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 Chapter 412: The Furious Bu Fang

Translator: E.3.3. Editor: Vermillion

Boom Boom Boom!

The sounds of explosion reverberated in the air as terrifying waves of energy flooded the surrounding.

Everyone held their breaths with widened eyes as they watched the combat between Owner Bu and the Divine warrior, too afraid to even make a noise.

Owner Bu's combat capabilities unfolded before their eyes, utterly shaking them all. They never knew that Owner Bu, who enjoyed sluggishly sprawling in a chair to bask in the sun, would have such impressive combat capabilities.

Owner Bu suspended in the sky majestically, and beside him were bowls of steaming hot Rampage Ramen floating about. Surging waves of spirit energy bubbled above the Rampage Ramen bowls. There seemed to be peculiar ripples of energy within, tangling together like strands of silk.

Nine bowls of Rampage Ramen?

Owner Bu was going to eat nine bowls all at once?

The complexions on those in the crowd changed colors.

The notion of magic arrays never even popped into their heads, which was understandable, considering... anyone without a hole in their head would never associate gourmet delicacies with magic arrays.

There were no dents in Liang Kai's head, and hence he had no idea what Bu Fang was trying to accomplish.

Due to the surprise attack of the golden mantis shrimp, which drilled a hole through his stomach, he was still bleeding badly at the moment.

Though the wound was healing itself with the help of the Scorching Sun Demonic Physique, he was badly sapped of energy. It was getting hard to sustain the Scorching Sun Demonic Physique. After all, maintaining that battle technique required a great consumption of his power and true energy.

He took in a deep breath as the scorching sun glistening between his brows continued to glow. Liang Kai's Scorching Sun Demonic Physique disappeared. The brilliant radiance that twirled around his body also faded.

However, the golden long spear clutched in his hand remained glistening.


He thrust out the spear. At this moment, the air shook, as if about to be pierced through. After a loud blast in the sky, Liang Kai's body shot toward Bu Fang as he drove the spear downwards, a murderous look filling his eyes.

"What's with the nine bowls of Rampage Ramen? Think you can scare me off?" Liang Kai sneered coldly.

He was no idiot. How could this type of ramen accumulate in strength?

If that were the case, Bu Fang should have eaten seven or eight bowls of ramen at the start of the battle. There was no need to make a false show of strength now.

Bu Fang focused his brain and controlled the nine bowls of Rampage Ramen with his mind.

To be honest, he hasn't been able to fully implement the Gourmet Array yet. At his best, he got to connect the spirit energy of six bowls of ramen.

When it came to linking the spirit energy of nine bowls of Rampage Ramen... he did not have much confidence in succeeding. However, Bu Fang didn't have any other options left. He must take this risk and make a gamble, or else he had absolutely no chance of defeating this Liang Kai.

After all, the distance between the two of them was immense.

Of course, there was another possibility... which was Blacky suddenly waking up. Everything would be much easier. Though that fat dog Blacky was a greedy eater, he's got truly impressive combat capabilities. Perhaps he could easily smack Liang Kai to death.

Yet, Blacky was in a deep sleep right now and Bu Fang had no idea when he would wake up. Because of this, he did not place his hopes on Blacky to save the day.

This Gourmet Array was his last alternative.

Pressurizing oneself under extreme circumstances was perhaps the quickest way to mature.

Liang Kai's long spear was already flying towards Bu Fang, but his magic array had not yet taken shape.

Shrimpy, resting on his shoulder, rolled its stalk eyes and instantly dashed out. Its body, as if glazed in gold, sparkled like a bolt of lightning as it shot out once more.

Liang Kai instantly glowered, his breath becoming heavy and dense.

He waved his palm and released waves of true energy, binding Shrimpy, who was charging toward him, in the air.

"The little guy wants to trick me again? You, mantis shrimp, caught me off guard once, and think you can fool me a second time!?"


Dense surges of true energy emerged from Liang Kai's palm and transformed into clinking chains. The true energy chains twisted together and confined Shrimpy.

Shrimpy's eyes widened, its sickle claws swinging around desperately to break free. However... the more it struggled, the tighter the true energy shackles squeezed. At the end, Shrimpy was folded into a round ball by the true energy shackles, falling from the air and onto the floor as it rolled around.

Shrimpy stiffened as it hit the floor, unable to move with the true energy trapping his body. All it could do was blink helplessly.

Liang Kai sneered coldly. A mere mantis shrimp thought it could assault him a second time, did it take Liang Kai as a fool?

Up in the air, an unseeable fluctuation suddenly dissipated.

Oddly enough, Liang Kai suddenly felt his heart tighten. He lifted up his head only to see the nine bowls of Rampage Ramen floating around Bu Fang turning somewhat blurry.

What was going on?

Liang Kai was shaken. He took in a deep breath as his body launched toward Bu Fang, ripping through the air with a series of explosions.

The tip of the golden spear contorted with true energy and transformed into a giant energy vortex, spinning as it rolled in.

Bu Fang closed his eyes, and his mind focused on the nine bowls of Rampage Ramen circling his body. True energy oozed out of his body like strands of silk, twisting within each bowl of ramen. Once the spirit energy of the eighth bowl of ramen was successfully connected, Bu Fang's face suddenly paled. He felt like all the true energy in his body was sucked clean in that very moment. The true energy of an eighth grade War-God was instantly drained.

