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 Chapter 426: The Return Of The Clothes-stripping Crazy Demon

Translator: CatatoPatch Editor: Vermillion

On the next day.

Bu Fang woke up due to the noise coming from outside the store.

He got up from the bed and started stretching. His mouth opened wide and a he yawned loudly. Walking to the windows, Bu Fang looked at the street outside.

The elixir stores were buzzing with activity once again. There was a never-ending stream of people entering and leaving the stores.

Bu Fang propped his chin up with his palm and the corners of his mouth curled upwards as he looked at the bustling scene on the street.

After taking a bath, he went downstairs and entered the kitchen. He started practicing his culinary arts like usual. There was a trace of anticipation in his heart when he thought about Whitey returning to this branch store. Since a night had already passed, Whitey's repair should be completed.

He was quite excited.

Bu Fang played around with a kitchen knife and it danced in the air. Light flickered around the knife and when he got tired of it, Bu Fang threw the knife toward the rack. After flying through the air, the knife landed accurately on the rack.

Bu Fang exhaled a long breath before walking toward the entrance of the store. He then slowly opened the bronze door.

After opening the door, dazzling lights landed on Bu Fang and he was startled. For a moment, Bu Fang was unable to adapt to the bright light.

"Whitey's repair is complete. It has also undergone a promotion. The teleportation will start..."

The moment the doors were open, the solemn and earnest voice of the system resounded in Bu Fang's mind. The bustle on the street became drowned out by the system.

"Em? Whitey's repair is complete?"

Bu Fang's eyes slightly lit up.

Since Whitey had been promoted after being repaired, it should be much stronger...

After Bu Fang thought about the fact that Whitey became stronger, he became even more excited.

After the stench of the Stinky Tofu filled the streets yesterday, the Cloud Mist Restaurant became somewhat well-known. Although the Stinky Tofu was really smelly, those who had tried it knew that it tasted really delicious.

The taste was many times better than that Multi-Taste Fasting Pill.

There were several men lining up in front of the store. They were those who ate the Stinky Tofu yesterday.

"Owner Bu, good morning. Serve us a bowl of Stinky Tofu."

They entered the store and looked for a place to seat themselves. They spoke impatiently to Bu Fang the moment they found a place to seat.

After eating the Stinky Tofu yesterday, they were unable to forget the taste of it even after returning home. Their mind became filled with the taste of the Stinky Tofu and they even started thinking about the stench which was emitted by the Stinky Tofu. They wished that they could leave their bed in order to get another bowl of it.

All of them were shocked as they had never craved something so badly before. Not even the Multi-Taste Fasting Pill.

Bu Fang looked at them and calmly said, "Em, wait for a while."

They all nodded in at him and looked at Bu Fang as he turned around to walk into the kitchen. All of them thought that he went to cook the Stinky Tofu.

However, Bu Fang left the kitchen just moments after entering it. All of them were shocked by his actions.

Bu Fang came out as he carried a huge bucket with him. In front of the gazes of the dumbfounded men, he placed that bucket in front of the entrance of the store.

After placing the bucket down, Bu Fang's black wok appeared in his hand. He spouted a golden flame into the button of the wok and he poured some oil into the wok. The flame started to burn quietly as if it wasn't there.


In just a short while, the oil in the wok started boiling.

Bu Fang took a piece of black Stinky Tofu from the bucket and threw it into the wok.

That stinky odor once again appeared and started to fill the area. None of the elixir shops were spared and they were all filled with the stench of Stinky Tofu.

"What the f*ck! That restaurant owner started to cook his excrement again!"

"It's truly... What is he trying to do by cooking that stinky object early in the morning?"

"Is that owner looking for trouble? How will we sell Multi-Taste Fasting Pills if he keeps on cooking that?"


The customers who were queuing in front of the elixir store started to shout and scream when they smelled the stinky odor. Their complexions darkened as they started complaining.

They had never tasted the Stinky Tofu before. How could they bear with the stinky odor? They all furrowed their brows and they started to boil with rage. They became quite resentful after smelling the stench once again.

That damned guy. Wasn't he afraid of being beaten to death? He was actually spreading poison this early in the morning.

The owners of the surrounding elixir stores almost went crazy.

Their eyes widened and became bloodshot. That guy was trying to cut off their livelihood. That stench was driving customers away... How were they supposed to make money if this kept up?

It was truly infuriating!

How could such a shameless person exist in this world?

Bu Fang's expression was indifferent as he completely didn't care about those resentful and indignant looks shot at him. He cooked his Stinky Tofu as usual.

After scooping out the deep-fried Stinky Tofu, he placed them into bowls, then brought the bowls to the people in his store after seasoning the dish.

"Here is your Stinky Tofu. A friendly reminder from me, this Stinky Tofu can be taken out of the store."

Bu Fang placed a bowl of Stinky Tofu in front of them before speaking to them.

Those men were taken aback for a moment before a mischievous smile appeared on their faces. Owner Bu was truly too naughty.

They didn't choose to take it out. Instead, they sat in the store and ate the bowl of Stinky Tofu happily.

This Stinky Tofu was truly too delicious... All of them were thinking about the same thing in their mind.

All of a sudden, some clamoring came from outside the store. Those indignant and resentful people started to retreat as a breeze carrying the stench of Stinky Tofu blew toward them. They quickly left the entrance of Bu Fang's store.

