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 Chapter 418: Dogshit Like Multi-Taste Fasting Pill

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A thud could be heard when the Egg-Fried Rice fell onto the table.

Bu Fang grinned as the color on his face darkened. He stared at that bowl of Egg-Fried Rice with lingering fear. He finally understood the reason why there was nobody eating in the last restaurant of Heavenly Mist City.

Was this Egg-Fried Rice edible?

This dish could kill people!

Nangong Ming's body stiffened and his wretched face was covered by the Egg-Fried Rice spat out by Bu Fang.

A piece of an egg the size of a thumb slowly slid down his face.

Along with a "squish" sound, that piece of egg fell onto the table. A crisp and sweet sound echoed around the silent store.

The atmosphere within the restaurant was extremely strange.

Only after letting out a long breath, Bu Fang managed to get rid of his nauseous feeling.

"Your Egg-Fried Rice is completely inedible. You dare to open a restaurant with such skill?" Bu Fang wiped his mouth and furrowed his brows. He raised his head and stared directly at Yang Meiji. He was really enraged this time. The only restaurant he found after a long search actually served him a dish which was inedible. The Egg-Fried Rice had the texture of stone.

Where was its dignity as a restaurant?

Serving such a dish was an insult and a disgrace to a restaurant's name. Bu Fang was really angry and he spoke without holding anything back.

Yang Meiji and that youth looked at Bu Fang with a strange expression. It seemed as though they never expected that Bu Fang would become angry after eating a mouthful of Egg-Fried Rice.

After Yang Meiji heard the displeasure Bu Fang had for her food, Her muscular face turned red and a shameful look appeared in her eyes.



Before Yang Meiji could say anything, Nangong Ming, who was about to vomit, wiped off the Egg-Fried Rice on his face and slammed his palm against the table.

The tablet wasn't like the ones in Fang Fang's Little Store. Even though Nangong Ming's cultivation wasn't at the Supreme-Being realm, he was an eighth grade War-God. His smack caused the table to be shattered into several pieces.

The bowl of Egg-Fried Rice fell toward the ground and scattered everywhere.

"Kid, did you just spit in my face? Are you tired of living?"

Nangong Ming's eyes were ice-cold as he stood up and glared at Bu Fang.

As an alchemist obsessed with cleanliness, he felt disgusted after Bu Fang spat out a mouthful of Egg-Fried Rice at him. Currently, Nangong Ming only had one thought in his mind. It was to ruthlessly trash that hateful fellow before him.

Firstly, he dared to go against Nangong Ming by eating in the Cloud Mist Restaurant. Secondly, and most importantly, he dared to spit a mouthful of Egg-Fried Rice onto Nangong Ming's face. Nangong Ming felt as though Bu Fang was too brazen and audacious.

Yang Meiji's complexion immediately changed and her eyes widened when she saw that Nangong Ming was about to attack Bu Fang. A loud roar came from her mouth, "Nangong Ming, what do you want to do? Stop right there!"

Her huge body moved swiftly as though it was a hurricane and she blocked Nangong Ming's way.

Yang Meiji's body wasn't the least bit weaker when compared to the bodies of muscular men. Her body actually emitted an imposing aura.

"This esteemed guest is my Cloud Mist Restaurant's customer. If you dare to lay a hand on him, I won't let you off."

"Humph! Yang Meiji, you are truly a disgrace to the great master Xuan Bei's name. You are his disciple and you have an outstanding talent in alchemy. However, you ran to this alleyway and opened up a restaurant. Do you know what opening a restaurant in Heavenly Mist City means?"

Nangong Ming rolled his eyes and his gaze fell upon Yang Meiji's muscular body. He said with contempt with his voice.

"It means that you are a fool. From the time my Nangong Family invented the Multi-Taste Fasting Pill, no one had been stupid enough to open a restaurant in Heavenly Mist City. As an alchemist, you should be smart enough to understand that."

Yang Meiji clenched her fists. Her eyes turned red and the muscles on her face started to spasm. It seemed as though she was unwilling to accept the fact that restaurants were not needed any longer.

"Well, as it turns out, the dogshit like Multi-Taste Fasting Pill was invented by your family?"

When Nangong Ming was extremely excited, a person walked out from behind Yang Meiji's big body. His calm voice filled Nangong Ming's ears.

Yang Meiji was taken aback. Even Nangong Ming and the youth beside him were shocked at Bu Fang's words. They would never have imagined that there would be someone who would use such vulgar language to describe the Multi-Taste Fasting Pill. The pill was the pride of their Nangong Family.

The hair on Nangong Ming's body stood erect and he looked at Bu Fang's frail body with a sinister look in his eyes.

This kid was really courting death. As if spitting the Egg-Fried Rice in his mouth at Nangong Ming's face wasn't enough, he actually dared to insult the Nangong Family.

It wasn't like Bu Fang insulted the entire Nangong Family. However, he was insulting the Nangong Family's Multi-Taste Fasting Pill.

Did he really think that Nangong Ming would not kill him?

"Do you know what you're saying?" Taking a deep breath, Nangong Ming slowly said while looking straight at Bu Fang's face.

"The Multi-Taste Fasting Pill is suppressing and constraining one of the natural instincts of humankind. It is the product of the degeneration of morals and ethics. Is anything wrong about my words? The pleasure of enjoying delicious food isn't something a dogshit-like elixir can replace," Bu Fang said expressionlessly.

He wasn't the least bit polite as he truly abhorred that whatever Fasting Pill.

Yang Meiji's complexion slowly turned ugly and she hurriedly pulled Bu Fang's sleeves.

