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 Chapter 407: Xiao Meng Fights a Supreme-Being

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After Bu Fang took out the giant Supreme Mantis Prawn from his system's dimensional storage, the entire kitchen was filled.

Summoning the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, he cut the giant Supreme Mantis Prawn into countless pieces. He took out one of the pieces and placed everything back into his system's storage.

He patted that piece which had the size of a grindstone and nodded to himself with content. This was the meat of a mantis prawn. It was also a supreme beast which came from the sea. Although it was already dead, the spiritual energy contained in its meat was extremely dense.

Bu Fang washed the piece of meat well and smeared some sauce evenly on the piece of meat.

After smearing the sauce on the meat, Bu Fang smacked the shell above the prawn meat with his true energy. He infused his true energy into the meat and the shell of the prawn turned soft.

Green smoke twirled up as he summoned the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. Bu Fang walked backward by one step and spat out a mouthful of golden flame into the bottom of the wok. In just a short while, the wok's temperature became extremely high.

He poured the water he got after dissolving the Extreme Glacial Domain into the wok and took a big steamer basket made out of bamboo, placing it into the wok. After making sure everything was in place, he put the Supreme Mantis Prawn meat into the basket.


Steam billowed as the water in the wok started to boil. The steam was surging and turbulent as it rose up into the steamer basket. It caused the Supreme Mantis Prawn meat to experience some faint and beautiful changes.

When Bu Fang was cooking in his kitchen cheerfully, the situation outside the Light Wind Imperial Capital turned somewhat grave.

The complexion of everyone in the Light Wind Imperial Capital turned grave and dignified. They stood pridefully on top of the city wall and stared at the metallic warship which was floating in the sky.

That warship emitted a terrifying pressure which caused them to feel slightly stifled and constrained.

After Duan Yun walked out from the store, his pupils contracted when he saw the metallic warship in the sky.

"Isn't that the Grand Barren Sect's warship? What is it doing here?" Duan Yun sucked in a breath of cold air and his complexion became deathly pale.

The Grand Barren Sect wasn't some small and unknown faction in the Hidden Dragon Continent. It was a first-rate faction with countless powerful experts. The most powerful one was one of those terrifying existence which stood at the peak of the Hidden Dragon Continent.

Besides the Hidden Dragon Royal Court, it was one of the most powerful factions. The experts from the Great Barren Sect were extremely fond of fighting. The sect spared no one. Anywhere their warship passed through, everyone would die. There were countless second and third-rate factions which were destroyed by the Great Barren Sect.

Duan Yun was a disciple of the Alchemy Sect and there was no need for him to be afraid of the Grand Barren Sect. However, he was in the Light Wind Empire now. He was afraid that the people from the Grand Barren Sect didn't recognize him and would conveniently kill him. If that really happened, what was he supposed to do?

If he really died in such a way, it would be too late for him to cry.

Why was the Grand Barren Sect's warship in the Light Wind Empire? Was it for Owner Bu's... Ten Thousand Bestial Flames?

Duan Yun's pupils contracted and he seemed like he thought of something.

"Who's being rampant in my Light Wind Empire?"

The current Ji Chengxue was quite confident. After obtaining the support of Owner Bu, he managed to get his hands on the Rampage Ramen. The overall strength of the empire was strengthened by an entire grade.

Their top-notch experts might be lacking when compared to other factions, but their overall strength wasn't weaker than any other faction in the Southern Region. It was only with enough power one could be confident.

Ji Chengxue proudly stood atop the city wall and exhibited his dignity as an emperor.

The pair of father and son, Xiao Meng and Xiao Yue, were the most powerful experts within the Imperial City. Both of them were also standing proudly on the city wall with Ji Chengxue.

After Xiao Meng broke through into the eighth grade War-God realm, his whole body was filled with rumbling true energy. It seemed as though there was thunder rumbling inside his body. His foundation was extremely solid and firm. It was much better than the foundation of many disciples from the big sects. Xiao Meng didn't have any cultivations resources and he only reached his current cultivation realm after walking step by step on the battlefield.

