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 Chapter 424: The Stinky Tofu Eaten by Our Goddess

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There was an archaic four-way bronze tower located in the central zone of the Heavenly Mist City. That tower seemed like it was made of bronze. There were countless profound arrays depicted in its walls. Occasionally, those arrays would start running and emit a special fluctuation.

That tower was the Heavenly Mist City's symbolic building, the Pill Tower.

The Pill Tower was the symbol of each Pill City. There were countless cities in the Pill Palace's sphere of influence, however, only a few of them were considered Pill Cities. They were the three great cities which possessed a Pill Tower.

The Heavenly Mist City was one of those three cities.

There were several small holes on the sides of the Pill Tower. Dense Pill Energy along with the elixirs and pills fragrances were emitted from the holes. The fragrance filled the air and caused the whole Heavenly Mist City to smell pretty good.

In front of the Pill Tower, Yang Meiji absentmindedly raised her head as she looked toward the peak of the Pill Tower.

Her teacher, the Three Clouds Alchemist, the great master Xuan Bei, was currently within the Pill Tower. She was here in order to take the Pill Tower's test. The moment she passed it, she would become a One Cloud Alchemist.

The moment she became a One Cloud Alchemist, her status within Heavenly Mist City would rise up. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that she would be considered someone high-class the moment she became a One Cloud Alchemist.

The alchemists were the true rulers of Pill Cities.

She exhaled a long breath. Yang Meiji was slightly nervous. She delayed taking the test for a long time because of the Cloud Mist Restaurant. She didn't know if she could pass the test this time.

How was the Cloud Mist Restaurant doing now?

It seemed as though there were countless Multi-Taste Fasting Pills made by the Nangong Family being sold in the surroundings of the restaurant.

Would the restaurant be oppressed by them and became a laughingstock?

Yang Meiji couldn't help but become slightly worried about the restaurant.


A heavy and dull sound resounded in the air as the bronze gate of the Pill Tower slowly opened.

The dense and rich Pill Energy which permeated the tower overflowed and Yang Meiji's body shuddered.

Bracing herself, she entered the Pill Tower and started the test to become a One Cloud Alchemist.


Nangong Wan was a slightly prideful woman.

When she walked out of the store and said that she would taste Bu Fang's dish, she immediately regretted her decision.

Of course, she regretted it because of the stinky odor in the air. However, she had already promised to eat Bu Fang's dish and she threw herself into a deep pit by mistake. She had a high self-esteem and would definitely not go back on her words. As such, she could only grit her teeth and have a taste of that stinky dish.

In her mind, she was unwilling to put the food in her mouth as she wasn't stupid. She knew that eating that bowl of food would destroy her image as a goddess. There wasn't a single woman in this world who didn't care about her own image.

When she caught that bowl and she looked at the blackish-yellow object inside it, Nangong Wan wanted nothing more than to throw the bowl back onto the youth's face.

However, she suppressed her emotions and controlled her actions. The words she spoke were like spilled water. It could never come back.

She chose to eat the stuff in the bowl.

If it was something which was truly disgusting, she could easily return back to use a Body Cleansing Pill to clean up all the impurities in her body.

Nangong Wan became somewhat skeptical when she nibbled on that dish which was called the Stinky Tofu.

She didn't sense any disgusting flavor coming from it. Her mouth was filled with a sweet fragrance instead.

"This... This is inconceivable."

When she smelled it, it was extremely pungent. How could the smell change when she placed it into her mouth? Did that chef hide some kind of fragrant object inside the tofu?

A trace of shock appeared on Nangong Wan's pretty face. She subconsciously took a look at Bu Fang before eating another mouthful of the Stinky Tofu.

The flavor changed once again and its fragrance exploded in her mouth. Nangong Wan felt as though there was something massaging her oral cavity muscles.

When she swallowed the Stinky Tofu, Nangong Wan felt as though the pores in her body opened up. A surging essence and spiritual energy came from the tofu. She felt so comfortable and relaxed that she couldn't help but moan.

She took mouthful after mouthful of the dish. She couldn't stop herself at all. She was already mesmerized by the Stinky Tofu.

It was really delicious! She never tasted something like this before and it was a completely different feeling when compared to the Fasting Pills.

She was infatuated with such a feeling.

She finished an entire bowl of Stinky Tofu.

"Can... Can you give me another bowl of it?" Nangong Wan was slightly bashful when she asked Bu Fang for another bowl of Stinky Tofu. Her pretty face was flushed red.

She was extremely beautiful. When she revealed such an expression, she became even more mesmerizing and alluring.

The surrounding men widened their eyes and smoke almost came out of their nostrils. It was as though they had been injected with chicken blood.

