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 Chapter 402: The Rampage Ramen and the Gourmet Array

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"You want an Improved Egg-Fried Rice as usual?"

Ouyang Xiaoyi, who was curled up on a chair, looked at Bei Gongming who had just come in through the store's door and calmly asked.

Bei Gongming only shot a look at that loli and didn't utter a word. He found himself a seat and began to stare at the kitchen.

He still came regularly in the hopes of meeting Bu Fang. Although Bu Fang hadn't returned today, either, it was still possible that he may suddenly return.

And when Bu Fang returns, he would immediately contact Executive Feng, who would come to this human city along with countless experts of the Grand Barren Sect and force the fellow who had swallowed the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames to spout it back out.

No one could resist the oppression and coercion of the Grand Barren Sect.

Bei Gongmin was quite confident of it. He began to imagine Bu Fang's pitiful fate and sorry state after he got coerced by them, and the corners of his mouth curled upwards involuntarily.


A dull sound jolted him from his wild fantasies.

Ouyang Xiaoyi had placed a bowl of the Egg-Fried Rice in front of him. The lassie had to make some noise because Bei Gongming was daydreaming.

The corners of Bei Gongming's mouth rose up again, and he pulled the plate over, picked up a porcelain spoon and began to eat his usual order.

Although he hadn't managed to start monitoring Bu Fang, he still discovered an unintended but pleasant surprise: the store's dishes were quite delicious.

The first time he visited the store, he had been frightened by the prices of their dishes, as they were more expensive than elixirs.

However, after he ate it once, he was hooked by this black-hearted store's delicious dishes.

Nowadays, he would always order some dishes as soon he came in, while conveniently checking to see if Bu Fang had returned or not.

While he was eating the Egg-Fried Rice, on the store's second floor, something else was happening. Strong gales rose up, and a familiar scenery appeared before Bu Fang's eyes; he had returned to his store.

He was now in his familiar, quiet room, and this caused him to relax.

The golden mantis shrimp atop shoulder was still asleep.

Bu Fang raised Blacky and observed the dog. It was sleeping so deeply that it was impossible to tell when it would wake up. Bu Fang didn't take the dog to the front of the store; he simply tossed it down, leaving it in his room.

Once he returned, Bu Fang felt his body relax and lighten up. He stretched first, then removed Shrimpy from his shoulder and placed it on the table. Afterward, he went into the bathroom.

After taking a comforting warm bath, Bu Fang wore a special bathrobe and exited the bathroom with his hair still wet. He sat on the bed for a while before the system solemn voice echoed in his mind:

"My host, congratulations on completing the temporary mission. Now that you have returned home, the mission rewards will be granted."

After it had spoken, Bu Fang's gaze grew grave. He felt some heat surging from his energy core, and his cultivation began to soar drastically. The true energy within his energy core began to converge, forming what seemed like a refined armor within his energy core. That was the symbol of an eighth grade War-God. While fighting, eighth-grade War-Gods could summon an armor to protect their body, and it was that armor that appeared within his energy core.

Had he broken through to the eighth grade War-God realm just like that? He didn't feel like he had broken through any bottlenecks, at all.

Bu Fang raised his hand and looked at his fair palm blankly. The corners of his lips curled up, and he heaved out a long breath. Still, he had finally broken through.

After completing the mission and obtaining the reward of a twenty percent increase in his true energy cultivation, Bu Fang's cultivation had finally advanced to the eighth grade War-God realm.

Since his cultivation had advanced, then shouldn't the system have upgraded as well?

Host: Bu Fang

True Energy Cultivation Level: Eight Grade (As the man who would become the God of Cooking in this fantasy world, you have finally gone past the initial stage wherein you were weak and insignificant. The trials on the road to becoming the God of Cooking will become more difficult. Work hard, young man.)

Cooking Talent: Four Star

Skills: Level Two Meteor Knife Technique (100/100), Level Two Big Dipper Carving Technique (100/100), Gourmet Arrays (1/6)

Tools: Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife (God of Cooking set), Black Turtle Constellation Wok (God of Cooking set)

God of Cooking overall rating: Intermediate Chef (Your culinary arts have advanced to a higher tier, and your cooking techniques are becoming more refined. A more expansive world of culinary arts has opened to you, and you can already start cooking utility dishes.

System Level: Eight Stars (Conversion ratio is at a hundred percent.)

System Reward: Rampage Ramen recipe, Gourmet Array beginner set, God of Cooking set's fragment (2/3)

His system panel was quietly updated, and the system's level reached eight stars because Bu Fang's cultivation advanced to the eighth grade War-God realm. As expected, when the System reached eight stars, a new function was unlocked. What was a utility dish?

Bu Fang pondered in puzzlement.

The promotion reward that he had received this time was quite peculiar.

Rampage Ramen? Even ramen could go berserk? Then how could it be eaten?

Moreover, what the hell was that Gourmet Array?

Bu Fang realized that a lot of new things had appeared. Would he have to start studying some new things once again?

Bu Fang smacked his lips as curiosity welled up in his heart.

"The system reward has been granted. Will the host please check the contents"

The system's solemn voice resounded, and in a matter of seconds, countless pieces of new information and knowledge were transmitted into Bu Fang's mind. These were things that Bu Fang didn't have prior knowledge of.

What Bu Fang was interested to know about was the new dish, so he began to study the Rampage Ramen first.

"Rampage Ramen: utility dish. It's a takeaway dish. It's made with ramen created by milling the fine Spirit Wheat from one of the Hidden Dragon Continent's three forbidden areas, the Black Prison; a soup made by the dissolved water of the Extreme Glacial Domain's iceberg, and the Abyssal Chilli Sauce. It's a dish that possesses some special effects. After consumption, the battle prowess of its consumer will increase by one fold without causing any detrimental side effects. The more stable the foundation of the person that consumes this dish is, the higher their strength advancement would be."