Xiao Meng's mind was firm and steady. The pressure coming from the warship didn't cause his heart to palpitate in the slightest.

Xiao Yue had a firm gaze as he held a sword on his back. As a swordsman, his foundation was quite solid.


A rumbling sound came from the warship and a mocking laughter came from its inside.

"As expected of the training ground's ruffians. Do you know who you are facing right now? Where does your confidence come from? How dare you stand proudly in front of the warship from my Great Barren Sect?"

A mocking, playful, and languid laughter came out from within that warship. His voice was like billowing thunder. It resounded through the whole Imperial Capital.

Within the store, Bu Fang showed an expression of surprise and he stared outside the kitchen. However, he didn't care about anything else and placed all of his attention on the steamer basket before him.

It seemed like there were countless multicolored clouds coming from inside the steamer basket. Rich spiritual energy and a sweet aroma filled the room and anyone would drool if they smelled it.

Bu Fang smacked his lips and he seemed to be itching to eat already.

The pupils of Ji Chengxue and the others who were on top of the city walls contracted.

They saw a man flying out from that warship, and he stood in the air. A terrifying aura came from him. It was obvious that he was a Supreme-Being expert

He was the only Supreme-Being disciple from the Grand Barren Sect who survived. Although he was seriously injured in the fight against the White Cloud Villa, he wasn't worried when facing experts from the Imperial Capital as he thought that they were merely ant-like existences.

They didn't have even one Supreme-Being expert among them. Why he would need to fear them?

Liang Kai was still standing in front of the warship. There was no need for him to personally make a move. Especially when they were only dealing with the aboriginals in the training ground.

One of the Grand Barren Sect's disciples was enough to deal with them.

He would just observe and enjoy their fight from the warship.

The Grand Barren Sect swept through countless sects in the Hidden Dragon Continent. Its supreme dignity wasn't something which a small empire in the training ground could provoke and go against.

If they went against it, their whole empire would be exterminated.

"All of you are ants." The disciple from the Grand Barren Sect smiled and looked at them with disdain.

Xiao Meng's gaze became grave. The aura from that Supreme-Being expert was extremely powerful.

However, Xiao Meng didn't fear him.

A light flickered in his hand as he took a steaming hot Rampage Ramen from his Spatial Spirit Tool. That ramen soup was ruddy and it emitted dense steam.

Xiao Meng, whose complexion was grave and earnest, decisively opened his mouth and ate it with big mouthfuls. After two mouthfuls, he finished the entire bowl of Rampage Ramen.

This strange scene flabbergasted the Grand Barren Sect's Supreme-Being expert.

It wasn't only him who was flabbergasted. Liang Kai was also shocked when he witnessed the scene from the front of the warship. He was taken aback for a moment before he cracked into a smile. He looked at Xiao Meng as though he was looking at a fool.

"Do you want to eat to your heart's content before dying? Do you think that a trifling eighth grade War-God like you can fight a Supreme-Being expert after eating a bowl of noodles?"

If the thing he ate was an elixir, it would be slightly more reasonable. However, it was a bowl of noodle... Why the hell would he eat a meal before fighting? What kind of weird habit was this?


After eating those noodles, Xiao Meng felt like there was a raging energy which filled his body. His eyes glowed and it seemed as though there was a flame burning in them.

That bowl was thrown at the ground by him and it was shattered. The pieces flew everywhere.

Xiao Meng felt like his whole body was brimming with strength. He felt as though he became invincible and all-powerful. He stared at the Grand Barren Sect's Supreme-Being expert and cried out before stamping heavily on the ground.

The city walls shook with his stamp and a rumbling sound came from under him.

Xiao Meng rushed out and drew his sword as he charged at the Supreme-Being expert from the Grand Barren Sect.

His sword light flickered as berserk true energy surged out.

When he saw that Xiao Meng had already rushed out, Xiao Yue also took out a bowl of steaming how Rampage Ramen. He finished it in two mouthfuls and his aura started to rise.

As a swordsman, his sword intent was extremely powerful. A swordsman was the occupation which possessed the strongest offensive power.

