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 Chapter 428: A White Butt

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In front of the store's entrance.

Whitey, whose violet eyes were flickering with an eerie and frightening glow, slowly strode forward. The armor on its body was heavy and ancient. It was filled with countless mysterious and abstruse stripes.

The Zhang Family's young master roared in alarm and he quickly retreated. He hid behind the group of Supreme-Beings.

The group of Supreme-Beings took a look at each other and decided to protect the Zhang Family's young master. If they helped the Zhang Family's young master when he was in danger, it could be considered as the Zhang Family owing them a favor. A favor from the Heavenly Mist City's Zhang Family was quite precious.

The remaining Supreme-Beings chose to butt in and confront Whitey.

Although they sensed a terrifying aura emanating from Whitey's body, they didn't take note of it. After all, that pressure wasn't world's pressure. This meant that the puppet in front of them was not an existence at the Divine Physique Echelon.

The Divine Physique Echelon experts already broke through one of the Supreme-Being's shackles. They were capable of connecting with the world so the pressure they emitted was the world's pressure. World's pressure could crush every single Supreme-Being expert.

The puppet before them didn't possess the world's pressure. As such, it had to be an existence in the Supreme-Being realm. Since they were all Supreme-Beings, why should they be afraid of a mere puppet?

They had more than enough Supreme-Beings to take on the puppet. They could wear it down first before killing it.

"Break apart that puppet! That lousy toy actually dares to provoke me! As for that chef, capture him for me! I want to torture him to death slowly." The Zhang Family's young master felt safer after hiding behind those Supreme-Beings.

After retreating behind the group of Supreme-Beings, the Zhang Family's young master's courage returned to him. He became rampant and shouted at the top of his lungs.

The Lin Family's third young master looked at him speechlessly.

"Weren't you just jeering at me? Why don't you keep laughing?" The Lin Family's third young master coldly sneered as he looked at the Zhang Family's young master.

The expression on the Zhang Family's young master's face darkened. His rival in love just ridiculed him, how was he supposed to react? He was extremely angered by the Lin Family's third young master's words and he directed all of his anger at Bu Fang. He roared with all his might.

"All of you, charge at him!"

Those Supreme-Beings immediately burst forth with their true energy. The imposing manner of several Supreme-Beings going all out at the same time was quite astonishing.

Nangong Wan, who was standing on the other side of the street, propped her chin up with her hands as she looked at Bu Fang's store. She blinked her pretty eyes as a trace of curiosity appeared in them.

With so many Supreme-Beings attacking Bu Fang at the same time, how would Bu Fang deal with them?

Nangong Wan slightly squinted her eyes and she got lost in her thoughts as she looked at Bu Fang across the street. Bu Fang calmly collected his wok and grabbed the bucket as he returned to the store.


The intense rumbling sound caught her attention and she stared at the group of Supreme-Beings who ganged up on Whitey.

In her eyes, although that puppet was quite powerful, it would be unable to stand up against the assault of so many Supreme-Beings. It would only be possible if the puppet was in the Divine Physique Echelon.

However, Divine Physique Echelon puppets were extremely rare. Even on the Hidden Dragon Continent, there wasn't a faction capable of producing a Divine Physique Echelon puppet other than the Puppet Sect.

However, the scene which occurred in front of the store caused Nangong Wan's pretty eyes to widen. A look of astonishment could be seen in her eyes.

A Supreme-Being whose whole body was covered by his true energy charged towards Whitey like a war horse. His true energy seemed as though it took on a physical form and the Supreme-Being expert looked like he was about to trash Whitey.

At the same time, all the other Supreme-Being experts attacked. Their surging true energy seemed like it would tear the store apart.

Whitey's eyes flickered and a bright but deep violet glow appeared in them. In the next moment, Whitey unfolded its wings.

A jingling sound unceasingly resounded. It was as if a peerless divine weapon just came out of its sheath. The lazy air around Whitey changed in an instant. The aura it emitted became sharp and solemn.


