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 Chapter 419: Transfer of Ownership

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A rumble erupted as the Supreme-Being youth, who had come along with Nangong Ming, fell heavily to the floor. Unceasing wales of anguish erupted from his mouth.

The Supreme-Being felt like his entire face no longer belonged to him. His nose was quite sore, making him experience a world of pain, and this caused his tears to flow unceasingly.

Nangong Ming sucked in a deep breath and looked at Bu Fang in shock. The latter had just sent a Supreme-Being expert flying away, after all.

Nangong Ming never expected the kid, who he hadn't taken seriously, to unexpectedly possess enough strength to send a Supreme-Being flying.

What was he carrying in his hands? Was that a wok? Was that what he had used to send a Supreme-Being flying away?

This was somewhat inconceivable; it was his first time ever witnessing someone fight with a wok.

Was that kid a chef?

Countless thoughts flashed through Nangong Ming's mind as he looked at Bu Fang with a gloomy and complex gaze.

Yang Meiji was dumbfounded, and even after she had crawled up from the floor, she still did not close her mouth. Every muscle in her body twitched as she looked at Bu Fang and his wok in shock.

Bu Fang only shot a gaze at Yang Meiji, who seemed fine, before turning back to face Nangong Ming.

Nangong Ming clenched his teeth, and the muscles of his face slightly twitched as he regarded Bu Fang with a cold gaze. It was only after the Supreme-Being wiped his tears that the scalding feeling, which had surged from his face, lessened slightly.

He looked at Bu Fang with a sinister gaze.

"You are courting death."

He said in an ice-cold voice while clenching his teeth. Suddenly, an imposing aura gradually began to surge out from his body.

As a Supreme-Being, he had been injured by an eighth grade War-God, who had come out of nowhere, unexpectedly; it was truly a great disgrace.


His true energy surged and swirled like a berserk dragon. The Supreme-Being's hair fluttered about wildly as he coldly stared at Bu Fang; then, he took a step forward, and as he did so, his entire body immediately shot outwards. He thrust his palm at Bu Fang, intending to smack him.

Facing his assault, Bu Fang's gaze remained indifferent, and his complexion was expressionless.

With his Black Turtle Constellation Wok, it was easy for him to deal with any ordinary Supreme-Being experts, for they would not be able to stand a whack from his wok.

The Supreme-Being youth before Bu Fang was just at the initial stage of the realm, so Bu Fang wasn't worried at all; he was even disinclined to eat the Rampage Ramen. He infused his true energy into the wok, causing it to glow with a bright golden light.

That Supreme-Being youth's imposing aura was astonishing, and with every step he took forward, the floor beneath his feet would shatter.

The debris flew and scattered all around.

He raised his palm and swung it down in an imposing manner.

And this time, the Supreme-Being youth used his full strength, believing that it would be impossible for him to get sent flying again. He regarded the previous case as a product of his carelessness and his opponent's sneak attack.

All sneak-attacks were useless before absolute power.


A dull sound reverberated.

An indomitable power surged out from the wok.

The Supreme-Being youth was bewildered, for the true energy emitted by his palm was dispersed by a smash of Bu Fang's wok.

He felt a stifling sensation in his chest, and he spouted a mouthful of blood.

This time, he wasn't sent flying by the smash; instead, the impact forced him down to the floor. His chest heaved up and down with intensity, as he gasped for breath.

How was that possible...

Nangong Ming's expression gravely changed. He never would have expected one of his Supreme-Being subordinates to get easily taken out by an eighth grade War-God.

Fear couldn't help but well up in Nangong Ming's heart as he looked at that man who had calmly used a wok to suppress his subordinate.

"Do you really want to oppose my Nangong Family? Within the Heavenly Mist City, all those who have opposed my Nangong Family did not have a good end." Nangong Ming mind shuddered as he used his family name to suppress the kid before him.

The Nangong Family was one of the Heavenly Mist City's big families. They controlled most of the Pill Tower resources. Their estates and industries were all over the whole Heavenly Mist City, and they had dozens of mark-level alchemists. They were a power that couldn't be disregarded. They were an overlord-like existence within the Heavenly Mist City, and there was no one who dared to oppose them.

However, the Nangong Family wouldn't make a move just for Nangong Ming; he was just trying to use its name to scare Bu Fang.

However, it was a pity that he had used such a move in the wrong person.

If it was someone else from the Heavenly Mist City, then they might have been scared by him.

However, Bu Fang didn't have any knowledge of the Nangong Family, and even if he knew them, they still wouldn't scare him.

He was, after all, a headstrong person who had dared to fight a tenth grade Divine Realm expert with a wok, despite being only an eighth grade War-God.

Bu Fang kicked the Supreme-Being expert, sending him flying, and he crashed heavily into the door. He spouted a mouthful of blood and strenuously tried to crawl up.

"Get lost! The Cloud Mist Restaurant won't be sold to you," Bu Fang calmly proclaimed as his gaze swept through the entire Cloud Mist Restaurant.

Nangong Ming was taken aback for a moment before laughing coldly. He opened his mouth, intending to speak, but his pupils suddenly dilated.


He saw Bu Fang heavily smash the floor with his black wok, causing the entire ground to tremble, which scared Nangong Ming.

Without the slightest hesitation, he turned around and went toward the store's door.

"Just wait and see... The entire district will soon start selling my family Fasting Pills, and when that time comes, people will rush for it, and your restaurant will be left deserted. Just wait, you will soon become the laughingstock of the entire Heavenly Mist City."

