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 Chapter 413: It's Over?

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The spirit energy of all nine bowls of ramen was successfully merged by Bu Fang.

However, as a result, Bu Fang became rather enervated, since the ninth spirit energy linkage vastly exceeded the capabilities of his current cultivation level. Under this immense load of stress, his eyes even turned bloodshot.

At last, he successfully completed the magic array by pushing his mental force to the extreme.

The Gourmet Array finally took shape.

Though the magic array was configured, Bu Fang was now thoroughly drained of energy. His head was heavier than ever, inducing him to become drowsy.

This was the consequence of depleting one's energy.

Bu Fang's mental force was strong due to his need to utilize true energy for cooking all the time. Because of this, his mental force exceeded his cultivation level by a huge degree. His personal cultivation was at eighth grade War-God, but his mental force was only half a step away from the extent of Divine echelon.

However... to build a Gourmet Array like this with an almost Divine level mental force was still rather strenuous.

Fortunately, Bu Fang managed to complete the magic array.

The configured Gourmet Array spread to envelop the entire Imperial City. It was connected using Bu Fang's mental force, and so Bu Fang was naturally its commander.

Within this magic array, Bu Fang felt his body getting progressively stronger. There was constant energy from the magic array gushing into his body.

Compared to the Rampage Ramen's ability to increase one's powers by one fold, this magic array enabled advancement at a much more stunning extent.

Bu Fang felt like his body was about to explode from the surges of true energy, as if there was blood trickling out of his pores.

Boom Boom Bang!!

Rich waves of true energy streamed into the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. The patterns on the Black Turtle Constellation Wok instantly radiated with golden beams. The wok instantly expanded into the size of a small mountain and smashed down, completely covering Liang Kai.

Even the ground shook violently as it cracked open.

The magic array spun slowly, continuously releasing energy. Bu Fang suspended in the sky and controlled the Black Turtle Constellation Wok with one hand. His entire figure emitted brilliant glows, almost akin to an immortal god.

Everyone below was flabbergasted.

Bu Fang suddenly going wild really astounded them. None of them had imagined a major reversal by the time Bu Fang was really driven to the wall.

"Wasn't Liang Kai undaunted by the Black Turtle Constellation Wok? Why would he be smacked into the ground by the wok now?"

Nobody understood the situation.

Duan Yun took in a deep breath. The penetrative force of his eyesight was incomparable to that of a common Southern Region aborigine. He scanned the hazy surges of energy in the surrounding, both his heart and body heavily shaken.

The sudden explosion of Bu Fang's combat capabilities had to be related to the smoggy ripples of energy around them.

He was no stranger to this force of power...

It was the energy of a magic array!

As an Alchemist, he was obviously trained in the workings of magic arrays. Magic Arrays were configured with crystals. It was a tactic that relied on the resonance of various spirit energies between crystals to induce changes in the force field. This was a mystifying technique.

"Owner Bu's magic array... actually has a touch of the 'Territorial Array'. How incredible. What kind of a monster is Owner Bu?!" Duan Yun was utterly dumbfounded.

The number of times that Bu Fang shocked him was countless.

The Territorial Array was no ordinary magic array. Typically speaking, to configure a Territorial Array required one to have already broken through the first Supreme-Being shackles and reached the Divine Physique Echelon.

The more Supreme-Being shackles one shattered, the stronger the magic array master's Territorial Array.

Of course... this was limited to magic array masters, as a standard warrior of the Divine Physique Echelon had no interest in studying magic arrays.

This was a broad and profound topic of study.

Only... Bu Fang was merely at the echelon of eighth grade War-God, so how could he arrange a Territorial Array only accessible to a magic array master of the Divine Physique Echelon?

"What kind of freak is this guy?!"

Neither did Bu Fang expect the Gourmet Array to exert such a powerful force of pressure. It made him feel like he could bring about utter destruction.

With a casual wave of the hand, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok sprang up.

Crash! Crash! Crushed stones dropped down.

A bellow echoed from the bottom of the wok. It was a howl filled with rage and indignation!

Booom! A loud explosion echoed.

A giant force smacked at the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, lifting it slightly up from the ground.

Bu Fang gripped the Black Turtle Constellation Wok in his hand, and his eyes coolly scanned across the giant dent in the pavement.

Right there, Liang Kai's body stood erect in a ball of fire. Drops of blood splattered on the floor, making Liang Kai appear all the more ruffled.

Bu Fang was pushed to the wall. Similarly, Liang Kai now also found himself at the end of his rope.

Cough cough...

Liang Kai cleared his throat, and his body trembled. The flames covering his body instantly dwindled. He could no longer sustain the Scorching Sun Demonic Physique.

"Who would have thought... that a loser like you has this kind of capability? Unbelievable... magic array, an eighth grade nobody managed to configure a 'Territorial Array' right under my eyes..."

Liang Kai laughed at himself, a bitter smile wiping across his lips. He had never imagined that Bu Fang could build a Territorial Array with nine bowls of Rampage Ramen.

He freaking... felt so aggrieved inside!

