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 Chapter 435: King Of Woks... Black Turtle Wok!

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Zhang Dongfang was a pill furnace supplier in Heavenly Mist City. He practically held the monopoly over the entire business of selling pill furnaces in the city, and these three golden bright pill furnaces were his precious treasure.

The three pill furnaces were not simply used for pill making, they were extremely handy when it came to fights. They could be used as powerful weapons in a fight.

However, Zhang Dongfang actually fought Bu Fang from a distance.

Although Owner Bu's puppet was in the Divine Physique Echelon, Bu Fang was merely a Supreme-Being. How could he defend himself against Zhang Dongfang's killing techniques?

Everyone who was watching the fight sighed. Closing their eyes, they were not willing to watch the outcome of the battle.

Their Nangong goddess had just found a husband... It was a shame he was going to die soon.

Nangong Wan was endlessly shocked in her heart. She knew that the three pill furnaces contained a terrifying power and her complexion instantly changed when she saw that Zhang Dongfang was using them to fight against Bu Fang. There was a tinge of sadness in her heart.

Could it be that Owner Bu was going to die there?

If Owner Bu really died, she would no longer be able to taste his delicious dishes.

On the side, Nangong Wuque's eyes widened to the size of saucers, and there was a complicated expression on his face. He looked extremely sad and there was a sense of longing on his face.

"Brother-in-law, please don't die like this!"

Shaking his head, tears formed in his eyes and they were ready to gush out at any moment.

With the Black Turtle Constellation Wok suspended on his hand, Bu Fang stared at the three pill furnaces. The corners of his mouth formed a thin line and thoughts flashed through his mind.

All of a sudden, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok shot out from Bu Fang's hand. The speed of the wok was extremely fast.

Even though he was facing the three pill furnaces and a cultivator who was in the Divine Physique Echelon, there wasn't a trace of fear on Bu Fang's face. It was as though he couldn't be bothered at all even though his opponent was stronger than him.

Zhang Dongfang might have been trashed by Whitey, but he felt no shame. Instead, he felt extremely carefree in his heart.

That was just a puppet anyway...

As long as he killed Bu Fang, there would be no one left to control the puppet. If there was no one to control the puppet, Zhang Dongfang simply had to find the method to take over it.

As long as he learned the method to control the puppet... It could be used by him!

When he thought about how he would have a Divine Physique Echelon puppet under his control, Zhang Dongfang became unable to control himself. A chuckle escaped his lips and he eventually started laughing maniacally.

It was no wonder that Zhang Dongfang was a Heavenly Mist City's man of honor... He climbed his way up with his sinister means.

Everyone who was watching the battle sighed in unison inside their heart.

Owner Bu was surely going to die this time...

Which was tougher? Was it the three pill furnaces? Or was it the Black Turtle Constellation Wok?

Bu Fang wasn't sure of the answer himself, however, he had faith in his Black Turtle Constellation Wok. He had a calm expression on his face even though he faced the three pill furnaces.

As the three Gold Bright Pill Furnaces flew toward Bu Fang, a blast of wind blew against him. His hair fluttered behind him but there wasn't a trace of panic on his face.

With an indifferent look on his face, Bu Fang looked at the collision between his Black Turtle Constellation Wok and the three Gold Bright Pill Furnaces.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok was also known as the Heaven and Earth Metamorphosis Wok. It was part of the God of Cooking set.

How could Bu Fang doubt the power of the Black Turtle Constellation Wok?

The power of the God of Cooking was beyond everyone's imaginations. Bu Fang was still considered too weak now... However, every time his cultivation improved, he could faintly feel the terrifying abilities of the God of Cooking.

Like the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife... A single knife allowed Bu Fang to run rampant in Light Wind Empire. When fighting against spirit beasts, it was as though Bu Fang was cutting grass.

As his cultivation grew, the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife grew as well. The power of the knife was extremely strong right now.

Nangong Wuque wasn't going to take action anymore. He simply stretched out his hand toward the sky as he watched the pitch-black wok crash against the three pill furnaces.

This pitch-black wok... It should be broken now right?

After all, the three pill furnaces were Zhang Dongfang's precious treasures. They were not objects which could be deflected by a single wok.

As the Black Turtle Constellation Wok flew closer to the three pill furnaces, a change occurred. Bu Fang became stunned in his heart.

Looking at the pitch-black wok in the sky, Bu Fang felt as though it was unbelievable.

He actually felt emotions coming from the Black Turtle Constellation Wok?

How was it possible...


The three pill furnaces slammed against the Black Turtle Constellation Wok in the sky.

A loud blast resounded in the ears of everyone and they felt as though their eardrums were about to burst. It wasn't just a single crash. The earth-shattering collision sound came wave by waves as it shook the eardrums of everyone present.