As he walked toward the entrance, Nangong Ming slightly turned his head and sneered at them.

When he intended to mock them further, he saw Bu Fang raise the black wok once again, and his heart shuddered. This time, he turned around and left without the slightest hesitation.

The store became quiet and peaceful once again.

However, the store which had been clean and neat had become dirty and filled with debris.

Yang Meiji sighed as she looked at the mess all around; she had already grown accustomed to such situations.

After she expressed her gratitude to Bu Fang, she rolled up her sleeves and began to clean the store. The tables and chairs had been shattered, and the floor was riddled with potholes. The store did not have a protective array, so it wasn't able to withstand the destruction wrought by the battle involving a Supreme-Being expert. After she worked for a while, the store became clean and tidy once again.

However, it didn't have any chairs or tables, leaving it quite empty.

"Esteemed customer, I'm sorry for letting you witness such an unsightly scene," Yang Meiji apologized to Bu Fang.

Her complexion was somewhat pale and ugly. She quickly took a porcelain bottle from her Spatial Spirit Tool and took a round pill from within it, which she proceeded to swallow.

Bu Fang looked at Yang Meiji and took an Oyster Pancake from his system dimensional storage, which he then threw it at her.

"Eat it. It will help you recover your true energy faster than that pill," said Bu Fang.

When Yang Meiji caught the Oyster Pancake, she was quite stunned.

"What is this thing? it's quite fragrant. Is it edible?"

Yang Meiji anxiously glanced at Bu Fang before taking a bite out of the Oyster Pancake. Her eyes instantly contracted, leaving them extremely round, and they were quite filled with incredulity and shock.

It was too delicious!

She had never tasted such a delicious food!

After she had taken a mouthful of the Oyster Pancake, she could no longer stop herself and ate the rest in several mouthfuls.

While eating the luxurious oyster within the Oyster Pancake, she was so moved that she almost wept.

Growing up in the Heavenly Mist City, all she ate were Multi-Taste Fasting Pills. This was because every restaurant in the city had gone bankrupt. It was only her family restaurant that remained.

However, the Cloud Mist Restaurant didn't have a chef, so how could it cook a delicious dish?

It had been a really long time since she had eaten a dish that was able to move her so much that she almost wept.

As Yang Meiji ate, her huge body trembled. It seemed like she was sobbing spasmodically, making evident how moved she was.

"You must have heard what that person has said before he left," Bu Fang looked at the moved Yang Meiji and said.

Yang Meiji was taken aback, and her complexion turned gloomy once again.

"I heard what he said. When the area surrounding the restaurant gets filled with elixir stores selling Multi-Taste Fasting Pills, the Cloud Mist Restaurant will truly become a laughingstock for everyone," Yang Meiji said, with a bitter tone.

She knew that she didn't have enough talent to become a chef; opening this restaurant had only been supported by her conviction.

As Nangong Ming had said, she only had a talent in alchemy. She was already a three-mark alchemist and a disciple of the grandmaster Xuan Bei.

"Do you want the Cloud Mist Restaurant to become a laughingstock?" Bu Fang asked earnestly.

Yang Meiji was taken aback for a moment, and then she became somewhat agitated.

"Of course I don't want that. Cloud Mist Restaurant is the fruit of my father's painstaking efforts. How could I let the Cloud Mist Restaurant become the Heavenly Mist City's laughingstock? However, it's truly impossible to run a restaurant In the Heavenly Mist City as is." After Yang Meiji had calmed down, she was overwhelmed by a feeling of powerlessness.

Bu Fang carefully observed the Cloud Mist Restaurant, and he was quite satisfied with it.

He was just looking for a store. Wasn't the Cloud Mist Restaurant quite appropriate?

"I have a solution that will prevent the Cloud Mist Restaurant from becoming a laughingstock to the Heavenly Mist City's citizens," Bu Fang gravely said to Yang Meiji.

"What solution?" Yang Meiji asked in excitement as her huge body trembled.

Bu Fang didn't reply her immediately, and instead, he clasped his hands behind his back and paced around within the store for a while, and then he said, "You just need to give me the Cloud Mist Restaurant."

Yang Meiji was taken aback for a moment before a trace of anger appeared on her face "You also want to seize my Cloud Mist Restaurant? do you want to open an elixir store? I, Yang Meiji, will definitely not let such thing happen."

She had not expected Bu Fang to be after her Cloud Mist Restaurant as well, so she was mad because she felt that she was cheated by him.

Bu Fang only looked at her peculiarly.

"Who said that I want to open an elixir store? I want to open a... restaurant. However, I must be this restaurant's owner..." Bu Fang calmly said.

The system's mission required him to open a branch store, so he had to become the restaurant's owner. If he was to help the Cloud Mist Restaurant, he had to be its owner.

This matter was also beneficial to her because Bu Fang had already realized Yang Meiji wasn't suited to run a restaurant.

"Since you will be opening a restaurant, then I will accept it, but only if you accept my conditions."

The fact that she didn't reject him, instead she immediately agreed, had exceeded Bu Fang's imagination. This left him hesitant.

"Speak, what conditions?" Bu Fang asked.

Yang Meiji was so excited that her entire body trembled. "First, it must still be named the Cloud Mist Restaurant; and second, if you are unable to save this restaurant, you must return it back to me."

Bu Fang furrowed his brows and gazed at Yang Meiji deeply for a while before he agreed and said, "Ok. However, you will surely not have the opportunity to take it back. Moreover, in the end, you will discover that those who will be unable to run a business won't be restaurants; it will be elixir stores."