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 Chapter 423: Oh My God! Our Goddess Ate Shit

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The Stinky Tofu's odor was carried by the wind and it filled the area. It was as though the odor took on physical form as it fluttered about in the wind.

An extremely stinky odor covered the area of more than ten miles. Everyone who surrounded Cloud Mist Restaurant was forced to retreat due to the stinky odor. Their complexion darkened when they smelled the stench in the air.

They were extremely shocked by the youth who was standing in front of the store and eating all that excrement.

Was that object edible?

Was there something wrong with his taste buds? Who would have such a twisted taste that they would eat excrement? Even the Multi-Taste Fasting Pill couldn't suppress the stench coming from that object.

That guy was definitely doing all of that on purpose.

Everyone saw how Bu Fang placed a piece of Stinky Tofu into his mouth. The oil seeped out the moment he bit into the piece of Stinky Tofu. The oil was gleaming and there were some black specks in it.

When everyone saw that, their face became filled with creases.

Nangong Ming, who was assaulted by that stinky odor, hid far away. He wasn't willing to approach the Cloud Mist Restaurant.

His face started twitching and spasming when he saw Bu Fang's infatuated expression. Bu Fang had an intoxicated expression on his face as he chewed on the stinky object.

How could he even swallow something that disgusting?

Nangong Ming became absent-minded as he thought, "Did I oppress the restaurant too much? Did that guy become so desperate that he had to cook excrement in front of his store to nauseate so many people?"

The more he thought about it, the more he felt like it was surely the case. When he looked at Bu Fang once again, his gaze turned unfriendly. He felt as though Bu Fang was an extremely cunning person.

However, he was at his wit's end and he felt as though he would vomit if he smelled the stinky odor any longer. Racking his brains, Nangong Ming tried to think of a way in order to deal with Bu Fang.

That stink was too strong.

Everyone who wanted to buy the Multi-Taste Fasting Pill left in disgust. In just a short while, the bustling and lively street became deserted.

Who would still want to buy the Multi-Taste Fasting Pill after smelling that disgusting stench?

That black and yellow object within that wok was the most disgusting thing they had ever seen in their life.

Bu Fang continued to deep fry the Stinky Tofu calmly. It was as though he didn't feel the disgusted gazes of the people surrounding him. The taste of the Stinky Tofu in his mouth was extremely delicious. The flavor was really mesmerizing.

The stench was getting stronger by the minute and everyone was getting angrier.

Many owners of elixir stores charged toward Bu Fang with indignance as they lost all their customers due to him.

They stood before Bu Fang's restaurant entrance and angrily glared at him.

They wanted Bu Fang to immediately stop his vulgar behavior.

How could someone cook excrement in public? Much less eat excrement in public... Especially in a district where the Multi-Taste Fasting Pills were sold.

Many of the surrounding owners were alchemists who had collaborated with the Nangong Family. They all paid a certain price in order to gain the selling rights of the Multi-Taste Fasting Pill.

If the profits earned from selling the Multi-Taste Fasting Pills were lower than what they paid, they would all suffer a loss.

The prospects of opening a store in this district were quite bright.

They all hoped that they would be able to earn a huge amount of crystals. They never would have expected that some youth would come to this district and start cooking excrement. He was obviously trying to cut off their livelihood.

Even if they had to bear with that overwhelming stinky odor, they had to join hands to suppress Bu Fang today.

"What the hell are you doing? Hurry up and stop it! Stop disgusting everyone around..."

"How can you still make a business like this? How can someone cook excrement at the front of their store?"

"What the f*ck? If I end up suffering a loss because of you, I will surely smash your sh*tty restaurant."

The shouting and cursing which were directed at him caused Bu Fang to furrow his brows. He was trying to concentrate on cooking his Stinky Tofu, however, they were disturbing him.

He stopped cooking and looked at the alchemist closest to him.

That alchemist cursing immediately stopped and he straightened his neck. He coldly glared at Bu Fang in response.

"I'm just cooking a dish in front of my restaurant. Did I bother you?" Bu Fang calmly said. "Go and sell your Fasting Pills. I will sell my Stinky Tofu. We can coexist peacefully."

Bu Fang's voice was calm and indifferent as usual. However, his indifference caused the people surrounding him to clamor even more.

"Sell? Oh my God! Is this person retarded?"

"He was cooking excrement in order to sell it? I thought that he was cooking it just to disgust us."

"Who's retarded enough to buy excrement? Much less eat it... Does he think we are all retarded?"

The complexion of those customers immediately changed. They had suffered enough due to the smell coming from the Stinky Tofu. They started to make even more noise.

How could there be such a weirdo in this world? Such a stinky object... There was no need to taste it in order to know that it tasted extremely nasty. Who would use crystals to buy it?

The Cloud Mist Restaurant?

Since it was able to make such a ridiculous dish, it was no surprise that all the restaurants in Heavenly Mist City disappeared. Even the last restaurant in the city gave up and abandoned itself as it fell into despair.

The curses and complaints of the surrounding people didn't affect Bu Fang at all.

He was still deep frying his Stinky Tofu calmly with a relaxed expression on his face.

He filled a bowl with Stinky Tofu and added some seasonings over it before placing it down on the table.

"This is my store's dish, Stinky Tofu. Twenty pieces of crystals for one bowl. I welcome anyone who wants to come and have a taste of it." Bu Fang swept the surrounding people with his gaze and calmly said.

Every single alchemist from the surrounding elixir stores became enraged when they heard what Bu Fang said. They shot an angry glare at Bu Fang.

They wondered if their hearing had issues when they heard Bu Fang's words.