The system explanation of the Rampage Ramen dish stunned Bu Fang.

This was the so-called utility dish?

Being able to strengthen one's battle prowess by one fold seemed truly amazing. It was similar to consuming some amazing elixir, but unlike this dish, elixirs had their side effects.

Moreover, strengthening one's battle prowess by one fold wasn't as simple as one plus one.

He didn't expect dishes to have such effects. Bu Fang thought that it was already not bad that dishes were capable of increasing one's cultivation, replenishing one's true energy. Elixir cuisines were even capable of healing people.

Bu Fang crinkled his nose as his curiosity grew. He realized that he did not yet have a thorough understanding of dishes.

"System, according to your statement, shouldn't elixir cuisines also be considered as utility dishes? They are capable of healing injuries, so they should also be counted, right?" Bu Fang asked inwardly.

"An elixir cuisine can only be considered a minor utility dish. It doesn't possess the effects that most utility dishes do, and it also cannot be used to set up a Gourmet Array," answered the system.

Gourmet Array? What is it?

Could a chef set up an array like an array master?

Bu Fang knew what arrays were. When he infiltrated the Grand Serpentine City, its extraordinary protective array cannon made a deep impression on him.

The Light Wind Empire's Gate of Heavenly Mystery Square also had an array, so Bu Fang was slightly interested in them.

"The Gourmet Array could only be set up using utility dishes as nodes; for example, if Rampage Ramens were used as nodes, an offensive array could be set up."

The system solemn continued explaining to Bu Fang, dispelling his doubts.

Bu Fang squinted his eyes. He suddenly realized that every time his cultivation advanced, he would come in contact with more things; and now, he had even come in contact with something called Gourmet Arrays.

Bu Fang felt like the Utility Dishes weren't different from elixirs. Moreover, their effects were better than elixirs.

When he finally took his mind away from the system's Panel, Bu Fang was still dazed. He wiped his wet hair and took a look at Blacky who was still in a deep sleep. Afterward, he picked Shrimpy and put it on his shoulder, then went downstairs.

After Bei Gongming had eaten his last mouthful of Egg-Fried Rice, he let out a long breath in content. He took out a dozen piece of crystals and paid it, then he looked at the kitchen with an expression of regret. It seemed that the store's owner wouldn't come back today, either.

He stood up, intending to leave.

However, his ears twitched as he heard some noise.

His pupils dilated, and he turned his head to see a familiar thin man slowly coming down down the staircase.

It was him! It was him!

It was definitely him!

All the pores on Bei Gongming body's pores burst open, and he was so excited that his scalp almost flew away.

He had finally seen him. After monitoring the store for countless days, he finally saw his target just when he was about to give up.

This was the aboriginal who had swallowed the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flames in the Hundred Thousand Mountains.

Bei Gongming's gaze flickered like lightning, and it seemed like it would pierce through the air and strike Bu Fang.

Bu Fang lazily descended down from upstairs. He grabbed his slightly wet hair and expressionlessly turned his head, meeting Bei Gongming's sharp gaze.


This person seemed slightly familiar. Where have I seen him?

Bu Fang was taken aback, and he didn't choose to go into the kitchen. Instead, he slowly went into the dining room.

"Smelly Boss, you are finally back."

When Ouyang Xiaoyi saw Bu Fang, her adorable eyes widened, and she grinned, revealing two cute dimples.

The lassie was becoming more graceful and beautiful.

Bu Fang raised his hand and patted her head as usual, then he turned his head and looked at Bei Gongming.

After taking another look at him, Bu Fang's brows rose up.

Bei Gongming's body burned with boundless anger and indignation.

He roared.

"It was you who swallowed the Ten Thousand Bestial Flames, kid. It was you who smashed me with that black wok."

Bei Gongming recognized Bu Fang who had left him with an impression so deep, it was ingrained in his bones.

He would never forget the annoying sound that rang out when that black wok smashed his head in.


Bei Gongming stomped his foot on the store's floor, and his true energy erupted, causing his hair to flutter unceasingly. He really wanted to take Bu Fang down directly.

Bu Fang expressionlessly watched Bei Gongming charge towards him.

At that moment, Bu Fang finally recalled who this guy was.

The corners of his mouth curled up, and Bu Fang skillfully whipped out the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. Immediately after, he hurled it at the head of the charging Bei Gongming.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok was extremely fast, and Bei Gongming couldn't stop his charge in time; he could only gaze in grief at the black wok streaking towards him.


As soon as the wok smashed Bei Gongming, the latter began to question his life. He was puzzled why a prestigious middle stage Supreme-Being like him had been easily smacked by a wok.

Was it destined for him to always get smashed by this wok?

The corners of Ouyang Xiaoyi's mouth twitched as she watched Bei Gongming get stunned stiff after the blow... Is that guy a fool?

Bu Fang took a look at the stupefied Bei Gongming, then he lazily turned around and calmly said, "Whitey, strip that troublemaker and throw him away."

A red glow erupted out of the kitchen.

Whitey instantly appeared in front of Bei Gongming. It ripped his clothes apart and tossed the stark naked Bei Gongming out of the store.

A light breeze blew over, and Bei Gongming, who had just come back to his senses, was ladened with grief.

Bu Fang didn't care at all about this small incident.

He clasped his hands behind his back and walked toward the kitchen.

He wanted to try cooking those so-called... Rampage Ramen.