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 Chapter 437: Yang Meiji is surprised

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"Young Master, Let us return. Master should be back soon," the Nangong Family's great elder said as he looked at Nangong Wuque who was lying on the chair.

Bu Fang was also slouching on a chair as he looked at this group of people. When he heard what they said, his ears twitched and he started to feel excitement in his heart.

Secret Realm? What could that possibly be?

Nangong Wuque frowned and looked into the elder's eye. He exhaled a long breath and sighed. Standing up, Nangong Wuque replied, "Since the elder has already spoken, what more can I say? Let's go back and get ready to welcome my dad back home."

The smile on the great elder's face got even bigger.

"Young Master, this way, please."

A path opened in the crowd and Nangong Wuque, who was wearing a red robe, strode through the crowd. His red hair fluttered behind him as a breeze blew against his face.

No matter how funny and weird he behaved, Nangong Wuque was still the number one successor of the Nangong Family. People would still give him the respect he deserved.

Besides, there was nothing wrong with Nangong Wuque other than him being comedic. He had an extremely high talent in alchemy and he also had a handsome face. There were many girls who were attracted to him.

As Nangong Wuque strode through the crowd with a proud smile on his face, he felt as though there was a pair of eyes staring at him. He instantly felt curious and wanted to find out who was the one looking at him.

As a talented alchemist, Nangong Wuque had a strong mental force. He could feel that the gaze which was fixed on him had a fire burning in it.

When he looked over, Nangong Wuque saw a stalwart figure looking at him. The person should be the one who had been staring at him with a fiery gaze.

The figure was wearing a brand new alchemist robe. There was a vivid cloud printed on the robe.

Hmm... It was actually a cloud level alchemist.

"Prince... My prince is coming over! What do I do? Oh my god... I am so excited!"

Yang Meiji could feel that her heartbeat was extremely frantic at the moment. Her face was as red as a tomato and she felt extremely shy when she saw that Nangong Wuque was walking in her direction. She quickly looked to the side and didn't dare to look into Nangong Wuque's eye at all.

During her time in the alchemist college, Yang Meiji used to look at Nangong Wuque from afar. She could see his incredible alchemy skill. She also took note of how handsome he looked when he waved his Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame around.

She felt as though her heart would beat faster every time she looked at him.

"You just became a one cloud alchemist? I don't think I've seen you before." Nangong Wuque spoke to Yang Meiji with a smile on his face.

Is he talking to me? Yang Meiji became even more excited and the fire in her eyes burned brighter.

When he saw the burning passion in her eyes, he became surprised... What the hell?

Why were this big guy's eyes making me so scared?

Unless... Unless this guy is actually...

When he thought about it, Nangong Wuque's face changed. He quickly took a step back and increased the distance between himself and Yang Meiji.

"Dude... You are pretty good, cheers! Work hard and become a two cloud alchemist. We can have an alchemy duel some other day. I'll be going now."

The moment he finished talking, he left with the members of the Nangong Family.

"Oh... He is still so popular with people! He is still so handsome... He actually wants to have an alchemic duel with me... I am so happy!"

Yang Meiji kneaded her fist. Her face had an infatuated look when she looked at Nangong Wuque's back as he walked away. She felt extremely intoxicated when she thought about what he just said to her. All of a sudden, the smile on her face froze.

"Wait... What did he just call me? Did he just call me a dude?"

The corners of Yang Meiji's mouth curled downwards and all the joy on her face disappeared. It was replaced with an expressionless face.

When she saw that Nangong Wuque was leaving, Yang Meiji suddenly thought of her original purpose of coming to this place. Her heart started jumping yet again.

Even prince Wuque came here?

How badly did Bu Fang do? Did the store collapse?

Yang Meiji quickened her steps and quickly arrived at the store.

Sure enough... the first thing she saw was Bu Fang sitting on a chair in front of the store. He had a lazy look on his face. It seemed as though he had been abandoned by the whole world.

How could he be like that? Even if the business of the store wasn't doing good, how could he just give up on himself like this?

He needed passion. The most important thing when running a business was passion.

Yang Meiji walked toward Bu Fang aggressively. When she finally stood in front of him, he felt as though something was blocking the sunlight and a shadow covered his face.

Slowly opening his eyes, Bu Fang could see that there was a stalwart figure in front of him. It was Yang Meiji...

"Hey, I haven't seen you in a long time." Bu Fang welcomed.

"What are you doing! Even though the Cloud Mist Restaurant is in a bad spot, we have to keep it going. We have to keep the dream alive and we have to pursue excellence. We need to have passion! We need to believe that business will be better one day. I believe in your skills... You will be famous in the future!"

Yang Meiji encouraged Bu Fang with her words as she felt that he was giving up on himself. She hoped that he would pick himself up and continue running the Cloud Mist Restaurant properly.

Bu Fang was thrown into confusion. He couldn't understand a word she said.

After pouring out her feelings, Yang Meiji felt much better.

She always had a high expectation for the store. After all, this was her father's restaurant. She didn't want the business to collapse.

However, after she was done talking, the atmosphere changed. Everyone looked at her with a look of disdain. There seemed to be a lot of people looking at her with a surprised expression.