Although everything sold in Heavenly Mist City was quite expensive, there was no way a bowl of food should cost twenty crystals. All of them came to a common consensus that a bowl of shit-like dish wasn't worth twenty crystals.

Did he think that crystals were like cabbages which could be found everywhere?

Sounds of refusal and rejections came from the surroundings.

Everyone there was filled with righteous indignation. There were even some people who approached the restaurant and intended to attack Bu Fang in order to stop him

"Didn't all of you hear me clearly? This Stinky Tofu is the first dish promoted by the Cloud Mist Restaurant. If anyone dares to approach me, don't blame me for being merciless," Bu Fang said to everyone who was present.

After he finished his speech, green smoke twirled around his hand as he summoned the giant Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife. He carried it on his shoulders in order to show off his might.

He waved his kitchen knife and it caused a gust of wind which pressured the people around him.

Nangong Ming was standing far away as he sneered at Bu Fang. He was glad that he was there to witness Bu Fang causing trouble. Since Bu Fang was recklessly provoking everyone around him and angering them, Nangong Ming wanted to see how he would be torn apart by the people he infuriated.

Bu Fang shot a look at Nangong Ming. His eyes were filled with indifference as he waved his hand to throw another piece of Stinky Tofu into the boiling yellow oil in the wok.

"Did you say that there was a dish on sale?"

All of a sudden, the pleasant voice of a woman came from behind the crowd.

The crowd of people parted in order to make a path for that red-haired voluminous woman who was from the elixir store opposite the Cloud Mist Restaurant.

Although that woman wore a veil which covered her face, her adorable and pretty eyes left a profound impression on Bu Fang. She slowly walked over and it seemed as though she didn't mind the stink in the air. That woman who had fair and white skin stood before his store and shot a look at the Stinky Tofu. After looking at the dish, she turned her head to look at Bu Fang and she furrowed her brows.

"This is genuine Stinky Tofu made using the secret recipe from the Cloud Mist Restaurant. A bowl of it costs twenty pieces of crystals. Our store offers sincere treatment for all and fair trade to the old and young alike," said Bu Fang.

"Do you know that your cooking affected my Nangong Family's elixir business over in this district? Since you said that you made a dish, I will have a taste of it. If it isn't edible, you should immediately stop cooking and close your restaurant. If you ever open your restaurant again, you'll face severe consequences which you will never be able to imagine. I, Nangong Wan, am absolutely capable of achieving it."

That red-haired woman stared at Bu Fang and spoke to him slowly.

"What if this dish is edible?" Although Bu Fang didn't know who was Nangong Wan, her appearance was to his advantage.

"You can continue selling your food here. I, Nangong Wan, won't find any more problems with you." Nangong Wan raised her hand as she spoke.


Bu Fang nodded at her and took out a bowl of Stinky Tofu. He casually waved his hand and threw that bowl at her. The bowl floated towards her slowly.

"The young miss, Nangong Wan, actually agreed to eat that disgusting bowl of stuff?"

"Oh my God! Did the young miss go crazy? How can she accept his request?"

"No! The young miss' perfect image in my mind will surely be shattered if she ate that shit-like object."

Everyone started howling in grief when they learned that Nangong Wan intended to personally taste that extremely stinky dish. There were even some men who pulled on their own hair and their eyes widened.

Nangong Wan was the Nangong Family Grand Elder's granddaughter. She was a genius who graduated from the Alchemy Institute and she would shortly pass the Pill Tower test and become an official One Cloud Alchemist. She was the goddess of countless men in Heavenly Mist City.

They would never have expected that she would stand out at such a moment.

Nangong Wan caught the bowl of Stinky Tofu which Bu Fang threw at her.

It was really smelly...

Nangong Wan couldn't help but furrow her pretty black brows after smelling the stinky odor of the Stinky Tofu at close distance. She was really disgusted by it. However, since she said that she would give it a taste, she wouldn't go back on her word. She pulled off her veil and revealed an extremely beautiful face.

The beauty of her face would let anyone who caught sight of it suffocate. However, there wasn't anyone who paid attention to her face at this moment.

Everyone was paying attention to her actions. They saw how she slowly lift a piece of Stinky Tofu and place it in-between her ruddy lips.

All of them became nervous and apprehensive.

Oh my God! Our goddess is eating shit!

This was the thought going through all their minds at this moment.

In the next moment, a scene which would shock everyone occurred.

After their goddess ate a mouthful of that Stinky Tofu, it seemed as though she wasn't satisfied. She took another mouthful of it.

Oh my God! Our Goddess liked to eat shit!

After seeing Nangong Wan eat another mouthful of the Stinky Tofu, everyone around felt as though a clap of thunder exploded in their mind. They widened their eyes and opened their mouth wide. They stared at Nangong Wan in shock as she ate another mouthful of the Stinky Tofu.

What was going on in this world? There were some people who were absolutely shocked at the sight of Nangong Wan eating the Stinky Tofu.

Bu Fang curled up the corners of his mouth and slightly squinted his eyes as he looked at that beautiful woman who was gobbling up his Stinky Tofu.

The Stinky Tofu was a weird dish when compared to other dishes.

Bu Fang believed that there were countless people who would be unable to resist the Stinky Tofu's charm after they had a taste of it. They would all be conquered and enchanted by the taste of the Stinky Tofu. The fragrance which was pungent to the extreme was overwhelming and powerful.

Nangong Wan finally swallowed the last piece of the Stinky Tofu. Her ruddy lips were shining as the Stinky Tofu was extremely greasy. She let out a long breath and her voluptuous body slightly shook. She involuntarily let out a mellow moan.

Her beautiful eyes seemed like they would drip water as she looked at Bu Fang.

She opened her ruddy lips and her breathing was rough.

"Can... Can you give me another bowl?"