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 Chapter 420: The Renovation of The Restaurant is Completed

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As she looked at Bu Fang, Yang Meiji's eyes widened; his firm confidence had left her feeling puzzled. Yang Meiji completely understood how difficult running a restaurant in the Heavenly Mist City was.

In the Heavenly Mist City, all other industries had more prospects than a restaurant.

"Are you truly confident about this?" Yang Meiji took a deep breath and asked him again.

Since Bu Fang could take out delicious dishes like that strange pancake he had just given her, then he might truly have a possibility of defeating the surrounding elixir stores.

Yang Meiji was still enjoying the aftertaste of the delicious dish. Its taste was so delicious, it roused her infatuation for it; even the dishes cooked by her father, who was the first owner of the Cloud Mist Restaurant, weren't as delicious as it.

"It's decided then. From today onward, I'm the owner of the Cloud Mist Restaurant." Bu Fang nodded at her, and the corners of his lips curled up, making evident his delight.

However, Yang Meiji seemed like she was making an extremely difficult decision.

Her entire body trembled, and as if it had been stripped of all its strength, her muscular body slid down and lay on the ground. Her expression was filled with reluctance.

"I hope that you won't tarnish the Cloud Mist Restaurant. In the past, it was one of the most prosperous restaurants of the Heavenly Mist City."

"You won't be disappointed," Bu Fang said, feeling confident.

"Congratulations to the host for purchasing the Cloud Mist Restaurant and becoming its owner. The temporary mission: open a branch store within the Heavenly Mist City has been completed."

At that moment, the system earnest and solemn voice resounded in Bu Fang's mind.

Its voice caused Bu Fang to become even more delighted.

"The branch store has been confirmed, and the system will reform and improve the Cloud Mist Restaurant in five days. In these 5 days, the host is required to invent a new dish, and use it to spread the Cloud Mist Restaurant's name."

The system continued on and reminded him.

Bu Fang was slightly taken aback, but afterward, a trace of joy appeared on his face.

Would the system really reform the store? This was truly a pleasant surprise.

Since it was a branch store, its facilities wouldn't be average; they should be the same as the facilities in his store within the Imperial Capital. This should be the case for the kitchen's equipment; after all, they were the most important.

While Bu Fang was lost in thought, Yang Meiji stood up from the floor.

She looked at Bu Fang and said, "I'm Yang Meiji. What's your name?"

"Bu Fang," he calmly replied, jolting himself from his thoughts.

"Em, I already handed the store to you, and I hope you won't disappoint me. By the way, I will go and buy chairs and tables for the store tomorrow; I will also get some equipment for you. In the past, I intended to go to the Pill Tower, but I wouldn't feel at ease if I left the restaurant alone, but now that I have sold it to you, I can be more relieved," Yang Meiji said between sighs.

Afterward, she vacated a room for Bu Fang to stay in.

The night passed without incident.


The next day, Yang Meiji got up from her bed early and went out to buy some tables and chairs, which she placed in the store afterward. The new furniture allowed the Cloud Mist Restaurant to slightly gain the appearance of a restaurant once again.

As for Bu Fang, he paced around in the restaurant nonchalantly, thinking about a new dish.

Shrimpy, who was laying on his shoulder, seemed like it had gotten sufficient rest. It rolled its compound eyes and started observing its surroundings curiously.

Jumping around from time to time, it ended up tearing a big hole in the store's door by mistake.

Bu Fang grabbed its tail and picked it up. If he hadn't done that, this small creature might have overturned the whole restaurant.

When Yang Meiji returned, she saw Bu Fang sitting on a chair, which he had taken from inside the restaurant, just outside the entrance.

His sitting posture was quite strange. He was not sitting on it exactly, and instead, he was more like laying in it, looking quite indolent.

"Why are you this relaxed? Don't you know that elixir stores are already being opened in the area?"

Yang Meiji had assumed that Bu Fang would act quickly after purchasing the restaurant, and at the very least, he would start by cooking that delicious pancake.

However, she never expected that not only did he not make anything, but he had also pulled a chair out to the entrance and lazily lay on it, enjoying a bask in the sun.

Why was he this lazy?

She began to ponder if handing her restaurant over to him was really a good decision.

At that moment, naturally, Bu Fang had no idea what Yang Meiji was thinking about; he only nodded at her and continued laying there.

He had gotten a light headache because he was obliged to invent a new dish that would spread the Cloud Mist Restaurant's reputation; this wasn't an easy task.

Bu Fang wanted to make only Egg-Fried Rice, but although the Egg-Fried Rice were fragrant, it was difficult for the dish to attract people's attention.

Although the Multi-Taste Fasting Pills were just dregs in Bu Fang's eyes, it still had a strong fragrance. It would be slightly difficult for him to make a dish that had a fragrance surpassing that pill's, and use it to attract customers; moreover, it was a strenuous and unrewarding task.