Its fan-like hand swiftly shot out and grabbed the head of one of those Supreme-Beings. Whitey slammed his head against the ground and a loud rumbling sound could be heard.

The moment the Supreme-Being's head pounded against the ground, blood splattered all around.

The Heavenly Mist City's street was extremely hard and solid. A smash from Whitey was unable to break apart the ground.

If they were in the Light Wind Imperial Capital, a deep pit would already have been formed in the ground. The pit would be dozens of meters deep due to Whitey's power.

This was, after all, the Heavenly Mist City, a Pill City which possessed a Pill Tower. There were countless extraordinary protective arrays set in the city.

After Whitey disposed of one of the Supreme-Beings in one move, it stood up and ripped up the clothes of that Supreme-Being.

Even though his clothes were torn apart, the Supreme-Being was still lying on the ground weakly.

That puppet was actually able to dispose of a Supreme-Being with one move.

The remaining Supreme-Beings were frightened and stared at Bu Fang with terrified expressions.

Whitey tilted its head and said in a mechanical voice, "No one will escape...."


Rumbling sounds unceasingly resounded and Whitey started oppressing everyone. It was as though it was a malevolent wolf among a flock of sheep. Its metallic body possessed boundless strength. Every single one of its move would force down a Supreme-Being and tear apart their clothes. Whitey left them on the ground stark naked.

The remaining Supreme-Beings were all beaten down in the same manner by Whitey and they were barely alive at the end of the beating. They were all stripped and thrown out into the street.

Whitey raised the head of the last Supreme-Being who had an aggrieved expression on his face and raised him into the air. Its fan-like hand pulled at his clothes.

After stripping the last Supreme-Being of his clothes, Whitey casually threw him out. Just like this, all of the Supreme-Beings were disposed of.

Everyone who saw this scene was shocked.

What the hell was that puppet? How could that puppet be so amazing?

When everyone in the surrounding saw what happened to the Supreme-Beings, all of them felt as though a cold breeze swept through their entire body. They felt as though they were the ones who were stripped and thrown on the street.

All of them couldn't help but swallow a mouthful of saliva when they looked at the stark naked Supreme-Beings lying on the floor.

Defeating dozen of Supreme-Beings wasn't frightening. The scary thing was that Whitey managed to strip dozens of Supreme-Beings. This puppet was unexpectedly a perverted deviant, just like its owner.

One of them was cooking excrement in public. The other one was stripping people in public.

When did such a pair of weirdos appear in the Heavenly Mist City?

The Zhang Family's young master stared at what happened in front of him with his jaws open wide. He was extremely astonished. For a moment, he wasn't able to think properly.

All of a sudden, his pupils contracted as a boundless terror gripped his heart. He realized that Whitey was standing just an inch away from him. Its violet eyes appeared nightmarish in his eyes.

"I'm the Zhang Family's... Ahh! Put me down!

"Don't do it! Stop!"

The Zhang Family's young master almost broke down in tears. That puppet was actually a Divine Physique Echelon puppet.

How could a Divine Physique Echelon puppet exist within the Heavenly Mist City? Although he was a playboy, he wasn't an ignorant fool. He was a descendant of the Zhang Family. He still had some common knowledge about how the world worked.

Wasn't a Divine Physique Echelon puppet something possessed by people from the Puppet Sect?


Whitey completely ignored that Zhang Family's young master's miserable wails. Whitey directly ripped apart his brocade clothes and threw him out into a distant place.

Those people in the surrounding started to clamor when they saw a white butt streaking across the sky.

"It's actually quite white..."

The Lin Family's third young master excitedly looked at how his rival in love was stripped and thrown into the streets.

All of a sudden, he felt a chill run down his spine. The Lin Family's third young master's complexion froze as he stared at the Zhang Family's young master's white butt. He slowly turned his head around and he was met with Whitey's violet eyes.

"Why are you looking at me... I'm not... Ahh! Don't!"

