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 Chapter 429: Why Is It This Delicious?

Translator: CatatoPatch Editor: Vermillion

The Heavenly Mist City, Pill Tower.

The towering and imposing Pill Tower in the Heavenly Mist City brimmed with an ancient and archaic aura. Pill Energy continuously flowed out of the small holes on its four sides. The Pill Energy was multi-colored and gorgeous, and it resembled countless dense and beautiful multi-colored clouds.

The Pill Tower was constantly overflowing with Pill Energy because most of the Heavenly Mist City's alchemists were within the tower. They stayed there because they could refine better elixirs than usual while in the tower.

Moreover, almost all high-rank alchemists stayed inside the Pill Tower.

Once the high-rank alchemists began refining elixirs, they would cause a great turbulence, for all the spirit herbs they used were extraordinary, and thus the Pill Energy would be extremely dense and overflow.

These Pill Energies converged and condensed within the area surrounding the Pill Tower like countless multi-colored clouds, making the Pill Tower look even more beautiful.

On this day, the Pill Tower's heavy iron gate was suddenly opened, and as it was being opened, it emitted a creaking sound that sounded like it was transmitted from the beginning of time.

A rich spiritual energy surged out from the gate, along with the fragrance of mesmerizing elixirs.

A person slowly walked out of the gate. As soon as he came out, the Pill Tower's iron gate began to close slowly, isolating its interior from the outside world.

The person who had just come out of the Pill Tower was a youth, a red-haired youth. That youth had a sharp face and was extremely handsome. His body exuded an imposing aura, and as he walked, his true energy surged, causing his hair to flutter continuously.

If someone looked at the youth from afar, they would think he was one with the world.

After the youth exited the Pill Tower's vicinity, he stopped and stretched, and cracking sounds caused by the friction between muscle and bones rang out from his entire body.

That youth wore a black alchemist robe on which an eye-catching, vivid and lifelike white cloud was depicted.

He was a One Cloud Alchemist.

After a short while, some people quickly came to welcome that youth.

"Young Master Wuque, congratulations on completing your secluded training," an old man, who had a peaceful smile plastered on his face, came up to the youth and warmly said.

Behind the old man was a group of people from the Nangong Family. Nangong Ming was among them, and he respectfully looked at the youth with wide eyes.

The youth was Nangong Wuque, the eldest son of the Nangong Family's patriarch and also Nangong Wan's big brother. He was a genius who was going to advance to Two Clouds Alchemist rank shortly.

He was truly a terrifying genius. Not only was his cultivation extremely powerful, but he also had an astonishing gift in alchemy.

"Has my father returned from the secret realm?" Nangong Wuque looked at the amiable old man and asked calmly.

"He will shortly come out. The contest over the secret realm quota would start shortly, so the patriarch should be coming out of the secret realm soon, and at that time, our Nangong Family's strength will rise to a higher level," that old man said, donning a smile.

A smile appeared on Nangong Wuque's face. "Great Elder, you are truly confident in our Nangong Family."

The old man just chuckled. He seemed quite harmless.

"Where is my naughty sister? Has she caused any troubles these past days?" Nangong Wuque asked as he began to stride forward slowly.

When he mentioned Nangong Wan, Nangong Wuque slightly squinted his eyes.

"Uh... the second young miss opened an elixir store recently, and she is selling elixirs in it," that elder sighed and said.

"Uh? The respected second young miss of the Nangong Family unexpectedly went to sell elixirs... What a disgrace!" Nangong Wuque slightly furrowed his brows.

Nangong Ming, who was among the crowd, became solemn. Looking as though he had roused a wave of boundless courage, Nangong Ming looked at the youth and said, "Young Master Wuque... all the while the second young miss has been selling elixirs, the second young miss got involved with a restaurant next to her, and..."

"And what?" Nangong Wuque's gaze fell upon Nangong Ming, and his imposing manner suddenly rose up.

