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 Chapter 430: The Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup, Replacement Is Guaranteed If It Was Fake

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The Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup?

Should I order the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup?

Nangong Wan began to ponder and hesitate. Although the price of the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup was equal to the price of an eighth grade elixir, the soup could only satisfy her desire for delicious food, unlike the elixir.

Was it worth it?

Nangong Wan nibbled her ruddy lips and continued hesitating. She blinked and looked at Bu Fang.

Bu Fang was looking at her with a sincere gaze.

"The taste of my Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup taste will surely not disappoint you," Bu Fang said while nodding earnestly.

Shrimpy, who was laying atop his shoulder, waved its sickles, seemingly confirming Bu Fang's words.

Was it really more delicious than the Egg-Fried Rice?

Was there even a need for him to mention that? The Egg-Fried Rice cost her just ten crystal, but the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup would cost her ten thousand crystals.

These dishes were not at the same level. It was like comparing a Multi-Taste Fasting Pill to an eighth grade Essence Burst Pill. They weren't elixirs of the same grade.

While Nangong Wan was still hesitating, she suddenly recalled the reason behind the increase in her true energy yesterday. It was obvious that Bu Fang's dishes weren't ordinary.

Did the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup also have such an effect?

Nangong Wan's eyes flickered as she squinted them. She looked at Bu Fang, extended out her tongue, licked her lips, and said with a smile, "Serve me the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup. If I find out that you are just deceiving me, then I will make sure that you can't continue doing business in the Heavenly Mist City."

Nangong Wan waved her small fists at him and snorted.

Bu Fang was delighted when she decided to order the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup, and the corners of his lips curled upwards. These would all end up as a part of his true energy cultivation. When he thought of that fact, the gaze Bu Fang gave Nangong Wan grew warmer and more gentle. This woman was really wealthy.

"Wait for a while..."

Bu Fang stood up, turned around and entered the kitchen.

The price of the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup was high, and the difficulty in cooking it was also high because it was made of too many ingredients, so Bu Fang had to become serious and completely engross himself into it.

The system spared Bu Fang many troubles and provided him with the ingredients he needed to make it because it was one of the dishes on the store's menu.

The first time Bu Fang cooked this dish, he had used ingredients that he collected by himself. In comparison with the ingredients he had collected by himself back then, the ingredients provided by the system were quite cheap; after all, back then, he had used the meat of two supreme beasts.

A dense steam began to waft out of the kitchen.

That steam's odor was slightly peculiar. Although it was mellow and rich, it didn't seep into one's skin like the Egg-Fried Rice's fragrance did. It was simple and elegant, and it seemed impossible to disperse when it revolved around one's heart.

A jar which had a strange shape was placed into the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

The golden Ten Thousand Bestial Flame burned underneath the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, emitting heat that caused the Heaven Alps Spirit Lake Water in the wok to boil.

There was the picture of a Buddha carved on the jar. The Buddha donned an auspicious expression and seemed to emit a boundless gentle light.

That light wasn't dazzling, and as the dish was being cooked, the Buddha seemed even more like it was about to come to life. It became vivid and extremely eye-catching.

After Nangong Wan ate the Egg-Fried Rice, she was overcome with boredom, so she stood up and started pacing back and forth in the store. It seemed like she was examining the store.

The Five Stripes Path-Understanding Tree attracted her interest. Owner Bu seemed truly wealthy, seeing as he used Five Stripes Path-Understanding Trees as interior decoration.

The people outside the store were still wide-eyed because the fragrance which had wafted out of the store early on really piqued their curiosity. They felt their heart itch out of curiosity. They had only gone there to observe their goddess's activities, but now, they had been slightly attracted by the fragrance that wafted out of the store earlier on.

Suddenly, an unusual spiritual energy fluctuation rippled inside the store.

Suddenly struck dumb, they couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air. As citizens of the Heavenly Mist City, they were quite familiar with such fluctuations.

Nangong Wan, who was inside the store, parted her ruddy lips as she stopped observing the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Trees and looked at the kitchen in surprise.

"Didn't he say he would be cooking it? Why are there energy fluctuations of an elixir that has just been formed? Moreover, this is the spiritual energy fluctuation of a ninth grade elixir."

As a genius who would become a One Cloud Alchemist shortly, Nangong Wan was familiar with such energy fluctuations. She took a deep breath and watched the kitchen attentively.

A person slowly came out of the pitch-black kitchen. The person held a big jar which had a strange shape. That jar seemed to glow, and strong and intense waves of spiritual energy fluctuation surged out from it. Such a boundless feeling seemed similar to that of a ninth grade elixir.

Bu Fang expressionlessly left the kitchen and placed the jar on the table.

Nangong Wan quickly came over, and on the jar, she saw the image of Buddha sitting cross-legged above it, smiling at her.

The scene left her feeling completely shocked.

"Th-This is the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup?" Nangong Wan asked in surprise.

"It indeed is it. A replacement is guaranteed if it is fake." Bu Fang nodded at her.

He raised his palm and covered it with his true energy. A humming sound reverberated as Bu Fang stroked the jar with his palm. The light emanating from the jar became even more dazzling, and Nangong Wan seemed to witness the Buddha begin reciting Buddhist scriptures.


With a light crack, Bu Fang took the lid off the jar.

A dense cloud of steam followed by a surging spiritual energy rushed out of the jar as soon as Bu Fang removed the lid. That jar's radiance gradually dimmed and eventually disappeared, leaving behind a newly emerged fragrance. The fragrance shrouded the interior of the store and instantly substituted the profound impression that had been left behind by the Egg-Fried Rice.

