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 Chapter 434: You Cannot Touch Fire Freely

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"Who dares to touch my brother-in-law?!"

Nangong Wuque's arrogant words rang through the air.

The surrounding crowd was astounded. They all stayed in disbelief, with their jaws open wide.


Really! Brother-in-law?!

So, it was for this reason. No wonder this little store could act so tyrannical. Oh my god, this was totally unbelievable!

No wonder. This explained why goddess Nangong Wan had been going to this store. Goddess Nangong Wan even dared to eat a dish that stunk like shit.

All of this... was because of love!

So, the boss of this Cloud Mist Restaurant's is actually goddess Nangong Wan's husband?

My god!

This is simply too crazy!

Bu Fang's lips twitched. He really wanted to use the Black Turtle Constellation Wok to knock Nangong Wuque out.

Who is his brother-in-law? When did he, Bu Fang, promise to be Nangong Wuque brother-in-law?

Nangong Wan was also in a daze, but soon, her wits returned, and her delicate face turned red instantly. She directed a deadly gaze at Nangong Wuque, with scarlet eyes that seemed like they were spewing out fire.


A green ball of alchemic flames appeared above Nangong Wan palm.

"Nangong Wuque, if you weren't my brother, this missus would have hacked you into bits and pieces already! If you dare to speak such nonsense again, this missus will go back and destroy that precious furnace of yours, immediately!"

Nangong Wan screamed in rage. It was impossible to face this clown with a calm heart.

Both Lin Wuying and Zhang Dongfang were speechless as they watched the entire scene unfold.

Originally, when statements laced with gusto are spoken by Nangong Wuque, it sounded really strange.

The purple glow in Whitey's eye flickered. Nangong Wuque's words seemed to have shattered its momentum, forcing it to pause for a moment.

Nangong Wuque wiped his greasy mouth while chewing. With a large gulp, his pupils dilated as he swallowed the delicious food down his throat and let out a long deep breath.

"Delicious... Dear little sister, you don't have to deny it. You are someone who is extremely concerned about appearances, yet you don't care about your image in front of Boss Bu. Since I am your big brother, I understand the intention of your heart," Nangong Wuque said, gazing at Nangong Wan with an unserious expression.

Nangong Wan wanted to burn this person with her alchemic flames.

"Ahem... Please, don't speak of such nonsense and destroy my innocence, creating trouble in my store." Before Nangong Wan had a chance to express her rage, Bu Fang had already opened his mouth and rebuked Nangong Wuque, with an indifferent expression on his face.

Nangong Wuque, however, stared at Bu Fang with wide eyes. What do you mean by this? Nangong Wan was actually rejected?

"Is my little sister not pretty? Is my little sister not lovely? If she is, then why are you unwilling to be my brother-in-law?"

Nangong Wuque scratched his head while looking at Nangong Nan. "Little sister, looks like you cannot get married."

"Nangong Wuque! Don't act like a retard. Are you really sane?!"

Lin Wuying's angry words cut through Nangong Wuque's ramble.

Nangong Wuque smiled and turned to face Lin Wuying. This guy was rarely serious, but now that he was, his gaze stung like a sharpened sword; just a look at his eyes was enough to set one on edge.

Although Nangong Wuque's lip curled into a shameless smile, the gaze he directed at Lin Wuying was brimming with arrogance.

And, with a slight movement, Nangong's Wuque's lips slowly parted.

"Why don't you take a guess?"


Take what guess?!

Lin Wuying almost threw up blood. Even after that display of arrogance, Nangong Wuque still had the gall to ask him to "take a guess".

Why was this retard his destined adversary?!

Nangong Wan was also speechless... this was simply too embarrassing.

The indifferent expression remained on Bu Fang's face as he patted Whitey's belly, causing the dim purple glow in Whitey's eyes to shine brightly once again.


The golden wings on Whitey's back unfurled and spread open, and a strong gust of wind swept through the entire store.

Lin Wuying's and Zhang Dongfang's hearts sunk, and they watched Whitey alertly. This divine realm puppet may be hard to handle.

"A little store dares to oppose my Lin Family?" Lin Wuying said coldly, glaring at Bu Fang as though the latter was already a corpse.

Whitey's golden wings flapped, and suddenly, innumerable golden blades protruded out of them, emitting metallic clanking sounds, making it seem as if there were just about ready to be fired at Whitey's target.

At that moment, a shadow appeared in front of Whitey, blocking its path.

"Lord White, don't need to be so anxious... Why don't you take a break? Let the young master handle these two idiots!" Nangong Wuque's short red hair rustled in the wind as he held back Whitey, with a grin on his face.

When he had said that, Nangong Wuque even patted Whitey's belly.

"Not bad. It's quite bouncy!"

"Nangong Wuque, you really think that I, Lin Wuying, am afraid of you?! Come, let's battle!"

Lin Wuying shouted as light enveloped his body. He dashed toward Nangong Wuque with a speed that was close to the speed of sound. The glow in Zhang Dongfang's eyes flickered as he, too, made a move. A whip enveloped with turbulent true energy was unveiled as he also dashed toward Nangong Wuque. Both Divine Physique Echelon opponents had charged toward Nangong Wuque.

The atmosphere in the store was once again filled with killing intent.

Nangong Wuque squinted his eyes, and this time, his facial expression became serious. Suddenly, his true energy surged, and a dense white flame covered his palm.

"Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame... Nine Hell King Flame?"

Lin Wuying slowed his charge for a brief movement, and his eye brimmed with greed.

Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame... That was every alchemist's dream flame.

The white flame on Nangong Wuque began to rotate, morphing into a flame ring. With a jerk, the flame ring lunged toward Lin Wuying.