Many people covered their ears and they were looking at the sky with a face full of disbelief.

"That Black Wok... It can actually block Zhang Dongfang's pill furnaces?"

"Oh my god... That inconspicuous black wok is actually so strong!"

"Is there something wrong with the quality of Zhang Dongfang's pill furnaces? How can he make pills if he can't even smash apart this black wok?"

Everyone was shocked when they saw that the pitch-black wok didn't break after smashing against the three pill furnaces. They were dumbfounded for a moment before waves of discussion broke out among them.

Nangong Wuque couldn't help himself and he waved his fists excitedly in the air, "Owner Bu... Good job, what a beautiful black wok!"

Now that Bu Fang's black wok was able to block Zhang Dongfang's pill furnaces, everything would go much smoother...

Nangong Wuque kneaded his fists and the aura he released got stronger and stronger.

A powerful white flame emerged from his body and it quickly covered his entire body.

Heat waves shot into the sky and a shockwave started to spread out with Nangong Wuque in the center. It affected everything in the surrounding and everyone became extremely afraid.

The power of the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame is really unfathomable!

"Don't worry... He is not getting his pill furnaces back."

Bu Fang looked at his Black Turtle Constellation Wok and calmly said.

The moment the words left his mouth, everyone around him became numbed. There were even some people who scoffed at him for overestimating himself.

The black and gold light in the sky was currently in a stalemate. Neither of them was able to overpower each other. Where did Bu Fang find the confidence to say that his black wok would be able to defeat the three pill furnaces?

Even before the skeptical voices died down, a shocking change happened in the sky.

The gold light which was emitted from the three pill furnaces became extremely bright. It seemed as though another small sun appeared in the sky and it blinded the onlookers.

When the collision occurred, Zhang Dongfang became extremely upset as his pill furnaces were blocked by an ordinary-looking black wok.

However, he didn't expect that a blinding gold light would burst out from his pill furnaces. This was a change which shocked him. This resplendent golden light... Could it be that his pill furnaces were about to overpower the black wok?

That must be the case!

Zhang Dongfang was so excited that he was unable to control himself. He wanted to shout out loud.

However, before he was able to express his joy in a loud proclamation of victory, Whitey slapped his head and rubbed it on the ground.

Zhang Dongfang coughed out blood once again...

Even though he was unable to express his joy through his shout, the excitement in his eyes couldn't be concealed.


The roar of a loud beast filled the void all of a sudden.

In the next moment, a shadow could be seen in the midst of the resplendent golden light. The shadow was colossal and seemed as though it was about to break out of the golden light.

The figure emitted a majestic aura and looked like it was carrying a mountain of gold. There were strange creatures flying on the top of the mountain peak.

A terrifying pressure appeared the moment the figure appeared.

In that instant, everyone was stunned.

Bu Fang was endlessly shocked in his heart... Was this the Black Tortoise?

There was actually a spirit residing in a piece of the God of Cooking set?

Even if there was a spirit hiding in each piece of the God of Cooking set, it never appeared before. Could it be that the provocation of those three pill furnaces forced it out?

God of Cooking set, Heaven and Earth Metamorphosis Wok... King of woks!

The dignity of the wok king was something which couldn't be challenged by three little pill furnaces.

The shadow disappeared as quickly as it appeared.

The radiance emitted by the Black Turtle Constellation Wok converged and disappeared as if it never appeared in the first place. It eventually changed back into a primitive, simple, black wok and it quietly floated in the void.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The sound of shattering was heard and it was loud and clear.

The people who were shocked by the Black Tortoise's roar suddenly came back to their senses. They looked around in bewilderment and had no idea what just happened.

In the sky, the three golden pill furnaces crumbled and became full of cracks. As a gust of wind blew against the three pill furnaces, they turned into fine sand as they poured down from the sky.

The three pill furnaces were destroyed just like that...

The only thing which was left in the sky was that pitch-black wok. It remained suspended in the air silently.

At that moment, everyone stared at that wok and they felt a sense of oppression coming from the ordinary-looking pitch-black wok.

Oh god... What just happened?

The golden light... The golden light wasn't released from the three pill furnaces?

How did the situation change all of a sudden? How could the three pill furnaces be shattered by the black wok?


The excitement in Zhang Dongfang's eyes froze and he crawled up from the ground with his shaky limbs. A look of disbelief was etched on his face and he was clearly shocked by the events which just happened.

"How... How can this be? My pill furnaces!"

Zhang Dongfang had just shouted a single sentence before Whitey grabbed his head and pressed it against the ground again. His fate could be imagined... Whitey rubbed his head on the ground mercilessly.