"And she even ate an extremely stinking food made by that restaurant. Now, the citizens are all saying that... the Nangong Family's second young miss ate... excrement."

Nangong Ming said while trembling under the world's pressure surging from Nangong Wuque's body. It even made breathing quite difficult for him.

Cold sweat had already drenched his entire body.

"What a disgrace! Does that lassie intend to utterly disgrace our Nangong Family? And... when did the Heavenly Mist City get a restaurant? And it actually dared to serve such an object to her? Is it tired of living?"

Nangong Wuque's gaze became cold as he snorted.

When Nangong Ming heard the youth's barrage of questions, he became wild with joy. If Nangong Wuque made a move, then it was impossible for that restaurant to continue existing.

When he recalled how Bu Fang humiliated him, Nangong Ming grew even more overjoyed.

"All of you, go back without me. I will go to that restaurant... Nangong Ming, lead me to it."

Suddenly, Nangong Ming's vision blurred as Nangong Wuque appeared before him out of nowhere and patted his shoulder. This almost caused him to go weak at the knees.

"If you have deceived me, or exaggerated the situation, then you should be aware of the consequences." Nangong Wuque, whose hair still fluttered in the wind, looked at Nangong Ming and donned a warm smile to him, causing the latter's heart to lurch.


Nangong Wan, who was bored to death, sat inside the Cloud Mist Restaurant. There was a group of people sticking their heads into the store from outside, curiously observing her.

Our goddess has unexpectedly come to this store once again. Was this store really that appealing?

Did that object, which smelled like shit, truly attract and charm our goddess' taste bud?

The odor of the Stinky Tofu was still vivid in their memory, and many of them couldn't help but furrow their brows as they recalled the smell.

As expected of a goddess, her tastes are truly unique.

When Nangong Wan took a look at the pitch-black kitchen, her long brows trembled, and her eyes brightened. She saw a slim man slowly walk out from inside it.

Bu Fang carried a bowl of resplendent and beautiful Egg-Fried Rice which seemed like it had been made out of gold. He placed the dish before Nangong Wan, and then he pulled a chair and sat opposite her. Immediately afterward, he beckoned to her to start eating it.

"This is your Egg-Fried Rice. Enjoy it."

Egg-Fried Rice...

Nangong Wan looked in surprise at the Egg-Fried Rice which glowed faintly in front of her. She had never eaten Egg-Fried Rice before, so it was just now that she discovered how beautiful it was.

Other restaurants had already disappeared from the Heavenly Mist City, and the Cloud Mist Restaurant was the only one left. In the past, Nangong Wan never visited this restaurant, so she hadn't tasted Yang Meiji's black Egg-Fried Rice.

Thus, she appeared somewhat surprised and astonished when the steaming hot Egg-Fried Rice was placed in front of her. It was as beautiful as a work of art, and she suddenly found herself unable to bear not eating it.

Subconsciously, she raised her head and looked at Bu Fang while pulling up a thread of her hair.

"Eat it. What are you looking at?" Bu Fang was somewhat puzzled. This woman was truly weird.

Nangong Wan nibbled on her ruddy lips and took a porcelain spoon from the tray. She used it to scoop up a spoonful of Egg-Fried Rice.

The round and glistering grains of rice resembled crystals, and a fragrance that seemed like it had been sealed in the egg's liquid immediately burst out from an opening within the spoonful of rice.


Nangong Wan's pupils dilated in surprise. It seemed as though a huge wave of air had blown at her face, and she couldn't help deeply twitching her jade-like nose.

The aroma could only be described with one word: fragrant.

It was too fragrant!

The fragrance almost seemed like it had seeped into her marrow. Drilling under her skin, through her pores, and seeping into her marrow, the fragrance caused her entire body to tremble involuntarily.

That fragrance wasn't something that the Multi-Taste Fasting Pill could rival.

