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 Chapter 403: Owner Bu's New Dish

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After the stark naked Bei Gongming, who had been tossed out, came back to his senses, grief and indignation appeared within his eyes.

It was that black wok once again. It was that damned black wok once again! Does that black wok have any grudges against me?

The aggrieved Bei Gongming covered his lower body and stood up. He gazed at the store and gritted his teeth.

A prestigious Supreme-Being expert and an inner disciple of one of the Hidden Dragon Continent first-rate factions of the Grand Desolate Sect such as himself had been stripped and thrown out of a store in this land that was a mere training ground.

If this news spread, how could he continue living on this continent?

After he had gnashed his teeth for a while, Bei Gongming quietly left.

He had no means of dealing with that store. The store's owner possessed his nemesis-the black wok, and he would only be inviting more trouble and suffering upon himself if he sought to confront the store owner again. He would have to wait for Executive Feng to arrive before the store could be properly taken care of.

Bei Gongming coldly snorted in his heart. He covered his lower body and slipped away, back into the Imperial Capital.

After he returned to the restaurant, Bei Gongming draped a long gown over himself and took a deep breath, and the resentment he felt toward Bu Fang grew even more; he swore that he would definitely let Bu Fang have a taste of how it was to streak around naked.

After Bei Gongming had worn his clothes, he took a talisman from his Spatial Spirit Tool; the talisman was yellow, and it was the voice transmission talisman of the Grand Desolate Sect. He could use it transmit news to Executive Feng who also possessed a similar talisman.

He had transmitted some news to Executive Fang earlier, but Bei Gongming did not receive an immediate reply from him, which caused him to become slightly restless. He anxiously paced around his room, waiting for a reply from Executive Feng.

Suddenly, that same talisman, which he had placed on the table in anxiety, finally responded, emitting a yellow glow.

Bei Gongming was overjoyed, and he immediately picked it up.

Once he peered into the radiance being emitted by the talisman, his complexion stiffened immediately.

This was because the image projected within the radiance was not the projection of Executive Feng; it was that of a handsome youth. This extremely handsome youth had dashing eyebrows and a pair of sparkling eyes. He had a frivolous appearance, and arrogance was apparent in his mocking gaze.

"Liang... Kai? Why is it you?"

Bei Gongming's pupils dilated as he asked, feeling perplexed.

"I didn't expect that a trash like you was within the training grounds. It's quite convenient. I will reach the training ground shortly, so make sure to come and welcome me."

The corners of Liang Kai's mouth curled up into a playful smile. It was evident from his words that he was acquainted with Bei Gongming.

A trace of anger appeared on Bei Gongming's face. "Why should I have to welcome you? I'm waiting for Executive Feng, and we have important matters to take care of."

Waiting for Executive Feng?

Liang Kai's smile became even more playful. He looked at the angry Bei Gongming and said in derision, "I have just received news that Executive Feng was killed by an expert from the Oceanic Species while he was fighting over the treasures in the big crystal mine. He's already dead, so what matter do you still need to take care of?"

Bei Gongming was stunned and became absent-minded and dejected for a while.

Liang Kai didn't have any interest in reveling in Bei Gongming's dejection; his complexion turned cold, and he hollered indifferently, "Travel immediately to the Hundred Thousand Mountains. I heard that you were watching an aboriginal who took the Ten Thousand Bestial Flame, so lead me to him. You don't have the right to refuse because I'm ordering you."


After Bu Fang ordered Whitey to throw Bei Gongming away, he didn't spare the latter any more thought.

Bu Fang went to the kitchen, still wearing the refreshing bathrobe. At that moment, Xiao Xiaolong was inside it. He had two kitchen knives in both his hands, and used them to swiftly chop ingredients. The kid's dual-wielding skill was quite excellent.

When he saw Bu Fang, Xiao Xiaolong stopped and said in excitement, "Owner Bu, you came back."

"Continue. Don't stop. Also, wait a while longer, and I will let you taste some good things," Bu Fang said to Xiao Xiaolong, leaving the latter to continue his cutting practice.

Good things?

Xiao Xiaolong's eyes brightened, and his fair white face became flushed.

"Has Owner Bu come up with another new dish?"

As he thought about how he would be able to taste Bu Fang's new dish, Xiao Xiaolong became more spirited; he was looking forward to it.

Bu Fang walked toward his private stove. Although he hadn't used it for a long time, it was still spotless.

He took a deep breath in reminiscence. He always preferred his store's stove more.

Bu Fang waved his hand and took the heavy knife hanging on a rack. He twirled the knife and heavily swung it at the cutting board.

While Bu Fang played with the knife, he was studying the recipe for the Rampage Ramen. The method for cooking the Rampage Ramen was simple. In fact, it was so simple that Bu Fang's expression turned strange.

The ingredients required were too few.

It just required ramen, a soup, several shallots-and a jar of the Abyssal Chilli Sauce.

Bu Fang raised his brows in bewilderment. He really did feel that this dish was too simple.

He stroked his chin lightly and pondered over it for a while. Did cooking the dish require some profound methods?

Even after he had pondered over this matter for a long time, he didn't make any new discoveries.

Thus, Bu Fang simply began to cook.

First, he needed to knead flour and make pulled noodles. This task was slightly difficult for Bu Fang because he had never made this in his previous life.

The flour was quickly kneaded into dough, according to the system description. The origin of the flour he was using was quite extraordinary.

He patted the smooth dough, and it began to float in mid-air, rotating on its own axis while going around in a circle as though it were a planet.

White flour rose up into the air and revolved around the rotating dough. The dough immediately began to absorb the airborne flour into it.

Bu Fang clapped his hands, causing flour to scatter all around, and his eyes gradually lit up.