The emergence of that Fasting Pill truly changed the occupation trend of Heavenly Mist City.

Before that Fasting Pill appeared, Heavenly Mist City had countless restaurants located everywhere around the city.

However, the moment the Fasting Pill appeared, all of the restaurants in Heavenly Mist City went bankrupt. Just one piece of the Fasting Pill could satisfy the nutrition requirement for several days. Not to mention the fact that it had countless flavors. With the existence of such a convenient pill, who would actually go to a restaurant in order to eat?

"Yang Meiji, looks like someone truly extraordinary came to your restaurant today. It's my first time witnessing someone insult my Nangong Family's Fasting Pill!" Nangong Ming said with a smile. The smile on his face was truly terrifying.

All of the muscles in Yang Meiji's body shook as she took a step forward. She stood in-between Bu Fang and Nangong Ming.

"Yang Meiji, you know what I want. Today, whether you want it or not, you have to sell your restaurant to me. As for that kid, he has to pay for whatever he said." A sinister remark came out of Nangong Ming's mouth.

After he spoke, the Supreme-Being youth beside him made his move.

A berserk aura burst out of his body as he charged at Bu Fang.

Yang Meiji widened her eyes and angrily glared at Nangong Ming. The muscles in her whole body bulged and she took a step forward. She thrust her fist at that Supreme-Being.

"Who dares to harm one of my restaurant's esteemed guest!"


Yang Meiji who had just the cultivation of an eighth grade War-God unexpectedly caused a Supreme-Being to retreat several steps.

Her fierce and valiant imposing demeanor slightly stunned Bu Fang.

Was she really a woman?

The complexion of that Supreme-Being youth turned ashen. It was a disgrace for him to be forced back by an eighth grade War-God.

His face became cold and he shot toward Yang Meiji. A powerful aura burst out of his body as he tried to suppress her with everything he got.

When Nangong Ming witness such a scene, a cold sneer escaped his lips. He and Yang Meiji were both three-mark alchemists in Heavenly Mist City. They were both disciples of the great master Xuan Bei.

Yang Meiji's talent was better than Nangong Ming's. As such, their master, Xuan Bei, naturally favored her over Nangong Ming.

After she graduated from the alchemy institute, Yang Meiji should have continued studying with Xuan Bei. However, who would have expected that she would actually return to her family's broken store and open up a dying restaurant?

Nangong Ming immediately knew that his opportunity had arrived.

He was all along surpassed by Yang Meiji in the institute. Since they had already graduated from the institute, he wanted to make Yang Meiji pay for everything she had done in the institute.

Wasn't she extremely concerned about that restaurant?

Nangong Ming decided that he would purchase that restaurant and cause that stupid woman to become homeless.


Yang Meiji was, after all, just an eighth grade War-God. Even though she had depended on her inborn divine strength to fight against the Supreme-Being youth for quite some time, she was still sent flying by him. She fell on a table and crushed it.

In just a short while, the store became extremely messy. Broken tables and chairs filled the area.

The hair of that Supreme-Being youth fluttered behind him. He looked at Yang Meiji who was on the floor and a cold smile appeared on his face.

However, the smile on his face quickly stiffened.

That was because Yang Meiji crawled up from the floor and stubbornly used her body to shield Bu Fang's.

"Esteemed customer, I'm really embarrassed for letting you witness such a scene. You should leave quickly... I'll keep them busy."

Yang Meiji said even though her whole body was trembling.

Bu Fang looked at Nangong Ming and that Supreme-Being youth who was sneering at Yang Meiji. Turning his head, he switched his gaze over to Yang Meiji who was in front of him.

Bu Fang furrowed his brows all of a sudden.

The golden mantis shrimp who had been lying on his shoulder suddenly moved. It seemed like it was making itself more comfortable as it slept..

Bu Fang slightly stroked Shrimpy he let out a sigh.


Yang Meiji was sent flying once again. She crashed into the last table which was standing in the store and crushed it.

That Supreme-Being youth seemed to be irritated by her persistence.

After thrusting his fist at Yang Meiji, she fell onto the floor defenseless. His true energy appeared and it turned into a sharp blade. He wanted to cripple the robust and muscular woman in front of him. She didn't look like a woman anyway.

Nangong Ming's pupils flickered. He didn't try to stop the Supreme-Being youth and it caused the youth to swell with confidence. He sneered to himself inwardly.

There wasn't anything worth dreading from a discarded disciple of the great master Xuan Bei.

In any case, Nangong Ming intended to use some dishonest means to snatch her restaurant.

Excitement appeared in the eyes of that Supreme-Being youth. He raised the sharp blade made from true energy and he sliced it towards Yang Meiji. The blade seemed like it would tear the air apart as it chopped downwards towards Yang Meiji.

Nangong Ming's body was trembling from excitement as he watched everything which was happening in front of him.

"Stupid woman... Die!"


Just before the sharp blade made from true energy was about to cut Yang Meiji's neck, a black object suddenly appeared in front of that Supreme-Being youth. A black wok obstructed his sight.

In his eyes, that black wok seemed as though it was growing bigger as it approached him.


A dull sound resounded and that Supreme-Being youth felt as though he was about to die and ascend to heaven. His face made intimate contact with that black wok and it seemed as though he experienced all of the vicissitudes of life the moment his face touched the wok.

"I said that the Fasting Pill is just dogshit. Do you have any objections?"

After smashing the Supreme-Being youth with his wok, Bu Fang turned to look at Nangong Ming. The youth was sent flying when Bu Fang asked Nangong Ming the question.