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 Chapter 396: Where is the Prawn Ancestor You Promised?

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Several pieces of crystals fell from the cave. A person slowly crawled out of the rubble. His head and face were filthy with grime, his complexion was quite ugly.

That expert from the Oceanic Species had dead fish eyes and they were blazing with anger. He was unexpectedly sent flying by a slap from a dog. He would never have expected that the black dog which came out of nowhere would be a Divine Realm existence.

However, even if it was a Divine dog, it would still not be able to stop him from awakening the Prawn Ancestor. No one was able to prevent or stop him.

The expert from the Oceanic Species roared angrily and peculiar sound waves were emitted from its mouth. As those sound waves rippled and resounded in the area, it seemed as though they would shatter the air.


At this moment, he erupted with the power of a Divine Physique Echelon expert. His aura was completely unleashed and the broken rocks on the ground were unexpectedly lifted up by an invisible power. The resulting scene was that there were countless pieces of rocks floating in the air.


There was a fin which was torn off the back of the Oceanic Species' expert. The moment the fin was torn off, his body started to enlarge at an extremely fast speed.

In just a short a while, he turned into a giant monster whose size rivaled the Supreme Mantis Prawn who was currently lying on the ground. His whole body was filled with bulging muscles. The sharp fin on his back resembled a cluster of iron needles. His head turned into a giant fish's head which was filled with razor-sharp spikes.

With a loud roar, he stomped his feet on the ground. The entire cave trembled the moment his feet landed.

Bu Fang waved his blade which was formed by a Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame and effortlessly opened the crystal source. Countless beams of light burst out from the crystal source the moment Bu Fang's blade touched it.

In just an instant, a strange aura was emitted from that crystal source. It seemed like a strong wave which blew against Bu Fang. His hair fluttered behind him as the aura blew against him.

Executive Feng stopped in place and his gaze which flickered like lightning stared straight at the crystal source.

The Oceanic Species' expert frantic aura calmed down the moment the aura from the crystal appeared. His dead fish eyes also stared at the crystal source which was in Bu Fang's hand. His eyes were gradually filled with a look of excitement.

An imposing aura which he found familiar came from the crystal. The familiar aura caused the body of the Oceanic Species' expert to tremble involuntarily.

The Prawn Ancestor would awaken and appear in this world again.


As the broken rocks flew around, Blacky strolled around leisurely and behaved like a cat as it walked out of the rubble. Its pitch-black fur was still spotlessly clean. However, the gaze which it used to look at Executive Feng became colder.

It was unexpectedly hit and sent flying by someone. Blacky would definitely not forgive that guy. How dare he hit Lord Dog?

After taking several steps, Blacky's nose slightly twitched as it looked at the crystal source in Bu Fang's hand with disgust.

"It's another kind of seafood..." Lord Dog slightly muttered and it opened its mouth to yawn. It was actually quite sleepy. However, it kept its eyes open and continued to stare at Executive Feng.

After Bu Fang opened a crack in it, a turbulent aura was emitted from it. In just a few short moments, some movements came from inside the crystal.

Bu Fang widened his eyes as he looked at the crystal. In the end, he wondered what was actually inside the crystal. Was it the ingredient which the system mentioned?

The crystal source intensely shook. The shaking was so intense that Bu Fang felt as though the crystal source in his hand was about to explode. When the shaking of the crystal source reached the peak, it issued a cracking sound. Along with the cracking sound, the tiny crack on the crystal source started to widen as if it was swallowed by something.

As the crack got bigger and bigger, an object the size of a human hand started to crawl out of the crystal source.

The Oceanic Species' expert had an excited expression on his face until he witnessed this. As for Executive Feng, he had a shocked expression on his face. It was as though he had just seen a ghost.

Bu Fang was startled. His brows rose up and he almost threw the crystal source away.

Shooting a glance at the thing in his hand, Bu Fang groaned with disgust.

That was indeed a mantis prawn. However, it was a small and delicate mantis prawn.

The entire body of the mantis prawn emitted a golden resplendent radiance. It seemed as though it was made out of gold.

That prawn mantis was... too small. The entire mantis prawn was the size of an adult's hand. When it rolled its body up, it resembled a small ball.

"Is this the ingredient? It has no meat on it at all..." Bu Fang twitched his mouth as he muttered expressionlessly to himself.