He extended his fingers and prodded the revolving dough, then immediately pulled a noodle out of it.

Bu Fang took a step forward and kept waving the arm which he was using to pull the noodle.

As the noodle danced around Bu Fang, it became longer because more of it was still being taken out of that dough.

Eventually, Bu Fang began to pull out even more noodles from the revolving piece of kneaded dough. As the amount of noodles he was handling increased, it became even more difficult for him to swing them around. The noodles floating around him resembled dancing butterflies.

Xiao Xiaolong was dumbfounded, and he put down his knives and watched in amazement as Bu Fang pulled out more noodles.

Owner Bu was really different from other people-even his way of pulling noodles was unconventional and unique.

When the last part of the dough was pulled until it became a noodle, Bu Fang used his other hand to swiftly grab the tail end of the last noodle, which he proceeded to raise high up. The other strings of noodles, which Bu Fang had kept airborne, all fell down, like a tempest of myriad sword which were returning to their sheaths. As they fell, Bu Fang extended an open palm, and the noodles all fell on his palm, forming a wool-like mass.

The entire process resembled how one uses a comb to neatly comb through their hair.

Just like that, the noodles was prepared.

He put it away and began to prepare the soup. The Black Turtle Constellation Wok flew out and revolved in mid-air. Bu Fang's complexion became flushed as he opened his mouth and spouted a resplendent golden flame. The flame flew below the wok and started to burn.

In just a short while, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok began to emit dense streams of steam.

Bu Fang took the dissolved water of the Extreme Glacial Domain's iceberg that the system had provided and poured it into the wok.


A dense spiritual energy rose up from the wok and slightly blurred Bu Fang's sight.

"My God! This water is truly extraordinary!"

Bu Fang exclaimed in admiration. He increased the intensity of the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames, and only a few seconds later, the water in the wok began to boil. Next, he placed the noodles into the wok, instantly submerging them below the boiling water.

As he watched the noodles which were being boiled, Bu Fang summoned the jar of Abyssal Chilli Sauce into his hand. He took a look at the jar of Abyssal Chilli Sauce and hesitated for a moment before he opened the lid. He waved his hand over the jar and scooped up a scarlet round lump of chilli sauce.

Its spiciness caused Bu Fang to furrow his brows involuntarily.


Bu Fang poured the round lump of sauce into the wok, and the boiling water instantly turned red. A spicy flavor surged out of it.

"Hmm... did I put too much of it? On well, who cares. In any case, it's Xiao Xiaolong who will first taste it," murmured Bu Fang.

He linked his mind with the Black Turtle Constellation Wok and immediately started observing the changes of the ingredients within it.

A short while later, he found himself at a loss. The only ingredient in the wok was the noodles, and Bu Fang didn't know to which degree they should be cooked.


Bu Fang cracked a smile and waved his hand. Suddenly, the noodles within the wok soared up. He took out a porcelain bowl, and the steaming noodles fell into it.

Its fragrance, which had already begun permeating the air, caused Bu Fang to nod in approval.

He scooped some of the hot scarlet soup and poured it into the bowl. He then tipped some chopped shallots atop it, and thus, the Rampage Ramen-which seemed capable of stimulating anyone's appetite-was completed.

"It really was an extremely simple dish!" Bu Fang exclaimed in admiration. It seemed that the higher his skill, the simpler his dishes would be.

Xiao Xiaolong's eyes brightened as he watched from the side. Was it finished? Was that Owner Bu's new dish?

At that moment, he saw Bu Fang smile and beckon him over.

Xiao Xiaolong eagerly walked toward him.

"This is the harvest from my trip-the Rampage Ramen. Taste it. It taste should be quite... excellent," said Bu Fang indifferently.

Xiao Xiaolong was delighted. The ramen's luster was pretty good, and the rosy soup emitted a rich and slightly spicy fragrance which assaulted him, causing him to involuntarily swallow his saliva.

"Then, I won't be reserved," said Xiao Xiaolong with a smile.

He took a pair of bamboo chopstick and gripped up a steaming, scarlet noodle that had been soaked in the soup.

That noodle looked extremely chewy, and as he fished it up, it jiggled slightly in the air.

Although Bu Fang hadn't added any secondary ingredients to the noodles during its preparation, its own fragrance was extremely rich, and those shallots had given the ramen an alluring luster which was being completely exhibited.

"As expected of Owner Bu." Xiao Xiaolong exclaimed in admiration.


Xiao Xiaolong opened his mouth and slurped the noodle up.

The smiling Xiaolong put down his chopsticks and started chewing the noodle. He wanted to properly appreciate the fragrance and taste. However, as he kept chewing, his smile gradually faded, his complexion stiffened, and his brows were furrowed.

In the next moment, he turned and looked at Bu Fang with wide bloodshot eyes.


Xiao Xiaolong swallowed he noodle and heaved out a hot breath. His entire face turned thoroughly red, and his lips became rosy and alluring.

He looked as though he was about to breath out fire. His gaze at Bu Fang turned to one of horror.

Owner Bu, are you trying to kill me?

Although I was lazy and goofed around one or two times when you were away, you shouldn't punish me like this. If you wanted to punish me, just directly say it so that I could at least be mentally prepared.

"Water... water... ahh!"

The more Bu Fang looked at Xiao Xiaolong, the more stunned he felt. He absentmindedly took the bowl of ramen on the table and passed it to Xiao Xiaolong.

Xiao Xiaolong, who was thoroughly confused and horrified wasn't aware of what Bu Fang had given him.

He just took it and poured it into his mouth, and swallowed it with a loud slurp.

He put down the bowl while trembling. He turned his head and looked at Bu Fang, with glistering tears flowing down his sorrowful eyes.

"Owner Bu... I know my wrongs."