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 Chapter 422: The Stench Which Permeated Ten Miles

Translator: CatatoPatch Editor: Vermillion

The Stinky Tofu was a queer case in the world of gourmet.

If one perceived its smell, they would find it extremely stinky, but when they ate it, they would realize that it had an extremely fragrant and alluring flavor.

Such extremely polar opposite characteristics made countless people in Bu Fang's previous world fond of it.

Although Bu Fang was a chef in his previous life, he rarely ate the Stinky Tofu; he had a light mysophobia, and this caused him to reject the dish after perceiving its odor.

However, he was obliged to try making the Stinky Tofu in order to make the Cloud Mist Restaurant's name resound throughout the entire Heavenly Mist City.

The black and slightly yellow Stinky Tofu emitted a stinky and unpleasant odor.

Bu Fang's face had already darkened before the piece reached his mouth. He hesitated, procrastinated for a while and almost gave up.

However, when he finally put the piece of Stinky Tofu into his mouth, he wasn't as unwilling as before, probably because he had gotten slightly used to the stinky odor.

After Bu Fang placed it in his mouth, he bit the surface of satiny, deep-fried tofu. Bu Fang's eyes immediately lit up as he tasted the incredible flavor of the tofu in his mouth. The proverb "stink as its peak would become a fragrance" still had some truth to it, however; and while he was chewing the tofu, Bu Fang unexpectedly didn't abhor its stinky odor, for he was already unable to smell it.

Its taste wasn't as awful as one would have imagined; instead, it was peculiarly quite good, and a rich fragrance quite different from its stinky odor burst forth within his mouth. It was like a bomb that was fermented for a long time, exploding by accident. It was also like a relaxing, refreshing, clear, and fresh stream hidden within the stinky odor that was capable of seeping into one's heart.

Disregarding the tofu's stinky odor, Bu Fang wholeheartedly began to enjoy the sweet flavor of the Stinky Tofu.

It was a flavor that was capable of mesmerizing someone thoroughly.

As Bu Fang chewed, he nodded his head in approval.

Shrimpy, who was on his shoulder, came back to its senses after foaming at the mouth for a while, and it looked at the Stinky Tofu in Bu Fang's hand with a gaze highlighting its lingering fear.

When it noticed Bu Fang unexpectedly eating the overwhelmingly stinky object, it became thoroughly dumbfounded.


The next day, Bu Fang got out of bed early on. He washed his face and rinsed his mouth before going into the kitchen.

Bu Fang felt quite comfortable and relaxed in this store which had undergone the system's renovation.

The fragrance from the Stinky Tofu of yesterday had already disappeared. The store had a feature that automatically refreshed the air within the place, which spared Bu Fang a lot of trouble.

He practiced his cutting technique in the kitchen for a while before he went to the entrance, and with a creaking sound, opened the metallic door.

The warm rays of the sun shone down on him through the open door, driving out the chilly air in the store.

Bu Fang let out a light breath. He stood at the entrance of the store and looked outside.

Waves of voices and shouts reverberated around the area because there was an immense crowd of people present.

The voluptuous, red-haired woman was still methodically selling elixirs. A sweet fragrance wafted out from her elixir store and enchanted countless people. People had already formed a queue in front of the store, and the long line stretched all the way to the entrance of Bu Fang's store.

Almost all people in the queue were men, and traces of infatuation were evident in their eyes as they looked at that red-haired woman.

Who knew whether they had come to buy elixirs or admire the woman.

This crowd was clearly higher than yesterday's.

There were also several elixir stores that had opened in the area.

The red-haired woman wasn't the only one who had a flourishing business, for many other stores were also filled with people. There were even some stores that had servants shouting at the people who wanted to purchase from them.

This district had become quite flourishing and was bustling with activity.

The area was filled with a surging crowd of people, the noise that they generated, and the fragrances of countless elixirs in the air.

Nangong Ming truly did not deceive them when he said that his Nangong Family's Multi-Taste Fasting Pill would be sold at this district.

It really seemed flourishing.

Despite also being situated in this flourishing region, Bu Fang's Cloud Mist Restaurant was still deserted. There wasn't even a single person in it, and the store stood out in the area.

Countless peoples in queues revealed mocking gazes whenever they gazed at Bu Fang who stood at the entrance to his store.

With his hand clasped behind his back, Bu Fang regarded all of them with an expressionless gaze.

Nangong Ming brought the Supreme-Being youth and came over from a distant place.

From very far away, he saw the dispirited and dejected Bu Fang standing at the entrance of his store, and that made him become excited.

"Oh, is your restaurant still open for business? There is such a large crowd of people in this flourishing area, yet you don't have even a single customer. Why are you even still opening up for business? Aren't you embarrassed?" Nangong Ming sneered and taunted him while walking over. "That store there is an elixir store. Do you see how many people are in there? Have you ever seen such a great number of customers before?"

Bu Fang furrowed his brows as he looked at Nangong Ming. His eyes looked in the direction that Nangong Ming's finger was pointing at, and he saw an extremely magnificent and refined store. It was an elixir store with an extremely large crowd of people lining in front of it.

However, this store was still slightly lacking compared to the red-haired woman's store.

"If you didn't come to have a meal, then get lost. I'm doing business here, so don't block the way by standing at the entrance," Bu Fang said calmly.

