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 Chapter 406: The Gourmet Array

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"System, are you sure this is that so-called Gourmet Array?"

Bu Fang expressionlessly stared at the nine bowls of Rampage Ramens which were placed on a table. The corners of his mouth twitched involuntarily as he asked the system.

After advancing into the eighth grade War-God realm, Bu Fang not only received the Rampage Ramen as a reward, but he also obtained something called the "Gourmet Array".

Bu Fang wasn't unfamiliar with arrays and he came into contact with them countless times. The Double Calamity Dragon Head Array and the Grand Serpentine City's cannon array both left him with a deep impression.

However, when he placed nine bowls of the Rampage Ramen according to that so-called Gourmet Array, nothing happened. The rich fragrance filled the room and steam rose up from all nine bowls of ramen. Nothing else happened.

It didn't seem like an array at all.

"An Array isn't this causally set up, right?" Bu Fang questioned the system.

"The host was already informed on how to set up the Gourmet Array. The host has to learn how to link the spiritual energy in the array nodes by himself," the system declared in an earnest tone.

Find out by myself? Do I have to do my own experiments in order to learn how to link the array nodes?

Bu Fang was completely speechless at the system's answer. Bu Fang was disinclined to reply the system. In the end, he curled his lips upwards and his spiritual force surged out like a tide. He started to observe the spiritual energy emitted by each bowl of ramen.

That spiritual energy was hidden within its fragrance and steam. The traces of spiritual energy were faint and indistinct. It seemed as though the Gourmet Array was quite difficult to understand.

He used his spiritual force and pulled the spiritual energy coming from one bowl of ramen. He tried linking it with the energy from another bowl of Rampage Ramen. After trying for some time, Bu Fang successfully linked them together.

Bu Fang was slightly motivated and he felt that linking them all was not going to be difficult.

He continued on and linked the energy to another bowl of ramen.

When he finished linking the third bowl, it wasn't too difficult. However, when he tried linking it with a fourth bowl, Bu Fang started to feel some difficulty. After linking countless strands of spiritual energy together, they were all in a mess. The spiritual power was also in chaos. If he wasn't careful, Bu Fang knew that he would definitely make a mistake.

A rumbling sound echoed in Bu Fang's mind all of a sudden. The spiritual energy which he linked fell apart and scattered.

All of the spiritual energy within the Rampage Ramen started to dissipate.

Bu Fang sighed. It was just like what he expected. The so-called Gourmet Array wasn't something which he could easily set up.

Bu Fang rubbed his forehead and conveniently picked up all nine bowls of the Rampage Ramen on the table. Carrying them to Whitey, Bu Fang poured all of the useless ramen into Whitey's stomach.

The spiritual energy within those ramen had already been scattered. They were utterly useless and Whitey wouldn't experience a berserk effect after eating it.

After some light stretches, Bu Fang went out of the kitchen and opened the store's door.

As the cold breeze blew against his face, Bu Fang slightly squinted his eyes.

The weather was getting hotter these few days. It was rare that there was still a cool breeze blowing through the city.

Bu Fang enjoyed the cool air and lay on his chair as he squinted his eyes.

After that plump dog, Blacky, ate the thing which was in the crystal source, it fell into a deep sleep. Bu Fang thought about it and he couldn't think of a reason why Blacky was still sleeping.

However, Bu Fang enjoyed being idle. If that lazy dog didn't wake up, he didn't have to make the Sweet 'n' Sour Dragon Meat Ribs for it.

Xiao Xiaolong came over to the store and Xiao Meng came along with him.

After Xiao Meng reached the eighth grade War-God realm, his spirits soared. His gaze was calm and cold. He emanated an intimidating pressure all around him. However, in Fang Fang's Little Store, his pressure was completely useless.

Today, Xiao Meng didn't come to flaunt his pressure as an eighth grade War-God. He was here to look for Bu Fang. He had official business with Bu Fang.

Before long, the cheerful Ouyang Xiaoyi also came over. The whole Ouyang family came with her.

Before anyone could say anything, Ji Chengxue came over as well. At least half of the upper-class population in the Light Wind Empire arrived at Bu Fang's store.

If any citizen in the empire witnessed such a sight, they would definitely be scared silly.

Bu Fang opened his squinted eyes. He already knew the purpose of the visit. After revealing the effects of the Rampage Ramen, Bu Fang knew that there would be tons of people placing their order.

Bu Fang didn't reject and refuse them.

According to the system requirement, the crystals obtained by selling the Rampage Ramen would also turn into Bu Fang's true energy cultivation.

With his current cultivation in the eighth grade War-God realm, if he wanted to advance to the next grade, his business turnover had to reach a terrifying degree.

If he solely depended on his usual daily business and his true energy reward from temporary missions, it would be extremely difficult for Bu Fang to reach the next realm. Even if he had several years, Bu Fang didn't know if he could advance by one grade.

The appearance of the Rampage Ramen solved his problem.

As the emperor of an empire, his imperial household was in control of several crystal mines. If all the crystals in those mines were used to purchase his Rampage Ramen, Bu Fang knew that he would definitely be able to reach the next grade.

The Rampage Ramen's effects were better than elixirs. A single eighth grade Essence Burst Pill cost several hundred pieces of crystals. His Rampage Ramen only cost a hundred pieces of crystals. This was obviously a good deal for anyone buying his ramen.

Buying a bowl of Rampage Ramen was like buying an eighth grade Essence Burst Pill. However, his ramen didn't have any side effects and it only cost a hundred pieces of crystals. No one would think that it was not worth it.

Xiao Meng, Ji Chengxue, and the others spent a whole morning in the shop before they left. All of them seemed to be content with what they got from Bu Fang.

They set up an agreement with Bu Fang for huge amounts of Rampage Ramen.

