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 Chapter 415: Chapter 415: The Store's Branch

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"A branch of the store?"

Bu Fang was taken aback, surprised that the system gave him such an answer. There could be multiple branches of the store? Bu Fang was somewhat perplexed, but he quickly understood the system's response.

There were two ways of raising business incomes: one was selling expensive dishes in the store within the Imperial City. With the dishes being costly, more crystals could be earned. This was naturally a way to increase business income.

Of course, there was another route, which was extending branches of the store. Given the system's words, the business incomes of the branches could also translate into cultivation. With two stores going in business at the same time, business earnings would naturally be higher.

After all, the Light Wind Empire was only this big and could only offer a set amount of consumers. Even if Bu Fang could issue more expensive dishes, there might not be the right market for them. Therefore, a separate branch was Bu Fang's next choice.

This was unless Bu Fang planned on huddling in his store forever.

Perhaps before experiencing this battle, Bu Fang had considered staying put in his store. However, after the fight with Liang Kai, Bu Fang gained a profound understanding, and that is he could not live in peace without a cultivation level high enough.

If his cultivation level was mediocre, the stronger warriors could torment him and prevent the store from operating smoothly. This was the saying... a man couldn't help but go with the tide.

"System, could you give me a hint on the tasks of the branch?" Bu Fang stretched himself, asking the system as he walked back to Whitey, who was lying on the floor of the store. Whitey underwent a big hardship this time. Even its body was seriously battered. Light electric sparks continued to flicker on its badly torn body.

Bu Fang sighed, extending his hand to rub its body. The electric sparks jumping around numbed his fingers.

"I cannot offer any clues right now. If the host cannot complete the task assigned at the branch, then you cannot return to the main store." The system merely repeated the same sentence.

Bu Fang understood clearly that it wouldn't be easy to create this branch. Only he couldn't afford to give it any further thoughts, perhaps that was the price of advancing his cultivation level.

"System, is there a way to repair Whitey?" Bu Fang gazed at Whitey and sighed as he inquired.

Whitey had been by his side ever since the opening of the store. Bu Fang really couldn't bear having Whitey end up broken and discarded.

"Once the host finishes arranging the branch at the designated location, Whitey will naturally be repaired by the system and returned to you..." The system replied to Bu Fang solemnly.

This answer allowed Bu Fang to sigh in relief. He dreaded to hear the system tell him Whitey must be abandoned and recycled. That was something he simply couldn't accept.

Suddenly, a beam of light appeared above Whitey's body. The light glistened for a bit and Whitey's body turned transparent before completely fading away.

Bu Fang stood up, no longer that worried. He had ample faith in the system.

Tugging at his own disheveled hair, Bu Fang took in a deep breath. He patted Shrimpy, who sleeping on his shoulder, and turned around to head back to his room.

When he got back to it, Blacky was still lying peacefully on the floor. This fat dog was still in a deep sleep. The fluctuations from the battle earlier didn't even manage to wake him.

Bu Fang shot a look at Blacky and stepped into the bathroom. He stripped away the clothes coated with blood and took a satisfying hot shower.

Bu Fang felt much more refreshed after the shower. Forcibly linking the spirit energy of nine bowls of Rampage Ramen to form the Gourmet Array was a huge burden to his mental force. It made his head feel all dizzy.

After the shower, Bu Fang climbed onto his bed and sank into a deep sleep.


Duan Yun left Fang Fang's Little Store. He fell silent once he stepped into his elixir shop. Sitting on his chair, he contemplated as he gazed at the alchemic stove within the shop.

After a while, he stood up and sighed. He returned to his room and packed up to leave town that very night. He looked somewhat longingly at the Light Wind Empire and set off.

The battle from yesterday also touched him deeply. To live an undisturbed life, he needed to have a strong enough cultivation to defend himself. With an inadequate cultivation level, were he to encounter a forbidding opponent... his peace and tranquility would be disrupted.

This was the case for someone even as strong as Bu Fang.


In the Light Wind Imperial City, within the main halls, Ji Chengxue and the imperial ministers had just spent the entire night in deliberation. They had begun planning for the post-battle reconstruction.

Ji Chengxue was already an expert on this matter by now.

In comparison to the earlier incidents, the situation this time was not too bad. Reconstruction wouldn't be too difficult.

Xiao Yue also left the Imperial City at the end of the battle. The occurrence this time was a big wake up call for him. It dawned on him that his cultivation level was not strong, and could even be called weak. In the face of a true warrior, he couldn't even defend himself. This aggrieved him very much.

He decided that he could not stay put in the Imperial City forever, as this would only serve to narrow his horizon.

And so he bid farewell to the Xiao family members, packed up, and left the Imperial City overnight.


Rays of sunlight pierced through the window.

Bu Fang stretched open his drowsy eyes to the warm rays of sunshine. It was clearly no longer morning and near noon time. He didn't get up immediately. He rolled around on his bed for a while and finally sat up sluggishly.

