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 Chapter 409: You've Got Guts

Translator: E.3.3. Editor: Vermillion

"I'm planning on eating a bowl of noodles before leaving?"

Liang Kai's words echoed in Ji Chengxue's ears. He was slightly taken aback. However, before long he came to realize that this Liang Kai was interested in Owner Bu's Rampage Ramen.

This Rampage Ramen was able to help raise an eighth grade War-God's combat capabilities to that of a Supreme-Being, so it was no wonder it tickled the heart of such a fierce warrior.

Still, to allow someone who easily defeated General Xiao Meng to obtain this Rampage Ramen meant risking letting his combat capabilities strengthen just like Xiao Meng's. That could engender a terrifying situation.

The opposing party's power would hit a level that could make Ji Chengxue's heart shiver even harder.

"Huh? What? You're reluctant?"

Liang Kai smiled at Ji Chengxue, but that gentle grin appeared rather grim in Ji Chengxue's eyes.

Ji Chengxue had on a long face. Under Liang Kai's amplifying force of pressure, all the muscles on his body involuntarily quivered, his heart suffocating.


On the city walls, numerous warriors of the empire were forced onto their knees by this stifling force of pressure, with their faces pale as ever.

The warrior who stepped out of the warship had an intimidating cultivation level. On the warship above, Xiao Meng struggled to pick himself up from the ice-cold deck. A trace of desperation filled his eyes.

He has never expected the individual before him to have already surpassed the Supreme-Being echelon. " What kind of existence is that?" Xiao Meng was baffled.

He wanted to take a last chance but was immediately cut off by the Grand Barren Sect disciples on the warship before he even managed to move. These disciples had cultivation levels strong enough to intimidate Xiao Meng.

All the civilians within the Imperial City appeared stumped. They had been excited to the point of celebrating when they witnessed General Xiao Meng ferociously shooting down the enemies earlier. But not much time passed before General Xiao Meng was slapped onto the warship by his opponent.

He was no match for his adversary, as the distance between the two was too vast.

And so, the dumbfounded residents of the Imperial City watched, panic-stricken, as Liang Kai floated on the air.

Liang Kai sauntered across the air, one step after another. His arrival was like a giant stone weighing onto the hearts of Ji Chengxue and others, forcing them to retreat with ashen faces.

The weakest among the batch directly coughed up blood and passed out.

Liang Kai landed beside Ji Chengxue and gently tapped his shoulder.

"Tell me, where exactly... did you get this ramen?" Liang Kai spoke with a soft voice.

Ji Chengxue only felt a searing pain shoot across his eyes as the world around him began to spin. His mind became fuzzy. It felt like his entire person has fallen into a state of chaos, his head heavy and dazed. Once he regained consciousness, the face that wore a spurious smile became lucid. Ji Chengxue finally woke up in alarm.

"What did you do to me?!" Ji Chengxue's heart tightened.

The smile gradually faded from Liang Kai's face. He flickered Ji Chengxue a glimpse and sniggered.

He swung his sleeves and immediately smashed Ji Chengxue away.

Ji Chengxue crashed against the city walls violently and spat out a mouthful of blood.

"Humph... a mere emperor of the training ground dares to withhold information from this young master." Liang Kai chortled.

His gazed shifted toward the bottom of the city walls. Looking ahead, he targeted the direction of Fang Fang's Little Store.

Bu Fang was just munching on the freshly steamed Supreme Mantis Prawn.

Though the fragrant mantis prawn flesh contained a trace of a fishy, salty taste, there was a hint of sweetness within that raw flavor. Such a peculiar texture thrilled Bu Fang even more as he continued chewing.

On the city walls, a harsh glance bolted toward the store almost like a streak of light.

Bu Fang calmly returned the look. The two gazes collided in the air without a sound.

Liang Kai laughed. He had found his target.

That was the store the emperor mentioned after getting hypnotized by him?

How intriguing.

Having located his target, Liang Kai could no longer bother with Ji Chengxue. He tapped his feet and floated back onto the ground. Then, he walked toward the store without haste.

Not after long, Liang Kai arrived at the store.

Bu Fang was still chomping on the Supreme Mantis Prawn as he gazed at Liang Kai coolly.

Xiao Xiaolong and the others couldn't help but retreat back into the store. Ouyang Xiaoyi hid behind Bu Fang, studying the handsome yet terrifying man with dread.

"You made the ramen that can enhance one's combat capability?"

Liang Kai looked at Bu Fang and curled the corners of his lips as he asked.

Bu Fang didn't reply immediately, and instead took another bite of the sparkling, almost glistening mantis prawn flesh in his hand.

He ate to his heart's content, his entire person immersed in joy.

