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 Chapter 433: Damn It, Who Dares to Provoke My Brother-In-Law!

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Two groups of aura came bearing down like a roaring tidal wave.

As the winds softly whispered, the long robes of those present danced in the air. A wave of murderous intent rushed forth as if blown toward them by the gust of dust and stone.

Lin Wuying's face couldn't be any more downcast as he slowly led a large group of Lin clansmen over. Behind him was the third young master of the Lin family who had just been stripped of his clothes by Whitey not too long ago.

As of right now, this young master had himself tightly wrapped like a dumpling as he stomped around behind Lin Wuying, eyes glued right ahead and body radiating ferocity.

Lin Wuying was the eldest young master of the Lin family. At the same time, he was the elder brother of the aforementioned Lin young master. In Heavenly Mist City, he was a genius alchemist whose talents towered over his peers. While he was still lacking in comparison to Nangong Wuque, that didn't stop them from being eternal rivals.

If one had to make a comparison, Lin Wuying honestly wasn't all that handsome. In fact, some would consider him pudgy. If one didn't know him, he or she would have most likely mistaken him for a bystander.

Then, there were the members of the Zhang Family.

The eldest young master of the Zhang Family's main branch, Zhang Dongfang, was leading his own bunch of clansmen as well and, just like before, they were all blazing with ferocity.

These three youngsters, Zhang Dongfang, Lin Wuying and Nangong Wuque, were all titans of Heavenly Mist City.

Unlike the last two, however, Zhang Dongfang's talents in alchemy were bad, extremely bad, even rubbish. In the city of Heavenly Mist, he was an oddity. After all, in a city famed for its elixirs and medicines, there was a person who not only didn't sell said elixirs, but also didn't create said elixirs as well. Instead, he sold the furnaces used in alchemy.

According to his own words: "Yes, I might not be able to perform alchemy, but I have control over your own."

For an alchemist, a good furnace was indispensable, like how a good weapon was for a soldier.

It was under such circumstances that Zhang Dongfang became Heavenly Mist City's largest furnace supplier. At the same time, his own standing skyrocketed in tandem.

Zhang Dongfang was a skinny man, so skinny he might as well have been a stick at that point. However, his eyes were filled with life, with a sharpness one would expect from an astute merchant like him. With the way they seemed to dart around, those who bore his gaze couldn't help but feel uneasy.

As the two groups bumped into each other at a crossroad, both sides only had glares for each other.

Lin Wuying and Zhang Dongfang nodded curtly at each other. Even though both of them said nothing, there really wasn't a need to either. At their level, such things were understood tacitly.

This time, their aim was only one thing: Bu Fang's little store.

Third Master Lin, the younger brother of Lin Wuying, had his clothes stripped from him, forcing him to run through Heavenly Mist City with nothing but the skin on his back. For someone like him, his shame was the clan's shame as well. Depending on how one looked at it, it might have been a truly insignificant matter. Yet at the same time, it was also a matter of utmost importance.

If the culprit suffered no retribution whatsoever, this incident would undoubtedly destroy their standing in Heavenly Mist City.

On the flip side, the Zhang Family had the same thoughts as well. After all, how could they allow the two great clans of Heavenly Mist City to suffer at the hands of some puny restaurant?

No matter what... this humiliation had to be avenged.

Considering the fact that this incident even happened on the territory of the Nangong Family, it was even more fascinating.

Lin Wuying and Zhang Dongfang exchanged a glance with each other before leading their respective clans away.


The winds softly whispered once more.

Both parties stepped into the Nangong Clan's Multi-taste Fasting Pill marketplace, and there they found something that left their jaws hanging. What they had envisioned was totally different from what they saw now. It was so empty, it was even unnerving.

Exactly what happened here? Was the Nangong clan about to become bankrupt? Those two questions ran through the minds of everyone present then.

The flabby muscles on Lin Wuying's face twitched slightly. Near him, Zhang Dongfang's hawk-like eyes seemed to react as well, glittering ever so slightly. The two of them were clearly intrigued by what they saw.

However, after a mere moment spent walking around, their eyes were suddenly filled with the sight of a bustling store. With how abruptly the crowd size increased, it almost felt like their ears were about to explode from the din created.