This magic array consumed so much true energy, but he had only finished linking the eighth bowl of ramen as of now.

The murderous vibes released from Liang Kai's body flooded in. This was a sensation that caused all the pores on Bu Fang's body to tighten, with goosebumps spreading across his skin.

Fast! He needed to act fast!

Bu Fang took out one after another piece of steaming hot Oyster Pancake from the system's dimensional storage. This Oyster Pancake could help one regain true energy. Even though the recovery came at a slow speed, it was still taking effect.

As he continuously stuffed Oyster Pancakes into his mouth, Bu Fang closed his eyes and tried to link the ninth bowl of Rampage Ramen with his mind. Once he successfully attached the spirit energy of this ninth bowl of Rampage Ramen, the Gourmet Array would be completed.

This was the key to beating Liang Kai.

The crowds raised their heads to peer at the sky. Even in the face of such a bizarre sight, they didn't even dare to emit a sound.

Owner Bu's body was surrounded by nine bowls of fragrant, steaming hot ramen, but he himself was repeatedly stuffing Oyster Pancakes into his mouth as he chewed quickly.

The presentation was both comical and eccentric.

"Stop it with all the tricks! This young master is going to extract every strand of Ten Thousand Bestial Flames from your corpse!"

Liang Kai widened his eyes and bawled. The glistening golden spear spun as it was thrust out.

The air exploded, sending loud booms through the sky.

On the floor, the mantis shrimp locked by the true energy shackles was rolling around its stalk eyes. Faint crackling sounds could be heard. It was trying to chew through the true energy chains. However, to chomp through them was going to take some time.


Boom, countless flying daggers rose from the ground and charged for Liang Kai.

Whitey rolled out of the ruins, its silver eyes flickering nonstop. The metal wings behind its back flapped as it soared to the sky, hurling a giant punch at Liang Kai.

It wanted to intercept Liang Kai.

Liang Kai, however, naturally thought nothing of Whitey. How could a mere supreme puppet stop him?

He lashed out his long spear!

Tearing through the air, the spear changed directions and pierced toward Whitey.


The impregnable Whitey was punctured!!

A loud thud.

Whitey fell to the ground. There was a huge crack on its body, on which light blue electric sparks fizzed. Whitey's silver eyes turned into a dull color and stopped moving.

Bu Fang's heart jumped as he stretched open his eyes to a narrow slit. He directly caught sight of Whitey dropping to the floor after being pierced. Bu Fang's inner peace was shattered, gone with all of his calm composure as tumultuous waves flooded his heart.

A rage of fire was burning fervently inside.

At last, the final spirit energy linkage was completed.


High up in the air, Bu Fang coughed up a mouthful of blood.

The nine bowls of Rampage Ramen around his body formed a mystifying pattern, rotating slowly to safeguard his body.

Bu Fang dropped to the floor, smashing a deep hole in the pavement.

Nearly exhausting his true energy, Bu Fang felt like his entire body was weighed down by giant rocks weighing thousands of pounds.

Still, his heart was stirring with a sense of excitement.

The Gourmet Array... was finally assembled!

A huge volume of knowledge on this Gourmet Array suddenly flooded his brain. Bu Fang read it carefully.

Liang Kai also swooped in clutching his long spear. His intent to kill intensified, to a point where all the crushed stones on the floor were about to shatter.


Bu Fang blew out a light breath and stood up slowly. At the heart of the nine bowls of ramen was a white spark of light floating about, speedily forming a round shaped magic array above his head.

The patterns looked mystifying but emitted rays of light downwards. Bu Fang felt like his entire body was recharged with energy.

Lifting up his head, he eyed Liang Kai with a deadpan face.

Liang Kai winced, his heart thumping.

What just happened?

Why did this lad's gaze instill fear in me?

No... He was only an eighth grade nobody. The thrust of a spear... was enough to wipe him out!


A perfectly straight ray of golden light fell from the sky, aiming right at... Bu Fang.

Bu Fang glanced at that beam of gold and tugged the corners of his mouth.

He snapped his finger.


Peculiar waves of energy spread.

The magic array over Bu Fang's head shook and abruptly expanded in size. In a split second, the whole Light Wind Empire was engulfed by it.

The silhouettes of each of the nine bowls of ramen hovered in nine respective corners of the empire, transforming into pillars of light that soared skyward.

Bu Fang stood at the center of the magic array and lifted up his hand.


The magic array swayed.

Liang Kai's eyes narrowed. His entire person fell from the sky, smacked onto the floor by a giant force of energy.

Bu Fang took a step forward and suspended in the air.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok spun in his hand, emitting terrifying waves of energy.

Bu Fang shot a glimpse at the faraway Whitey, who was knocked to the floor and buzzing with electric sparks... and fire of rage burned in his eyes.

With a long whistle, The Black Turtle Constellation Wok turned into a shade of resplendent gold.

It suddenly slammed down from the air.

Liang Kai's heart shuddered. He bellowed and released the Scorching Sun Demonic Physique. Flames blazed as the long spear lanced to resist the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

The sound of an explosion echoed.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok shrouded everything. Unstoppable, it directly swallowed the howling Liang Kai and left a nasty dent in the pavement.