Bu Fang would provide Rampage Ramen and they would provide crystals.

Bu Fang wasn't suffering any loss with such a deal. The crystals they provided would be converted into his true energy cultivation and it wasn't difficult for him to cook the Rampage Ramen.

He could cook a bowl of Rampage Ramen in several breaths of time. With the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames and the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, cooking a huge amount of Rampage Ramen posed no challenge to Bu Fang.

The only thing Bu Fang had to use was time.

After Ji Chengxue and the others left, Duan Yun dragged his exhausted body into the store. He yawned slightly and leaned against a chair.

These days, he was researching elixirs without stopping to rest or sleep. In the end, he successfully invented and came up with an eighth grade elixir which could increase one's fleshly body strength. Duan Yun suffered because of that Rampage Ramen. The sales of his elixirs became quite poor and he could only pass his days and nights inventing a new kind of elixir. If he didn't come up with anything new, he wouldn't be able to earn enough crystals to afford his meals.

It was fortunate that he succeeded in refining it.

Today, Duan Yun ordered several more dishes than usual. He planned to properly reward himself.


The White Cloud Villa.

Wu Mu's complexion was deathly pale. He placed his hand on his chest and coughed nonstop. He stared at the White Cloud Villa's experts below him and sucked in a deep breath.

When they fought against that mysterious warship, the White Cloud Villa managed to obtain a tragic victim. They paid a huge price and exhausted all of their means to kill off several Supreme-Being experts in order to take back Wu Yunbai.

The White Cloud Villa experienced severe losses in that fight. Many Supreme-Being experts and disciples died during the battle.

He coughed out a mouthful of blood. Although Wu Mu 's complexion was pale, the sword intent in his body was sharp as usual. His gaze flickered like lightning as he stared at everyone before him.

"Inform everyone in the land of Southern Region. From today onward, our White Cloud Villa will seal itself off and cut off all contact with the outside world for ten years. Every single disciple is forbidden from leaving the White Cloud Villa and transgressors will all be killed."

When he made the decision, Wu Mu't heart was dripping with blood. However, he knew that he had to make the decision in order for the White Cloud Villa to survive. The strength of those enemies in that metallic warship was extremely terrifying. If they came back to take revenge, there was no way for the White Cloud Villa to contend against them.

The only way for him to save the White Cloud Villa was to seal it off and open all of its protective arrays. He would erase all traces of the villa.

On the second day, a news which shocked the entire Southern Region started to spread out. Countless factions were frightened and they started to become restless. One of the top factions in the Southern Region, the White Cloud Villa, decided to seal itself off. They made the decision to disappear from the world and leave the ranks of the top factions in the Southern Region.

Countless experts from the Celestial Arcanum Sect, the Clear Sky Pagoda, and the Wildlands sighed at the news.

When the news about the White Cloud Villa sealing itself started to spread out, the Grand Serpentine City's Sovereign entered the ocean from the western seacoast. She went to find an opportunity and lucky chance which could help her break through one of the Supreme-Being's shackles.

For a period, the Southern Region would be in turmoil.


In the Light Wind Imperial Capital.

There were countless guards from the Imperial Capital patrolling the walls of the capital. The current Light Wind Imperial Capital was much stronger than before. Although the Imperial Capital was frequently wrecked and devastated, everyone was already accustomed to it.

After every disaster, the emperor would put more effort into helping the people. He would place more emphasis on increasing the cultivation of the citizens.

That was a good thing for them.

The empire lessened its military campaigns and it prioritized the cultivation of its citizens. In the current empire, the status of scholars dropped as studying the literary arts were not as important as studying martial arts.

Every single one of the citizens knew that studying martial arts had brighter prospects.

All of a sudden, in a place far in the horizon of the Light Wind Empire's Imperial Capital, black shadow appeared, emitting a terrifying pressure.

The nerves of all the guards started to tighten.

There were some of them who had experience with such events. As such, they stared at the colossal object in the distance nervously. They were not worried at all as they had countless experiences with these events in the past. They could be considered true veterans.

An eighth grade spirit beast attacking the city... A supreme beast attacking the city... A great army attacking the city. The life of the Imperial Capital's walls and its guards were full of ups and downs. They were accustomed to this kind of life.

That colossal object flying toward the Imperial Capital was not some kind of giant supreme beast. However, it was a metallic warship which was glowing under the blazing sun.

That thing in the sky was a warship? It was actually a warship which could fly?

All of the guards were dumbstruck at the sight of that flying warship. That was the first time they saw a warship. In their great wars, the furthest they went was to use calvaries to charge at their enemies. They had never seen anything like a warship before.

All of the upper-class members in the Imperial Capital were alarmed. Ji Chengxue, Xiao Meng, and the others went up the city wall and gazed at that warship which was flying toward them.

It seemed like there was a man standing at the deck of that warship.

Liang Kai held onto the fence of the warship with both hands and leaned on it. He fixed his gaze on the Light Wind Imperial Capital, which was growing bigger and bigger.

"What a simple and crude city. They call this the imperial capital of an empire? Seems like they are really destitute. Any city in the Hidden Dragon Continent is bigger than this. If we compare this with the great cities in the Hidden Dragon Continent, this seems like a small village."

Liang Kai curled up the corners of his mouth into a mocking smile. His fiery gaze locked onto the city which was gradually becoming clearing in his eyes. He looked at it with a fiery gaze because the human who possessed the Ten Thousand Bestial Flame was living in the city. It was also the reason he came to this city.


A rumbling sound resounded from the warship. A violent windstorm rose and swept toward the city. Stones and sand on the ground were all swept up and they flew everywhere.

It seemed as though the surroundings dimmed when the giant warship covered the sky above the Light Wind Imperial Capital.

The pressure coming from the warship weighed down and awed everyone.