Thus, Bu Fang felt hesitant to contemplate what dish he would invent.

Yang Meiji sighed as she looked at the lazy Bu Fang. Because she had no other means, and because she was desperate, she ended up handing the restaurant over to Bu Fang.

On that same day, many people came to the restaurant. These people all wore a distinctive alchemist robe. They had come there to welcome and receive Yang Meiji. She draped an alchemist robe over her huge body, but the robe seemed like it would rip apart at any time. She regarded Bu Fang with a grave gaze and said:

"I will go to the Pill Tower. I hope that you would not have lost the restaurant by the time I come back."

Bu Fang nodded and waved his hand in a bid to dismiss her worries and put her at ease.

However, Yang Meiji truly couldn't feel at ease. She was anxious and worried because of Bu Fang's current lazy state. As Yang Meiji left the Cloud Mist Restaurant in the company of the group of alchemists, she seemed to have regained her prestige as an alchemist.

Bu Fang, who was still lying on the chair, sent her off with his eyes, then he yawned lazily. There was a store that had opened up opposite the restaurant. While lying on the chair, Bu Fang earnestly observed that store, and he discovered out that the owner of this new store wasn't that Nangong Ming who had caused trouble several days ago.

The owner was a red-haired woman who had an alluring and voluptuous body. That woman covered her face with a veil, so her complexion couldn't be seen, but her ample and voluptuous body was extremely conspicuous.

As soon as she opened for business, a constant stream of people flocked into her elixir store. Her business seemed to be flourishing. The store's flourishing business caused the area to bustle with people.

However, although there were more people around the area, the Cloud Mist Restaurant remained as deserted as before.

The customers, who had been attracted there by the elixir stores, all revealed playful smiles when they passed by the Cloud Mist Restaurant.

"Oh! There is still a restaurant in our Heavenly Mist City?"

"Didn't all of the restaurants in the city go bankrupt? Why is there one still here?"

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. It's really pitiful that there isn't even one person inside the restaurant. Its business is truly tragic."


The crowd gesticulated at the restaurant and looked at Bu Fang, who was still sitting at the entrance, with a mocking gaze.

There was a queue waiting to enter the new store across Bu Fang's, and the line was so long it stretched all the way to the entrance of the Cloud Mist Restaurant.

Some people even took some chairs from the restaurant and sat down.

Bu Fang curled up the corners of his mouth; he didn't bother preventing them.

Bu Fang just watched the people in the queue that had extended to his store's entrance, and suddenly, he squinted his eyes.

While watching the shameless group of people, Bu Fang had finally decided on a dish to cook. That dish would definitely attract the attention of this group of people. The corners of Bu Fang's lips curled upward into a playful smile. His gaze fell upon the elixir store across him.

The red-haired woman with the voluptuous body passed by often, preparing elixirs for the customers. It seemed like she sensed his gaze and raised her head up, causing her gaze to meet Bu Fang's.

That woman was taken aback for a moment, and then she nodded at Bu Fang before reverting all her attention back to her work. Her eyes were quite attractive.

Bu Fang praised her in his mind. Those two outrageously beautiful women, Xiao Yanyu and Ni Yan, also had attractive eyes which were slightly similar to this woman's. It was probably a trait that all beautiful women possessed.

"Owner, I'm borrowing a chair."

While Bu Fang was lost in thought, a man said as he pulled a chair and sat beside Bu Fang.

The man's gaze watched the red-haired woman within the elixir store with a fiery gaze, and drool seemed to flow down from his mouth.

"Host, may I have your attention. The Cloud Mist Restaurant has been completely reformed. The kitchen's facilities have also been completely reformed, and the replacement of the store chairs and tables will start shortly." Suddenly, the system solemn and earnest voice suddenly resounded in Bu Fang's mind.

When he heard it, Bu Fang's eyes immediately lit up. The renovation was finally completed. He curled up the corners of his mouth and looked at the love-struck man sitting beside him. Bu Fang stood up, patted the man's shoulder and calmly said, "Stand up and return the chair. Today's opening hour has come to an end."

That love-struck man was taken aback, and he turned to look at Bu Fang in confusion. However, he suddenly felt friction from his butt as the chair was pulled away by Bu Fang. The man fell with his butt on the ground with a loud thump, and his expression became unsightly.

After Bu Fang pulled the chair, he went back into the store carrying it.

That man stood up and glared at Bu Fang.


The store's metallic door was shut ruthlessly with a loud rumble, cutting off the man's indignant gaze.

The spectators regarded the man with peculiar gazes.

Their gazes seemed to be filled with mockery and amusement, and this caused the man to feel his face heating up.

He sneaked another look at the store before he slipped away.

When Bu Fang shut the door, the corners of his lips curled up.

The system's renovation was finally complete.

Finally, the restaurant would be starting its business.