Lin Wuying was unable to dodge the flame and was sent flying out of the restaurant.

On the other hand, Zhang Dongfang reached Nangong Wuque, and he swung his true energy-covered whip, which was currently as sharp as a knife, downward.

Suddenly, at that moment, doubt sprung up in his heart.

A shadow streaked toward the attacking Xhang Dongfang, and before the latter could hit his target, the shadow collided with him and sent him flying towards the store's door.

Whitey's eyes flashed with a brilliant purple glow. While Zhang Dongfang was still in midair, Whitey grabbed him by the head and dashed out of the restaurant, and then, it slammed the former into the ground fiercely.

The impact created a deep hole in the ground, even though it had been reinforced with an array.

"Troublemakers... will be stripped as an example to others."

The purple glow in Whitey's eyes flickered, and it raised its hand, preparing to begin stripping people.

Suddenly, Zhang Dongfang, who didn't plan to let Whitey have its way, flew out of the depression in the ground, with his entire body enshrouded in true energy.

This time, Whitey was thrown backward.

A golden pill furnace hovered in front of Zhang Dongfang's forehead.

He had used the pill furnace to push Whitey backward.


Heavenly Mist City was encased in the bright aura of an array. The damaged ground was repaired by a formless energy.

"My god... Lord White was actually pushed back?"

Nangong Wuque, who was still holding onto his dense white flames, exclaimed in surprise.

"You'd better be concerned about yourself!"

As the white flames that struck Lin Wuying earlier dissipated, a formless aura could be seen enveloping his body, protecting him and isolating him from being burned by the dissipating white flames.

"You scourge... You actually used the ninth grade elixir, 'Fire Protection Pill'. Don't you care about your reputation?!"

Nangong Wuque gazed at Lin Wuying in displeasure.

However, Lin Wuying could not be bothered to respond to Nangong Wuque. He clenched his hands into fists, and true energy surged from his body. Then, his body covered with true energy became hollowed and blurred.

Another Lin Wuying appeared and hovered beside the original.

"The Lin Family's shadow art?"

Nangong Nan watched from afar. This explained why Lin Wuying was one of the talents in Heavenly Misty City. To think that he could utilize the Lin Family's trump card.

The two body images disappeared from their original positions, causing the air to rumble as though it was being split.

A frightening sonic wave spread outward.

Facing Lin Wuying's shadow arts, Nangong Wuque remained calm. With a light push off the ground, he soared into the sky.


A hole was made in the spot that Nangong Wuque had originally been standing by Li Wuying.

Within the dust cloud that soared upwards after that attack, a shadow lunged sharply toward Nangong Wuque and attacked.

Dense white flames immediately covered Nangong Wuque, protecting him.

The speed at which the fight was taking place was so fast that the surrounding spectators couldn't follow the actions of both opponents with their naked eyes.

"Shadow art? You think you are my equal just because you mastered the shadow art?!"

With a shout, Nangong Wuque reappeared behind Lin Wuying, and a flame-covered palm struck the latter's head. Lin Wuying was in despair. He quickly turned around, but all he saw was a fading silhouette, as Nangong Wuque had already repositioned himself, appearing behind Lin Wuying again.

"How dare you make a move on my brother-in-law?!"


Another resounding slap smashed the back of Lin Wuqing's head. Lin Wuqing was totally enraged.

Slap... Slap...

New slaps followed older slaps consecutively. Nangong Wuque had gotten completely addicted to it. Suddenly, his hand was grabbed. Lin Wuying's eyes had turned bloodshot, brimming with hatred.

"So you enjoy slapping?" Lin Wuying mutter in a voice brimming with anger.

A black shadow appeared from Lin Wuying skin and restricted Nangong Wuque's arm.

Nangong Wuque blinked.

"So what? How about you, then... enjoying caressing my arm?" Nangong Wuque retorted.

Lin Wuying was startled.

Suddenly, dense white flames surged out of the arm which was being restricted.


The flames combusted, and the intense pressure sent Lin Wuying flying, crashing into an elixir shop which was farther away.

The black shadow dissipated as it had lost its support.

Nangong Wuque took a bow playfully as he watched Lin Wuying.

"You cannot touch fire just like that. Next time, you better employ more caution."


The ground trembled.

Nangong Wuque turned to look at the source of the tremor.

He saw Zhang Dongfang being pummeled into the ground by Whitey's fist. Another depression had already formed in the ground, despite its repair only moments earlier.

At this point, three golden pill furnaces burst forward, pushing Whitey backward.

Zhang Dongfang eye's brimmed with hate as he coughed up blood. He had never imagined that this puppet would be so strong.

The golden metallic wings behind Whitey flapped, and its purple-colored eye locked onto Zhang Dongfang.

The three golden pill furnaces hoving in front of him formed a strange array around him for protection. The array formation was quite mysterious.

Zhang Dongfang's mouth suddenly twitched. Why did he even need to fight the puppet? All he needed to do was to kill the person controlling the puppet.

Exuding intense killing intention, Zhang Dongfang pointed his hand forward, using his thought to direct the three golden pill furnaces to soar toward Bu Fang, who had been watching the show.

As the three pill furnaces streaked forward, piercing through the air.

"Brother-in-law, be careful!" Nangong Wuque shouted in anxiety.

Nangong Nan was also concerned until she heard Nangong Wuque's warning... what brother-in-law?!

Bu Fang appeared calm in the face of the approaching danger; even Zhang Dongfang found his reaction difficult to believe.

At that moment, Zhang Dongfang saw a wisp of green smoke curl around Bu Fang's arm, and a big wok suddenly appeared.


The three golden pill furnaces collided with the black wok.