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 Chapter 405: The Arrival of a Heir of Heaven

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As a disciple of the Alchemy Sect, Duan Yun wasn't able to stay idle after settling down in the Light Wind Empire's Capital. As such, he looked for a place and opened up a store to sell elixirs. As an Alchemist who possessed an alchemic flame, his talent in alchemy could be considered among the best within the Alchemy Sect.

The purpose of him opening the store was to earn some crystals. Being an Alchemist was a profession which burned money. The crystals he had on him weren't many in the first place.

Not to mention the fact that the prices of the food from the black-hearted store were extremely high. If he didn't have crystals, he wouldn't be able to afford the food there. That was the main reason he opened the store.

He had to open a store just to earn enough crystals for a meal... He was probably the most miserable Alchemist in the world.

Now, he discovered a terrifying and frightening matter.

It was the fact that his livelihood might be snatched away from him.

Owner Bu actually made a dish which had the same effects as elixirs. Wasn't he trying to take away business from the Alchemists?

Duan Yun was weeping to himself inwardly and he was so aggrieved that he wasn't able to breathe properly.

After Xiao Xiaolong ate that Rampage Ramen, he felt as though his whole body became extremely powerful. Just a stamp of his feet might be able to shatter the ground apart.

Of course, everything he felt was an illusion. It was created due to the sudden drastic increase in his strength. He wasn't able to shatter the ground with a stomp.

Xiao Xiaolong's cultivation was just at the fourth grade Battle-Spirit realm. Even if he ate the Rampage Ramen and his battle prowess increased by one fold, it would at most reach that of an ordinary Battle-King.

However, this result was already shocking.

Bu Fang nodded his head. He was extremely content with the effects of the Rampage Ramen. Actually, the effects were quite excellent... Bu Fang stroked his chin and wondered about what degree his own fighting prowess would reach if he ate the Rampage Ramen.

He was now an eighth grade War-God. If he ate a bowl of the Rampage Ramen, his power should be able to rival an ordinary Supreme-Being.

Xiao Xiaolong was spirited and energetic currently. He was obviously unable to practice his culinary arts anymore and as such, Bu Fang allowed him to return home.

Bu Fang would be closing the store soon.

The absent-minded and dejected Duan Yun dragged himself out of the store. His body was already in a sorry state when he left the store.

Ouyang Xiaoyi's big eyes were flickering as she thought about something. This new dish, the Rampage Ramen, which Owner Bu came up with, had an extraordinary significance. If that Rampage Ramen worked like how Owner Bu said it would, soon enough it would become more popular than elixirs.


The Hundred Thousand Mountains, Clear Sky Pagoda.

A person who clasped his hands behind his back slowly walked over. He looked at the towering Clear Sky Pagoda in the distance and revealed a playful smile.

"The factions in this training ground are really weak and pitiful. They don't even have a single Divine Physique Echelon expert who broke through one of the Supreme-Being's shackles. Tsk, tsk."

The person who spoke was a handsome man whose whole body emitted a frivolous air. The atmosphere around him didn't conform with his handsome look at all. When he spoke, his eyes were filled with disdain. It was obvious that he looked down on the aboriginals in the training ground.

He clasped his hands behind his back and dauntlessly walked toward the Clear Sky Pagoda.

"Who's there?"

One of the disciples from the Clear Sky Pagoda waved his weapon and blocked Liang Kai's way.

As one of the Southern Region's top factions, their defense was obviously strong. The disciples who were guarding the gate were terrifying fifth grade Battle-Kings.

Liang Kai was not intimidated at all. Instead, the corners of his mouth curled upwards and he revealed a mocking smile. Looking at those disciples, Liang Kai raised his hand. With a snap of his finger, he sent several gusts of wind toward them.

The gusts of wind shot out like arrows and pierced through the heads of those disciples. Their blood quickly filled the ground.

"Ants like you dare to shout at this young master... How reckless and brazen."

Liang Kai indifferently swept his gaze across their corpses and continued to walk into the Clear Sky Pagoda.