Feeling pleased, Bu Fang finally shot Liang Kai a look and responded: "Yes."

"Give me a bowl." Liang Kai smiled.

"A hundred crystals per bowl." Bu Fang said solemnly.

A hundred crystals wasn't actually too exorbitant.

However, this price was certainly outlandish for a bowl of ramen.

Liang Kai arched his eyebrows. He had not yet seen... ramen that cost a hundred crystals a bowl. He waved his hands and a bag of crystals appeared. Liang Kai looked at Bu Fang and tossed it his way. That bag of crystals flew toward Bu Fang.

Bu Fang clutched the mantis prawn with one hand, extending out the other to take the crystals. Yet, his face changed the moment he reached out his hand.

He realized that the bag of crystals Liang Kai hurled was grabbed by a giant force of energy in the air, and flew back into Liang Kai's hand.

Bu Fang furrowed his eyebrows. Liang Kai had on a spurious smile.

"I suddenly remembered... why should I give you crystals? What right do you have to take this young master's crystals? If I order you to cook... then cook you shall. Have you got guts to accept my crystals?"

Liang Kai stared at Bu Fang and uttered these words... with contempt.

His words were so brash that Ouyang Xiaoyi, who was hiding behind Bu Fang, instantly blew up.

This lassie's hot temper... could not be contained.

Before she got to storm out, Bu Fang pushed her head back. His face was deadpan. He studied Liang Kai with frosty eyes. This was the first time someone dared tease him like this. Even Bu Fang's tranquil inner state was burning with flames of rage. He drew in a deep breath.

A thought flashed across his mind-that he was going to beat this guy up until he looked like a bruised pig.

"Let's see if this guy is still this pompous after being beaten into a pig."

"You've got guts." Bu Fang looked at Liang Kai and said somberly.

He took another bite of the Supreme Mantis Prawn and with a wave of the hand, threw the rest of the mantis prawn flesh into the system's dimensional storage.

Liang Kai was taken aback. He had never imagined someone as powerless as a little ant would talk back to him like this. He narrowed his eyes at the expressionless Bu Fang.

"You are the second person who dared to talk to me like this. As for the first... he's lying on the warship like a dead dog and can only humbly look up at me. You're just a loser native to the training grounds. Where did you get the courage to speak to me like this?" Lian Kai chuckled with fury.

He began to emit the pressure of a Divine Physique Echelon warrior. The menacing force of pressure even changed the color of the winds and clouds.

A wild wind brewed in a split second.

Crushed stones bounced up as if pulled into the air by an unseeable force of energy. Pop, these crushed stones shattered under this intimidating force of energy, being reduced into powder and drifting away. This was the force of pressure of the tenth grade Divine Realm. Even a Supreme-Being warrior must bend down before this force of pressure like a nobody.

Liang Kai wanted to see whether the mere trashy War-God aborigine would still glare at him so arrogantly.

He believed that an eighth grade aborigine of the training grounds must fall onto the ground under his force of pressure, unable to move at all. His face would display a fearful expression, appearing both subdued and inferior.

However, Liang Kai soon caught sight of Bu Fang. His pupils suddenly dilated, and his heart shuddering, feeling dumbfounded.

"Shouldn't that loser be trembling on the floor? Why the hell is that fellow still standing up so straight?"

"Got quite a strong character, I see..." Liang Kai laughed coldly, suddenly feeling a rare trace of admiration toward Bu Fang.

The force of pressure on his body amplified. A loud explosion accompanied the cracking of the pavement, which was completely ripped apart by an immense force of energy.

Liang Kai's hair fluttered in the air, his fierce eyes fixated on Bu Fang. He wanted to see the latter shivering with fear under his aura.


No matter how much force he released, the fellow before his eyes continued to stand erect, looking back at him as if he were an idiot. He was not the least bit affected by his pressure. This force of energy deemed even unbearable to a Supreme-Being, couldn't even handle an eighth grade aborigine?


Invisible waves of energy spread within the store. A figure dashed out of the kitchen at an amazing speed. Its red eyes turned purple in that very second. And as it bolted forward, that purple shade then transformed into an icy silver color.


Whitey bawled a concise word as its figure stormed out like the howling wind. Swinging a giant fist, it slammed its feet onto the floor, crushing the stones beneath. Whistling waves of energy surged.

This fist smashed down on Liang Kai's handsome face.

The howling wind brushed past Liang Kai's face, blowing up strands of his hair.

However, Liang Kai did not twitch at all, still appearing as completely unperturbed. Rather, a trace of playfulness flashed across his face.

When Whitey's sturdy, powerful fist was about to come down, Liang Kai lifted up his palm.

A loud bam.

Waves of energy dispersed.

Whitey's fist did not manage to shake Liang Kai at all.