Only a sword light which seemed like it would tear the sky apart could be seen charging out behind Xiao Meng.

That Grand Barren Sect's Supreme-Being smiled and looked at them with disdain. An eighth grade War-God and a seventh grade Battle-Saint. Trifling ants like them dared to fight against a Supreme-Being?

They could just go to hell.

He cried out and it seemed like there was a blaze curling around his body as blazing flames ignited on his fists.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

He threw his fist at them. The flames in his fists immediately turned into two dragons as they charged toward Xiao Meng and Xiao Yue.

He believed that he would thoroughly crush those two ants with his power as a Supreme-Being.

In the warship, Liang Kai's playful gaze turned grave when he saw the scene in front of him and he couldn't help but exclaim.

"The aura coming from the two of them actually rose by so much... What was going on? The effects were the same as consuming an Essence Burst Pill. Did they mix Essence Burst Pills in those ramen? That couldn't be right... If they really mixed the pills in the ramen, couldn't they just take the pills directly? What was the point of mixing it?"

Xiao Meng and that Supreme-Being expert collided with each other and started fighting. True Energy Waves swept through their surroundings.

A rumbling sound unceasingly echoed as the eighth grade War-God Xiao Meng fought against a Supreme-Being expert head on without losing ground.

In the store's kitchen, the multicolored clouds were gradually becoming denser. They eventually dissipated.

Bu Fang delightfully opened the steamer basket.

The Supreme Mantis Prawn was cooked. A rich fragrance was emitted from its glowing meat from which a faint seven-colored radiance could be seen.

Bu Fang summoned the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife and used it to pry open the mantis prawn shell. He revealed a white, tender, and slightly transparent meat.

A dense steam and an intoxicating fragrance came from the meat.

He took the steamed mantis prawn meat and took a bite of it.

After he swallowed the scalding yet extremely tender meat, Bu Fang's eyes widened. He was completely gobsmacked.

He took that piece of mantis prawn meat and walked out of the kitchen. He walked towards the entrance of the store while eating it.

Ouyang Xiaoyi, Xiao Xiaolong, and the customers within the store were all crowding before the store's door. They were observing the fight above the city wall.

Even though all of their attention was focused on the fight, a rich aroma assaulted their noses. The aroma had a seafood flavor and they couldn't help but turn their head to look at the source of the smell.

Their expression was slightly strange as they looked at Bu Fang. Bu Fang was holding onto a piece of mantis prawn meat the size of a millstone and they found it both funny and embarrassing.

"Squish! Squish! Are those people here to cause trouble in the Imperial Capital again?"

Bu Fang chewed the mantis prawn meat in his mouth as he looked at Xiao Meng. He knew that Xiao Meng had already eaten a bowl of Rampage Ramen and he was currently fighting a Supreme-Being in the sky.

Xiao Meng's foundation was quite excellent. Otherwise, he would not be able to fight against a Supreme-Being even if he ate a bowl of Rampage Ramen.

The better one's foundation, the higher the boost in strength after eating the Rampage Ramen.


The more he fought, the more astonished the Grand Barren Sect's expert became. He started to become jittery and vexed because he was entangled by an eighth grade War-God.

All of a sudden, his heart shuddered and he felt a burst of sharp air behind him.

A sword light instantly shot toward him and it seemed like it ripped the darkness apart when it chopped at his wound.

Blood splattered everywhere.

Xiao Meng seized the opportunity and waved his sword heavily toward the Supreme-Being expert.

He heavily injured him and caused the Supreme-Being expert to fall from the sky. With a loud thud, the expert smashed into the ground.

Xiao Meng held his sword with one hand and stared directly at the warship. As for Xiao Yue, he lightly stroked his sword as he stood at the side quietly.

This pair of father and son stood there with an imposing manner as their fighting intent surged. Ji Chengxue clenched his fist and his expression was one of excitement. The Light Wind Empire finally possessed the power to defeat a Supreme-Being expert.

Liang Kai leaned against the fence of the warship and he stared downwards with squinted eyes. The corners of his mouth curled up into a slightly playful smile.