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 Chapter 427: Whitey, Your Owner Is Thinking Highly Of You

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Rip! Rip!

Two crisp sounds of clothes being torn apart resounded in everyone's ears.

The gazes of the two Supreme-Beings were filled with fear. Even though they wanted to tereach Bu Fang a lesson, the appearance of Whitey caused them to be afraid.

What was this thing?

Bang! Bang!

The two men were thrown out of the Cloud Mist Restaurant. Their body streaked across the air before they came into close and intimate contact with the ground.

Everyone else was stunned and they had no idea what just happened.

It was especially the case for that big family's descendant who ordered those two Supreme-Being guards to attack the store. He was dumbfounded and frightened. The two Supreme-Beings who were thrown out of the restaurant landed directly in front of him. Their stark naked appearance stunned him. He didn't understand why his guards got thrown out.

The complexion of those two Supreme-Being guards became extremely dark. They never imagined that lofty Supreme-Beings like them would be stripped naked and thrown out of a store one day. This was more humiliating than just killing them.

As everyone surrounded the two Supreme-Being guards, they blinked their resplendent eyes and stared at the two of them as they crawled up from the ground. Everyone burst into laughter.

When the big family's descendant heard the laughter, he felt as though countless hands were slapping his face. He felt extremely uncomfortable. His face became red like a monkey's butt. He widened his eyes which were brimming with anger and his hair seemed like it would stand on its end due to his rage.

Those two Supreme-Being guards were not feeling any better. They were extremely embarrassed and they quickly took out some clothes from their Spatial Spirit Tool. After wearing some clothes, they felt more relieved.

"Tsk, Tsk... Lin's third young master, your guards are somewhat lacking, aren't they? They were actually stripped and thrown out of the store. Aren't you ashamed of yourself?"

A playful laughter came from one of the youths who wore brocade clothes. The youth jeered and taunted the Lin Family's third young master.

"Are the two of you morons? If you can't even deal with an eighth grade War-God, what am I keeping you here for?"

The Lin Family's third young master stared at the two Supreme-Beings guards whose clothes were in a mess and he angrily scolded them.

Those two Supreme-Being guards couldn't help but furrow their brows. Although their faces were flushed with shame, they still felt extremely indignant. They were, after all, Supreme-Being experts. Even though they were working as guards for the Lin Family, they had their dignity as Supreme-Being experts.

"Lin's third young master, it would be better for you to make your guards step down..."

The youth which was taunting the Lin Family's third young master spoke with disdain in his voice. He conveniently ordered his guards to attack Bu Fang. If his guards could successfully kill that Bu Fang, it would be as though he ruthlessly stepped on the Lin Family's third young master.

He was a young master of the Heavenly Mist City's Zhang Family. His status wasn't lower than the Lin Family's third young master.

Both of them were pursuing Nangong Wan. Both of them felt that they were humiliated after they were smashed by the black wok and thrown out of the store. As such, they were back for revenge.

Bang! Bang!

The earth shook as a tremendous shadow appeared in front of the restaurant's door.

Bu Fang threw the Stinky Tofu in his hand into the wok and he looked at Whitey in surprise.

The metal puppet seemed as though it had a boundless imposing aura after getting promoted. Unlike its previous perfectly round appearance, after its repair, Whitey seemed more like a warrior who was draped in armor. The edges and corners of its armor were protruding out and they emitted an ice-cold glow. There was a pair of folded metallic wings on Whitey's back and they emitted a stifling and frightening pressure. That armor was filled with countless and innumerable profound and abstruse stripes. If anyone stared at those stripes for too long, they would feel dizzy.

However, what delighted Bu Fang was that Whitey's belly which wasn't covered by the armor was still white and plump. It was the same as the Whitey he knew before.

Bu Fang extended his hand and patted Whitey's belly. He realized that the feeling was the same as before. It seemed as though Whitey was still able to recycle the restaurant's trash.

After its repair, Whitey became more dashing.

Bu Fang nodded his head in satisfaction.

"System, what is Whitey's current battle prowess? The upper limit of its strength should be increased, right?" Bu Fang curiously asked the system.

Whitey's strength was quite powerful. After its repair, it should be even more powerful.

"Whitey went through a comprehensive promotion. The core of a Profound Iron Mine in the Extreme Region was used to reform its body and make a special battle armor filled with countless offensive arrays. Whitey's battle prowess had a comprehensive increase and its current upper limit is tantamount to a Divine Physique Echelon expert who broke through five of the Supreme-Being's shackles. Whitey's strength is two grades above the host's cultivation. It has an outburst mode if more power is required. However, after using the outburst mode, Whitey must spend two days in order to recover," the system's solemn and earnest voice explained Whitey's improvements.

Bu Fang was shocked by what the system said. Although he didn't completely understand what the system told him, he felt as though Whitey became quite amazing. He patted Whitey's round belly and the corners of his mouth curled upwards.

Whitey, your owner is thinking highly of you.

The violet glow in Whitey's eyes flickered for a while. It raised its fan-like hand and stroked its head.

"I was thinking about how an eighth grade War-God like you could strip and throw two Supreme-Beings out of the store. It seems like it was because of this puppet in your store. Is this puppet the reason why you are so confident?"

The Zhang Family's young master swayed his body and squinted his eyes as he looked at the tall and sturdy Whitey who was standing beside Bu Fang. He sneered at Bu Fang with a cold voice.

The two Supreme-Being experts at his side stirred their true energy as they looked at Whitey with a serious expression.