Another miserable howl resounded and another white butt landed beside the Zhang Family's young master.

After disposing of all of them, Whitey folded its metallic wings and its violet eyes flickered. It slowly turned around and returned to the store. Its giant body disappeared into the store in front of everyone.

Bu Fang patted Whitey's belly and nodded his head. He was extremely content with Whitey's abilities. As expected, Whitey's presence saved Bu Fang a lot of trouble. It was much easier to strip the troublemakers before throwing them out of the store. It was a much better method compared to smashing them with his wok.

He calmly went to the store's entrance and looked at the dejected Lin Family's third young master and everyone else who crawled up from the ground. When he saw how they covered their butt before disappearing into the crowd, Bu Fang couldn't help but curl up the corners of his mouth.

"The store will still continue its business."

After he spoke, Bu Fang turned around and returned to the store.

After Nangong Wan recovered from her shock, she squinted her eyes until they looked like two crescent moons. She cheerfully closed her store and rushed to the Cloud Mist Restaurant.

She realized that this store was really interesting.

If the Lin Family's third young master and the Zhang Family's young master saw Nangong Wan running to Bu Fang's store happily, they would probably vomit blood due to their rage. They were fighting over the affection of their goddess who ran cheerfully into the restaurant whose owner stripped them naked and threw them into the street.

Why was the reality so cruel?

The events which happened in front of the Cloud Mist Restaurant quickly spread through the entire Heavenly Mist City.

"The Lin Family's third young master was stripped! He ran around naked on the street!"

"The Zhang Family's young master fought for his goddess Nangong Wan and ended up with his brocade clothes torn apart. He was also forced to walk around naked on the street."

"The Lin Family's third young master and the Zhang Family's young master streaked naked around the whole Heavenly Mist City. They were fighting over whose butt was whiter!"


As the proverb said, good news doesn't leave one's home. Bad news spread for a thousand miles.

After a short while, the news of the Lin Family's third young master and the Zhang Family's young master streaking naked on the street spread across the whole Heavenly Mist City in hundreds of different versions.


Nangong Wan walked into the store curiously and sat in the same seat as she did the day before.

Her long brows rose up and she removed her veil. Her peerless complexion was revealed to the world and she smiled at Bu Fang. She asked, "Owner Bu, are you from the Puppet Sect? That puppet is... That puppet is really awesome!"

"Puppet Sect? I have never heard of it." Bu Fang was taken aback for a moment before replying Nangong Wan. He was expressionless as always.

Nangong Wan sweetly smiled and said, "Only the Puppet Sect could make a Divine Physique Echelon puppet..."

"I said that I'm not from the Puppet Sect. What do you want to eat? If you are not here to have a meal, please leave." Bu Fang furrowed his brows and he was shocked by Nangong Wan's words.

He really didn't know what was the Puppet Sect.

"Fine, fine. It's fine even if you don't want to admit it. I will kindly remind you that after half a month, the contest over the quota of the secret realm will be held in Heavenly Mist City. It will only occur every three years. At that time, every single sect on the Hidden Dragon Continent will send some of their experts here. The experts from the Puppet Sect will also be here. You should behave yourself," said Nangong Wan.

"So... What do you want to eat?" Bu Fang repeated his question again.

Nangong Wan twitched her ruddy lips. She gave him a kind warning and he wasn't appreciating her kindness. Was he really not from the Puppet Sect?

Then, where did that Divine Physique Echelon puppet come from?

Who cares... She would just need to send her Aunt Mu to properly investigate him.

"Serve me a bowl of Stinky To... No, wait, serve me a bowl of Egg-Fried Rice. Since this is a restaurant, the other food should taste pretty nice as well, right?" Nangong Wan thought for a moment and told Bu Fang her order. She propped her chin up with her hand and she stared at Bu Fang.

"You'll know how the rest of my dishes taste in a bit," Bu Fang stood up and said with an indifferent tone.