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 Chapter 421: Bu Fang Cooks the Stinky Tofu

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After that love-struck man left, the red-haired woman in the elixir store across Bu Fang's seemed to have witnessed the scene, causing her to gaze at the tightly shut metallic door of the Cloud Mist Restaurant in confusion.

"It seems like the restaurant closed up quite early today." The woman inwardly thought.

Suddenly, her pupils dilated when she noticed bright, resplendent lights surging out of the restaurant. What was happening inside that store? That woman blinked her eyes as curiosity welled up in her heart.


Bu Fang exclaimed in surprise because it was his first time witnessing the system reforming a store. The store before him glittered, and bright, white lights were emitted from within all of its four walls. The bright light was so dazzling that Bu Fang couldn't help but slightly squint his eyes.

A rumbling sound constantly echoed in his ears. It sounded like the collision of chairs and tables, which were revolving all around the store.

Bu Fang saw countless shadows flickering in the store. A gale swept through the store, and it ripped Bu Fang's velvet hair tie apart.

His black hair sprung loose and hung loosely but gracefully over his shoulder

Only after a long while did the light in the store begin to dim, revealing the store's brand-new appearance to Bu Fang.

His eyes lit up when he saw the brand-new store.

The size of the store's interior didn't change, but its decor and its style became the same as his Fang Fang's Little Store in the Light Wind Imperial Capital. In fact, it seemed even more aesthetically pleasing than the latter.

There were Five Stripes Path-Understanding Fruit Trees planted in each of the store's four corners. These trees emitted a special spiritual energy that was able to refresh and clear one's mind.

While standing within the store, Bu Fang felt like he had returned to his store in the Light Wind Imperial Capital.

The dishes listed on the menu, which was located at the back of this store, had undergone a great change; just three dishes were displayed on it.

Egg-Fried Rice - Ten crystals.

Sweet 'n' Sour Meat Ribs - Fifty crystals.

Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup - Ten thousand crystals.

The number of dishes on this menu was quite low compared to the menu in his store at the Light Wind Imperial Capital, which had countless dishes.

However, they were all his best dishes. The Egg-Fried Rice, Sweet 'n' Sour Meat Ribs and Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup were Fang Fang's Little Store's most popular dishes.

If this store's first dishes were these three, then the other dishes would all be extraordinary; this was a fact that Bu Fang hadn't thought of at that moment.

He looked at the menu for a few moments before he went to the kitchen. The kitchen had just one stove, and it belonged to him. As for the others things in the kitchen, there were all quite identical to those in his store back at the Light Wind Imperial Capital. The equipment was all the same as well.

As expected, the system didn't have any sense of creativity, and the kitchen didn't experience the slightest change. However, it was fine this way. Bu Fang curled up the corners of his mouth, raised his hand and stroked the metallic stove, with a slightly infatuated expression on his face.

This kitchen was the kitchen he was familiar with and accustomed to.

He raised his hand and took a kitchen knife from the shelf. The muscles on his hand shook as he played with the knife in his hands. As a light flickered atop the blade, it emitted a chilling cold air.

Bu Fang moved his leg and pulled open the cupboard, and from within it, he took out the Flying Cloud Boar's meat. He swung his kitchen knife and began to cut the meat swiftly.

His Meteor Knife Technique had already reached the pinnacle, so cutting meat was quite easy for him. His cutting process was a dazzling and magnificent sight.

In just a short while, Bu Fang cut apart the Flying Cloud Boar's meat completely, and the cut pieces were as thin as a cicada's wing.

He swung his knife, sending the thin pieces of meat into the air. He pulled open another cupboard and took a blue patterned porcelain tray, and the pieces of meat fell into it.

Feeling delighted, Bu Fang moved to try the kitchen stove. He was infatuated with the familiar feeling, making all his actions and movement natural and relaxed.

"Host, the renovation of the store has been completed. Business will begin from today onward. You must invent a dish that will spread the name of the branch store, Cloud Mist Restaurant, within three days." As Bu Fang was reveling in joy, the system's solemn voice echoed in his mind.

He was taken aback. He stroked his chin and started to ponder. He had already decided a new dish, which he had properly thought about. That dish was extremely famous in his previous world. Its name spread to every corner of China, and even every corner of the entire world. Almost everyone who had eaten it could not forget its taste. Moreover, making that dish was quite easy. The dish was capable of easily attracting the attention of people.

If there was still someone who did not pay attention to the Cloud Mist Restaurant after he made that dish, then the person's nose surely had a problem.

Feeling excited, Bu Fang curled up the corners of his mouth as he was eager to start cooking the dish immediately.

He took a big heap of spirit herbs from his system dimensional storage, and from them, he chose ten types of spirit herbs. He grounded the selected spirit herbs and extracted their juice into a bucket, and then left them. He got some black beans from the system, which he proceeded to boil in fresh water. Afterward, he poured the juice filtered from the boiled beans into the bucket from earlier, and began to ferment the mixture, stirring it constantly. He placed the bucket into a cupboard that had been prepared by the system. That cupboard possessed the effect of speeding the flow of time within it.