On the other hand, the two who had been stripped by Whitey looked at it with terrified gazes. There was no one clearer about how fearsome the puppet was other than the two Supreme-Beings. When facing that puppet, they were unable to put up even the slightest resistance. The feeling was as though they were facing a Divine Physique Echelon expert.

In the elixir store across the Cloud Mist Restaurant, Nangong Wan, who wore a veil, leaned against the door as she looked at the fight in the restaurant. She seemed to be intrigued and interested in the fight.

A trace of astonishment flashed in her eyes.

She thought that it was just a small restaurant with no backing. It seemed as though she had judged it too early.

"A chef of unknown origin and a strange puppet... This is really interesting.."


The fight attracted the attention of countless people. Everyone looked toward the restaurant curiously.

They all recognized the Zhang Family's young master and the Lin Family's third young master as there wasn't anyone in Heavenly Mist City who didn't recognize members of the two families.

They didn't expect that a restaurant owner would dare to provoke them. It seemed as though the owner of the restaurant was in for some suffering. There was no one clearer about the power of those two families than them. Their families were on par with the Nangong Family.


The aura of those two Supreme-Beings from the Zhang Family surged as they widened their eyes and angrily glared at Bu Fang. They shot toward Bu Fang as they tried to take him down with a single attack.

One Supreme-Being went to obstruct Whitey and the other one went after Bu Fang.

They were quite good at cooperating with each other and they clearly knew their objective.

The Zhang Family's young master was extremely satisfied. As expected of his family Supreme-Being guards, they were really skilled. He complacently stared at the Lin Family's third young master whose complexion was extremely ugly right now. "Take a look at your family. It actually raised two Supreme-Beings who were completely useless."

Whitey slightly turned its head and the violet glow in its eyes flickered.

"The troublemakers... will be stripped as an example to others."

The words which came out of Whitey's mouth were the same as before.

The hearts of the Lin Family's Supreme-Beings shuddered when they heard Whitey's voice.

As for the Zhang Family's Supreme-Beings, they didn't care about Whitey at all. They roared angrily and revolved the true energy in their bodies with no restraint. It seemed as though they intended to burn their True Energy in order to complete their task.

A palm, which seemed like it had enough power to shatter a mountain, was thrust at Whitey.

As for the other Supreme-Being, he opened his arm as he charged at Bu Fang. It was clear that the Supreme-Being intended to capture Bu Fang.

As long as they captured him, they could keep that puppet under control. As such, they knew that their true objective was to capture Bu Fang.

However, when the Supreme-Being's gaze landed on Bu Fang, his heart shuddered.

It was because Bu Fang looked at him as if he was a moron.


An abrupt rumbling sound came from behind him.

That Supreme-Being was taken aback. Subconsciously, he turned around and looked at the scene behind him. He saw a scene which caused his whole body to shudder in fear.

That puppet... That metallic puppet simply threw a casual fist while facing his comrade's all-out attack.

A crisp sound of bones being broken apart resounded as the other Supreme-Being was smashed and forced to the ground by Whitey. One of his arms was already gone and a bloody mess could be seen everywhere.

"Damn! Why is that puppet so strong?"

That Supreme-Being who was charging at Bu Fang groaned inwardly. He turned his head to look at Bu Fang with a hideous expression on his face.

"I will capture you! The moment I capture you, that puppet will become useless. Come here!"


His true energy caused gusts of wind to sweep through the store. The Supreme-Being's cultivation wasn't weak at all. He was already at the middle stage of the Supreme-Being realm. His body shot out like lightning as he angrily charged at Bu Fang.

Bu Fang calmly looked at the Supreme-Being with indifference.

The gales caused by the Supreme-Being blew against Bu Fang and his hair fluttered about behind him. His hair hung loosely over his shoulders as his velvet hair tie snapped.


He loosened his grip on his chopsticks and another piece of Stinky Tofu fell into the wok. Steam rose from the wok and a foul odor filled the area once again.

The Supreme-Being was about to reach Bu Fang before he was stopped.

A fan-like big hand blocked his way and held onto his head. A tremendous force came from the hand and the Supreme-Being felt as though his head was about to burst open.

He angrily roared. It seemed as though he had to use his most powerful move.

That Supreme-Being managed to break free from Whitey's grasp and he then fled to a distant place. He loudly gasped for breath and felt shocked. He raised his head and looked at Whitey with a face full of terror. However, before he got a clear look at Whitey, a fan-like palm slapped him.

That Supreme-Being spurted a mouthful of blood due to the slap and he was sent flying.

Whitey slowly walked toward the two Supreme-Beings step by step. It slowly approached both of them who were on the ground. It grabbed them and tore apart their clothes before throwing them out of the store.

Their clothes fluttered away and the two Supreme-Beings from the Zhang Family were stripped and thrown out of the store like they were two dead dogs.

Thump! Thump!

Those two Supreme-Beings experts fell in front of the Zhang Family's young master. He was dumbfounded and astonished. He raised his head to look at Bu Fang.

What the hell happened?

Why were his bodyguards thrown out as well? This wasn't part of the plan...

In the next moment, his body stiffened when his gaze fell onto Whitey. He discovered that the metallic puppet's violet eyes were fixed onto his body.

"Troublemaker ..."

"Who the hell is a troublemaker? What is that puppet going to do? I'm the Zhang Family's young master!"

The youth's face was filled with fright and he quickly stepped back. He roared at the Supreme-Beings experts standing beside him.

"What are all of you looking at? Hurry up and charge at him! Stop that bastard!"