She slightly opened her ruddy lips, parting her pearly white teeth, and stuffed the spoon, which left a trail of egg liquid behind it, into her mouth.

As soon as the spoon entered her mouth, Nangong Wan's eyes widened, and she moaned.

The dense steam surging out from the rice filled her oral cavity, making it seem as if there were a million small hands massaging it. Such a feeling was extremely marvelous and indescribable.

Nangong Wan felt her entire body tighten, and her pretty face became flushed. Her mouth had unconsciously started chewing, and she gradually increased the pace. With a slurping sound, she swallowed the mouthful of Egg-Fried Rice. She moaned and comfortably let out a long breath. Nangong Wan raised her head, revealing her fair and white neck.

Bu Fang was surprised by the scene. This woman's reaction was too exaggerated. Although the Egg-Fried Rice was delicious, this woman reaction seemed similar to those who had just eaten the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup.

What the hell?

However, what Bu Fang didn't know was that because there were almost no restaurants in the Heavenly Mist City, the city didn't contain any delicacies. Every citizen of the Heavenly Mist City's citizens just consumed the Multi-Taste Fasting Pills.

Although Fasting Pills were practical and useful, its flavor wasn't commendable-unlike the Egg-Fried Rice which had a taste capable of pleasing anyone.

It was Nangong Wan's first time eating such a delicacy. She felt like her entire heart had been melted by the dish, and she was enchanted and mesmerized by it. The fragrance of the Egg-Fried Rice made her feel like she was now swimming stark naked in a boundless sea.

It was extremely pleasurable.

She didn't care about Bu Fang's astonished gaze. She directly scooped up another spoonful of Egg-Fried Rice and ate it.

"Oh! Why is it this delicious?" Nangong Wan's voluptuous body trembled as she ate. She couldn't help exclaiming and praising it.

Bu Fang got praised until he became somewhat embarrassed.

Immediately afterward, he watched Nangong Wan crazily stuff the remaining Egg-Fried Rice into her mouth in a horrifying manner, and her cheeks bulged. Her ruddy lips shone with an oily gloss, emitting a special allure and charm.

While Nangong Wan ate in an extremely crazy manner-as though she was the reincarnation of a starved ghost-, the aroma of the Egg-Fried Rice's aroma gradually wafted out of the store.

Everyone at the store's entrance immediately felt stunned.

"Why did it became this fragrant? Does my nose have a problem?"

"This odor is quite fragrant. What is it? This fragrance is tickling my heart."

"What the f*ck! At first, a stinky odor, similar to that of excrement, permeated out of this store, and now, a fragrant odor has wafted out of it. Do I consider this odor quite fragrant because I sniffed that odor of excrement too much and became accustomed to it?"


After they had stood in a daze for a while, the crowd started sniffing the air.

The rhythmic sounds of sniffing almost caused Bu Fang to jump in fright. He assumed those peoples wanted to cause trouble, so he almost called over Whitey. However, when he took a clear look at them, the corners of his mouth twitched.


After licking the bowl clean, the Nangong Wan placed it down onto the table heavily.

"Owner Bu, it was really extremely delicious. Serve me another bowl."

"Each day, a person can only order each of my store's dishes once..." Bu Fang said, expressionlessly.

Nangong Wan's face was still flushed, and she pouted and said, "Serve me another bowl..."

This time, she spoke sweetly. However, when she saw Bu Fang's expressionless look, she rolled her eyes at him and chose to give up.

"You can order the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup. It's many times more delicious than the Egg-Fried Rice." Bu Fang looked at Nangong Wan and noticed she still seemed unsatisfied, so he earnestly promoted the dish."

A bowl of the Egg-Fried Rice cost just ten crystals, but a jar of the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup cost ten thousand crystal.

Bu Fang didn't lie to her.

Nangong Wan was somewhat intrigued by it, and her beautiful eyes widened.

Bu Fang was also excited, and he looked at her with a sincere gaze.