Yang Meiji felt as though something was wrong and she turned her gaze upwards. She looked into the interior of the restaurant.

Inside the restaurant, there were many pairs of eyes which stared at Yang Meiji. The customers in the store looked at her with a face full of shock and they were all confused.

Obviously, Bu Fang wasn't the only one who didn't understand what they were talking about. Nobody in the restaurant understood her as well.

"Hahaha... You guys can carry on with what you were doing. I... I was just thinking about my alchemy formula."

That was so embarrassing. Why were there so many people in the restaurant? Why?

An awkward smile hung on Yang Meiji's face but her heart was filled with shock.

Oh my god!

There were actually so many customers in the store! The Cloud Mist Restaurant is alive!

Even though it was surrounded by so many elixir stores, it finally managed to make a place for itself. It was no wonder that the store owners of the elixir stores were whispering about the restaurant. It was because their business was stolen.

Tsk, tsk.

Thinking about it, Yang Meiji looked at the young man who was lying on the chair and the look of shock in her eyes became stronger and stronger.

A restaurant actually took over the elixirs store's business? How... How could something like this happen? Was she dreaming? How could something like this happen? It was supposed to be impossible. Wait... Why did the restaurant look different from before?

When she looked at the restaurant, she noticed many changes. The tables and chairs were all different. They were completely different from the ones she had bought before she left.

The tables were not the cheap tables she bought.

Standing up, Bu Fang looked at the shocked Yang Meiji who was staring at the restaurant. He stretched his hands and yawned as he touched Shrimpy, who was on his shoulder.

"After you left, I made some adjustments. I re-furnished the entire restaurant and the business isn't bad," Bu Fang said.

Not bad? Owner Bu... You are being modest.

Some of the customers in the store were the owners of the elixir stores. When they heard what Bu Fang said, their jaws hung open. The corners of their mouths twitched and different thoughts ran through their heads.

Nearly all of their business was stolen by Bu Fang'a store... Yet he called this "not bad"?

The owners of the elixir stores became so angry that they were about to explode. However, they could only let out all their steam into the Egg-Fried Rice.

"You can walk around the store. Other than the kitchen, you can go anywhere else," Bu Fang said.

The kitchen was the most important place. Normal people were not allowed into the kitchen. Even though Yang Meiji was the boss of the restaurant, she wasn't allowed in the kitchen as well.

After all, Bu Fang was the real boss of the restaurant.

Yang Meiji looked into Bu Fang's serious eyes and nodded her head. She started looking all over the restaurant.

"Owner Bu, give me one Egg-Fried Rice."

A customer walked into the store and said to Bu Fang. In the recent days, the customers started being respectful to the owner of the restaurant.

After all, Bu Fang was the future husband of Nangong Wan. He was connected to the Nangong Family and they would support him if they could. The food was also delicious. The food was so delicious that all of them lost all hatred of the store.

After they ate in the restaurant, they felt extremely happy when they left. In fact, it seemed quite good that the restaurant was open for business.


In the residence of the Nangong Family.

In a courtyard covering a vast area, the water, the pavilions, and the yard made the place look like a fairyland.

Nangong Wuque walked around the yard.

The great elder was following him on the side as they walked toward a location in the yard.

After walking for a long time, they stepped into a transport array. In the next moment, a blinding light shot out of the transport array. After their figure twisted in the array, both of them disappeared.

They re-appeared soon, standing on top of a high metal building inside Heavenly Mist City. The building towered into the skies and Nangong Wuque walked to the window after leaving the transport array. He could see the entire Heavenly Mist City when he looked out of the window.

This metal building belonged to the Nangong Family. It was the headquarters of the family.

Nangong Wuque stood at the top of the building and looked down on the entire city.

Inside the building, there was a transport array as big as a square. That transport array led to the Cloud Sea Secret Realm. There were many people standing around the array. They were all higher class members of the Nangong Family. Many of them were elders and some of them were supervisors of the Nangong Family's business. Some of them possessed great power and some had many people under them. All of them were famous people in Heavenly Mist City.

"Young Master, the hundred thousand pieces of crystals are already set up. The transport array is ready to be opened. You should be the one to signal the opening of the transport array," the great elder gently looked at Nangong Wuque and said.

The elders around them echoed with smiles on their face. However, their smiles were somewhat forced.

Nangong Wuque frowned and he looked at everyone around him. A strange feeling welled up in his heart.

However, he didn't think too much about it. His father would return after the transport array was activated. These people would not dare to do anything to him.

With a nod, he raised his hand and a pale flame appeared.

Everyone around looked at the flame which came out of Nangong Wuque's hand. It was a Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame.

When the flame shot out from his finger, it shot quickly toward the center of the transport array.

The whole array was powered by the crystals and the vitality of the array was all fired up. It seemed as though it was boiling. The light illuminated the entire area and lit up the faces of everyone.

The light reflected the creepy smile of everyone around.


In the courtyard of the Nangong Family, Nangong Wan was wearing a long dress. It accentuated the figure of the fiery body and her white and long legs seemed as though they were white jade. She looked extremely charming at this moment.

All of a sudden, she showed a slight frown and her hand covered her chest.

Her heart was throbbing violently and her entire body trembled.

It seemed as though something bad was about to happen.