Nangong Ming was taken aback, and anger immediately became evident on his face.

"Doing business? Do you think that your lousy restaurant can ever make any business transaction?" Nangong Ming coldly sneered and pointed at Bu Fang's deserted store and disdainfully shook his head.

Bu Fang only silently watched him, then he lazily raised his hand. Green smoke curled around the raised hand as he summoned a big wok into his hand.

"What do you intend to do?"

The complexion of that Supreme-Being youth, who stood beside Nangong Ming, gravely changed. His entire body trembled as he looked at the black wok in Bu Fang's hand.

He was really frightened by the black wok.

"Why are you still here? If you don't intend to leave, then just stand there; don't say that I didn't warn you," Bu Fang said, feeling disinclined to pay any more attention to the two of them.

Bu Fang opened his mouth and spouted a ball of golden Ten Thousand Bestial Flames at the Black Turtle Constellation Wok which hovered in mid-air.

The Ten Thousand Bestial Flames flew to the bottom of the wok and started emitting a blazing heat, causing the oil within the wok to start boiling.

Bu Fang turned around and went into the kitchen, and after a short while, he returned with a bucket. An intense stink was surging out from the bucket.

Nangong Ming and that Supreme-Being youth were still standing the entrance of Bu Fang's store; they were quite curious about what Bu Fang intended to do.

Did he intend to start cooking some dishes? Does he want to cook dishes right here to attract people's attention?

He was too childish and naive, for such move was too banal. The move of refining elixirs on the spot had already been used by his Nangong Family countless times in a bid to attract customers.

Nangong Ming crossed his arms before his chest. He wanted to see what Bu Fang would make.

"No matter what you do, it won't change the fact that your restaurant can't do business." Nangong Ming smiled coldly.

Bu Fang put the bucket on the ground, pinched his nose and let out a long breath. Although the Stinky Tofu was quite delicious, its odor was really too unpleasant.

The oil in the wok was boiling, and a blazing heat surged out from it.

The surrounding crowd started to gather around him. They were curious about what Bu Fang intended to make.

From his stance, it was evident that he wouldn't refine elixirs. Seeing as he was the owner of a restaurant, did he intend to cook dishes?


This person was truly brave. He actually opened up a restaurant in a district where Multi-Taste Fasting Pills were being sold, especially now that restaurants had already vanished from the Heavenly Mist City.

Yet, this person still didn't give up.

The sight was truly moving. However, no matter how moving it was, there wouldn't be anyone stupid enough to enter a restaurant.

Bu Fang used a pair of chopstick to take a piece of the black Stinky Tofu from the bucket and threw it into the wok. His expression was still calm and indifferent.


The sound of the yellow oil sizzling rang out, and steam rose up from the wok accompanied by an extremely stinky odor.

Nangong Ming was standing right in front of Black Turtle Constellation Wok, and he was the first person to perceive the stinky odor of the Stinky Tofu. In an instant, his complexion gravely changed. It switched from the initial disdain to shock, and then to revulsion and disgust, leaving his complexion somewhat green. His eyes widened when he perceived the Stinky Tofu's odor, and his whole body began to tremble.


What the hell was that? Was that guy crazy? What was he cooking? Why was it this stinky?

Nangong Ming felt like his whole body had been ravaged by the stinky odor, and he had a dizzy spell. He retreated several steps backward and covered his nose, yet his body trembled without stop. He looked at Bu Fang, who was calmly throwing pitch-black objects into the wok, and his lips shivered.

This guy had gone crazy; he really was crazy.

He had felt really desperate, so he sought to thoroughly destroy and ruin this district where Multi-Taste Fasting Pills were sold. This guy was actually boiling excrements in a place where such a great number of people had gathered.

How perverted and twisted was his mind?

Nangong Ming roared inwardly, and when he could no longer bear the stinky odor, he brought the Supreme-Being youth with him and frantically escaped.

Since he had been standing in front of the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, when the stinky odor surged outward, he was the first person to bear its brunt.

Nangong Min almost wept. He felt like a young woman who had been ravaged and violated a thousand times. He felt extremely indignant and aggrieved. Why did he stand in front of that wok? Was he stupid?

When the stinky odor began to permeate the surrounding, the crowd started complaining.

The expression of the people, who came over with the intention of enjoying some exciting scenes, darkened, and they swiftly distanced themselves from the wok and hurriedly left the Cloud Mist Restaurant's vicinity.

The stinky odor was deadly.

The fragrance from the elixir stores permeated an area of ten miles, but the smell permeating ten miles now was a stinky odor. The aromas of the Multi-Taste Fasting Pill wafting out from countless stores were ruined by it.

This guy was truly malicious. How could they continue buying Multi-Taste Fasting Pill now? Even if they bought it, could they still eat it?

That guy had unexpectedly dared to cook excrements in such a public place that had a great number of people.

He was simply a madman.

Afterward, a scene that thoroughly dumbfounded them ensued.

They watched the youth, who was cooking excrements, take out several black objects, which all had a yellow tinge on them, and put them into a bowl. He proceeded to spray some seasoning over them. Then, he took a piece of them and put it in his mouth.

They all sucked breaths of air, their eyes widened and their terror intensified.

This guy wasn't only cooking excrements; he was also eating them.