Everyone in the Clear Sky Pagoda was alarmed and all of their experts rushed out. They faced Liang Kai with grave expressions on their faces. Even the Supreme-Beings in the Clear Sky Pagoda rushed out. Flying in the air, their gazes flickered like lightning and they stared at Liang Kai with a cold expression on their face.

Liang Kai raised his head and playfully looked at the Supreme-Being experts from the Clear Sky Pagoda. In front of him, even Supreme-Beings were ants.


As Liang Kai looked at the Supreme-Beings in the air, a terrifying pressure erupted. The pressure seemed like it came from the world.

The complexion of those Supreme-Being experts instantly changed. They were all oppressed by that pressure and they were forced to the ground. They felt as though there was a mountain pressing down against their body.

Liang Kai took a step forward and instantly appeared in front of one of the Supreme-Being experts.

Raising his head, he used one of his fingers to hit the Supreme-Being expert on the forehead.

A loud rumbling sound resounded through the air.

The eyes of that Supreme-Being expert widened as blood spilled from behind his head. He instantly died and fell to the ground.

The complexion of all the Clear Sky Pagoda's experts changed and their expression was one of fright. All of them were extremely afraid and none of them dared to open their mouth.

The person who attacked the Clear Sky Pagoda was actually a Divine Physique Echelon expert who broke through one of the Supreme-Being's shackles.

The Hundred Thousand Mountains which was taken care of by the Clear Sky Pagoda was near the mainland of the Hidden Dragon Continent. They were clear about what kind of existence was a Divine Physique Echelon expert who broke through one of the Supreme-Being's shackles.

That was an existence who could control the world power. Even if all of the experts in the Clear Sky Pagoda faced him together, there was still no chance of defeating him.

The Clear Sky Pagoda's experts could only yield and submit before such an existence.

Liang Kai seized and occupied the Clear Sky Pagoda by force. He had no shame in doing so. He pressured the experts in the Clear Sky Pagoda and none of them dared to breathe loudly when they faced him.

After three days, a person came out of the northwest plain and entered the Hundred Thousand Mountains. That person went to the Clear Sky Pagoda.

Bei Gongming wasn't willing to come. However, Liang Kai was one of the Grand Barren Sect's Ten Grand Heirs of Heaven. An inner disciple like Bei Gongming couldn't refuse his order.

The reason the Heirs of Heaven were titled and called as such was that they possessed terrifying talent. Their talent was their asset which the sect greatly valued. Since they were valued by the sect, they naturally possessed authority which greatly surpassed ordinary disciples.

Bei Gongming had many grudges and conflicts with Liang Kai.

Each Heir of Heaven stepped upon countless geniuses to reach their current position. One of those geniuses Liang Kai stepped on was Bei Gongming.

Bei Gongming clearly remembered how Liang Kai humiliated and shamed him in the past. He would never have expected that the one who came to the training ground was Liang Kai. If he allowed Liang Kai to obtain the Ten Thousand Bestial Flame, what degree of cultivation would he reach?

Bei Gongming got lost in his thoughts for a moment.


After returning to the Imperial Capital, Bu Fang resumed his normal life. He passed his days leisurely without any worries.

He would get up early in the morning to practice his cutting and carving skill, then use the rest of the time to prepare some dishes. Since Blacky had been sleeping all along, Bu Fang was spared from cooking the Sweet 'n' Sour Dragon Meat Ribs.

After finishing everything in the morning, Bu Fang would lie on his chair and bask in the sun leisurely. When he felt like it, he would go to the kitchen to cook several dishes.

While being lazy and languid, it seemed like even time slowed down in his eyes.

The news about the Rampage Ramen quickly spread through the city. The one who was the most excited about obtaining the news was none other than Ji Chengxue. He was worried that the Light Wind Empire's military power was too weak. The Rampage Ramen was the solution to that problem.

When he went to Fang Fang's little store, Ji Chengxue found out that he could bring the Rampage Ramen out of the store.

His discovery caused him to be wild with joy.

In his head, he thought about what he could do with the Rampage Ramen. If he bought lots of Rampage Ramen and stored them up, he could use them during a critical moment during a battle. If a battle occurred, he could provide his strongest troops with the Rampage Ramen.