"So this... is the desolate restaurant you were talking about?"

At that, Lin Wuying threw a strange look at Third Master Lin who was cowering behind him right this moment. The two of them, Third Master Lin and Young Master Zhang, were both a little flabbergasted right now. The directions were clearly right... this should be that desolate restaurant serving cooked feces, right?

In the first place, there was only that one restaurant in Heavenly Mist City right now, so it wasn't even possible for them to be wrong.

"That's... that's right," answered an unsure Third Master Lin, still recovering from the sight of a bustling restaurant, a sight which he would have never expected in his wildest dreams.

"As long as you're sure... follow me... hmph, to dare to slap us, the Lin Family, in the face like that, what a brave fool he must be." Lin Wuying coldly muttered before squeezing his way into the crowd.

"The Lin Family has business here. Those who aren't involved, please take your leave now." As the two retainers of the Lin clan escorted their young master, they parted a road through the sea of people.

Around them, the bustling crowd started to quiet down. As they looked at Lin Wuying's cold figure, none of them dared to utter a word.

The Lin Family had come...

According to the rumors, the Third Master of the Lin Family was forced to run home naked not too long ago. This must be their revenge!

Lin Wuying had his hands behind his back and his bulging belly thrust out in full view. As he slowly strode through the crowd, the pressure he exuded seemed to cast an oppressive pall over them even without him showing any anger.

Far away, Zhang Dongfang was busy spectating with a thin smile on his face.

"That Lin Wuying, what an entrance he has made... Let's go, it's time for us to make our move as well!"

A gasp and a startle later, the members of the Zhang Family started parting the human sea as well, led by their young master who had his eyes curled into crescent moons right this very instant as he walked toward the little restaurant.

For two titans of Heavenly Mist City to appear in a restaurant like this... at the same time no less!

"Holy sh*t! This restaurant might just catch on fire with just its popularity!"

That was the first thought that ran through the minds of those present. Very quickly, however, their eyes turned as wide as saucers.

"Holy cr*p... these people definitely aren't here as patrons! It looks like this restaurant is in trouble now!" That was the second thought that ran through their heads.

Bit by bit, the astonished looks grew ever more as Lin Wuying and Zhang Dongfang strode toward the restaurant.

"For the successors of three great Families of Heavenly Mist City to gather in one little restaurant... this place must truly be extraordinary!"

While astonishment was in the majority here, there were also those who were amused. The two young masters were clearly here to cause trouble. In other words, a situation was about to happen.

Lest one forgot, Nangong Wuque was still inside that small restaurant.

With the three most prominent figures of Heavenly Mist City gathered in one spot like this, was a clash of titans about to happen?

Fully expecting such a thing to happen, everyone was now beside themselves with excitement as they stuck out their rubber necks and continually peeked into the little store.

As the two of them reached the entrance of the restaurant, they turned to each other and smiled a smile that, while mirthful, was anything but benign. The two then continued onwards into the restaurant.


The first thing they saw was the breathtaking sight of Nangong Wan, standing there like a beautiful rose in full bloom. No matter where they went, an exquisite flower like her would always attract a few stares.

For the two troublemakers, a resounding thud sounded out in their hearts right then. Was this restaurant backed by Nangong Wan?

If that was truly the case, perhaps an amicable solution would be better? Like a simple apology from the boss.

Those were their exact thoughts then.

Yet, at the very next moment, what they saw... was the unsightly scene of Nangong Wuque wolfing down some food while the corners of his mouth dripped oil.

Immediately, their eyes went cold and narrowed.

What the heck... Nangong Wuque was there too?!

Well then... things won't end so simply! Unless this boss paid the price, he'd better not even think about keeping this store open.

"Nangong Wuque!"

As he screamed out Nangong Wuque's name, the flabs on Lin Wuying's face were practically jiggling about with fury, and his teeth were basically ground flat at this point.

Zhang Dongfang's face was just as stone cold as he glared at Nangong Wuque.

With the two of them radiating such hostility, it was only natural that Bu Fang's attention was attracted. He stared at the two of them placidly, unsure as to what they were doing here.

Nangong Wan's attention was also drawn to the ruckus. She turned her head around and then, mere moments later, her jaw fell open slightly.

What were they doing here?

