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 Chapter 410: Bu Fang Makes a Move

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Invisible waves of wind rippled.

The fist that Whitey thrust out was easily caught by Liang Kai's open palm.

Bu Fang stood behind Whitey with a blank face, while its eyes continued to flicker.

Ever since swallowing the Departed Soul Orb, Whitey's combat capabilities have reached the peak of Supreme echelon. One could even say it was half a step into the Divine stage.

However, Liang Kai was no almost Divine warrior, he was truly of the Divine Physique Echelon.

Hence, Whitey's vigorous punch was easily intercepted by the opposing party.

"Puppet? Someone of the Puppet Sect? No... this thing looks too different from the puppets of the Puppet Sect and is far from its style." Liang Kai eyed Whitey, scrunched his brows, and murmured in confusion.

He had seen puppets of the Puppet Sect before. Every five years, the Hidden Dragon court would host a major competition on the Hidden Dragon Continent, inviting the participation of youth warriors from various spheres of influence.

It was during that competition that Liang Kai met a Puppet Sect warrior, and so he was very familiar with the puppets of that sect.


A tremendous force of energy gushed out of Liang Kai's body.

Whitey was instantly pushed pack by this surge of energy.

With a clang, the metal wings spread from Whitey's back. They fluttered like the wings of a giant bird, almost covering the entire sky. The wings were like sharp blades, emitting a chilled glow.

Whitey's metal wings whistled as they flapped, instantly transforming into a dense coat of razor-edged daggers as they charged straight for Liang Kai.

The sight of daggers obscuring the sky was truly shocking.

Any ordinary folk facing this scene would be so scared he couldn't stand steady. Yet, Liang Kai remained unruffled, as he was no common man.

As one of Grand Barren Sect's Heirs of Heaven, there wasn't anything he hadn't encountered.

He waved his palm, and peculiar waves of energy instantly spread outward. The countless flying daggers that flew his way were all absorbed into his hand.

After converging in his palm, they formed a giant ball.

"Honestly, the combat capability of your puppet isn't bad... But what a pity, it is still not there yet." Liang Kai glimpsed at Bu Fang and ridiculed.

He crushed his palm and the metal daggers all shattered.

Whitey's figure was also smacked away by his hand.

"Without this puppet... what else have you got?" Liang Kai put on a spurious smile and asked Bu Fang playfully.

Bu Fang had on a poker face, standing there calmly. If this were in the past, this conceited rascal would have already been smacked dead by Blacky. However, Blacky had sunk into a deep sleep ever since returning from the Illusory Spirit Swamp and showed no signs of waking up soon. And so, Blacky... couldn't be of help.

Excitement suddenly stirred in Bu Fang's heart. His gaze became increasingly fierce. From afar, Whitey picked itself up. The shade of silver in its eyes turned even frostier. It stomped its foot on the ground as its figure blasted out like an arrow.

"Lie down..."


Liang Kai looked at Bu Fang with a smirk, closing in on him step by step. As he strode forth, he waved his hand and easily whacked the galloping Whitey back onto the pavement.

This fellow was powerful!

Everyone within the store felt their heart shudder.

Whitey was naturally strong, to the point where even Supreme-Beings could only be stripped in front of it. However, before this handsome man, Whitey was subdued to the point where it couldn't hit back.

How about Blacky?

Everyone was aware of the store's backbone. Shouldn't Blacky take the stage now?

Blacky was even more monstrous than Whitey. Back then, even the Shura Sect Overlord was slammed to death by Blacky's palm. It seemed like Blacky should be able to handle this fellow.

Ouyang Xiaoyi, Xiao Xiaolong and others weren't so worried. With Blacky guarding the store, it should stand as firm as a rock.

Clatter Clatter Clatter.

Liang Kai walked before Bu Fang, standing only a meter away from him. The two faced each other, close enough to clearly see the pores on their faces.

Bu Fang gazed at Liang Kai coolly.

Liang Kai looked at Bu Fang with a spurious face.

Their gazes collided in the air. However, Bu Fang saw only disdain in Liang Kai's eyes.

Of course, someone of the tenth grade Divine echelon had the right to be scornful toward a mere eighth grade War-God.

However, Bu Fang was very much exasperated by this derisive glance. With the flicker of the mind, a dark-colored wisp of smoke twirled around Bu Fang's hand. The Black Turtle Constellation Wok appeared. Bu Fang clutched it and hurled it toward Liang Kai.

The two stood at close proximity. Bu Fang's wok came in at an incredible, almost unimaginable speed.

Liang Kai never expected this nonentity before him to dare make a move on him. And so, for a moment there, he didn't anticipate the black wok flying his way.


He hit back hurriedly, smacking his fist into the black wok.

A great force of energy spread from the black wok, forcing Liang Kai to shut his eyes.

What a heavy wok!

Liang Kai took a small step backward. His hair fluttered against the winds, kicked up by the black wok.

However, he only took a small step backward.

The black wok startled him, but did not smash him to death.

His palm landed on the black wok, sending it directly back to Bu Fang.

Bu Fang gripped the black wok, retreating a few steps. His face turned somber. "This fellow... was truly formidable. He must be a warrior of the Divine Physique Echelon, one who has already broken through the Supreme-Being shackles."