Although it would be weird to eat ramen during a fight, if the ramen could boost their fighting strength, who would care?

Although elixirs were also able to improve one's fighting prowess, they were much worse compared to the Rampage Ramen. They were expensive and they had severe side effects. Not to mention the fact that elixirs were hard to find. After taking everything into consideration, the Rampage Ramen was a much better option compared to the Essence Burst Pill.

At this moment, Duan Yun was extremely depressed. The eighth grade Essence Burst Pill in his store was the most important product. It seemed as though it became worthless the moment Bu Fang introduced the Rampage Ramen. Duan Yun knew that he had to start inventing new elixirs.


In the Wuliang Mountain, Celestial Arcanum Sect.

The Supreme Elder was sitting cross-legged in a worn-out and old garret. The garret's door creaked open and a woman walked into it.

Ni Yan looked at the Supreme Elder with a puzzled expression. She wondered why the Supreme Elder called her over.

"Lassie, take this talisman. Your talent is exceptional and I hope that you can set foot into a vaster world. I hope that you can meet stronger people in the outside world. This talisman is a key. A key which would open the Celestial Arcanum Sect secret area teleportation array," said the Supreme Elder.

Ni Yan was slightly taken aback after hearing what the Supreme Elder said.

"The key of a teleportation array? Where does it take me to?" Ni Yan was confused.

The Supreme Elder's face which was full of wrinkles slightly shook. A long sigh escaped his lips.

"I thought you were curious about where your parents went... In fact, they didn't die. They took this key and stepped into the teleportation array. They were transported into a world larger than this."

Ni Yan's pupils contracted. It was the first time she heard about her parents. She thought that they were dead all along. She didn't expect that they had already left the Southern Region after stepping into the teleportation array.

After learning about the teleportation array and her parents, Ni Yan was shocked. A complex feeling welled up in her heart.

"Our Celestial Arcanum Sect is just a small sect hiding within the Southern Region. We are just a small branch of the real Celestial Arcanum Sect. The main sect is a colossal existence in the world. When you leave this place, you will naturally understand everything. You have a better talent than your parents and I don't want it to be wasted within the Southern Region."

"Go... The teleportation array will be opened after three days. Go back and prepare for it."

Ni Yan absent-mindedly left the garret. She was stupefied by what the Supreme Elder told her.

All of a sudden, her whole body shook. She realized that the Supreme Elder was telling her that she would not be able to return after stepping into the teleportation array. She knew that she would have to bid farewell to everyone in the Southern Region. She would be leaving them forever...

Ni Yan became silent for quite some time.

Was she reluctant and unwilling? Of course she was! After leaving the Southern Region, she would never be able to taste Owner Bu's dishes again. Ni Yan was aggrieved when she thought about never tasting Bu Fang's food again. For a foodie, there was nothing worse than being unable to eat delicious food. Especially if they knew that there was delicious food somewhere. That feeling was practically torture.

She should probably look for some time and go to Owner Bu's store. She made up her mind to eat to her heart's content. She would bid farewell to Owner Bu at the same time.


On the first day, the ice-cold metallic warship entered the Hundred Thousand Mountains from the northwest plain.

On the second day, the warship was taken over. It left the Hundred Thousand Mountains and it crushed countless trees in its path. It traveled out of the Hundred Thousand Mountains with an imposing aura.

Liang Kai stood at the front of the warship with his hands clasped behind his back.

"A trifling faction in the land of Southern Region wants to destroy our Grand Barren Sect's warship? Do they think that our sect is an easy target? The name of that faction seems to be the 'White Cloud Villa' or something... Seems like they don't feel like existing in this land anymore.

"Before that, let's go get that Ten Thousand Bestial Flame. If my Great Sunfire Demon Physique was refined using the Ten Thousand Bestial Flame, it would approach perfection. I would be able to break through another shackle and become a Divine Physique Echelon expert who broke through two of the Supreme-Being's shackles. In the next grand competition of the sect, I would no longer be at the end of the Heir of Heaven ranking."

"Ten Thousand Bestial Flames... Wait for this young master."