Oh my God! Our goddess wasn't satisfied with eating just one bowl... She seemed to be addicted to eating it.

There were some people with sharp perception among them and they looked at the bowl of Stinky Tofu with a doubtful expression. Was that really edible?

It should be edible... They trusted Nangong Wan. Since their goddess ate it happily, it was surely edible.

All sort of emotions started to well up in everyone's heart. The gaze which they used to look at the Stinky Tofu was no longer filled with disgust. That was a dish which their goddess ate.....

Bu Fang completely ignored Nangong Wan's adorable appearance.

He curled up the corners of his mouth and stored the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. He took the bucket and walked back into the store.

"If you want to eat another bowl of it, then come to my store."

As she looked at Bu Fang's frail back, Nangong Wan held the bowl tightly in her hands. She nipped her ruddy lips as she enjoyed the aftertaste of the Stinky Tofu in her mouth. She looked at Bu Fang with resentment before following him into the restaurant.

The people who were gathered around the store started clamoring.

Their goddess actually entered the Cloud Mist Restaurant... That decaying building which was supposed to be closing down. Her presence would bring light and honor to that restaurant.

They were astonished as they started to whisper to each other.

They didn't hesitate for long. There were several men who braced themselves and they bore the stench as they walked out from the crowd to enter the restaurant. Everyone else completely surrounded the restaurant and sealed it.

After Nangong Wan entered the restaurant, she found out that although the outside had an overwhelming stench, the inside of the restaurant didn't smell bad at all. Her pretty eyes immediately lit up.

The interior of the store was tidy and clean. There was a light and sweet fragrance in the air.

She swept her gaze through the store and found out that the source of the fragrance came from the Five Stripes Path-Understanding Trees growing at the corner...

After a Path-Understanding Tree reached five stripes, it would become an extremely precious ingredient. This store was actually using it as decorations?

She looked for a seat and sat down on a chair. She placed the porcelain bowl down onto the table and extended one of her fingers to sweep it across the table. That table was spotlessly clean. It didn't have a single trace of dust.

Nangong Wan was extremely shocked.

It seemed as though the Cloud Mist Restaurant was different from what the rumors said.

"What do you want to eat? Do you still want Stinky Tofu?" After placing the bucket in the kitchen, Bu Fang walked over and stared at Nangong Wan. She was sitting in her chair gracefully when Bu Fang asked her a question.

Nangong Wan's beautiful eyes fell upon Bu Fang's body. After she observed that calm youth, a trace of astonishment flashed through her eyes.

"The gaze which the youth used to look at me is too calm and indifferent."

She was accustomed to the infatuated gazes of men on her body. Bu Fang's indifferent gaze made her somewhat excited.

"Apart from the Stinky Tofu, you still have others dishes?"

Nangong Wan blinked her pretty eyes and asked.

"Of course there are others. Take a look at the menu behind you." Bu Fang expressionlessly answered.

Nangong Wan was taken aback. Turning her head, she really saw a menu where there were four other dishes.

One of them was the Stinky Tofu. Surprisingly, it was not the most expensive one out of all of them.

Nangong Wan was startled. Her pink lips slightly opened and she covered her mouth with her hand as she was shocked. She was filled with incredulity when she looked at the prices on the menu. The shock which she experienced today after coming to the restaurant was truly big.

"Ten thousand crystals? You are actually selling a dish for ten thousand pieces of crystals? Are you crazy? That is the price of an eighth grade elixir!"

Nangong Wan cried out in alarm. As a genius who would shortly become a One Cloud Alchemist, she understood how difficult it was to refine an eighth grade elixir.

The price of a dish was the same as the price required to buy an eighth grade elixir. Did the owner lose his mind?

A bowl of Stinky Tofu for twenty pieces of crystals could still be accepted. Although it was expensive, it wasn't unreasonable.

However, the price of ten thousand crystals for a single dish, the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall, was too crazy.

"It's a genuine and honest price. Our store offers sincere treatment for all and fair trade to the old and young alike." Bu Fang looked at Nangong Wan with the gaze he would use to look at a country bumpkin.

He sold a bowl of the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall for ten thousand crystals even in the backward Light Wind Empire. He felt as though he was making a loss by selling it at the same price here in Heavenly Mist City.

You actually said that this was a genuine and honest price?

Nangong Wan rolled her eyes at Bu Fang. She tapped the table with her finger for a while before finally ordering another bowl of Stinky Tofu.

Bu Fang gazed at her with his expressionless eyes and all of her hair stood on end.

This woman hesitated for so long, yet she only ordered another bowl of Stinky Tofu... She was truly stingy and miserly.

Bu Fang twitched his mouth.

"Please give me a moment."