Bu Fang washed up and got dressed. Then, he stepped into the store. The store was already open for business. Ouyang Xiaoyi was busy taking down the orders of the customers.

The sound of stir-frying floated out of the kitchen, within which Xiao Xiaolong was carefully cooking each and every dish.

Seeing all of this, Bu Fang somehow felt like none of this was real.

"Temporary Mission: set up a separate branch at the Sky Mist City of the Hidden Dragon Continent. Rewards for the task: ten percent of true energy cultivation. Time for preparation: three days." The system's solemn voice rang in his mind.

Bu Fang was not surprised since he had been anticipating this task. The Sky Mist City... wasn't in the Southern Region, was it?

Bu Fang felt somewhat puzzled. He wasn't unfamiliar with the entire Southern Region but has never heard of this Sky Mist City. Since the system arranged for him to open a new branch for the purpose of increasing revenues, it naturally shouldn't select a place with even lower consumer potential than that of the Light Wind Imperial City.

"The Sky Mist City, one of the three major alchemic cities under the command of the Alchemy Sect, is filled with alchemic masters. The standard of consumption there is very high and competition is fierce."

The system offered a description, sounding like it had read Bu Fang's mind.

Bu Fang himself was rather speechless.

The Sky Mist City was actually one of the alchemic cities. To be identified as an alchemic cities, the city must be populated with alchemic masters.

Bu Fang twitched the corners of his mouth. He knew it-this task was not that easy to complete.

The alchemic city was not Light Wind Imperial City. A typical alchemic city was filled with alchemic masters, and there a popular pill called Condensed Grain Elixir was common. One pill was adequate to substitute a person's regular diet for half a month.

With the existence of such elixirs, why would restaurants be of any use?

This was what gave Bu Fang a headache.

He shook his head and walked into the kitchen to begin his daily training with the dishes.

The Host: Bu Fang

True Energy Cultivation Level: Eighth Grade (As a man who aspires to stand at the top of the food chain and become the God of Cooking in the Fantasy World, you are nearly breaking free from your initial stages as a weakling. The journey to becoming the God of Cooking will only become more rigorous. Start setting up the new branch, your adventures will take you through the sea of stars.)

Cooking Talent: Four stars

Branch: Under preparation...

Techniques: Second Level Meteor Cutting Technique (100/100), Second Level Big Dipper Carving Technique (100/100)

Instruments: Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife (The God of Cooking Set), Heaven and Earth Metamorphosis Wok (The God of Cooking Set).

God of Cooking Comprehensive Score: Intermediate Chef (Cooking talent has seen a great improvement and cooking techniques are much more proficient. Your cooking opportunities have been broadened, enabling you to cook utility dishes.)

The System's Level: Eight Stars (Energy conversion ratio at a hundred percent)

Bu Fang looked at the system's status window and realized that an additional branch had already appeared. It looked like he had to start preparing for the new branch.

However, to set up this new branch, Bu Fang couldn't return to the Light Wind Empire anytime soon. In any case, he had stayed there for a long time. Bu Fang found it hard to part with this city.

After he took leave, the store must stay open for business as usual. However, all of that would fall onto Xiao Xiaolong. And so he needed to provide Xiao Xiaolong with complete instructions and teach him how to cook certain dishes.

Xiao Xiaolong was not aware that Bu Fang was leaving to open up a new branch. He thought Bu Fang was going to be absent for only a short while just like before.

He was experienced enough to confidently assure he'd take good care of the store. He also promised to rigorously train his cooking skills, claiming that Bu Fang would be astonished at his improvement once he came back.

Ouyang Xiaoyi sensed that Bu Fang seemed a bit off this time, but she couldn't put her fingers on what felt different. Perhaps she was the most sensitive as a girl. She somehow detected that Bu Fang appeared rather melancholy this time.

Once business hours were over that day, Bu Fang rubbed Ouyang Xiaoyi's head, a gesture that Xiaoyi found very unusual. Even though she was puzzled inside, Bu Fang looked no different from his usual self. Perhaps she was overthinking it.

After watching Ouyang Xiaoyi and Xiao Xiaolong saunter away, Bu Fang pulled close the shutters.

He walked around the store and finally returned to his room.

Blacky was still sleeping soundly, nowhere close to waking up. Perhaps Blacky would finally wake up once Bu Fang set up the new branch and returned.

Bu Fang pondered to himself as he gazed at Blacky.

Shrimpy sat on his shoulder, rolling its stalk eyes.

White dots of light appeared above Bu Fang head and quickly condensed into the Teleportation Array.

Bu Fang walked before the window and glanced at the view of the Imperial City outside, a trace of reluctance flashing beneath his eyes.

Overhead, the Teleportation Array had formed. Winds rose, whistling like a storm.

The teleportation... was about to begin.