From time to time, Bu Fang took the bucket out of the cupboard and stirred its contents before placing it back in.

While waiting for the contents of the bucket to get fermented, Bu Fang began to process the main ingredient.

He spent the entire morning making countless pieces of tofu. The white and shiny tofu emitted a fragrant white steam which Bu Fang couldn't help but inhale a deep breath of. He cherished the fragrance because it would disappear in just a short while. The dish he had chosen to make was an extreme dish quite different from every other dish he made previously.

In the past, the dishes he had made were all fragrant to the extreme, but this dish he had chosen to make was stinky to the extreme.

Since it was difficult for a fragrant aroma to attract customers' attention, then Bu Fang would tread the other extreme path, and let them enjoy an extremely stinky odor.

In any case, Bu Fang didn't have any good impression of the people in the queue that had extended to the entrance of his store.

Since all of you are quite fond of lining up, then I will let you continue lining up. If you all can remain in that line after I make the Stinky Tofu, then I will admit that you all are awesome.

When that happened, Bu Fang would see if anyone in the Sky Mist City would disregard his Cloud Mist Restaurant.

He moved the tofu to the side and opened a cupboard. The marinade in the bucket was ready because the cupboard had an effect of hastening the flow of time within it.

Bu Fang's brows rose up when he opened the cupboard because an extremely stinky odor surged out, along with a stream of spiritual energy. Its stink wasn't distinct, but it still caused Bu Fang to smack his lips.

He put the bucket on the ground.

Bu Fang took some seasonings and scattered them into the bucket filled with the stinking marinade.


That pitch-black marinade in the bucket started rolling immediately, and several bubbles appeared on it. An even stinkier odor surged out from it, causing Bu Fang to scrunch his face.

This stinky odor was really too strong.

Bu Fang covered his nose and started tossing countless pieces of tofu into the extremely stinky marinade.

As he watched all the tofu sink into the mixture in the bucket, Bu Fang grinned in excitement.

The tofu soaked in the marinade for four hours before Bu Fang fished them out.

The pieces of tofu that had just re-emerged were slightly black because they had been soaked in that marinade. The stinky odor emanating of them caused Bu Fang to feel somewhat dizzy.

Honestly, the Stinky Tofu's odor was extremely unpleasant, but its flavor was exceptionally good. The only dish that had such extremely polar opposite characteristics was this Stinky Tofu.

It could be considered an oddity in the world of gourmet.

Green smoke curled around his hand as he summoned the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. He poured some oil into the wok and spouted a golden ball of the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames beneath it, causing its temperature to begin rising up drastically.

Bu Fang placed his hand into the oil and started sensing its temperature. When the oil became warm, he poured the blackened pieces of tofu into the wok and started deep frying them.


As the tofu was being fried, its stinky odor surged out from the wok along with the hot air from the evaporating oil. The odor caused a bitter expression to appear on Bu Fang's face.

The mantis shrimp on his shoulder had been extremely excited all along, and it kept on moving its small feet. When the temperature of the wok reached a degree high enough to evaporate oil, that little creature jumped from Bu Fang's shoulder in excitement. It spun an entire 360 degrees in the air before falling in the wok with a resounding "plump". And, as soon as it entered the wok, an extremely strong, stinky odor burst out of it.

Such an odor stunned the mantis shrimp, and immediately, it began to struggle inside the oil.

It swayed its tail and jumped out from the oil.

It stirred its spiritual energy and evaporated the oil that was all over it. Afterward, the mantis shrimp climbed back onto Bu Fang's shoulder and motionlessly lay there, with foam coming out from its mouth.

If a single word was to be used to describe how it currently felt, the word would be "stunned".

Bu Fang was amused by scene; the naughty fellow should have been choked by that stinking smell.

He fished up a black and slightly yellow piece of Stinky Tofu from the oil, and after he had drained the oil from it, he put it into a bowl. He used a chopstick to poke a hole in the fried piece of Stinky Tofu, which caused its stinky odor to grow richer and more intense.

After Bu Fang had sprayed some seasonings over the dish, the overwhelmingly Stinky Tofu was completed.

Bu Fang couldn't help but smack his lips as he looked at the exquisitely black and slightly yellow piece of Stinky Tofu.

This Stinky Tofu was the first dish he planned to promote in the branch store, Cloud Mist Restaurant. It would surely be a pleasant surprise to the citizens of the Heavenly Mist City.

Since a fragrant aroma was incapable of attracting their attention, then he would use a stinky odor instead. They would see which one had a stronger odor; the Multi-Taste Fasting Pill of the surrounding elixir stores or his Stinky Tofu.

Bu Fang curled up the corners of his mouth.

He used chopsticks and picked up the piece of Stinky Tofu.

Shrimpy rolled its eyes for a while and leaned closer to him. As soon as it did that, it fell back down on Bu Fang's shoulder and foam began flowing from its mouth again.

Bu Fang shot a look at Shrimpy before he expressionlessly put that piece of Stinky Tofu into his mouth.

And, in the next moment, Bu Fang heaved in a deep breath.