Given Bu Fang's cultivation as an eighth grade War-God, relying on the black wok enabled him to knock out some Supreme-Beings without a problem. But to knock unconscious a warrior of the Divine Physique Echelon was a fool's talk.

Once entering the Divine Physique Echelon, one would transcend the mortal body. A typical Supreme-Being was no match at all.

Bu Fang steadied himself, his face extremely grim.

Yet, that dismal look contained a hint of excitement.

Splash Splash Splash!

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok soared up. Streams of thawed water from the Arctic Lands poured out of the system's dimensional storage. Bu Fang's face flushed red and then spewed out a mouthful of golden flames.

The flames floated beneath the Black Turtle Constellation Wok and burned vigorously, emitting waves of scorching heat.

In a split second, the water within the wok boiled.

Bu Fang had cooked near hundreds of bowls of Rampage Ramen in the past few days. He was very familiar with the procedures for making this ramen. As of this point, he could finish a bowl in a matter of a few breaths.

Once he finished hand-pulling the ramen, each string of noodle simmered in the water like strands of silk.

Splash Splash Splash!

He shrugged, and Shrimpy, napping on his shoulder, flipped a full circle and landed inside the wok. Golden dots of light emitted from its body, which gradually melted into the ramen.

A dab of Abyssal Chilli Sauce, and it was done.

A steaming hot Rampage Ramen was completed.

From afar, Liang Kai stared with his mouth agape.

Yet, after being flabbergasted for a moment, a glimmering light in his eyes magnified into a dazzling gleam.

"The Ten Thousand Bestial Flames! So the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames is on you. You're the aborigine who obtained the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames?! Hahaha! It looks like I won't have to jump through too many hoops to snatch it away!!"

Liang Kai couldn't contain his thrill. He didn't expect the maker of the Rampage Ramen and the possessor of the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames to be the same person. This saved him a lot of trouble indeed.

He had planned on hunting down the owner of the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames after attaining the ramen. That everything came together exhilarated him so.

After cooking the Rampage Ramen, Bu Fang planned on stuffing it into his mouth.

Liang Kai narrowed his eyes and waved his palm, planning on controlling Bu Fang just like he dominated Xiao Meng earlier. He intended to seize the Rampage Ramen. Yet, he suddenly realized that his force of pressure had no effect on Bu Fang.


Bu Fang devoured the bowl of ramen right under Liang Kai's eyes with a loud slurp. He even drank the last drop of the soup.

Liang Kai waved his palm, appearing rather awkward.

Still, he wasn't distraught at all. He had envisioned the possessor of the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames to be very powerful, perhaps even a warrior of the Divine Physique Echelon, but it now looked like his worries were superfluous.

He must secure the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames!

Even if the Rampage Ramen allowed him to escalate his powers, could it really lift an eighth grade War-God into the Divine Physique Echelon?

That was impossible.

The Divine Physique Echelon was a realm completely different from the Supreme-Being stage. It was a state unattainable without first breaking through the Supreme-Being shackles. Having finished eating the Rampage Ramen, Bu Fang burped with satisfaction, his face becoming flushed.

He squinted his eyes, feeling a peculiar stream of heat fluctuating in his body.

Was Bu Fang's foundation solid enough?

This was indisputable, as his every breakthrough was accomplished by completing tasks assigned by the system. Every breakthrough was impeccable and would reach the ultimate extent of each echelon. When it came to having a solid foundation, Bu Fang was the man.

Of course, others had no idea of this.

Even Bu Fang himself... wasn't completely aware of this.

The true energy vortex spun inside his energy core vigorously. The golden shade of the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames floating within burned intensely, almost akin to a blazing wildfire raging through the prairie.

Bu Fang opened his mouth and spit out a breath, but jets of flaming true energy gushed out instead.

Liang Kai stretched open his mouth with astonishment. " Why is this lad turning so bizarre of a sudden?"

Suddenly, Bu Fang stirred.

This was the first time Bu Fang launched the first blow. The velvet rope tied around his hair snapped, releasing a head of loose hair fluttering against the wind. Bu Fang's took off at an incredible speed, bolting toward Liang Kai like a flash of lightning.

He gently tapped the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, which whirled in the air and smashed toward Liang Kai.

At that very moment... everyone was stupefied.

No matter Ouyang Xiaoyi or Xiao Xiaolong... or Ji Chengxue and others on the city walls, everyone was dumbstruck, their faces filled with bewilderment.

What did they just witness?

They finally caught sight of Owner Bu engaging in a fight?

This was the first time they observed Owner Bu making a move. Who would have expected Owner Bu, who normally kept his abilities under the radar, to launch a preemptive strike in the face of such a powerful opponent?

How about Blacky?

They were baffled. However, behind this perplexity was a notion that made their hearts drop. Could it be that Blacky left?

Without Blacky, Owner Bu had to take things into his own hands?

But the adversary was of the tenth grade Divine state...

Could Owner Bu really match the opponent?

Liang Kai faced Bu Fang, who was charging toward him, and smiled coldly.

"If you're courting death yourself... then go to hell. I will suck out the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames strand by strand from your corpse!"