And that Lin Wuying... he was here as well... That was the blasted fatty who Nangong Wuque tried to introduce her to. Just thinking about that incident was enough to cause her heart to fill with anger.

"Oh... what a coincidence? Hab you guys gome to eat as well?" Nangong Wuque turned around to face the two of them, face still stuffed with a giant pork trotter, and words garbled. As he said that, she waved at the two of them.

"Right... such a coincidence." While Lin Wuying was still smiling on the surface, his gaze was anything but friendly. His eyes... they were those of a vengeful wife.

Zhang Dongfang shifted his gaze from Nangong Wuque to Bu Fang. He smiled and softly asked: "So you're the boss of this tiny restaurant?"

Bu Fang paused and then nodded his head.

"Very good... even after slapping us, the Zhang clan, in the face, you have the gall to admit it so openly. You're an upright man, I'll give you that. So how do you plan on repaying your debt to the Zhang clan?" Zhang Dongfang's lips curled into a mirthless smile at that point.

Hearing that, however, Bu Fang's face remained as placid as before.

So after all that hubbub, all these two clowns were after was to cause trouble... the Zhang clan... what was that again?

"If you're aren't ordering anything... scram." Too lazy to waste any more words on him, and not all that fond of troublemakers to begin with, he minced no words with the two of them.

He dared?!

Not only was Zhang Dongfang stunned, but also Nangong Wan.

Did Owner Bu really not know Zhang Dongfang? He was practically a titan in Heavenly Mist City. Not only had his cultivation broken through the shackles of the Supreme realm, he was one of the leading figures of the younger generation and also the largest supplier of furnaces.

He actually told him to scram? That's just... so exciting!

It was at that moment that Lin Wuying returned to his senses and his eyes were drawn to Bu Fang as well.

On his face, there was no smile to be found anywhere. The owner of a small restaurant actually dared to harbor Nangong Wuque, if he didn't raze this store, then he wasn't Lin Wuying!

"You dare to strip the clothes of our Lin clansmen, audacious! I don't think this restaurant needs to remain open anymore, and you, you'd better follow me quietly for some self-reflection in the Lin clan's dungeon." His words were filled with barbs.

Outside, the spectators had all gone silent.

I knew it, this store is going down after all!

That show lasted less than three seconds!

Having suffered through Lin Wuying's words, Bu Fang's mouth couldn't help but curl up as he tilted his head toward the young master.

"Are you a moron?"

Lin Wuying's pupils narrowed and a sudden rush of murderous intent burst forth... Was this fellow asking to die? He actually dared to insult him?!


A titanic aura of oppression gushed forth from his body and like thunder, boomed.

All around the restaurant, everyone felt an unearthly weight crash upon them, with many forced to retreat out of unease. The aura of an expert at the Divine Physique Echelon... He was truly an existence to be feared! A number of them couldn't help but throw a pitying look toward Bu Fang.

For him to call Lin Wuying a moron, was he trying to become a real moron himself?

Did he think their fame was nothing but hot air?

"Troublemaker?" Bu Fang's eyes narrowed as he blandly stated as such.

"No... you're the one courting death." Lin Wuying's flabs shook at that point.

"Whitey, we have troublemakers." Bu Fang lightly breathed in before calmly shouting out in an even voice.

Shortly after that, Lin Wuying's pupils shrunk. It was because a certain ray of purple had suddenly blasted out of the kitchen. That purple ray had actually sent a chill running through his body.

A gigantic puppet, seemingly clad in full armor, came lumbering out of the kitchen. It was then that the cold source of that purplish ray fixed its eyes on him.

His body tensed up.

"So that's the puppet... that's at the level of the Divine Physique Echelon?! Hmph, just because you possess such a puppet, you think you can defy us, the Lin Family..."

Lin Wuying coldly laughed but before he could even finish speaking, Whitey's mechanical voice forced its way onto the scene.

"Troublemakers, you will be stri-"

"What the heck! Someone dares to harm my brother-in-law?!" Yet, in the midst of all that, a roar barged its way into the conversation like a raging bull, cutting off Whitey before it could even finish speaking.

Everyone present turned their flabbergasted heads to look at Nangong Wuque who had just slapped a pig trotter bone onto the table.