Plus, his body lost a great amount of energy after getting pierced by the golden mantis shrimp... he was now stripped of a great deal of his combat capabilities.

He ended up subdued by an insignificant nonentity. He felt a searing pain spread across his cheeks.

He stomped down a foot and the ground beneath immediately cracked. True energy circulated around Liang Kai's body as he prepared to charge out of the deep pit!

Just as he floated out of the deep pit, he felt his heart lurch.

Bu Fang looked at him coldly.

He suspended in the air like a majestic god, and casually waved his hand. The Black Turtle Constellation Wok flew out once again, expanding in the wind. Not after long, it magnified to the size of a small mountain.

Liang Kai felt cursed, as his eyes were covered by blackness once more. He had just made his way out only to be violently smacked onto the floor again by the wok.

Boom Boom Bang!

The ground began to shake and crack.

Ji Chengxue and the others standing on the wall were stricken dumb. They were at a loss for words as they gazed at Liang Kai sinking into the ground after getting smacked by the wok.

The disciples of the Grand Barren Sect up on the warship were even more petrified.

Everyone there gulped.

Liang Kai, one of the Grand Barren Sect's Ten Grand Heirs of Heaven, was being crushed by an eighth grade War-God.

What a crazy world!

Bei Gongming struggled to scramble to the tip of the warship. He gazed at the battle going on below and took in a chilled breath.

Nobody knew Liang Kai's forbidding powers as well as he did. Having obtained the sect's resources, Liang Kai saw a dramatic boost in his cultivation. He was at least strong enough to completely subdue Bei Gongming.

However, this kind of warrior was getting beaten into a dead dog by a wok. He clutched the rails, with traces of excitement and thrill filling his eyes.

Bu Fang summoned the Black Turtle Constellation Wok back to himself.

At that moment, Liang Kai, now covered in blood, decided to make a run for it. Just as he took flight, darkness descended upon him once more.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok smacked down yet again!

At that point, Liang Kai wanted to break into raging howls, but before he managed to emit a noise, he was buried by the wok again.

" Shameless... how could you bully someone in a fight like this?

"I dare you to let me out of the pit!"

Liang Kai was in such a despair that he almost coughed blood. His heart was weeping. His body was already badly wounded. With a couple more rounds of this... he might really have to die there.

Liang Kai, one of the Grand Barren Sect's Ten Grand Heirs of Heaven, smacked to death by a wok in the training grounds. If this news were to spread, he'd become the butt of the joke in the entire continent!

Thinking of this, Liang Kai released another thunderous bellow.


Yet the Black Turtle Constellation Wok came down, utterly drowning his wails.

Liang Kai felt like he has descended to hell.

Cough Cough Cough...

Up on the sky, drops of blood were still trickling out of Bu Fang's pores, nearly dyeing his entire body blood red.

Forcibly controlling energies that vastly exceeded the capabilities of his body was a giant burden on his physical body.

The last wok came crashing down.

Bu Fang's entire figure plummeted from the sky. He landed beside the deep pit. With a clang, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok vanished into a wisp of smoke.

The Gourmet Array also dimmed, the nine pillars of light finally fading.

Everyone was bedazzled, afraid to even emit a noise.

Back in the store, Ouyang Xiaoyi widened her eyes. Seeing Bu Fang fall, this lassie immediately sprinted out. She could feel that Bu Fang was not doing well. As she held up the snoring Bu Fang, Ouyang Xiaoyi felt her heart tremble.

This was her first time seeing Owner Bu in such a sorry state.

Sighing, Ouyang Xiaoyi turned around to haul Owner Bu back into the store.

"It's over..." Ouyang Xiaoyi muttered.

"Who told you it's over... hand over that despicable, damned brat..."

A hoarse voice still coughing blood huffed loudly.

Ouyang Xiaoyi's entire body stiffened. She rigidly twisted around her head only to see Liang Kai dragging his badly gashed, bloody body out of the deep pit.

"This guy isn't dead yet?! Is he the tenacious cockroach that can't be killed?!"

Ouyang Xiaoyi was panic-stricken. Even though Liang Kai was heavily injured, the force of pressure on his body was enough to paralyze her body, rendering her unable to move.

She turned around to run but found herself unable to do so.

Crack Crack...

Liang Kai stepped forward with difficulty. With each stride, he moved closer to Ouyang Xiaoyi, who held Bu Fang in her arms. He huffed like a windchest, exerting forces of energy.

He gazed at Bu Fang with a murderous look.

Suddenly realizing this, Xiao Xiaolong winced and charged out speedily.

Duan Yun also scrunched his brows, whizzing past the crowds and coming to the rescue.

However, his body froze after running just a few steps.

His face was filled with bewilderment.

That was because he saw Liang Kai's body getting pierced once again. He was punctured by a golden beam of light, leaving behind a giant wound oozing out blood. That ray of light twirled in the sky and dissipated to reveal the figure within.

Everyone was stupefied.

This beam of gold was none other than the... golden mantis shrimp that usually lay on Owner Bu's shoulder waving its sickle-claws.