When he saw the mantis prawn in Bu Fang's hand, the expert from the Oceanic Species almost went crazy. A loud roar escaped his lips and he held onto his head. His dead fish eyes were bloodshot and he seemed to be quite demented.

"Where is my Prawn Ancestor? Where is my dear Prawn Ancestor? Why did it become a small and tiny mantis prawn? Ah!"

Executive Feng spouted a mouthful of blood with a 'plop' sound. He was extremely frustrated and his heart was dripping with blood. It was a miracle that tears did not stream out of his eyes. He used up half a day and combusted his True Yuan just to get a black dog from the first crystal source. Now, the second crystal source contained a small mantis prawn?

What the hell was that golden prawn mantis?

They already opened two out of three crystal sources. The remaining one should be a solid one with nothing inside it. In the end, he got nothing out of this big crystal mine which they found with great difficulty. He even ended up damaging his True Yuan in order to obtain the crystal sources. It was really not worth it.

After Executive Feng spouted a mouthful of blood, he let out an enraged roar. The yellow halo around his body seemed like it would destroy everything around him.

Bu Fang speechlessly looked at that tiny thing. That golden prawn was really small. After it whirled and crawled out of the crystal source, it climbed up his hand. It slightly waved its sickles at Bu Fang and rolled its eyes at him. After that, it stared at Bu Fang with a blank expression.

Bu Fang conveniently picked it up and observed it with an expressionless face. He sighed in his heart. This small thing was the size of a finger and was as tall as his hand... How was this considered an ingredient by the system?

Thinking about it, Bu Fang's face became slightly dark.

He turned his head and looked at the plump black dog who wasn't far from him. That ingredient from the first crystal source was definitely something he needed. However, it was eaten by that black dog. When Bu Fang thought about how Blacky burped with satisfaction just a moment ago, he felt as though his heart started bleeding.

His temporary mission... Ahh!

"Where is my Prawn Ancestor?" The Oceanic Species' expert went crazy and started bombarding the ground with its fist.

Was that golden mantis prawn his Prawn Ancestor?

How was that possible?

According to the ancient records, the body of the Prawn Ancestor was hundreds of feet tall. If it moved even in the slightest, dreadful giant waves would be swept up in the sea. Moreover, the pressure emitted from the body of the Prawn Ancestor should be boundless.

How could the almighty Prawn Ancestor be this tiny golden mantis prawn? It didn't even have the aura of the Divine Realm.

"Bu Fang, kiddo? What are you anxious about? Isn't there still another crystal source? Why don't you try opening it?"

Lord Dog smiled with embarrassment and said to Bu Fang.

Bu Fang shot a look at Lord Dog which made the latter even more embarrassed.

All of a sudden, Bu Fang felt a stabbing pain in his palm. Bu Fang furrowed his brows and looked at the wound. He discovered that the tiny mantis prawn nipped his palm with one of its claws. When Bu Fang's blood flowed out from the wound, the tiny golden mantis prawn sucked it all up.

What the hell?

This thing could suck blood?

When Bu Fang was shocked at the fact that this mantis prawn sucked his blood, it curled up into a ball and nestled on Bu Fang's palm. It stopped moving altogether and it seemed to be fast asleep.

This... This was another lazy creature... It's behaving just like Blacky.


When Bu Fang was observing the tiny golden mantis prawn in his palm, Executive Feng went berserk. Raising his head into the air, his eyes were scarlet and his body emitted a berserk aura.

With a strong stomp on the ground, Executive Feng shattered it.

"Not yet! I almost forgot about it. Even if I can't obtain a crystal source, there is still that kid with the Heaven and Earth Metamorphosis Wok. If I can obtain that wok, it will be considered a small compensation for all my troubles. At least the heavens prepared something for me!" Executive Feng's ice-cold voice resounded within the cave and he stared Bu Fang with a greedy gaze.

Bu Fang raised his head and looked at Executive Feng with his lips curled upwards.


When he heard what Bu Fang said, Executive Feng's pupils contracted. He was completely enraged right now. When he was about to make his move, he realized that a black dog was blocking his way.

Wasn't this the black dog which was sent flying by a punch from me?

"Get lost!"

Executive Feng angrily roared and raised his fist. The yellow halo around him surged forward and covered his fist. When his fist was covered by the yellow halo, it seemed like it transformed into a divine dragon as it shot toward Blacky.

