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 Chapter 408: I Suddenly Want To Eat a Bowl of Noodles Before Leaving

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A bowl of ramen could let an eighth grade War-God fight against a Supreme-Being expert. Not to mention the fact that the Supreme-Being expert was cut down. Although the Supreme-Being was already injured, he was still a Supreme-Being nonetheless. The increase in the battle prowess of an eighth grade War-God seemed to be pretty abnormal.

The Supreme-Being expert crawled out from the rubble on the ground. After he stood up, everyone could see that he was in a sorry state. There was a huge wound on his chest and scarlet blood was flowing out of it non-stop. The stench of blood filled the surrounding.

The blood of a Supreme-Being was quite vigorous. The stench was able to spread all around and assaulted the nostrils of everyone around.

After smelling the blood of a Supreme-Being expert, everyone in the Light Wind Imperial Capital started to tremble.

Their whole body trembled because they were excited.

The Light Wind Imperial Capital finally had an expert who could fight against a Supreme-Being. Even though he depended on an external object which was the Rampage Ramen, who would care about such things? As long as they could defeat Supreme-Being experts, there was no harm in using dishes.

Liang Kai grabbed the fence of the warship and looked at Xiao Meng and Xiao Yue who were proudly standing in the sky below him. He squinted his eyes as he looked at them.

Even if an eighth grade War-God expert consumed an eighth grade Essence Burst Pill, it would still be extremely difficult for him to face a Supreme-Being expert. This was because there was a great disparity between the strength of a Supreme-Being and that of an eighth grade War-God.

However, the scene in front of him flipped his view upside down.

Were the disciples of his Grand Barren Sect too weak?

No, that couldn't be the case. Even though the cultivation methods which the Grand Barren Sect's disciples were cultivating weren't top-tier ones, they should still be much better than the methods used in the training ground.

Even though that was the case, their Supreme-Being disciple was still defeated.

Although that disciple was weaker than Bei Gongming, it was obvious that there was something fishy going on. The only reason Liang Kai could think of was that the bowl of steaming hot ramen increased their power.

Who would eat a bowl of ramen just before a fight? He was no fool. Liang Kai was sure that there was something fishy in that ramen.

That ramen seemed... quite impressive.

"Bei Gongming, go and take care of those two ants. Let them experience our Grand Barren Sect's power." Liang Kai curled up his lips into a playful smile and said to Bei Gongming who was behind him.

Bei Gongming's body stiffened. His pupils contracted when he looked at Liang Kai with a cold expression on his face.

It seemed as though Liang Kai sensed Bei Gongming's gaze on his back and he slowly turned around. A trace of contempt was present on his face when he looked at Bei Gongming.

"Don't tell me that you can't even deal with such ants... Weren't you someone who competed against me in the past??"

A trace of anger flashed in Bei Gongming's eyes. With a cold snort, he took a step forward and flexed his legs to shoot out of the warship. A terrifying aura was emitted from his body.

Bei Gongming was an inner disciple of the Grand Barren Sect. He once competed and fought against Liang Kai. Although Liang Kai had already surpassed him by a large margin, his strength couldn't be denied.

He was extremely powerful. Although he was just a middle-stage Supreme-Being, he possessed the strength of a peak Supreme-Being.

"Well.... Forget about it. Just stay on the warship.".

When Bei Gongming was about to fly out of the warship, Liang Kai's lazy voice transmitted through the air and into his ear.

Bei Gongming's eyes widened. He felt a boundless pressure falling toward him all of a sudden and it heavily pounded against him.


A loud rumbling sound was heard and Bei Gongming's body was smashed into the ground.

His nose started bleeding because of the tremendous power of that blow.

"Liang Kai!"

Bei Gongming was enraged. The fury he had in him burst out and he crawled up from the ground. A loud roar escaped his lips and he charged at Liang Kai.

"Haha, you are just an ant. I'm a Heir of Heaven of the Grand Barren Sect! I'm an existence which you can only look up to your entire life!"

Liang Kai heartily laughed and casually raised his hand. The world power seemed as though it congealed the surrounding.

Bei Gongming was forcefully stopped in his place and even his hideous expression stiffened. Scalding blood flowed down from this nose and dripped onto the ground.

Liang Kai snapped his fingers together and a powerful strength pounded against Bei Gongming's body. He was sent flying down and he fell heavily on the warship's deck.

As he looked at Bei Gongming who was like mud on the ground, Liang Kai sneered at him.

The Bei Gongming who fought against him in the past on stage was full of mettle. However, he was lying down in front of Liang Kai like a dead dog now. Such a pleasing sensation caused Liang Kai to feel like the pores on his body were completely opened up.

He stopped paying attention to Bei Gongming who lay on the floor like a dead dog. His body started to float as he trod on the air and left the warship.

Xiao Meng and Xiao Yue naturally didn't know anything about what happened on the warship.

Their gazes locked onto Liang Kai.

Xiao Meng knew that the man before them was the owner of the warship. Maybe, he was the one who had the highest status inside that warship. It was obvious that his cultivation would be extremely terrifying. He should be an existence at the peak of the Supreme-Being realm.

Someone like that fearful devil of the Shura Sect.

