn apart by the energy during teleportation or survive after using it.

Inside that teleportation array engulfed by light, Nangong Wuque kept coughing blood, but he was laughing heartily, sporting a gaze filled with madness.

With a loud "swoosh" sound, the radiance disappeared, and Nangong Wuque and the ice-cold metallic cross disappeared along with it.

For a moment, the dungeon's guards looked in shock at the scene before raising an uproar.

Nangong Wuque... had escaped!


In the Cloud Mist Restaurant, after Bu Fang finished practicing culinary arts, he stretched his body before leaving the kitchen. Suddenly, an intense fluctuation rippled through the store.

Bu Fang was taken aback by the sudden development. He raised his head and looked in the direction of the fluctuation.

He saw an array taking shape there, and a badly mangled person fell out of it, slamming hard against the ground.

Bu Fang was dumbfounded. What the hell was happening?

The person budged slightly, and a feeble voice emanated from him.

"Old Bu... I'm truly happy that I was able to live to see you once more."