That fist was powerful, imposing, and extremely terrifying. The moment Executive Feng threw the punch, dust and rocks flew everywhere in the cave.

"Was it you who hit me a moment ago? From the moment this Lord Dog came out, I was never hit and sent flying by anyone. You were the first, and the last person who would make Lord Dog fly."

Lord Dog's manly voice came out of its mouth. Although it had a mild tone, there was a trace of anger hidden behind it. Lord Dog had never suffered such a humiliation before.

In the next moment, Lord Dog's body which was in the air transformed. It transformed into a ferocious dog. A tyrannical aura was emitted from its body which oppressed everyone in the cave. The cave started to tremble as Lord Dog aura burst out.

Executive Feng was startled and his entire body started to shake.

Before he even thrust his fist at Blacky, he saw a black shadow shooting towards him. The only thing he felt was a slap and the next thing he knew, he was flying in the air. He collided heavily against the ceiling of the cave.

As crystals tumbled and fell down, Executive Feng didn't come back to his senses. He was grabbed and heavily pounded against the ground.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

He was constantly bombarded and smashed against the ground by that black shadow. Whenever he hit the ground, he rebounded back into the air. He was like a rubber ball being toyed around by that black shadow.

Executive Feng's eyes were gradually filled with fright and panic.

"Was... Was the black shadow a Divine Physique Echelon existence which managed to break through two of the Supreme-Being's shackles?"

He, Executive Feng, was a Divine Realm expert who broke through one of the Supreme-Being's shackles. However, he wasn't even able to fight back when he faced that black dog. Could the black dog be an existence which broke through two... or even three of the Supreme-Being's shackles?


He was slapped once again by that frightening black paw. The moment the slap connected, Executive Feng felt as though his divine body was shattered. He pounded against the ground heavily and his head became slightly muddled.

He slightly opened his swollen eyes, and from the small gap, managed to see a giant dog paw moving toward his face.


Turbulent airwaves swept through the cave.

Executive Feng was knocked-out.

Lord Dog, whose body was huge, had a malevolent look on its face as it stepped on Executive Feng with its paws. Its scarlet eyes were filled with tyranny and cruelty.

Opening its mouth slightly, sharp fangs could be seen in Lord Dog's mouth. It simply barked while stepping on Executive Feng's body.

Crack! A crisp sound was emitted from Executive Feng's bones before he died.

A Divine Physique Echelon executive of the Great Barren Sect, who broke through one of the Supreme-Being shackles, died.

The expert from the Oceanic Species blankly looked at Executive Feng's corpse. His whole body seemed like it was stripped of all of its strength and its swollen body started to shrink. Its sluggish, dead fish eyes widened when he saw how powerful this black dog was.

It left its gills open and forgot about closing them, making seawater unceasingly pour out of them.

Why... was that black dog this terrifying?

It unexpectedly killed a Divine Physique Echelon expert from the Great Barren Sect.....

That Oceanic Species' expert started to shake like a leaf and he almost wept.

Lord Dog's scarlet eyes swept the surroundings and fell upon the expert from the Oceanic Species.


The moment he felt Lord Dog's gaze on him, the expert from the Oceanic Species knelt down without the slightest hesitation. Tears flowed out of his dead fish eyes.

Lord Dog.... Go easy on me.


Blacky's body instantly disappeared from above Executive Feng's body and it appeared beside the Oceanic Species' expert the next moment. It gave him a slap and left a deep indent on his face.

Along with a crisp sound, the expert from the Oceanic Species was directly buried within the cave wall.


Blacky's body shrank down and turned into a plump black dog again. Its eyes were drowsy and it swayed around as it stumbled for a few steps. Eventually, Blacky lay on the ground and started sleeping soundly.

The cave which was just filled with smoke and dust became quiet and peaceful once again.

Executive Feng was beaten to death by Blacky and no one knew whether the expert from the Oceanic Species was alive. That Supreme Mantis Prawn was lying on the ground as it swayed its feet. It was incapable of flipping itself over and standing up.

Taking a deep breath, Bu Fang placed the tiny golden mantis prawn on his shoulder as he walked towards the last crystal source. Even though he didn't manage to find any ingredient in the first two crystal sources, there was still a third crystal source lying on the ground. Bu Fang held onto his last strand of hope as he raised his blade of flames and opened the last crystal source.