Despite all that, Xiao Meng didn't fear the man. There was only a blazing intent coming from him. He waved his hand and took a steaming hot bowl of Rampage Ramen from his Spatial Spirit Tool. The soup splashed all around and a fragrant aroma filled the air.

Xiao Meng intended to eat another bowl to keep his strength in its peak state. He was infatuated with the feeling of power he had.

Just before Xiao Meng swallowed the bowl of ramen, he felt as though his entire body stiffened. He wasn't even able to move a single muscle and it felt as though he was bound and restricted by some fearsome power. Even the simple act of eating the ramen was unable to be carried out.

What was going on?

Xiao Meng's eyes widened and he looked at the smiling Liang Kai.

Liang Kai nonchalantly floated in the air and leisurely walked toward him. His hair fluttered in the wind and he looked even more handsome.

"That ramen which increased your strength seems quite... interesting." Liang Kai calmly said as he raised his fair and white hand. With a wave, the bowl of Rampage Ramen in Xiao Meng's hands flew towards him.

Xiao Meng was startled. What kind of power was that? He actually had the ability to prevent Xiao Meng from moving. Even with just a casual wave of his hand, he was able to grab the object in Xiao Meng's hand.

Was he a Supreme-Being? How could this Supreme-Being be so powerful?

Xiao Meng's heart started to beat extremely quickly. He wondered if the Rampage Ramen was effective on Supreme-Beings.

Xiao Meng didn't know whether it was effective or not. However, if the Rampage Ramen was actually effective, the consequences would be dreadful.


A sword light which appeared to be a blazing sun drove the darkness away. It ripped the air apart as it shot toward Liang Kai.

That bowl of ramen which was floating in the air got cut in half by the sword light.

Its ruddy soup splashed in mid-air and sprinkled down onto the ground.

"How brazen!"

Liang Kai's smile immediately disappeared and his angry gaze locked onto Xiao Yue. He obviously knew that it was Xiao Yue who shot out the sword light.

Xiao Yue held onto his sword as his expressionless and handsome face faced Liang Kai's face. His gaze didn't have the slightest trace of fear.

A swordsman should always bravely proceed forward without being afraid of anything.

You are courting death!

Liang Kai coldly sneered and his body immediately disappeared. When he appeared again, he was right in front of Xiao Yue.

Both Xiao Meng and Xiao Yue's pupils contracted.

He was too swift. His speed was insane.


A punch, a simple punch, was thrown at Xiao Yue.

Xiao Yue raised his long sword and tried to block it.

However, the moment his sword came into contact with Liang Kai's fist, his sword shattered into pieces.


He spouted a mouthful of blood and felt as though his entire body would be torn apart. His head became slightly dazed and he immediately fainted. Falling from mid-air, Xiao Yue heavily slammed into the ground and a dust cloud was formed.

Xiao Meng was angered and he issued a loud roar. He charged at Liang Kai as he waved his sword. After eating the bowl of ramen, Xiao Meng was able to unleash the power of a Supreme-Being. His sword contained both the strength of his fleshy body and his true energy. He wanted to cut down that hateful fellow in front of him with his sword.

Supreme-Being? So what if you are a Supreme-Being?

"An eighth grade War-God can actually unleash such a power... This is really astounding. If I could increase my power by so much, I would no longer be at the end of the Heir of Heaven ranking. I have to obtain that ramen..."

A trace of greed appeared within Liang Kai's eyes.

Xiao Meng's attack didn't pose the slightest threat towards him.

With a casual wave of his hand, Liang Kai smacked Xiao Meng's sword. That sword which contained Xiao Meng's dreadful fighting intent was shattered. Xiao Meng was sent flying and spouted a mouthful of blood.

Liang Kai raised his hand and condensed a giant palm out of true energy. He grabbed Xiao Meng whose aura became weak and feeble and threw him into the warship.

He captured Xiao Meng because he needed to know the reason behind the drastic increase in his strength.

Was it because of that ramen? That was definitely the case. He needed to gather information about that ramen.

Along with a rumbling sound, Xiao Meng fell onto the deck of the warship., After vomiting mouthfuls of blood, he felt as though his cultivation was sealed.

"How is it possible? Can a Supreme-Being really be that powerful?" Xiao Meng absent-mindedly muttered to himself.

"Cough cough... He isn't a Supreme-Being." Another feeble voice came from the side. It sounded like someone was gasping for breath.

Bei Gongming looked at Xiao Meng who was lying on the floor. He explained to Xiao Meng after fighting to breathe.

Xiao Meng was taken aback... He wasn't a Supreme-Being?

Was he someone above the Supreme-Being realm?

Everyone on top of the city wall became dumbfounded.

Ji Chengxue's complexion stiffened. How was that possible? After Xiao Meng ate the Rampage Ramen, his strength was on par with Supreme-Beings. How could he be captured so easily?

His body shook and he almost fell down. The Light Wind Empire suffered so much to find someone who could fight against a Supreme-Being. However, that still couldn't change anything.

Liang Kai's long gown fluttered in the wind as his body flew toward the city wall. He looked at the absent-minded Ji Chengxue.

The corners of his mouth curled up into a sinister smile.

"So, you are the emperor of this empire. This young master wanted to take a flame and leave this place. However, I changed my mind. I intend to eat some noodles before leaving this place. Either you tell me where to eat the noodles, or..."

Liang Kai warmly smiled and said, "Or you can die."