Nangong Wan was the first to bear its brunt. As soon as the fragrance assaulted her, her face became flushed. She took a step back, and her voluptuous body tightened.

"It's quite fragrant..." Nangong Wan muttered blankly.

That dense fragrance quickly spread and wafted out of the store, and the crowd outside perceived it.

If the soup's fragrance before the lid was opened was gentle like water, then its fragrance after the lid was opened was like raging and stormy waves.

Everyone outside felt like they had been engulfed by giant waves of the fragrance.

"Ahh! The aroma has changed again. This time it seems extremely rich and fragrant."

"What is this smell? How can such an aroma, which could deeply engrave itself in one's mind, exist in this world?"

"I got excited just by perceiving this fragrance, and I can't bear it anymore; don't stop me, I will go in and take a look. I want to... eat it."

Those people outside, who were still wide-eyed, went crazy. Some of them could no longer bear the fragrance and entered the store. As soon as they entered the store, they saw the source of the fragrance.

A jar of the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup.

The shocking fragrance, which soared high into the heavens, seemed like it had a tangible form.

Bu Fang glanced at these people, but he didn't speak with them. Instead, he took out a bowl.

He scooped up some brown soup from the jar. The soup wasn't oily at all; instead, it was clear and limpid. He scooped a piece of eighth grade spirit beast meat from the jar and put it into the bowl. He placed the bowl in front of Nangong Wan and beckoned to her to start eating it.

Nangong Wan was extremely excited. The richness of the spiritual energy wafting from this dish was beyond her imagination. It was even richer than an elixir's. How had he achieved it? It was unimaginable. Did the Owner Bu make it using alchemy techniques?

This should surely be the case. He used alchemy techniques to make dishes, and it was only by doing so that he was able to completely preserve the ingredients' spiritual energy. This was the reason why this dish was overflowing with spiritual energy.

Nangong Wan's face was flushed, and her ample chest constantly heaved up and down. She was slightly excited because she assumed that she already discovered Bu Fang's secret.

After she had calmed down, Nangong Wan's gaze fell upon the soup in the porcelain bowl.

An intense fragrance was kept surging out of it, and the fragrance stimulated her appetite.

She scooped up the soup with a spoon, parted her ruddy lips and let it flow down into her mouth.

In the next moment, Nangong Wan groaned lightly from her nose as her eyelashes trembled and her eyes widened.


"Young Master Wuque, it's here. That store is in this district that our Nangong Family just recently started exploiting and selling our Multi-Taste Fasting Pills... The store cooked a stinky object, and it smelled like excrement. The stench caused the number of customers visiting this district to reduce drastically, seeing as the stench was extremely disgusting and unbearable."

Nangong Ming brought Nangong Wuque, who wore the robe of a One Cloud Alchemist, along with him and walked toward the Cloud Mist Restaurant. He was somewhat nervous because the pressure that Nangong Wuque's presence brought him was extremely tremendous.

As the successor of the Nangong Family, his cultivation and talent were among the best in the Pill Palace. It must be known that Nangong Wuque reached the top twenty in a big competition held by the Pill Palace for young alchemists.

Although the Heavenly Mist City was also a Pill City, it was the weakest of them.

Being capable of defeating countless geniuses of the Heavenly Pill City and the Heavenly Shine City to become one of the top twenty, was an extremely terrifying and astonishing achievement for Nangong Wuque.

Both the Heavenly Pill City and the Heavenly Shine City had a Five Clouds Alchemist, and with the guidance of these alchemists, the geniuses of these two cities would all be extremely terrifying.

However, despite that, Nangong Wuque was able to make it into the top twenty, becoming the one with the best achievement out of all the alchemists of the Heavenly Mist City.

Anyone would feel a tremendous pressure just by coming in contact with such genius.

Nangong Wuque, whose red hair fluttered in the wind, donned a somewhat lazy gaze. He only casually gazed at Nangong Ming and nodded in response.

The two of them quickly reached the district. The area surrounding the Cloud Mist Restaurant was filled with countless elixir stores. Some of them were owned by the Nangong Family, and the others were owned by other people.

The business of these elixir stores should have been flourishing.

However, when Nangong Ming and Nangong Wuque arrived, they found out that there wasn't a single customer in these stores.

"Is this new district that our family started selling Multi-Taste Fasting Pills in? Isn't it too deserted?" asked Nangong Wuque as he furrowed his brows.

Nangong Ming opened his mouth as cold sweat dripped down his forehead. How on earth could he know?

This district had been flourishing just a while ago.

Oh right, was it because that restaurant started causing trouble again?

"Young Master Wuque, it must be because that restaurant started something again and snatched our customers," Nangong Ming said bitterly. "You must take care of this matter for the prestige and benefit of our Nangong Family-"

"Shh! Shut up for a while."

Nangong Wuque squinted his eyes, raised a finger to his lips and warmly said.

Nangong Ming, who had intended to continue speaking, quickly stiffened, and he widened his eyes as he looked at Nangong Wuque.

A faintly discernible fragrance fluttered around, and it blew at them like a cool breeze. Nangong Wuque couldn't help but shut his eyes and enjoy it.

"The eighth grade spirit beast Explosive Flame Boar along with the eighth grade Wind-Thunder Spirit Falcon? This is slightly strange... It seems like there is also an aroma from the Cloud Drizzle Herb. This is really truly intriguing. Is someone refining an elixir?"

Nangong Wuque shut his eyes and muttered some names as the corners of his lips curled up.