Blood flowed from Zhang Dongfang's head and he coughed out mouthfuls after mouthfuls of blood. The cloth on his body was finally torn.

After his clothes were ripped apart, Whitey lifted Zhang Dongfang from the ground. With a wave of its arm, it threw him far away.

When he landed on the ground, a cloud of dust billowed around him.

The other Zhang family members were horrified...

Zhang Dongfang... He was Heavenly Mist City's man of honor. He was actually stripped and thrown into the streets?

Whitey's violet eyes glowed as they swept across the surroundings. They were ice-cold as Whitey looked at everyone surrounding them.

All the members of the Zhang family shivered when Whitey's gaze swept past them. They quickly retreated far away from this terrifying being.

The Zhang Family's young master who had been stripped by Whitey rolled and crawled his way to Zhang Dongfang's side as he took out some clothes from his spatial spiritual tool. He quickly passed the clothes over to the naked Zhang Dongfang.

Fortunately, ever since he was stripped by Whitey, he got into the habit of keeping some extra clothes in his spatial spiritual tool.

In the past, he only used to keep pills, weapons, and crystals in his spatial spiritual tool. No one would be stupid enough to keep extra clothes in their spatial spiritual tool...

When someone reached their level of cultivation, they wouldn't be bored enough to strip their opponent naked.

The only time they would be stripped would be when they met this crazy clothes-stripping demon. It's absolutely retarded.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok flew back into Bu Fang's hand and he caught it before slamming it against the floor. With a loud 'Boom', the Black Turtle Constellation Wok smashed into the ground.

He swept his indifferent gaze around his surrounding.

Nangong Wuque, who was covered in flames, nearly had his eye pop out of its socket. He was stunned for a moment and his expression was very peculiar.

"As expected of my brother-in-law. You are really powerful." Nangong slapped his own mouth and laughed.

"Brother-in-law my ass! Would you die if you don't open your mouth?" Nangong Wan became speechless.


Lin Wuying's figure slowly crawled up from the ground and his eyes were still cold. After looking at Zhang Dongfang who was in a sorry state, he felt a chill in his heart.

This little restaurant... It was actually so difficult to deal with.

No wonder they dared to challenge the Lin and Zhang Families.

"Hey... Your Monarch Fire Pills sound be gone by now, right?" Nangong Wuque smiled and looked at Lin Wuying.

Lin Wuying was shocked for a moment and in the next, his pupils constricted.

Nangong Wuque, who was covered in flames, erupted with his full speed and appeared in front of Lin Wuying.

The white flames raged on and the heat caused sweat to appear on Lin Wuying's body.


Dark shadows appeared around Lin Wuying and his body moved through the shadows as he tried to avoid Nangong Wuque's attacks.

Nangong Wuque revealed a mocking expression and he said, " Useless thing... You're not even one of the monsters from the young alchemy competition. How can someone like you avoid my attacks? If you manage to avoid my attacks, you won't be called Lin Wuying."

In the next moment, a casual smile appeared on Nangong Wuque's face. A whirlwind of flames instantly appeared around his body. As the flames rolled about, they swallowed the shadows.


A muffled snort could be heard and Lin Wuying's body fell out from the sea of flames. His skin was bright red and it was obvious that he had been unable to dodge Nangong Wuque's attacks.

"Nangong Family's young lord... Please show some mercy."

The moment Nangong Wuque threw out a ball of white flames toward Lin Wuying, a cold voice appeared in the sky.

The pressure coming from the Heaven and Earth rose and it oppressed everyone.

In the distance, the shadow of a huge hand appeared. With a slight squeeze, the fireball which was shot out by Nangong Wuque was easily crushed.

"For today's matter, you can count it as my Lin Family's loss. The Lin Family will apologize to the Nangong Family another day."

The rumbling sound continued for quite some time before disappearing.

The corner of Nangong Wuque's lips curled upwards. In fact, he didn't want to kill Lin Wuying. The last fireball he shot out was simply for show.

The reason he shot out the fireball was to force out the Lin Family's experts. They were Divine Physique Echelon experts who had broken two of the Supreme-Being shackles.

After coughing a mouthful of blood, Lin Wuying stood up with help from his family members.

"Tsk, tsk. In order to satisfy Master Whitey's hobby, Lin Wuying, you'd better start running."

With a smile on his face, Nangong Wuque snapped his fingers.

Lin Wuying stiffened his body as a white flame engulfed him. Although it didn't hurt him in the slightest, the torn clothes on his body turned into ashes.

Lin Wuying felt a cold breeze as a gust of wind suddenly appeared from nowhere.

"Ah! Nangong Wuque, I, Lin Wuying, won't rest till one of us is dead!"

In the next moment, a sound tore through the skies. It was the sound of a squealing pig as it got slaughtered.