A rhythmic sound of footsteps could be heard as a group of people came out from the crowd.

This group was made up of the descendants from the Heavenly Mist City's big families. They were thrown out of the store by Bu Fang using his wok the day before.

They were here today for revenge.

This was the first time they had been thrown out of a place. What made it worse was that Bu Fang actually used a wok to smash them and they flew out of his store.

Not even the Heavenly Mist City top-notch elixir stores dared to treat them like that. This small restaurant actually dared to show them such disrespect?

Since that was the case, the restaurant should be closed down.

The descendants of those big families were followed by some guards. The cultivation of all of those guards reached the Supreme-Being realm and they all silently followed behind the descendants as they walked toward the store.

Bu Fang blinked his eyes and looked at the group of people who were crowding around the entrance. He held a piece of Stinky Tofu in his hand.

"Kid, I heard that you are quite arrogant and rampant. It looks like you store isn't closed today. Since that is the case, this young master will help you close your store!"

A youth who wore brocade clothes coldly sneered as he looked at Bu Fang.

After he spoke, the two Supreme-Beings behind him had an imposing aura as they took a step forward.

"Do you want to... cause trouble?" Bu Fang swept his gaze across those two Supreme-Beings, and his voice was cold.

He loosened his grip on the chopsticks in his hand. That piece of Stinky Tofu fell into the wok and oil splattered all around. A stinky odor assaulted the noses of those two Supreme-Being experts.

Oh my God! How could it be this smelly?

The complexion of those two Supreme-Being experts darkened and a wave of nausea swept through them. It was really like what their young master said. That guy was really cooking excrement.

"Cause trouble? Today, we're here to destroy your store. All of you, get him! Break all his limbs... F*ck! You were courting death when you offended us yesterday."

Those descendants of big families were accustomed to abusing their power in Heavenly Mist City. They were extremely angry when Bu Fang kicked them out of the store the day before.

In an instant, a dozen more Supreme-Beings stepped out. Following the lead of those two Supreme-Beings, they charged at Bu Fang. They burst forth with all their true energy and the air around them was pushed away.

Bu Fang was just an eighth grade War-God. They were not afraid when they charged at him.

Those two Supreme-Beings attacked him at the same time. They tried to take him down and an ominous glow shone in their eyes. A trace of contempt could be seen when they looked at Bu Fang.

Their true energy rampantly swept everything away as they charged at Bu Fang.

Waves of energy rolled around and pervaded through the air. Bu Fang's clothes and hair started to flutter in the wind.

Bu Fang intended to fight back. However, he stopped his movements halfway and his eyebrows shot upwards. The corners of his lips curled upwards and he knew that he had nothing to fear.

Instead of trying to fight back, Bu Fang turned his attention back to the Stinky Tofu. he continued to fry them at his own pace.

Along with a "thump" sound, oil splattered all around.

Those two Supreme-Beings were extremely angered.

This fellow was actually this calm when facing the assault of two Supreme-Beings? Was he looking down on them? What qualifications did an eighth grade War-God possess to look down on them?

Although they were just guards, they were still Supreme-Being experts.

Could you at least give us the minimum respect a Supreme-Being deserve? You should at least try to struggle.

"Since you are seeking death, you can go to hell," said one of the Supreme-Beings flying toward Bu Fang.

He didn't continue speaking with Bu Fang and directly thrust his fist at him. He behaved with an imposing manner and his true energy surged through his body. His fist went after Bu Fang.

All of a sudden, the bodies of those two Supreme-Beings started to shiver.

They subconsciously looked toward the store's kitchen. They could feel an ice-cold killing intent coming from within it.

"The troublemakers... will be stripped as an example to others."

An ice-cold voice resounded as two violet glows burst out of the pitch-black kitchen.

That glow was eerie and ice-cold. It emitted an aura which caused those two Supreme-Beings' heart to shiver in fear. It seemed like there was a gigantic shadow walking toward them. With every step it took, their heart would shudder.

"What's going on? What is that?" Those two Supreme-Beings were shocked. They swallowed their saliva and asked each other.

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth slightly curled upwards and joy welled up in his heart.


They then heard the buzz, the two Supreme-Beings felt as though a strong hurricane hit them. The giant shadow appeared in front of them in an instant.

When they were able to clearly see the object which appeared in front of them, they sucked in a breath of cold air.

That was because the thing in front of them was a puppet. It was a heap of steel.

That metallic puppet emitted an aura which caused their scalp to turn numb. The puppet's armor emitted a boundless aura. Those profound and abstruse stripes on the armor caused their pupils to contract. The eerie violet glow caused the hearts of the two Supreme-Being to tremble in fear.

Those two Supreme-Beings gave a loud cry and started their attack on the puppet. There was only one thought in their mind. That was to break the puppet which was emitting such a terrifying pressure.

The violet glow in Whitey's eyes flickered and it raised its huge fan-like hand.

Two crisp sounds resounded out.

The two Supreme-Beings were easily defeated and they were forced to the ground with a single slap from Whitey.

In the next moment, those two Supreme-Beings started crying in panic and terror. They saw that the fiend-like puppet was reaching towards them with its huge hands.

"The troublemakers... will be stripped as an example to others."

"Don't... Don't do it, stop!"


Rip! Rip!